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A Stall Team (Peaked at #4 on UU Leaderboard)

Discussion in 'Past Gen Teams' started by Jubilee, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. Jubilee

    is a Contributor Alumnus

    Jun 20, 2009

    I began a few months ago to really get into the UU tier. It was just way more fun to me than the boring OU with every team being the same... After doing ok on the ladder, I faced a few stall teams, and I just lost to each one. So I decided to make my own stall team. This team by far is my most successful team, and it peaked at a CRE of 1706 as SUBAKI7134 and got me to #4 on the leaderboard last round.​


    Team Building Process
    Team Building Process (open)

    Every stall team needs a Pokemon to set up hazards. Omastar was perfect for this role because it has access to Stealth Rock AND Spikes, something not many UU / NU Pokemon can do. And, it has incredible physical bulk.
    Every stall team also needs a special wall. What Pokemon is better than the sister of the biggest OU pink whore? Chansey has incredible special bulk and the ability to Wish pass.
    I love Clefable. Its ability is just incredible. I needed a Pokemon who could absorb status / Leech Seed, and Clefable fits that role perfectly. Encore is very, very useful and stops any sweeper trying to set up on its tracks. I couldn't pass Clefable up.
    Ok, looking at my team I had three Pokemon weak to Fighting, and had a physical sweeper weakness. I looked through UU and saw Weezing. It was perfect with its incredible Defense, and immunity to Ground and resistance to Fighting moves. I was also looking for a Pokemon to absorb Venusaur's Sleep Powders as well and I saw Weezing's RestTalk set. I had my fourth member chosen.
    Now looking at my team, I noticed I needed a mixed wall. Milotic fits that role perfectly with its incredible bulk from both sides, and has access to Recover.
    Now I needed a Rapid Spin blocker. Looking through the Ghosts of UU, I had to choose Spiritomb with its great Defenses (Why couldn't Game Freak give him better HP? :( ) Looking at my team I noticed how Ghosts like Rotom and Mismagius ran through my team, as Clefable and Chansey cant touch them behind Substitutes. I saw Spiritomb's Pursuit set and knew I had my spin blocker chosen.​

    The Hazard Lead
    [​IMG][​IMG] Leftovers
    Nature: Bold
    Ability: Shell Armor
    EVs: 252 HP / 248 Def / 8 Spe
    1) Surf
    2) Stealth Rock
    3) Earth Power
    4) Spikes
    Description: Max HP / almost max Defense gives Omastar the most physical bulk it can have with 8 Speed EVs to outspeed opposing Omastar leads. Surf for STAB, Earth Power for Qwilfish, Cloyster, and Kabutops leads.
    Stealth Rock and Spikes for entry hazards.​

    Omastar against Top 10 Leads

    Uxie - I use Spikes first to see if it's a TrickScarf variant, but if it Grass Knots (fails to KO) then I switch to Clefable. ​

    Ambipom - It Fake Outs, and then I Surf as it Taunts. I then Surf again as it U-turns and act accordingly to what comes in.​

    Mesprit - I switch to Clefable as it Grass Knots. I then Encore it as it uses Stealth Rock and then Trick whatever comes in.​

    Omastar - Earth Power and hope it runs the standard spread as I outspeed it for the 2HKO.​

    Spiritomb - I first Stealth Rock and take 50-60% from Shadow Ball / Hidden Power then switch to Chansey and Toxic it.​

    Alakazam - Go straight to Spiritomb and Pursuit it as Alakazam fails to do anything to Tomb.​

    Cloyster - I just keep Earth Powering until it's KOed. It usually gets three layers up... good thing I personally don't see too many.​

    Moltres - I go straight to Chansey as it uses HP Grass.​

    Hippopatos - Surf and then Surf again for the KO.​

    Qwilfish - Earth Power as it uses Taunt / Spikes so it can only get up a max layer of two Spikes.​

