About "Repeated Offense"

The Repeated Offense infraction is a fairly new idea that I sort of threw into the mix for infraction reform, but I never really explained my vision for it.

Repeated Offense is one of the strongest infractions available (only behind Illegal Activities for ROM posting and shit). It is designed for cases where people voluntarily refuse to acknowledge a rule, when they've already been warned about it. This applies to minor offenses as well (though personally I would not apply it in the case of Double Posting, unless it became a major problem). In fact, I view RO as a way of helping out the more minor infractions - which is why stuff like Incoherent Post is rather weak; generally we don't care about this stuff unless someone just does it constantly.

I would like to point out, however, that the broadness of certain infractions does not necessarily permit a "use RO in place of any second instance" policy. For instance, someone infracted for Forum Specific Rule might break a completely different rule in a completely different forum. Discretion is called for here. Try to consider whether the user is actually ignoring the rules or just made a mistake.

The other point I want to make is, generally do not use Repeated Offense in conjunction with Lurk More. Lurk More intends not to warn against rule-breaking, but to get people to recognize our standards. Some people may take a while to adjust, so Repeated Offense, which is a blitz method of dealing with retards, isn't usually called for here. Of course, there is always some discretion - if someone seems to be doing the same thing despite a warning, then RO may be called for.