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A Giant Glob of Pokemon the Experience

Discussion in 'Past Format Discussion' started by kamz, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. kamz

    VGC 2011 Seniors Champion

    Apr 29, 2010
    Hello Smogon/NuggetBridge/Smogon Lurker/etc. community my name is Kamran Jahadi and this will be my tournament report on my VGC experience from VGS 2008 to the 2012 Pokemon World Championships. Throughout these years I have learned many things and have grown a lot less shy. I would not replace the fun I have had with all of you for a billion dollars. Thank you all for helping me out through out the years and allowing me to become a part of this community. Also you should know I didn't learn about EVs/IVs until a few weeks before worlds 2011.

    Now then let's start the tournament report


    I had just recently got back into the Pokemon game after seeing the release of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl which I thought had cool covers. I purchased a Pokemon Pearl Version and noticed that on the back it said check out www.Pokemon.com so I did. I continually checked it for the next few weeks until I saw "Pokemon VG Showdown" so I decided to click the link and with the promise of a trip to Orlando, Florida I started to work on a team. After a few weeks of practice and help from friends I was done! Man I can not describe how excited I was.

    Here is my final team for the VGS LA Regional

    @ Intimidate
    Wacan Berry
    - Waterfall
    - Taunt
    - Thunder Wave
    - Ice Fang

    The only real reason I used this mon is because it wasnt affected by earthquake and I could thunder wave opponents abomasnow and intimidate opponent's garchomps. I also had taunt for cresselia.

    @ Sand Veil
    Yache Berry
    - Earthquake
    - Rock Slide
    - Protect
    - Dragon Claw

    When Intimidate wasn't popular this was overpowered. Earthquake itself was amazing and dragon claw did pretty good damage. Rock Slide was mostly for Zapdos.

    @ Levitate
    Focus Sash
    - Sludge Bomb
    - Shadow Ball
    - Destiny Bond
    - Thunder Bolt
    I used Gengar mostly for its versatility in moves and its amazing spatk stat. When Garchomp couldn't finish it gengar would.
    @ Blaze
    Life Orb
    - Flare Blitz
    - Close Combat
    - Fake Out
    - Protect
    I wanted a really fast and powerful mon that could take games easily.
    Off to the Tournament


    I thought that the pool of pokeballs was just plain awesome :DD

    Top ??? VS Little Asian boy that took 20+ min to get ready
    I start out with Gyarados and Garchomp while he starts with Abomasnow and Infernape. I predict a Blizzard+FO so I switch my Garchomp to Infernape and Waterfall to Infernape. He doesn't FO and I get a waterfall out and kill his Infernape. He then sends out Glaceon. I go for Thunder Wave his Abomasnow and I Flare Blitz his Glaceon and His Abomasnow does Blizzard again. He then sends out Hippodown which I Waterfall+CC to kill it. His Abomasnow protects and his Hippowdown faints. He gives me a handshake and Abomasnow falls to Flare Blitz.
    I was glad and felt more confident going into my next rounds, especially since I was worried about facing Abomasnow.

    Top 64 VS ???
    I'm Sorry Guys but no memory on this one
    Top 32 VS ???
    I do remember this one pretty well!
    He starts out Drifblim and Metagross and I start Garchomp and Gyarados. T1 He goes for an explosion+shadow ball on Garchomp. but I protect with Garchomp and switch to Gengar. He seems angry and sends out Latias. I Dragon Claw Latias and Shadow ball Drifblim bringing Drifblim low and killing Latias! I then got scared because he shadow ball crits my Garchomp but I tank it. He then sends out Scizor. He bullet bunches my Gengar but I live it and kill drifblim and do major damage to his scizor. He gets pissed off banges his head and demands a hack check. I pass it and go on to the next round.
    Top 16 VS Alex C (Eventual Winner)
    I'm 1 win away from an Orlando trip and really emotional not knowing what will happen. He sends out Dusknoir and Hariyama and me Gyarados and Garchomp. At first I see his mons( not knowing what tr is) I was like wtf is this. He fakes out my Gyarados and I dragon claw his Hariyama doing ok damage. He then does this amazheng move. TRICK ROOM. I WAS LIKE WTF IS THIS. His Hariyama then goes first and rock slides my mons doing very little damage and shadow punch crit garchomp. Both live then double flinch. I almost cried but realized I can still win. I then try to dragon claw+waterfall his Hariyama again. BUT DOUBLE FLINCH AGAIN. Somehow I live it for a 3rd time but gyarados flinches and my garchomp dies to a crit. I send out gengar but rock slide+ shadow punch killed both of my mons. I send out Infernape and get killed.
    I was sad. So damn sad. I was crying. I was angry. I was in denial hoping he wouldn't pass hack check. But he does. Instead of staying angry and quitting pokemon forever I take a long look at the juniors/seniors finals from both regionals+worlds and start to understand the metagame and what works.