    The Encorer
    [​IMG][​IMG] Flame Orb
    Nature: Calm
    Ability: Magic Guard
    EVs: 252 HP / 124 Def / 120 SpD / 12 Spe
    1) Seismic Toss
    2) Encore
    3) Softboiled
    4) Trick
    Description: These are almost the standard EVs for Clefable, giving it the most bulk it can have from both sides. Except, I run 12 Speed EVs to outspeed ALL standard Clefable so I can easily beat them by Encoring and Seismic Tossing them first every time. I use Seismic Toss so I don't have to rely on Clefable's below average Attack stats and Encore for Pokemon trying to set up on me. I chose Flame Orb as I got tired of Pokemon like Rhyperior, Hitmonlee, and Donphan coming in on me to absorb the T-Wave. Afterward, I get to watch one of these so-called "counters" suffer from a burn. Softboiled is used to recover any damage done. Clefable is an extremely helpful member of this team protecting the team from SubSeeders, SubRoosters, Rest-Talkers, and most importantly it has Encore, which without my team would be swept by numerous Pokemon.

    The Special Wall / Wish Passer
    [​IMG][​IMG] Shed Shell / [​IMG] Leftovers
    Nature: Calm
    Ability: Natural Cure
    EVs: 252 Def / 252 SpD / 4 Spe
    1) Seismic Toss
    2) Wish
    3) Protect
    4) Toxic
    Description: This is the standard EV spread for a Wish passing Chansey. Toxic is used to stall out special attackers with Wish and Protect. Wish helps heal weakened team members, especially Spiritomb who has no way to recover HP on its own. I know you're thinking that Leftovers is the better option on Chansey, seeing its only use is for Dugtrio who isn't used much. I just couldn't stand being trapped by Dugtrio and being completely helpless against it, although I am considerign changing due to Dugtrio usage dropping. Chansey protects the team from powerful Special Attackers like Alakazam, Moltres, Houndoom, and much more that other members of the team can't handle.

    The Mixed Wall / Hazer
    [​IMG][​IMG] Leftovers
    Nature: Bold
    Ability: Marvel Scale
    EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
    1) Surf
    2) Ice Beam
    3) Recover
    4) Haze / Hidden Power [​IMG]
    Description: Max HP and 58 SpD EVs give Milotic a little special bulk with the rest in its Defenses. Surf for STAB, and Ice Beam for Grass-types who love to come in on it. At first I had HP Psychic over Haze for those stupid Toxicroaks trying to set up on me. But then, I later realized Haze was far better, as it helps me against DD / SD Feraligatr and CM mono attacking Spiritomb, as Spiritomb runs through this team if Clefable is gone. Recover is used to recover off any damage Milotic has taken. Milotic is the only thing keeping mixed sweepers like Blaziken from running through my team and it keeps alot of other dangerous sweepers at bay like Rhyperior, Altaria, and Drapion to name a few.

    The Physical Wall / Status Absorber
    [​IMG][​IMG] Leftovers
    Nature: Bold
    Ability: Levitate
    EVs: 252 HP / 200 Def / 58 SpD
    1) Sludge Bomb
    2) Will-O-Wisp / Flamethrower
    3) Rest
    4) Sleep Talk
    Description: 252 HP EVs for max HP, 200 Def EVs for physical bulk, and 58 SpD EVs to give it some special bulk to absorb hits from the versatile Venusaur. Sludge Bomb for STAB and I just didn't like using Thunderbolt / Flamethrower. And, the chance of poisoning is great. I love how Houndoom loves to come in on expecting a Will-O-Wisp or Flamethrower only to be hit by Sludge Bomb. Rest for recovery as I don't like Pain Split much and Sleep Talk so it's not a sitting duck when asleep and so it can absorb sleep moves. And finally Will-O-Wisp to cripple all physical attackers. Weezing is my go to Pokemon for all Fighting- type Pokemon and other strong physical attaclers that the other team members cant handle like Hitmonlee, SD Venusaur, and Heracross to name a few.

