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A NU Hub Thread

Discussion in 'BW NU' started by Zebraiken, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Zebraiken

    Zebraiken underdog of the year
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    Head TD

    Oct 7, 2011
    hiya guys, sorry for the wait! the hub's been sort of dead partially since i hadn't posted a thread in the forum for it, but here's to hoping we can make it something active and awesome! you can find the NU hub here. what we're aiming to do with it is to make it full of up-to-date information and resources and preferably get some hub-exclusive stuff going on there so we don't visit it just to get a re-hashing of everything that's going on in the NU subforum, and i'm really really looking for some community input and involvement. if you weren't aware, we had a hub thread before where we discussed a few ideas for this before it was actually implemented - you can find that here. a few ideas that i think would be awesome to carry over here:

    - simple "underrated sets" posts - if someone comes up with a new and creative (and good) set, it might be worthwhile to write it down and post it, maybe once a week or so? i don't want to cut the innovation of stuff like smog articles, but a few simple and effective set changes would really be cool here. i see a lot of stuff like clear smog amoonguss on the ladder - something explaining why the popular trend is bad and what you /should/ be doing would be enormously cool.
    - we can also do less serious sorts of stuff, like a silly letter on why x pokemon is bad or whatever. remember that all of this has to receive approval by django, raseri, and myself (mostly me though!!), so don't think you can get stuff like you making fun of a particular poor player on-site. das not cool.
    - tournaments leaderboard. this is probably more useful if we have more tournaments or whatever going on at once, but i have a few ideas as far as this goes and hopefully we'll get more involvement on this front eventually!
    - interviews with well-known NU players and etc. would you guys like to see this?
    - hopefully, a stickied thread in the forums to let you guys know when new content is uploaded so you don't have to check it all the time. you can just subscribe to it and then get notified when new stuff is up by checking your user CP!
    - quality post compendium? might be worth looking into, if people want just good reading material.
    - updates whenever NU-related badges are handed out, possibly
    - a link to #neverused somewhere
    - warstory compendium, if we get more of them
    - brief highlights on new, good RMTs?
    - sample teams; archiving stuff from MMF's teambuilding 101 on-site would be fantastic

    give your thoughts and stuff on the above, and give your own ideas if you want! however, keep the following in mind:

    if we want this to be as awesome as it can potentially be, we need people to invest in their work and get stuff done on a timely schedule. i know i'm guilty of pushing things off myself, but that's something i'm working on too. everyone is welcome to give their opinions and suggestions in this thread. regardless of whether or not you're a first-time poster or a badgeholder, your support, ideas, and contributions are absolutely vital for the NU hub to be something amazing.

    if you want to work on any of those listed things, have an idea of your own that you want to contribute, or want me to post an update of something on the main page, you can notify me via PM with the full contents of said update or an outline for what you want to publish. it's also a good idea to post about it in this thread, simply to get an idea of what people think. remember, your work for the NU hub can help you on your way to earning badges! (you would primarily earn community contributor [​IMG] for general work and writing, while contributor [​IMG] could possibly be earned for more informational sorts of letters / articles. artist [​IMG] can also be earned by contributing artwork to the NU hub, so you guys should do that as well!!)


    <DTC> also didn't we have plans for the nu hub thread
    <zeb> :D
    <DTC> to also act as a place for people to pitch ideas for the nu forum
    <zeb> what do you mean
    <DTC> -someone has an idea for a project
    <zeb> they post about it there, yea
    <DTC> ya
    <DTC> mention that in the thread
    <zeb> okie

    if you have an idea for a project or whatever that you'd like to run in neverused, you're welcome to ask about it in this thread (actually i'd prefer if you did!) and get general opinion + advice on how to get it running + permission, just in case similar ideas are already being worked on in the background.

    i'm really excited for the kind of stuff that can happen with the hub, so let's get rockin! i might come up with a few deadlines to get stuff done though, depending on how much interest there is. :toast:
  2. ium

    ium adoro during summer
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    Sep 16, 2012
    is it okay if i do a drawing for this?
    something along the lines of this sketch:
    Show Hide

    or if you were looking for art for the hub pages, i can work one of those instead. ;0;
  3. Annoyer

    Annoyer =)~

    Apr 3, 2012
    So Incon and I had this idea of team minitours where teams compete in a minitour fashion. Each team should have 3 members and each member plays a battle against an opposing player. Each team is made by players and each player can use their own team bu. There will be a theme for each minitour. For example, Team 1 consists of a, b, and c and Team 2 consists of x, y, and z, a plays x, b plays y, and c plays z. (Match-ups are random of course). I'm thinking of each minitour having about 18 players - 24 players (we'll advertise for sure). If this happens, I will be hosting them with Incon as a cohost to help me around if I'm busy or something.