    I liked Trick Room and Rain Teams and started testing them with my bro Sassan for about a year. We tried so many teams together that I can't even count them. I really enjoyed using a Trick Room team with Marowak so I decided it would be my team.

    Sassan's parents are douches so he couldn't come to the regional championship in Northern California. I came and I got my wristband and then the #s started showing up. I was #66. #61,#62,#63,#64,#65,#67. I was crying. I couldn't believe it. Was this a sign to quit pokemon? That's what I thought it was. My Mom(Greatest mom ever) saw that I was sad and said "Are there any other regionals?". I told her about the one in AZ and she told me that I could go. I was happy again. My mom told me in AZ the playerbase would probably be smaller. Sassan and I worked on our teams once again and once again Sassan's parents were douches and wouldn't let him go.

    So we start the ride there and I'm scared wondering if I'll even get in. The ride seems to take forever so I turn up the radio to hear the song "Hotel California." This is still my favorite song as it is so awesome and it now has great memories with them.

    Here is my team


    (I know its upside down XD)

    [​IMG]@ Focus Sash(Lv. 1)
    Fake Out
    Dark Void
    Follow Me

    [​IMG]@ Lum Berry
    Trick Room
    Rock Slide

    [​IMG]@ Thick Club
    Rock Slide
    Double Edge

    [​IMG]@ Sitrus Berry
    Belly Drum
    Fire Punch

    The other two were Togekiss and Metagross but I never used them. I put them there so if my opponent had switched off their game during the middle of a match I could use these two mons. The team was meant to be an awesome Trick Room team that could beat other trick room teams that used psych up gross and to beat goodstuffs.

    I'm really sorry guys but I cannot remember any match during my regionals run but the most important thing I remember is the name Kamz was made up. Before the tournament had started I meet a a fellow junior and we promised to cheer each other on. Well he was out round 1 and every single one of my matches was on the big screen so he started cheering me on. He had forgotten my name but somehow remembered it started with K so he started yelling out KAMZ KAMZ KAMZ!!!!

    I eventually lost in the top4 due to a rock slide double miss and dark void double miss. I was pissed but I realized I'm going to nationals :D. I was then given this paper which I thought was the coolest thing ever


    Than my flight to nationals came up and on the flight I had just heard the most shocking news ever. Michael Jackson was dead. I was like wtf. Im on my way to have a fun time in nationals and this happens. I was so sad I didn't even notice the AMAZING PAUL HORNAK was sitting right in front of me until my mom told me they were playing pokemon. I finally got the guts to say hi but we really didn't talk during the flight as I was a really shy kid.

    I finally get there and relax in my room the first night. Then I preregister the next day and meet up with my friends Cheney and Carlos(Xerograde's younger brother).

    ( Same Team as Regionals)
    We hang out and relax until the next day.

    Round 1 VS ????
    I start Smeargle and Bronzong while he starts Staraptor and Gyarados. He goes for double protect t1 while I bring up TR. I dark void+ Rock slide and his last two mons(infernape Heatran) are destroyed by marowak.


    Round 2 VS???
    I have no Idea


    Round 3 VS Ben Arnold
    He starts Vaporeon and Ludicolo while I start Bronzong and Smeargle. I go for t1 follow me+ Trick room. He does double surf and I cant bring back the game as he gets a double crit on my bronzong.


    Round 4 VS ???
    This Kid was really annoying and continually pushed me as he wanted to use the booth I was standing at. He then called me a shit player for using dark void smeargle. My Dark Void destoys him as marowak can kill his salamence zapdos metagross and does major damage to his infernape.

    I make it in as 3rd seed in my flight and continue onwards to the t16 the next day. I didnt really care anymore as I had the worlds trip.

    I go to T.G.I. Friday and get their biggest steak to celebrate.

    I was then given this paper to fill out

    All of my Top Cut matches were watched by Dtrain as he was my judge I guess XD.

    Top 16 VS Josh
    Round 1
    I start Smeargle and Bronzong while he starts Azelf and Zapdos. I FO his Azelf and get TR up. Once Dark Void is up he can't do much because most of his team was Marowak weak.
    Round 2
    He starts Azelf and something While I start Bronzong and Smeargle. He uses imprison on Bronzong but I played smarter and used Dark Void instead of FO t1. Because of this Marowak could once again start owning and soon enough TR was back up.