    The Pursuit Trapper / Spin Blocker
    [​IMG][​IMG] Leftovers
    Nature: Sassy
    Ability: Pressure
    EVs: 252 HP / 4 Attack / 252 SpD
    1) Dark Pulse
    2) Pursuit
    3) Shadow Sneak
    4) Will-O-Wisp
    Description: These are the standard EVs for Spiritomb nowaday, 252 HP for bulk and 252 SpD to take as much special damage as possible. Dark Pulse for the incredibly annoying Will-O-Wisp Ghosts-, Pursuit for Ghost- and Psychic-types trying to escape, Shadow Sneak to hit Ghosts for quick super effective damage and, Will-O-Wisp cripples physical attackers like Drapion and Toxicroak who would otherwise take little damage from this set. Spiritomb is a very crucial member of this team protecting it from Substitute using Ghosts that would other wise run right through this team.

    A Pokemon I'd love to fit on this team
    [​IMG][​IMG] Leftovers
    Nature: Impish
    Ability: Intimidate
    EVs: 252 HP / 252 Defense / 4 SpD
    1) Close Combat
    2) Rapid Spin
    3) Foresight
    4) Sucker Punch / Rest
    Why?: Id love to fit a Hitmontop on this team because my team lacks a Rapid Spinner. And some Pokemon who fail to 2HKO my Pokemon will 2HKO them with enough hazards on my team which could lead to me being swept. It would also take care of my Aggron weakness. The problem is, I don't see anything I can replace it with... if someone could give me a good enough reason on why I should replace it with "X" Pokemon or why I shouldn't, that would be great.​

    Threat List (Sorry Eo but I jacked this from your RMT ;___;)

    Red means this Pokemon is a big threat.
    Blue means this Pokemon is a moderate threat.
    Black means this Pokemon is easily handled.

    UU Threats

    Absol - Milotic and Weezing can take a +2 Attack, I just have to hope it doesn't crit either of them, and hopefully I have entry hazards up so it dies quickly from LO.

    Aggron - This Pokemon is a MAJOR threat. I can't switch in anything on it, as it 2HKOes everything. If it comes in on Chansey / Clefable, I have to sacrifice them as I cant switch in Milotic and risk Aggron being Jolly and being 2HKOd. A smart player can keep switching it in and out until my special walls are gone.

    Alakazam -Switch to Spiritomb, Pursuit it and it's KOed. Not a big threat at all. Chansey can take it on as well, even though a Specs Focus Blast is going to hurt. (Noob thund and your Zam nom :P <3)

    Altaria - Clefable can Encore / Trick DD variants, Milotic can Haze / Ice Beam DD variants as well. Support variants are handled by Clefable easily; just Encore and Seismic Toss it until it's KOed.​

    Azumarill - Choice Band variants are easily handled by Milotic, Weezing, and Spiritomb. SubPunch variants can be Encored by Clefable and taken on by Weezing.​

    Blaziken - Milotic is my only hope against it, but luckily Milotic isn't 2HKOed by anything it can throw (bar SD variants but those aren't very common at all).

    Chansey - Clefable can Encore it and keep Seismic Tossing, while it cant do much to Clefable and my own Chansey.

    Claydol - Go to Tomb as it Rapid Spins, Pursuit it, and then it isn't a problem anymore.​

    Clefable - This is exactly why I run Speed EVs on my Clefable to outspeed the standard Clefable. Encore it on a Seismic Toss and then Seismic Toss it till it's KOed, and Softboiled when I'm on low health. Belly Drum variants are hard to wall as it outspeeds Milo for Haze, but hopefully it isn't carrying a Toxic Orb and I can burn it; also, good thing they're not common.​

    Cloyster - Cloyster is blue just because I hate him. It gets to set up 2-3 layers of Spikes on Omastar as Earth Power fails to 2HKO...

