Absol (QC 0/2)


-great 130 base Atk
-low defenses
-abuses sucker punch like a mofo
-weak to fighting moves among other things
-middling speed to abuse TR, TW or T-Wave

name: Sucker Punch
move 1: Sucker Punch
move 2: Zen Headbutt
move 3: Rock Slide / Superpower
move 4: Detect
item: Focus Sash
ability: Super Luck
nature: Adamant
evs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe


-max attack to KO stuff while getting some speed to outpace some common threats
-sucker punch is amazing
-KOs Latios
-smashes everything else
-zen headbutt helps lessen fighting-type weakness
-rock slide is good for hitting annoying flyers
-dat flinch
-Superpower smacks annoying steels which easily wall and annoying dark-types
-lowered stats is annoying
-protect is cool
-block fake outs and stuff


-focus sash cuz like 60/65/65 defenses suck
-most strong attacks bring it down to sash
-dark gem gets the KO on latios, but it's really weak so sash is better
-night slash
-crits baby crits
-i want ALL your substitutes and such
-Megahorn to hit hydreigon and stuff

-aerodactyl is great
-aerial ace hits fighting
-rock slide hits bugs
-unnerve is pretty cool too
-tornadus cool too
-tailwind always useful
-dominates fighting-types
-Cress good too
-psychic nails fighting-types
-HH good for damage boost
-T-wave and TR
-gives 100% KO on latios

[Other Options]

-good for neutral coverage
-other moves better
-other mons do it better
-white herb
-helpful when dealing w/ intimidate and superpower drops
-too frail, needs sash more often than not
-too weak
-4 move syndrome
-sub and swords dance
-can be useful when opponent is predicting a sucker punch
-sub forces you to use other item than sash
-a mispredict can have you lose absol altogether
-fire blast
-can KO scizor with minimal investment
-missing and splitting evs limit its usefulness
-Justified as ability
-too frail too effectively abuse it
-misses out of tutor moves and stuff.

[Checks and Counters]

-top, terrakion, basically most fighting-types
-dragons are annoying
-garchomp, haxorus, and hydreigon fear nothing
-dragonite and salamence fear only the weak rock slide
-intimidate users cripple absol
-dark-types wall if lacking megahorn / soupapower


P(n) = 1 - (1 - P(1))^n
I'd mention that because of Absol's weak defenses, pretty much any strong attack will take it down to its sash.

Intimidate users such as Hitmontop, Salamence, and Gyarados cripple Absol offensively, making it much easier to manage.

Instead of X-Scissor, mention Megahorn which does tons more damage, though at a cost of accuracy. (Yes, it is legal with Zen Headbutt)

Opposing Dark types also give Absol trouble if it lacks Superpower or Megahorn.


P(n) = 1 - (1 - P(1))^n
X-Scissor just sounds better because Zen Headbutt smashes fighting-types. :/
Let me rephrase that. If you're going to mention X-Scissors, mention Megahorn instead. Megahorn is superior to X-Scissors (120 base damage 85% accuracy vs 80 base damage 100% accuracy), and is legal with Zen Headbutt.

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Is there a reason why Pressure is slashed first over Super Luck? It kind of sounds like Pressure should just be removed from the set, as Super Luck will do more for Absol.

R Inanimate

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-I'm pretty sure Sucker Punch is flat out guaranteed to OHKO Latios, unless you run into some sort of defensive Latios. But I'm pretty sure that's just called Latias.

-I get the feeling that Aerial Ace is simply too weak to be putting on Absol. Zen Headbutt does more damage to Fighting Types, and even a resisted Sucker Punch will do as much as a neutral Aerial Ace. So I suggest having Superpower in the main set, so Absol doesn't get walled as badly by Steel-types

-remove Mental Herb from OO. I think you meant White Herb there anyways, which can help with Superpower and dealing with Intimidate

-add Sub to OO, can get it off if people try to predict a Sucker Punch. Swords Dance is in a similar boat

-Fire Blast in OO. It can OHKO Scizor.

That's it for now.