    Top 8 VS Mychael Bryan
    Round 1
    WERE BOTH USING SMEARGLE BRONZONG FUUUUU. My smeargle is faster and I get Dark Void up and win through just being able to do that.
    Round 2
    I FO his smeargle and he uses RS which gets a flinch :(. I know I can still bring it back but he once again uses rock slide and once again flinches my Bronzong. He sends out Machamp and his confusion from Dyanamic punch always hits me. gah
    Round 3

    My nats runs was over but I still had worlds.

    I saw a semifinal match of the Junior Division during VGS 2008 and became interested in the team. I made it better and was ready for worlds.

    Worlds 2009

    I had been looking forward to making it to worlds ever since I won my first match in 2008. I had Sassan and Sahand stay with me and we tested a bunch. Funny part was is that the 2 Japanese people that got 1st and 2nd in seniors in that worlds we knew both their teams. Sassan liked kasyuki's from seeing it at regionals and had been testing it ever since. Sahand had met Tasuka Mano during the line I got in to register and played him about 8 times losing every time because sahand played his rain team like a noob!!!!

    The first and only european I remember from there is Matej who is Wichu's brother. This guy was fun and awesome and hope to see you soon :D

    We slept soundly that night knowing we would have one more day to enjoy the hotel. We explore the Gaslamp District a lot before heading back to the hotel. There I see a few masters and decide to play against one of them. Little did I know it was Sixonesix. As I played him about 10 times and lost 10 times I realized I was Metagross weak since I had 0 Fire type moves and only Machamp hit it for good damage.

    After that match Sassan and I decided to test the team a little bit more and make a few tweaks.

    [​IMG] Quiet @ Lum Berry
    Fire Blast
    Trick Room

    This is my main Trick Roomer, its great Spdef and versatility in moves proved extremly valuable to my team and no replacement wouldve helped more than this. Fire Blast used to be protect but because of Sixonesix I changed it.

    [​IMG] Quiet @ Chesto Berry
    Follow Me

    Clefable was mainly for Trick room support and for blizzard spam. The most contrevsial move is Thunder which was used for Rain teams and anything Blizzard may be not very effective on. Protect was put on instead of Metrenome as metrenome failed me a lot. A LOT LOT LOT.

    [​IMG] Quiet @ Focus Sash
    Ice Shard
    Wood Hammer

    Standard Abomasnow for Blizzard Spam.

    [​IMG] Brave @ Life Orb
    Dynamic Punch
    Stone Edge
    Bullet Punch

    I used Machamp as the team had problems with any other Rock fire and opposing Ice types. I also used Bullet Punch since When Trick room was gone Hail+Bullet Punch+Ice shard could usually do a good amount of damage.

    My other 2 mons were Weavile and Dusknoir and I used them twice.

    Game 1 VS Josh
    Recognize the name? Same guy I beat top 16 at nationals and he was ready to beat me. I really don't remember much other than game 3 I won through having a 2 turn protect on abomasnow for hail to kill his jolteon.

    Game 2 VS David Arnold
    We start Game 1 and hes playing rain. AGAIN. He leads Ludicolo and Vaporeon while I lead Slowking Clefable. I go for thunder+trick room turn 1 knowing that he wont FO which he doesnt. Thunder hits and does major damage. I then continue to break down his team with Machamp and Abomasnow.

    Game 2 We both lead the same thing again. I go for follow me this time while he goes for Fake out and rain dance. I then Thunder Spam with psychic to take the game.

    Game 3 VS Santa Ito
    Both Games I would have won if I had ev trained but my stone edge from machamp was 1 hp from killing arcanine both times. :((((


    Game 4 VS Ryosuke Takai
    I only remember his snorlax being 1 shotted by Machamp


    Game 5 VS Mychael Bryan
    OH YEA OH YEA. Revenge is gonna be sweet. Not only did he hax me out at nats he tried to DQ me at worlds by saying Im watching his matches just by joining their conversation about Infernaper.

    During the first game I lose due to Garchomp's Rock Slide fliching me twice.
    I was like no not again imma stop this.

    Game 2 I lead Slowking+Weavile and since he didnt get the chance to flinch I take the game with Blizzard spam.

    Game 3 He leads garchomp Infernape me slowking Cleffable. He doesnt get the flinch with rock slide and Im able to beat him since I knew he would double protect t1 of trick room.

    I make Top cut as 2nd seed and play against Jeremy Fann

    Its an embarassing match and I misplayed a lot.

    During the 2009-2010 season I lost round 1 at AZ Regional and just quit VGC.

    I came back to the smogon forums during Spring of 2011 to find there was a regional in Northern California again. So I decided to go. With once again an unevtrained team.

    No recollection of this whole thing at all. I know I wrote about it but I've lost my memory.

    I come to worlds in 2011 and get to meet a lot of great people.

    I met a lot of great friends and a lot of great people who all hanged out with me a lot.