    Donphan - Milotic can Surf for a OHKO. Go to Spiritomb for the spin block, switch to Milo as it EQs, and Surf / Recover depending on the situation and what my opponent's team is.

    Drapion - Omastar can Earth Power for good damage, Milotic can take any attack at +2 and Surf, and so can Weezing with Flamethrower. Clefable can Encore / Trick it. Bulky SD variants with Taunt can be annoying though and do some damage to me.​

    Dugtrio - Weak dicks are weak. Milotic can OHKO it. Has no chance whatsoever against Weezing, and Tomb can Sucker Punch. It can come in on Clefable in low health and KO it though.

    Feraligatr - Milotic can Haze and Surf it until it's KOed. Clefable can Encore / Trick it. Weezing can take a +2 Waterfall and Sludge Bomb.

    Hariyama - Lead Hariyama is annoying, as I have to switch out Omastar and bring in Weezing. Other than lead Hariyama, it isn't very common.

    Hitmonlee - Weezing can take anything it can throw at it and take it out with Sludge Bomb. I usually go to Tomb first as it uses Close Combat, and then Pursuit it for some damage.​

    Hitmontop - If Milotic / Omastar are in, I usually stay in and Surf as the spinner variants Foresight, then I go to Tomb and Will-O-Wisp it. Then I go to Weezing, but unfortunately it always gets to spin my entry hazards away. Luckily, I always try and keep Omastar in good health for putting them back up.​

    Houndoom - Good thing Spikes + Stealth Rock + Life Orb take a toll on it, as even Chansey is getting hurt by Fire Blast at +2. Milotic can take a Dark Pulse at +2 but, I try and keep Milotic healthy to wall some of the specific Pokemon only it can take on.​

    Kabutops - Lead variants are easily beat by Omastar, as it uses Earth Power first turn then Surf. SD variants are dangerous, because without Milo I have nothing to take it out, and even Milo can be OHKOed by a +2 LO Stone Edge.

    Lanturn - Clefable can Trick and Seismic Toss it until it's KOed. Chansey can take anything it has and Toxic it.​

    Leafeon - Weezing can take anything it has at +2.

    Ludicolo - Chansey can take all LO special sets easily. I usually go to Chansey as it Surfs, and then Toxic it. If it has Leech Seed I go to Clefable and Softboiled as Toxic takes its toll. SD variants are handled by Weezing, but if Waterfall flinches though it's GG >.<​

    Mesprit - Go to Clefable as lead variants Grass Knot, and then Encore as it SRs and Trick whatever comes in. Physical Scarf variants are easily handled by Tomb. CM variants are easily handled by Clefable and Chansey.

    Milotic - Clefable can handle bulky variants, Encore it on a Surf, and keep Seismic Tossing until it's KOed. LO variants are handled by Chansey.​

    Miltank - Clefable can Trick any Miltank a Flame Orb which completely cripples it, and Curse variants are handled by Clefable's Encore and Milotic's Haze.​

    Mismagius - Spiritomb can take CM and Nasty Plot variants, because even at +2 Shadow Ball isn't OHKOing it at full health. The only reason Mismagius is red is because of its Bulky Ghost set. With Taunt / Will-O-Wisp / Shadow Ball / Pain Split it completely shuts down my entire team if Spiritomb is gone.​

    Moltres - Chansey can Toxic LO variants and Milotic can handle it as well. SubRoost variants are easily handled by Clefable.

    Nidoking - Milotic cant really switch in on it, as Earth Power + Thunderbolt + SR is going to hurt too much and possibly KO. I usually have to predict around it and Spiritomb can Sucker Punch it to low health.​

    Omastar - I Earth Power and hope they run the standard spread which I outspeed.

