ADV UU Tournament (Round 3)

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Warthog said:
Justin is it cool if you setup round 4? SF4 is coming soon and Itd be awesome to have this atleast at the semis when that starts up.
I really agree with that. Because when SF4 starts they all won't pay any attention to this tourney here. And those 6 guys will never do their match anyway.
Based on activity two match can be decided:

PP and SSBM Roy have been more active than their opponents, i'd say.

Siphai vs Lesm is hard, since both weren't on alot.
Weird, I thought I posted in this already.

I PM'd Lesm a while ago, and he came back with an answer, which was basically a question to what time we should battle. I PM'd back (I'm pretty sure I did, at least), what my usual battle times are. However, since then, I have no recieved a reply. As well as that, I have not seen him on Netbattle all the times I have been on there. =/
Deadlines would probably help. People really only need a week (including a weekend) to battle. They are just being lazy. Having no deadlines doesn't give them any sense of urgency to get their battles done.

And it makes the rest of us wait.
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