    During an elevator ride I showed him my LCQ team which consisted of

    Flight Gem Eelektross, Fast Scrafty, Fast Amoongus, Bulky Thundurus, Jellicent and Chandelure as Trick Room Counters.

    He seemed impressed but I told him my uneasiness with the team and how it had problems with some of the metagame. He recommended me to use his nationals team as it was consistent and hard hitting.

    That Night I stayed awake until 4 A.M. waiting for my friend to RNG me an Admant Terrakion and got less than an hour of sleep because my dad snored. A LOT

    I meet up with sassan there just in time for the LCQ and we get ready in line.

    My team:

    [​IMG] (M) @ Flight gem Jolly
    IVS 31/31/31/31/31/31
    EVS 252 Atk 252 Speed

    [​IMG] (M) @ Electric Gem Timid
    IVS 31/30/30/31/31/31
    EVS 252 SPATK 252 Speed
    Thunder Wave
    Hidden Power Ice 70

    [​IMG] (Mr.Zheng) @ Choice Scarf Admant
    IVS 31/31/31/31/31/31
    EVS 252 ATK 252 Speed
    Rock Slide
    Close Combat
    Quick Attack

    [​IMG] (AlphaOmega) @ Coba Berry Timid
    IVS 31/31/31/31/31/31
    EVS 252 Speed 100 HP 100 SPATK 30 Def 20 SP def
    Rage Powder
    Giga Drain

    [​IMG](Sassan) @ Water Gem Modest
    IVS 31/31/31/31/31/31
    EVS 252 SPAtk 252 Speed
    Water Spout
    Ice Beam
    Shadow Ball

    [​IMG] (Cheney) @Focus Sash Modest
    IVS 31/31/31/31/31/31
    EVS 252 SPAtk 252 Speed
    Heat Wave
    Shadow Ball

    My 1 and only Important match from the lcq


    Against Maski XD.

    Round 1 VS TheCalmSnivy
    He used a basic Trick Room team but my Jellicent Chandelure leads were able to like destroy any pokemon he brought against me. Sorry man but easiest match of my life.
    Round 2 VS Ryan Arnold
    No memory other than his mushurna really wrecked me game 2

    Round 3 VS Human
    Really the only reason he beat me game 1 is because I team scouted him through Jeremy who GAVE ME ALL THE WRONG INFO. He mixed up the items moves and even the evs on mons. I was just so shocked at this I really didnt know what to do. Also Human is a great player and I highly respect him!
    Round 4 VS An Italian Guy
    Um I win.

    Round 5 VS Santa Ito
    Game 1 Choice Scarf Terrakion and Focus Sash Chandelure Wrecked his team which was Terrakion/Thundurus/Chandelure/Druggdigon

    Game 2 I had Tornadus ready to tailwind for my Chandelure to kill his chandelure with thundurus To kill drugdigon but I decided to acrobatics his drugdigon knowing his chandy his stuck at shadow ball which wont ko. Shadow ball+ Sucker Punch. Im like wtf THAT THING CAN LEARN SUCKER PUNCH. After that I couldn't Catch up.

    Game 3
    I don't make the same stupid misplay and win.


    I make it in as 5th seed and play Jeremy Fann the next day.




    Me and sassan Congratulate each other on making top 8 and have TGI for Dinner.

    Top 8 VS Jeremy Fann
    He has these saved.

    Game 1
    I have a lot of parahax+flinches and take it.

    Game 2
    Same thing as game 1

    After Sassan leaves because he loses top 8 I know I have to get to t2 to come to worlds 2012.

    Top 4 VS Human
    Game 1
    Everything that could go right for me went right for me. Flinches crits all that junk.

    Game 2
    Man I was cocky I played like crap and human outplayed me every turn knowing exactly what I would do.

    Game 3
    All I remember is it came down to

    Tornadus at 100% Thundurus at 100%

    Kamz Tornadus at 100% Thundurus @ less than 100 %
    ( Chandelure @ 100% in back up.)

    I knew I needed to kill at least one of his genies to bring this game to me for chandelure to end it. His tornadus uses subsitute. Hell yea!! I double targeted it with T-Bolt+Acrobatics which was able to kill it. I send out chandelure after tornadus faints. He shakes my hand knowing he lost. I shadow ball and thunderbolt to end the game.

    Top 2 VS Sejun Park

    Pretty uneventful match but for me I was just happy as hell to win worlds and didn't think of anything else!
    I really didn't take the 2012 season too seriously and that was the reason for both of my regionals performances not ending up in a top 4.