    Poliwrath - Clefable actually easily handles it. Switch it in as it Substitutes on Milotic / Tomb and Encore its Substitute as it tries to Focus Punch. Weezing can handle it as well.​

    Regirock - Milotic beats it down with Surf, and Clefable handles Curse variants with Encore / Trick. ​

    Registeel - Again Clefable can Encore it as it uses Iron Head / Seismic Toss and Trick it and Seismic Toss it until it's KOed.​

    Rhyperior - Milo outspeeds and OHKOes all variants. I usually switch in Milo as it EQs / SEs and then Recover as it switches out. It comes in on Chansey / Clefable a lot only to be Toxiced or Tricked a Flame Orb. Without Milotic it runs through my whole team. My only hope is to Trick it a Flame Orb or stall out Stone Edge's PP with Weezing's Rest.​

    Rotom - Spiritomb can Shadow Sneak / Pursuit it, and Clefable can take on Will-O-Wisp / Charge Beam versions. Not much of a problem.​

    Sceptile - I usually switch to Weezing to find out what set it's running, as switching to Chansey to take the Leaf Storm can potentially be dangerous as it could be an SD set. Once I find out what set it's running I have each set covered. SD sets are easily handled by Weezing, Specs sets are easily handled by Chansey, and Leech Seed sets are handled by Clefable.​

    Scyther - Weezing can handle SD variants, even though a +2 Aerial Ace is going to do a lot. Spiritomb can Sucker Punch for the KO (at 50% or so). Milotic can Ice Beam it.​

    Slowbro - Clefable Encores CM variants, and easily handles bulky variants with Encore / Seismic Toss. Chansey can Toxic it as well.​

    Slowking - Same story as Slowbro...

    Spiritomb - Clefable can Encore / Trick CM variants, and Milotic has Haze CM variants as well. Choice Band variants are handled by those two as well.​

    Steelix - Omastar and Milotic can OHKO with Surf.

    Swellow - Omastar can easily take anything it has, and Weezing and Milotic can take it on as well, although both are 2HKOed by it... Spiritomb can Sucker Punch it as well.​

    Tangrowth - Weezing does A LOT of damage with Sludge Bomb and can absorb the Sleep Powder, and Clefable can take the Leech Seed and Trick it a Flame Orb.

    Torterra - Weezing easily handles any set it has.

    Toxicroak - Weezing can Flamethrower for the 2HKO as Toxicroak does shit damage at +2. I used to HP Psychic it with Milo but I changed HP Psychic to Haze. Nasty Plot variants with Focus Blast could be dangerous, but luckily they aren't common.

    Uxie - I usually use Spikes and see if it Tricks Omastar. If it Grass Knots then I switch to Clefable. Isn't a threat at all.​

    Venusaur - I switch to Weezing to absorb the sleep, and Weezing can take on SD variants (Unless I get lucky with Sleep Talk and it hasd Return) and USUALLY can take on LO variants. Bulky variants are easily handled by Clefable.​

    Weezing - Clefable can handle anything it has, and so can Chansey.​

    NU Threats

    Articuno - Chansey handles LO variants even though they are very, very uncommon, and Clefable easily handles the SubRoost variants.​

    Cradily - Clefable can Encore / Trick Curse variants, but I haven't seen any other Cradily then Curse ones.​

    Exeggutor - The only reason it's blue is because I hate it. I HATE Exeggutor. Usually I will sac something for the Sleep Powder and go to Chansey for the Leaf Storm, although I have to be careful for the potential Explosion.​

    Jynx - Usually I switch to Weezing for the Lovely Kiss, and then Tomb as it Subs. Chansey can handle it as well. Milotic can Haze it, and Clefable can Encore it.​

    Kangaskhan - Kangaskhan is bulky and hits hard as hell with Choice Band. It 2HKOs everything besides Omastar with Band Double-Edge. I just have to wear it down, but usually something is getting KOed.​

    Lapras - Special variants are easily handled by Chansey, I have never seen a DD variant but that would be handled by Haze from Milotic, and Trick / Encore from Clefable.

