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Alright well I was looking at Absol and I noticed a mixed set. Then I thought about how Infernape can do a great job at Mix Sweeping with Nasty Plot so why can't Absol do it with Swords Dance?

name: SD Mixed Sweeper
move 1: Swords Dance
move 2: Sucker Punch
move 3: Fire Blast
move 4: Superpower
item: Life Orb
ability: Super Luck
nature: Naughty
evs: 252 Atk/ 76 Spe/ 180 SpA


<p> In order for this set to work it needs to have the right amount of Team Support. Any counter to Scizor such as Zapdos, Magnezone, etc... are great helps as it can nearly OHKO Absol with Bullet Punch. Bulky Ghost types work well to to take out threats such as Machamp who can hinder this spread entirely if switched in at the right time. Walls in general help like Blissey, Skarmory, Cresselia, Latias, etc... as they wall some late game sweepers like Salamence and Gyarados. The given set is pretty much as good as your gonna get. Flamethrower could be used over Fire Blast but the power drop and that you can't OHKO Skarmory is a major turn off. Night Slash or Psycho Cut could be used over Superpower as with night Slash you can attack Cresselia without getting Paralyzed or Poisoned and Psychoc Cut handles Fighting types more effeciently. Superpower is still recomended since you can OHKO Blissey with ease. The EVs are pretty straight forward. 252 Attack is obvious. 180 Special Attack makes sure you always OHKO standard Skarmory with Stealth Rock in play. The rest were thrown into Speed. <p>

<p> The only reason you would need to use this set over the common Nasty Plot Mixed Infernape is if you'd rather have a physical mixed sweeper and Sucker Punch. With the strongest priorty move in the game and Swords Dance and Life Orb it is a sure fire way to do some heavy damage. Remember though, this is used mainly for wall breaking but can also be used as a late game clean up though others are fairly better at that. <p>

<p> Countering this spread can be a little tricky. Gyarados can come in on any one of it's moves, Intimidate it, and set up freely. Zapdos is similar, able to come in on any one of it's moves (as Fire Blast won't do much), and attack it. Cresselia can wall it with Toxic or Thunderwave but if it attacks it has a chance of being OHKOd but Sucker Punch. Gliscor can also wall it though it must watch out for +2 Sucker Punch as it is always a 2HKO. Other standard walls such as Dusknoir can Burn it and continue to wall it to no end.

Scizor can come in on a Swords Dance or Sucker Punch and nearly OHKO it with Bullet Punch though it must watch out, if it switches in on +2 Superpower it then has a chance to finish it off, if not already gone, with Sucker Punch. Other means of revenge killing like Dugtrio can be used but Sucker Punch will do away with most of them. <p>

There ya go. The thing I see wrong with it is it's Evs. I am trying to figure out how to do the thing where it is divisible by ten so it can attack 10 times.



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I'm not quite sure about the viability of this set, as it seems completely outclassed by Infernape, as well as very easily countered; the amount of priority in OU is often enough to shut down any frail setup sweeper; hence why Nasty Plot Azelf sees almost no use these days. I don't see this working in OU at all. Due to the rather questionable performance of this set (from what I can tell anyway), I think that logs would be much appreciated...could you provide some?
First of all, your set comments are not really up to Smogon standards, not to mention the incorrect formatting.

Second, this set is pretty lackluster in OU. Why would you run Absol to wall break (which this set seems to accomplish) when you can use Lucario, Infernape, Jirachi, Gyarados, Gliscor, etc. They do a much more effective job, and just because Absol has STAB Sucker Punch under its belt, it doesn't make Absol a prime choice for an OU team. Also, Sucker Punch is very predictable and easy to avoid, and since you are lacking Pursuit to catch fleeing targets, Absol will have a hard time pulling it off.

Third, investing in both offensive stats now make Absol very slow, reaching only 205 Speed. Now it can be easily outpaced and revenge-killed. Pokemon like 36 Spe Celebi, max Spe Adamant Tyranitar, 132 Spe Metagross, 0 Spe Rotom-A, and 32 Spe Zapdos outpace Absol and can threaten it with their crippling or damaging attacks.

All in all, I don't think this set is very effective in OU. It's outclassed by a mile. Also, I agree with Snorlaxe, provide some (not cherry picked) logs of this working.
This is probably one of Absol's more effective sets in OU, so I think it deserves a small mention in OO. Otherwise, this set and write-up simply aren't up to par.

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Hello. First off, I do have some doubts with you set. This is currently in the Absol analysis with the exception of Swords Dance. Combined with the rather awkward grammar writing and missing tags it just looks bad. I'll at least add Swords Dance into the SET COMMENTS with the on-site analysis.

In short: locking. If anyone has serious objections to this PM me.
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