    Worlds 2012
    I arrive in beautiful Hawaii after an 8 hr delay and a whole day wasted with DarkSoulSP by my side. Me, Demitri (DarksoulSP), and my mom all head out to the nearest resturant in the hotel with all of our luggage where I have the most delicious Crab Sandwich ever. We head back to the hotel room where we watched some T.V. and while my mom slept Demitri and I played Vanguard for about 2 Hours than fall asleep.

    I wake up at about 6 A.M. to frickin birds squakin everywhere and decide to get ready and meet up with Aaron Zheng for a day of fun.


    I was so hungry and I saw Ryuzaki,Dtrain, and other VGC players leave to have breakfast but I didn't come because I didn't want to leave aaron alone.
    He came 45 Minutes after they were done eating. We walk around a lot meet other people and talk about our life,pokemon,etc. We meet up with some european players and start talking a lot. They got boring and lazy so I ditched them and met up with Jacob and Abram Burrows to discuss Pokemon.

    When I came back everyone was yelled out where were you?? I told them straight up I was bored. Aaron's reaction was the worst XD

    I go ahead and go to Akaka falls with my mom and demitri when we come back we go to a French Party which ended already XD but it was alright cause we got candy and ice cream cake. You missed out aaron you missed out.
    We practice with the french a lot and build some confidence in our teams.

    That night I get to sleep soundly while Demitri was worried for the lCQ ahead!!

    [​IMG] (M) @ Sitrus Berry
    Trait: Prankster
    EVs: 196 HP / 28 SAtk / 196 SDef / 88 Spd
    Calm Nature (+SDef, -Atk)
    - Thunderbolt
    - Thunder Wave
    - Taunt
    - Hidden Power(Ice)
    The Thundurus had enough speed to outspeed most bulky thundurus and would usually live a Dragon Gem Draco Meteor from Latios.

    [​IMG] (M) @ Yache Berry
    Trait: Sand Veil
    EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spd
    Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
    - Earthquake
    - Rock Slide
    - Dragon Claw
    - Protect
    Just a Standard Garchomp that was much more than just standard. Its phenomenal power would be useful in all my matches through out the day.

    [​IMG] (M) @ Fight Gem
    Trait: Intimidate
    EVs: 36 HP / 236 Atk / 236 SDef
    Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
    - Close Combat
    - Wide Guard
    - Sucker Punch
    - Fake Out
    Just another Standard pokemon on a standard team. I always liked hitmontop and because of Paul Hornak I have always been a fan of a special bulky hitmontop instead of 252 hp.

    [​IMG] (F) @ Life Orb
    Trait: Levitate
    EVs: 140 HP / 244 SAtk / 124 Spd
    Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
    - Icy Wind
    - Ice Beam
    - Psyshock
    - Hidden Power [Fire]
    A non standard mon??!!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!? The one not standard pokemon on the team that I used every match of the tournament. All these moves were essiantal for my victories and would prove to be one of the most powerful pokemon of the 2012 season(well, according to me).

    [​IMG] (M) @ Steel Gem
    Trait: Technician
    EVs: 168 HP / 252 Atk / 88 Spd
    Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
    - Bug Bite
    - Bullet Punch
    - Protect
    - Swords Dance
    This Scizor was boss every time I used him. Swords Dance would prove to be essantial as my opponents would protect expecting a Bullet Punch. The Stab Steel Gem Technichian Bullet Punch did a fair amount of damage if I do say so myself.

    [​IMG] (M) @ Chople Berry
    Trait: Sand Stream
    EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk
    Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
    - Low Kick
    - Rock Slide
    - Protect
    - Crunch
    Just a standard Tyranitar. Nothing more Nothing less. Mainly used him for Rock slide and Sand Veil!

    Demitiri and I both ran this team for worlds except demitri found more use in Gyarados than Tyranitar.

    Demitri got a bye round 1 LCQ and Round 2 He got extremely unlucky against a weavile who's ice punch always froze.

    Let's just say this was a major confidence destroyer. The team lost r2?
    How? Why? Should I use it? So many questions running through my head but I realized I could only use the team I had ready as it was the only one I was comfortable with.

    I hang out with the spaniard for a long time and have lots of fun. We get seperated and then find each other again at the pool where me kinderlew Mangosol, Spaniards, and Mike Liesk all swimming!!

    I chill and hang out with more people through out the day and end up sleeping really late at night with fear of getting unlucky raced through my mind.

    I wake up early in the morning, take a shawer, and get ready for swiss.
    I go down with my DS and Pokemon White knowing I MUST WIN!
    Nick Mccord is back in town and my nerves go to easy with his voice XD.

    After the Opening Ceremonies (Thank you Pokemon those were amazing!) I go down to the gaming room and await my round 1 pairings!

    Round 1 VS Sarah Lakelhal
    Game 1: She is running a basic trick room team which my taunt thundurus quickly gets rid of. She tries to set up trick room again but I see through it and double target reuniclus for the KO while she uses Magic Coat I win 2-0 with a steel gem Bullet punch killing Abomasnow.