    Manectric - SubCharge sets are handled by Chansey. I have to watch out for Switcheroo though.​

    Magmortar - Just like Nidoking I have to be careful with it. It's very dangerous if it carries Cross Chop, but luckily Spikes + SR + LO will wear it down. Spiritomb can Sucker Punch when it's low on health. Choice sets are easily handled by Chansey though.​

    Ninetales - Chansey can Toxic it, Clefable can Encore it, and Milotic can Haze and Surf it.​

    Pinsir - Uhh Mold Breaker is annoying... hitting Weezing hard with EQ. Milotic can take it out in low health with Surf, and Spiritomb can Sucker Punch / burn it. Luckily, it's not very common at all. The only ones I've seen are Scarfed which Weezing can handle with prediction and lead ones which fails to 2HKO Omastar with Earthquake.​

    Qwilfish - This is why Omastar has Earth Power, because it's annoying as hell. SD variants are very dangerous as it can 2HKO everything on my team and Explode. Just got to wear it down with SR + Spikes + LO.

    Ursaring - Spiritomb laughs as it fails to hit it with Facade. Sucker Punch 2HKOs.​

    Special Thanks: Thanks to Aromaflora for helping me with the team, staying with me on shoddy for hours, and using her awesome grammar skills to check all my mistakes on this RMT! Thanks! <3​
  2. dws93rd


    Jul 12, 2010
    Well, from my time playing UU, albeit short, this team looks as though it covers almost every threat and looks like a very solid team.

    The first thing I would suggest is to put WoW on Weezing as it will help your team with the Aggron problem since it cripples him and makes him next to useless. Also, I would highly suggest changing Weezing to the standard Weezing and making Milotic's set a variant of a RestTalk set. IMO, Milotic's natural bulk+Marvel Scale activated thanks to Rest, will make it a much better wall and user of RestTalk than Weezing as it will multiply Milotic's Defense by 1.5, allowing it to take hits from just about anything in UU.

    I could see Hitmontop filling the spot of Clefable on your team with the set you listed, but with an Adamant nature and 252 Atk Evs, as that way you can always OHKO and Aggron, with or without Entry Hazards
    Hitmontop @ leftovers
    Nature: Adamant
    Ability: Intimidate
    EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD
    1) Close Combat
    2) Rapid Spin
    3) Foresight
    4) Sucker Punch

    Not to mention, this set can 2HKO any Mismagius, including the BUlky Ghost you have trouble with. Plus, he can OHKO Chansey(if it takes damage from Entry Hazards tehn its a sure OHKO) and can 2HKO the more defensive Clefables, while OHKO'ing the more offensive ones, such as the StallBreaker. Also, Intimidate softens those blows from physical attackers.
  3. Jubilee

    is a Contributor Alumnus

    Jun 20, 2009
    Thanks for the rate dws93rd, I will change Flamethrower to WoW on Weezing and will give it a test. Im going to have to keep Weezing as my Rest Talker though as he can actually stay in on Venusaur. Also I like having Milotic be able to reliably heal its HP with Recover.
    I honestly dont like the idea of switching out Clefable for Hitmontop either, Clefables Encore's are very very valuable to this team. If I get more comments on that though I wil try it.
  4. tawp64


    Feb 8, 2010
    If anything, this needs a grounded poison type. Toxic spikes can threaten this team greatly, and weezing can't stop it because he has levitate.
    An option is to change softboiled on clefable for wish, and replace wish on chansey for aromatheropy/heal bell. That way, you're safe from toxic spikes.
    Then again, Hitmontop helps with rapid spin if you want to replace something.
    Or, you could just use the grounded poison like drapion, who provides toxic spikes itself. It's bulky and can stop many sweepers. But idk where to put it.