    We'd really like feedback on this since it allows people to play in tournaments together on the same team which makes playing the game much more fun imo. I'd also like to know opinions if player teams should be randomly generated out of a list of sign-ups or if players should pick their own teams. (I'm more of the opinion of the latter since it's all for fun and the first one is kind of awkward but makes the chances less of a dominating team.)
  4. Awmgnoob


    Aug 8, 2009
    All those ideas sounds great Zeb, and Annoyer that sounds a great idea for a minitour, just a bit of a concern some people may be ignored for a team.
  5. GatoDelFuego

    GatoDelFuego I could burn up in your flame all night
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    May 29, 2011
    Shouldn't this be called an NU thread?
  6. WillSO


    Oct 6, 2010
    If I were you I'd probably get all those links in the NU Hub page looked at.
    They're a bit dodgy to say the least.
  7. Incon


    May 23, 2012
    What we originally had in mind was that you would find your own team before signing up, so you'd sign up with two other people. If you are a newer player and don't know many people, you could sign up anyway and Annoyer and I would do our best to find a team for you to join. Im sure if you asked around NU IRC, youd be able to make a team.

    I really like all of these ideas, in particular the tournament leaderboard and the interviews. The leaderboard would be a great incentive for more people to join tours, whether youre new to the tier, new to pokemon in general, or main another tier, but are looking to get into NU. It would also deter johning (maybe subtract points for johns? lol). I think a monthly leaderboard system would be best, with the person with the overall most points getting recognized somehow; maybe an interview or something.

    Speaking of Interviews, this would be a great idea. I always loved reading the Smog interviews with some well known players. Getting to the know the backround of some top NU players and how the became so good would be great. In that same regard, i think it would be cool if we interviewed some Up and Coming / Rising Star NU players to get the scoop on some not so well known players. I am willing and would love to hold these interviews if you need someone to do that.

    I also like the ideas of the Set of the Week, quality posts, and Rmt highlights. The NU Hub is a great thing and these ideas will only improve it. I would really like to get involved with the Hub so if you need anything done, let me know!
  8. Zebraiken

    Zebraiken underdog of the year
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    Head TD

    Oct 7, 2011
    ofc (even though some of your stuff is already on-site)!! any and all artwork is appreciated, especially excellent art like this. :)

    I'd be up for that. I'd wait until the interest in NUzlocke dies out for the time being, though. As far as teams go, I'm also more in favor of the latter, but if everyone's really getting stacked then we might have to resort to randomizing it. I just think that cuts the fun out of it. :(

    Anyone who's left put still wants to participate would get put into a random team, I assume.


    I'll check that out later and make sure it's alright. I'm more interested in the big ideas right now, though!

    Thanks for your input, Incon! More than anything, I'd just need guys to start working on those ideas. If you (or anyone else reading this) is interested in working on one thing in particular, just shoot me a PM and I'll help you get started on it so we can get your work on-site ASAP. :D
  9. DTC

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    May 8, 2011
    We have plenty of great ideas, but obviously we can't do all of them. We need people who are dedicated in updating these pages. The sticky thread idea should be incredibly easy to start up and do and there is absolutely no reason to wait for it. Some NU mod, please get on it! Also, we already have a good place for announcing new badgeholders -- the index of the hub. We also already have a link to IRC as well. So that is two things we can check off our checklist.

    I'll be working on making sure everything is updating and updating the Pokemon of the Week page in the meantime. I also want to work on establishing that underrated sets thing (I have an idea of how I'll do it) and the Research Group page.
  10. Zebraiken

    Zebraiken underdog of the year
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    Head TD

    Oct 7, 2011
    Done deal. I just put up the thread, so there's that. Incon is also going to be interviewing someone sometime in the near future, and I've got some big plans for other projects too. If anyone else wants to do anything, just let me know! :)

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