    Game 2: Same thing as game 1 except she did Magic coat turn 1. In the end scizor's bug bite killed her cresselia,reuniclus,zorarak,and abomasnow.
    Round 2 VS Santa Ito
    Whyy meeee?????

    Game 1: He leads Thundurus Metagross while I lead Cresselia Thundurus. I use taunt on thundurus and Hidden power fire on his metagross. Turn 1 the hidden power fire crits the Metagorss and he can't bring the game back.

    No memory on game 2 or 3 but I win.
    Round 3 VS Nitesh Manem
    Game 1: He leads Cresselia Metagross while I lead Thundurus Cresseila.
    The details of the match are fuzzy but I had game until he used Ice fang with Gyarados which froze my Garchomp and my Tyranitar stayed paralyzed that turn. He then wrecks me as Garchomp stays frozen.

    Game 2: He leads the same thing as do I. He doesn't use Gyarados this game and his luck runs out. Instead of Hidden Power Fire on His Metagross I used Thunderbolt+Icy wind which worked out because he switched to Heatran. No memory beyond that but I win.

    Game 3: Look at Game 2


    Round 4 VS Gavin Michaels
    He may have memory on these games but I don't :(


    Round 5 VS Aaron Zheng
    Aaron Zheng Interesting Match up. 2 years in a row I have used his nationals team for worlds. He knows the exact team but I have some information on his team from Manoj.
    Note: Aaron was using Wolfe Glicke's team

    Game 1: I really didn't try at all this game. I expected him to know everything about my team so I gave up Turn 1. He leads Thundurus Terrakion while I lead Cresselia Thundurus. I use thunder wave on Terrakion and Icy Wind but he uses Taunt on my thundurus (FACEPALM) and Rock slides killing my Thundurus and flinching my Cresselia. I send out Garchomp and Use Rock Slide and Psyshock on Terrakion. He switches out Terrakion for Cresselia and Rock Slide does good damage while he does something I can't remember. I icy wind with my cresseila and rock slide again while he switches out to heatran and skill swaps. The next few turns are fuzzy but it ended up being my 90 HP Garchomp against his 20% Cress and 30% Heatran who is also paralyzed. I use rock slide instead of dragon claw on cresseila because I didn't know whether or not heatran would protect. My Rock Slide double Misses and his Icy wind+ Earth Power KIll my garchomp.

    Game 2: I felt confident now knowing that, this is a good matchup for me and Garchomp was key to winning. We both lead the same thing and have about the same turn 1. I brought in Tyranitar and Garchomp earlier this game which both prove to be very helpful as we exchange flinches and misses back and forth. In the end I win through more skill and outpredicting Aaron at every turn.

    Game 3: We once again both lead the same thing. He uses X Scissor Turn 1 on Cresselia while I switch out to garchomp as he taunts my garchomp. I Ice beam his thundurus and do major damage. A few turn laters My thundurus is alive but his isn't which was key to me winning. I then Thunder wave the rest of his pokemon so garchomp and tyranitar can take kills easier. They both continually rock slide and crunch until all is left is his terrakion which is killed by garchomp's earthquake.


    Round 6 VS Henry Maxon
    Game 1: I lead Cresseila Thundurus again and I start wrecking his team as I think I have game. He then Draco meteors my thundurus. ko. Im like how. He looks at me and whispers. "modest". Unfortunatley because of it being modest my garchomp now outspeeds it. I kill his latios then his excadrill and his volcarona.

    Game 2: Look above

    I couldn't believe it, No one could really believe it.

    I went 6-0 with a team that was believed to be too standard and seen too much by others to ever be useful again. But my goals were so far away still I had to make it past top cut for the glory.

    I go to a little shop and buy something to check my temperature. 101 F. Yea I was sick.

    I stay in my room and relax for the rest of the day so I can feel better the next day.

    The next day I wake up and realize, I've lost my voice. Gahhh. I could barley talk and my head was in pain and I was sick. Yet I still had to play.

    Top 8 VS Jaime Martinez

    I'm still sure I should've won these 2 games but luck was no longer on my side and I just had to deal with it. With all the energy I had left I partied with the gang until I got to my room and past out after pulling a shiny Rayquaza.

    Thanks to all of you for these amazing memories and I hope to continue my VGC season this year at the October Regionals in Northern California.

    People Props!

    Team Dragon Rush: Thank you guys/girl for all your support and help throughout the yea hopefully we do better this year and all make it to worlds!!!

    Demitri(DarkSoulSP): Thanks for everything man the pokemon, the vanguard, the helping me with the team, no one else can deal with my stubborn attitude but you XD.