    Anyways, congratualtions on the CRE!
  5. NightShadow


    Jun 3, 2010
    i don't think clefable is very helpful and as dws93rd rightly said, hitmontop should replace it since it can spin away rocks, spikes and t-spikes.

    however, you do not have a single pokemon which can set up t-spikes, which is ridiculous for a stall team. i would suggest changing spikes to t-spikes on omastar (if it can learn, i'm not sure =.=).

    overall, GREAT team. very solid.
  6. Jubilee

    is a Contributor Alumnus

    Jun 20, 2009
    Clefable is very very helpful with Encore, Tricking Flame Orb, and its ability. Ive tried using Hitmontop and I honestly like having Clefable more. Numerous times when I switched out Clefable for Hitmontop id find myself trying to switch in Clefable and realizing "oh yeah took her out". Shes very useful to this team even if both her and Chansey are on it.

    Toxic Spikes in my opinion are INCREDIBLY stupid in UU.
    Venusaur is the #1 Pokemon in UU, absorbs them and makes those turns of setting them up pointless.
  7. august

    august ill take you out though im hardly worth your time
    is a Tutor Alumnusis a Team Rater Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Live Chat Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnuswon the 5th Official Smogon Tournamentis a defending World Cup of Pokemon champion

    Nov 25, 2007
    Alright a few things quick:

    Use Careful 252 HP / 252 SDef on Spiritomb or you'll have a ton of trouble with Sub LO Split Rotom and alot more Taunt NP Mismagius troubles. As it is right now, your Spiritomb isn't specially bulky enough to be considered a ghost counter (its nearly 2HKO'd by Scarf Rotom TBolt after SR, and gets nuked by Specs TBolt), and by running Careful you'll have more insurance against CM Zam too since it wrecks stall if Tomb is gone. Will O Wisp would be ideal on Tomb too, so Absol doesn't set up in your face. Speaking of Absol you have a pretty big Absol weak.

    I really don't see merit in both Chansey AND Clefable, i'd go for one or the other so you can fit Top on the team and fix the massive weakness to CB Aggron / Absol / Taunt Swords Dance Drapion and a load of other stuff. You also really need a spinner because as it is right now, you lose pretty handily to other stall, seeing as Omastar sets up on Weezing and Spiritomb with no trouble, and Hitmontop laughs at your Spiritomb.

    I also don't understand Wish on Chansey. If you use Rest on Spiritomb (which you should) then the only mon without recovery is Omastar. I'd much rather use Aromatherapy / Heal Bell Chansey so you atleast have a cleric, which helps Milo alot considering it has trouble countering Curse Registeel / CM Tomb and stuff like that if it gets Toxiced.

    good luck beating other stall without toxic spikes
  8. ShinyAzelf

    is a Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Jan 18, 2010
    Hey, fixing your Aggron problem, you could run 84 speed EVs on Milotic, so it can outspeed Jolly Aggron (you hit 219 speed, and Jolly Aggron hits 218 speed) so you can nail it with a Surf.

    How about this set?

    Milotic @ Leftovers
    Nature: Bold
    Ability: Marvel Scale
    EVs: 244 HP/160 Def/20 Sp. Def/84 Spe
    -Ice Beam
    -Haze/HP Psychic

    I'm not sure if HP Psychic lowers your Speed IV so you may have to run more speed EVs if so.

    I know you say you won't change Shed Shell on Chansey, and I might not be able to convince you to change to Leftovers, but whenever someone traps me using Dugtrio while my Chansey is out, Life Orbed Earthquake from Jolly Dugtrio does around 55% which combined with Softboiled and leftovers in my case can stall it out (provided crits aren't present). In your case, you can stall out with Wish/Protect. Yes, I know there are Choice Banded Dugtrios which do 70% to you, so if thats the case, I get a Seismic Toss on him, and in your case, I'd finish him off with a Sucker Punch/Pursuit from Spiritomb, depending what your opponent will do.

