A Whole NU World - Final! [Won by Justinawe]

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A Nu World - Finals!

  • All NU Pokemon and all NFE's (in the NFE list) are allowed to participate.
  • Evasion Clause​
  • Freeze Clause​
  • OHKO Clause​
  • Self-KO Clause​
  • Sleep Clause​
  • Species Clause​
  • No scouting!​

justinawe vs the real elmo

I would just like to say that despite this being the first round without extensions, I have been extremly impressed with how well people have embraced the tier and that the tournament had a fairly clean run. I would also like to say to those 128 who participated in this tournament that NU is still played on the Create A Pokemon server and you should always be able to find a match!​


how many seconds in eternity?
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A whole nuuuuu world
Don't you dare close your eyes
A hundred thousand things to see

JA's like a shooting star,
He's come so far,
He can't go back
To where he used to beeeeeeeeeeeeeee

A whole nuuuuuu world
JA wins? What a suprise
New tournament wins to pursue

He'll chase them anywhere
Got (too much) time to spare
Let him share
His pokemon skills
with youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
Wow, the finals.

Justinawe vs The Real Elmo - I'll be happy either way this match goes, this is the first tourney i've made finals in, and now I get to battle JA *giggles like a fangirl and faints*

If anyone wants to come and watch, JA and I have already scheduled the match for sometime tomorrow afternoon (afternoon for us East Coast'ers) on CAP.

EDIT: Panamaxis, I need a theme now, that's NOT Elmo's world....
La,la,la,la Elmo's World
La,la,la,la Elmo's World
Elmo love his goldfish
His crayon,too
That's Elmo's World!

Elmo beat me, so he should win.

Thanks to the people who are giving me support. I love the song pana lol.

The match will be tomorrow on CAP at 6:30 PM PST for anyone who wants to watch! :D
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