    Sassan N: You've been like a little Brother to me all these years and hopefully you play vgc 2013!!!!!!!

    Mom: Thank you for driving me to all of these events and hopefully Hawaii was an amazing rewards for you :D

    Aaron Zheng: Your teams. Are amazing. Thank for being chill about it and you better keep your promise!

    Germans(Markus Luca Toast): You three guys were amazing to hang out with and thank for trying to teach me German. Ill definetley see you guys next year and we'll have tons of fun.

    Spaniards(Ravi Guillermo Alejandro): We hang out at pool more XD!!!! Seriously though it was awesome hanging out with you guys we need to see more hot chicks and we need to part a lot more.

    Ray Rizzo: Im coming for you. Just know that.

    Kinderlew:Work hard Party even Harder. Nuff said.

    ZachDro: Thank for inviting me into Buncha Bulls and trying to help me out throughout the tournament! We'll meet up at nats.

    Mangosol: Dude I want my chocolate cake back. JK Happy to play with you and call you a friend. Also HAXXXXXXXXXXXCHOMPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!
  2. Cybertron

    Cybertron I swear.
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    Jul 13, 2008
    you're kind of ridiculous

    see ya in NY
  3. Mosquito


    Mar 2, 2009
    Your lack of knowledge of EVs and IVs disturb me.

    See you in New York, June 2013 :D
  4. Biosci

    Biosci pyukufuku
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    Apr 7, 2011
  5. LPFan


    Apr 30, 2011
    nice report :D

    see ya at worlds 2013.
  6. Drifblim


    Nov 9, 2011
    A fun read. That 2009 season sounds cray, so fewer games had to be played then.
  7. Ravi


    Dec 29, 2011
    Its been nice to hang out with you, hopefully see you next year bro :)
  8. LudiImpact


    Jan 24, 2012
    Good Job bro! :D Can't wait to see you at Nats/Worlds 2013!
  9. TalkingLion


    May 7, 2011
  10. Ninahaza

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    May 9, 2010
    you used my pictures all over the place but did not even mention me in your warstory. is this because i didnt give you wine? i couldnt give you wine because we were already having problems with under aged drinking. I AM SORRY KAMZ ALSO WAY TO BE A JERK YOU DID NOT EVEN MENTION ME
  11. kingofmars

    kingofmars Its 2015 somewhere
    is a Past SPL Championwon the 2nd Smogon VGC Tournament

    Jul 22, 2010
    I actually have each of the matches vs you written down, so I'm going to do a play by play really quickly:
    Game 1 (open)
    I'm using Shroom/Bronzong/Gallade/Ttar/jellicent/Zapdos, may write a warstory later idk.
    Turn 1: Zapdos and Gallade vs Cress/thundurus
    pr mad that I didn't lead tar but w/e, He uses twave on zapdos as I go for the hp ice on thundurus, doing a bit over half to it, it gets its sitrus berry bringing it up back to 75%, he uses psyshock on gallade for 2/3 of my hp as I trick the cress, giving it my band and getting a life orb. GJ for making it easier to kill your bulky pokemon.
    Turn 2: I know I'm in a bad spot if I leave gallade in, and I'm worried about gallade dying this early, so I switch it to tar as he goes for the tbolt and ice beam at zapdos, which I'm able to tank easily enough as I get a roost off to bring me to a decent amount of hp.
    turn 3: Seeing his team and in the health gallade is in, I know that zapdos is going to be more useful to me by far. He goes for the twave on my slow tar, which at this point is when I realize he's just hoping for parahax down the road and gallade tanks the ice beam easily enough due to great special bulk. as I go for the rock slide which does around half to cress and kills thundurus.
    Turn 4: He sends in chomp which is obvious, and I know that gallade isn't doing anything for this battle, so I let it die as I protect tar.
    Turn 5: I send in shroom to replace gallade, and I know that hes going for the eq and ice beam on shroom, so I switch zapdos out which only does a bit, tank the ice beam easily where sitrus brings me to the range where I can live anything he does. But the I get frozen so I can't spore chomp..
    Turn 6: I'm in a sticky situation at this point, and to make matters worse rock slide crits and kills zapdos, as cress is able to kill shroom with ice beam + damage from rock slide. Next turn he kills my ttar with a crit earthquake.

