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Adding "Read the Rules" Infraction

Discussion in 'Moderator Discussion' started by Mekkah, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. Mekkah

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    Super Moderator

    Feb 8, 2005
    [18:43:22] <Mekkah> we need a "Read the Rules" infraction or something
    [18:43:27] <Mekkah> it sounds better than "Lurk more"
    [18:46:23] <tenchi17> yeah
    [18:46:26] <tenchi17> lurk more is kind of awkward
    [18:47:04] <cfickle> "dont post"
    [18:47:07] <cfickle> "get out"
    [18:48:54] <Doomsday> if I were in my early, early internet years and someone infracted me for "lurk more" i'd have to search for the word in a dictionary or something
    [18:49:27] <Mekkah> we should keep lurk more
    [18:49:34] <Mekkah> but add Read the Fucking Rules
    [18:52:06] * Mekkah is now known as alltas
    [18:54:34] <Aeolus> If someone is new enough to the internet to be making errors that earn infractions, I usually dont think they will understand "lurk more"
    [18:54:52] <Aeolus> so I always make sure to explain in the text that I leave
    [18:54:53] <alltas> it's useful for the 1 out of 10 that does though
    [18:55:00] <Aeolus> yes, of course
    [18:55:01] <Doomsday> yeah that was what I was trying to say
    [18:55:01] <alltas> don't see a reason to remove any sort of infraction sort
    [18:55:09] <Aeolus> I didn't suggest that we remove it
    [18:55:15] <alltas> alright then
    [18:55:20] <Aeolus> I suggested that those who use it, augment it
    [18:55:25] <alltas> so you agree with "read the fucking rules" being added to the list?
    [18:55:29] * alltas is now known as Mekkah
    [18:55:36] <Mekkah> I mean on the other hand that's why we're working on the boilerplate things
    [18:55:39] <Mekkah> but they aren't really catching on
    [18:56:19] <Kumar> yeah Read the rules should definitely be added
    [18:56:37] <Kumar> out of 3 infractions ive given 2 were telling the user to read the rules

    Anyone agrees?
  2. Aeolus

    Aeolus Bag
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    Sep 12, 2005
    I sorta disappeared out of this IRC discussion because I had to go AFK at the time... but yeah, this is a good idea.

  3. Hazerider


    Dec 19, 2004
    I'd rather have ls' options but I agree!
  4. cloud

    cloud groove, slam, work it back, filter that baby, bump
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    Jan 31, 2005
  5. DM

    DM Ce soir, on va danser.
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    May 24, 2005

    also this infraction will be used all the time by yours truly

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