    Not much about the team. Its great and good luck. =)

  9. franky

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    Apr 12, 2009
    Go for Psychic > Sucker Punch on Tomb to deal with Toxicroak - a problem that can beat your team quite easily given the multiple opportunities it has. To name a few though, it can hit Venu and Hariyama for super effective damage as well. Go for august idea with going 252/252 sassy nature on tomb as it maximizes on checking Missy, Zam, and Rotom (especially sublosplit). There is no need to pour in all of those attacks since most of these aforementioned threats are really frail on the physical end anyways.

    Clefable needs to go - both Chansey and Clefable are redundant when they are placed on the same team. i have two propositions to make: go for the ev change for Weezing to a little more specially defensive to maximize on checking both sd, mix sceptile and venusaur variants. However, you'd need to add a physically defensive venusaur in exchange of Clefable! A physical venu will take care of not only leafeon (sd + double edge bypasses weezing), it also deals with Feraligatr and Azum since Milotic lacks hp grass. Additionally, venu gives you a much needed Milotic check because god knows one Milotic that will stay in on Chansey so it will be hard for it to induce Toxic. Go for Leaf Storm / Sludge Bomb / Synthesis / Roar with the evs 252 HP / 168 def / 16 spe / 72 spd with the bold nature. This spread optimizes on checking physical threats, surviving +2 lo shadow ball from missy (if the need arises), and outpaces adamant aggron! Roar is there over sleep powder to add more spikes damage and ultimately help you against enemy stall teams.

    As for other options, go for a simple 252/252 bold spread on Milo. Cmon, Moltres is already put in check by the defensive juggernaut Chansey so there is no need to pour in all of that. overall gl!
  10. Jubilee

    is a Contributor Alumnus

    Jun 20, 2009
    Thanks for the rate August.
    I changed Tomb to Careful 252/252 and I really like being able to take the hits from Ghosts alot better, the damage it does is quite poor though. But its better then him getting KOed and being swept by a ghost (He still 2HKO's Missy / Rotom with Shadow Sneak with the spread you listed).
    I used Wish / Protect for Toxic stalling, I tried using Softboiled / Heal Bell with Rest Hitmontop and it worked pretty well.
    Thanks for the rate franky.
    I cant fit
    Shadow Sneak / Pursuit / WoW / Rest / Dark Pulse / Psychic

    Shadow Sneak / Pursuit are the two moves I'd deffinately and will keep.
    So any opinion on what last two moves...?
    Dakr Pulse will prove useful for those evil stall breaking Mismagius's, WoW is nice for things like Drapion and Toxicrok that can set up on this set, Psychic doesnt have much use besides Toxicroak and Hitmontop... Hitting Spinner Hitmontop super effectively looks really nice though lol.

    On adding Saur I think I'd much rather add a Defensive Hitmontop then Defensive Venusaur.

    I already have changed Milotic's EV's to 252/252, I just forgot to edit my post.

    And about everyone commenting on Clefable AND Chansey.
    Yea I know they both do almost the exact thing, but Chansey can take attacks Clefable cant, Like +2 LO Houndoom Fire Blast, Moltres, Alakazam (To an extent), and a few others I cant think of right now.
    Clefable has Magic Guard and Encore. Two things that have been very important to this team (I cant stress how useful Encore is...), and have deffinately saved me more then once.
    Ill give Leftovers a try on Chansey and see how it works.
    The Speed EV's on Milo arent something id change though, thats sacrificing too much Defense imo. =/
    And yes HP Psychic does lower your Speed IV. :x
  11. Diesel


    Aug 6, 2007
    Lol I'm glad I clicked on this because I made a nearly identical team except I had Hitmontop over Chansey (and more specially defensive spreads on a few pokemon). All I can say is don't do that, because I really didn't have a lot of success and found I didn't have the switch-in ability to certain special attackers, especially if Spiritomb bit the dust early defending my Spikes, and tbh I really don't like Top much in general. Anyway, nice team and congrats on the success I didn't have.

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