    Game 2 (open)
    I know that I could have easily had game 1 without the shenanigans, but I realize I need to be playing a bit better to secure the win for myself.
    Turn 1: He leads cress/thundy again, and I know I need to gtfo, since this matchup is not good for me, double switch zapdos to shroom and gallade to tar, as tbolt does like nothing and psyshock does liberality nothing.
    Turn 2: I don't want to overpredict, so I just go for the spore and rock gem rock slide, as he taunts shroom, and rock slide kills thundy and does half to scizor.
    Turn 3: He sends in cress to replace thundurus. I know that scizor can do a lot to ttar with anything, and deciding to play it safe, I double switch again, shroom into gallade, ttar into zapdos as psyshock does a good deal of damage to gallade and bug bite does nothing to zapdos.
    Turn 4: me going for the heat wave here is super duper obvious, and he knows it, and basing off of that, I decide to go for the roost to heal myself up and make sure that zapdos is safe for the rest of the game as he ice beams and I set up trick room with my banded gallade, just to fuck with his garchomp once it comes out.
    Turn 5: He's afraid of the heat wave, so he sends scizor back to garchomp, as I send gallade back to shroom and zapdos to tar, marking the 3rd double switch of the game. Psyshock does a bunch to shroom, which I manage to tank with 29 hp, and sitrus brings me back to a less stupid amount.
    Turn 6: he switches cress out, knowing that with all of that life orb recoil ttar will be able to kill it into scizor, as I go for the safe crunch on scizor, doing 25%, as his garchomp protects and blocks my spore.
    Turn 7: I know that he can kill shroom with the gem bullet punch, as well as doing a massive amount to tar, so I switch tar into zapdos, as he bullet punches my shroom, killing it, as he goes for the eq and kills his own scizor.
    Turn 8: It's ttar and zapdos vs cress/chomp with tric room still up. Crunch kills cress easily, hp ice @ chomp does 70% with yache berry blocking most of the damage as I manage to tank a rock slide with 23 hp on zapdos as trick room wears out.
    Turn 9: he rock slide kos zapdos, as my crunch tanks out his chomp.

    game 3 (open)
    I have a good feeling that he won't risk changing anything up, and will use the same pokemon again, in the same order, which he does.
    Turn 1: Zapdos/Ttar s Cresselia/Thundy
    I know I need to roost here, as he's probably just going to double attack zapdos, which he does. Tbolt paralyzes me, which stings, then it full paralyzes me when I try to roost off the damage, and ice beam does a lot, making me live with only a bit of hp, as rock slide kos thundy and does 35% to cress
    Turn 2: Chomp/Cress vs Zapdos/Ttar
    I know that zapdos is dead meat, and foddering it is the best move at this point. he goes for the eq and the icy wind, yes I Can confirm that he does have two ice moves on cress, as I let zapdos die and protect tar.
    Turn 3: I send in shroom to replace zapdos, feeling alright about its status in the game now that thundurus is dead, as I can crunch to kill cress and spore garchomp, then clean up easily with the rest of the team. He earthquakes, which tar tanks with 63 hp, and he ice beams ttar bringin me down to 21 hp. I spore chomp... and it misses. well fuck me, my games in jeopardy now. I know that the crunch is obvious on cress, and decide to fire blast instead, predicting a scizor switch in, but it doesn't matter as sand life orb recoil and the fire blast end up killing it. I ask kamz if he's magical this turn, what with this and the tbolt stuff earlier itg, he says no.
    Turn 4: I'm a bit peeved at the games status, as my guaranteed victory is now gone. he goes for the rock slide with chomp, which avoids shroom and kills ttar, I would normally be happy for an avoid but that would have given me sitrus berry and more hp. Im able to tank the bug bite with 16 hp left, thanking the powers that be that I got this game, with the ability to kill chomp with close combat as I rage powder the bullet punch, then kill scizor with cc, since I can tank the bullet punch at -1 without steel gem, then spore misses chomp again. I ask kamz if he's magical again, he says yes. It's easy for him to finish off gallade and shroom at that point, and that's gg.

    was a bit peeved at what happened game 3, knowing that I would have to win 2/3 of the rest of my games to make top cut as opposed to being guaranteed, but I ended up seeding 2nd so w/e


    Feb 27, 2012
    Pretty cool
  13. kamz

    VGC 2011 Seniors Champion

    Apr 29, 2010

    Um that means you lied to me. I had asked you to throw it out in which you responded "The Judges make me". I asked you once again 10 minutes later if you had thrown it out and you responded with yes. So how do you have the matches?
  14. kingofmars

    kingofmars Its 2015 somewhere
    is a Past SPL Championwon the 2nd Smogon VGC Tournament

    Jul 22, 2010
    Relax, I gave my notes to the judges and they gave them back to me at the end of the tournament, and I said that the judges made me give the notes to them, sorry if you misheard.
  15. Rukario


    Jun 5, 2010
    How do you remember play by play from 08? It was a good read though :D
  16. Team Rocket Elite

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    May 3, 2005
    What was the problem with the note taking? Did the Worlds use a different policy than previous tournaments?

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