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Announcements About NU Tiering

Discussion in 'SM NeverUsed' started by rozes, Jun 7, 2017.

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  1. rozes

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    Dec 15, 2013
    tldr: At the beginning of NU, everything that is potentially broken is banned by a council. Then, each banned element is reintroduced to the tier one at a time, and the NU council votes on whether each suspect should be kept in NU or remain BL3.

    NU Tiering Method (Kokoloko Method)

    As with every tier, tiering begins with the beta stage. At the very beginning of NU Beta, the most blatantly overpowered elements of NU are quickbanned by the tier leaders.

    At the same time, the NU council will be formed by players who are active in posting as well as in playing. These council members will then take part in a vote along with the tier leaders where anything seen as potentially broken is nominated by council members and then voted on at the end of the week. Anything that is then voted ban with 60% support or more will be moved into BL3. This process will repeat every week and by the end of Beta we should have removed any Pokemon from the tier that could be viewed as potentially broken. After we leave Beta in the new metagame threads, the tier leaders will begin to introduce banned Pokemon into the tier one at a time, each receiving its own ladder. All discussion will be open to the public. Once a good amount of time and discussion has passed, a vote will happen with members of the council where the Pokemon can be voted on to be unbanned. A supermajority of 67% or more will once again be used here in order for a Pokemon to be moved from BL3 back down to NU.

    This process is best as it allows the tier to become as playable as possible as soon as possible in order to keep the tier healthy. This process has been used many times before, both in current SM UnderUsed as well as in XY UnderUsed, where it was pioneered by Kokoloko.​

    NU Council

    To start with, the council will consist of the two tier leaders as well as 8 other members chosen and trusted by the tier leaders. We are also going with what UnderUsed chose to do this generation and have a rotating council in place once the tier has shifted out of Beta. This rotating council will be chosen from people who actively play as well as post in the metagame thread and are generally looked up to as voices of the community. If you wish to be a part of the rotating council feel free to pm one of the Tier Leaders and ask what needs to be done, how you are progressing towards it. Rotating Council Members will generally be for one cycle of testing as getting more and more fresh faces on Council is what this is ultimately about in the end.​

    also shoutouts to UU for already writing up a large portion of this for me to steal n_n
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