a San Mateo War story- Picture heavy

So first off thank you to everyone who helped coach me before, and helped me tune my team (Lucalibur, GalacticBossCyrus, Corncake, Alaka, Haruki, and many more Im sure Im forgetting!! But especially team Galactic!), thanks you everyone who hooted and hollared for me at the VGC's, and a special shout out to Katai Who had to listen to me for the last 3 months, then the whole car ride down, and the whole car ride back. Your awesome girl!

Also, I forgot to transfer my items over (FAIL.) so they have what i had on hand in game.

The team-
Shadow Force
Dragon Claw

Betty@Focus Sash
Night Slash
Fake Out
Ice Shard

Gyro Ball
Light Screen

Spacial Rend

So it was a nice morning, I got up, fed my goats, fed the pets i was house sitting for, and got a call from a good friend of mine saying "Please promise me this, wear something a little revealing! and send me a picture!" So I headed back home and changed into something pinker, lol.

After getting Katai, we hit the road! Traffic was good untill we hit the bay bridge, at which point i was ready to drive my car off said bridge. GAH! Lucky Katai assured me we would be there soon and paniced as she finished her team. Yay for procrastination!!! :D

We arrived, and got into a VERY long line. rumors flew about lottery, hearts sank, and a lovely gentleman named Ben was giving away TM's and pokemon! Great, because I forgot to put explosion on my Bronzong it turns out. We also met a lot of very nice people, including Tara who I was about to destroy.

(Ben in the goggles, you prolly saw him)

Finally we got it, and Katai and I went NUTS!!

So, Round 1-
I dont remember as much as I would like sadly, but I went up against my new friend Tara. She lead with Ho-Oh and Jolteon, I sent out Betty and BobRoss. She called back Ho-Oh and sent out Garchomp. I taunted and protected like Im supposed to, and Jolteon hit Betty, knocking her to 50% and paralizing. Nice. Next turn I Ice sharded gar, almost taking it out, and dragon clawed jolteon, not thinking... I dont remember what she did but next turn i ice sharded and dclawed chomp sending it out, and ho-oh is back in. ice sharded ho-oh, and used shadow force. eventualy got the Jolti taken out and ho-oh and she sent out vaporeon. I wittled it down with Dclaw and night slash, and it endedup taking out a very weak BobRoss. I sent in palkia and made a MAJOR NOOB MISTAKE. Yes, I did it. I totaly surfed. killed Betty, and so ChuckNoris came out, and i heard some giggles from the crowd, appaerently this battle was live. Nice, ya'll saw That. So ya, thundered Vap and game over, I won my first round!! But I knew I had to get my head in the game and stop playing like a nOOB.

Round 2-

I went up against this guy Joshua. His Girl was there cheering him on, and oh ya, this one was live on the moniter to. I think he was a little cocky, but nice enough. of course after my last performance he should have been cocky. that was terrible! but done. He sent out Orge/Palkia. I thought "Damn, Im doomed." as Betty and BobRoss headed out. I of course FO/Protect to scout, and DClaw Palkia, who goes down without a fight. Totaly astonished I work on Ogre who goes down pretty easily aswell, didnt even have to whip out BillyMays! Next comes Charizard and Obamasnow. strange. obama takes out BobRoss so I send in BillyMays and FB him and he goes down.

they look GOOD. lol, Char goes down without much of a fight and ChuckNoris never even makes an apearence.

Round 3-
Wow! I made it this far! I follow a guy who actually leads me to the exit first, then sends me back. I get paired with a very tiny little guy, just turned 13. I knew he was trouble. We sat down to fight and out comes Palkia/Ogre. More raindance, Im doomed! maybe this guy doesnt ev train either? no such luck. He tok my team out so fast. I got Palkia taken out with BobRoss but Billy was KO' before getting a hit off and Everything went down hill. He had a kingdra that just about ripped my tea apart almost single handedly. Yes, a classic raindance team. I shoulda known.

So I got out, was congratulated by Marriland and got all fangirl on him

I found my friends, and Katai got taken out first round. :( sorry hun! my other friends also got taken out early, so now its time to find the smogonites!

their they were, in the finalist lounge. a very nice bunch, though I think I scared them. Im very friendly and loud in real life. and apparently tall according to someone! lol

Theres some sexy ducks! lol. While waiting I was hugged by a pikachu

and found RileySox

Very nice. I also ran across the smogonite secrete head quarters i do believe

I do believe this is my heros picture! Totaly goin into the firebot Hansome mens club album, lol! So after some hobnobing with the elites, finals started. All i can say is- DAMN boys. you all rocked it!

A crowd pleaser fo sho!

Riley gettin very seriose! and he should be!

So final round finaly came, crowd was shivering with anticipa-tion!

I think Duy might have been ready to pass out a bit there.

The pokes were poised!

and that pikachu danced! Oh did he dance. Anyone else want to punch him?

but in the end, there can only be one-

and of course, obligitory giant pika picture

thank you all, some vids coming soon!!


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Nice meeting you there! Glad to see you enjoyed yourself too. Apparently my attempt to look cool wit my crossed arms in every picture failed =P
the boy you battled was shreyas yes this guy :)

im sure i remember that
I battled him in the 4th round I know him from Tpt (the pallet tribune) sadly i knocked him out too :(

but it was nice meeting you there telling people to be more active on the smogon forums :D