Advance UnderUsed Revamped (won by CrashinBoomBang)


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won in one hell of a fun series, ggs esche, really enjoyed this one

some thoughts:

lanturn/sandslash still my favorite metagame picks. hitmontop actually super cool (like, offensive hitmontop akin to the one i used in game 2) bc it beats articuno + miltank stuff. qwilfish the only spiker that really keeps spikes up vs both tentacruel and armaldo. miltank and armaldo a lot better this year compared to last. articuno is ridiculous nonsense. subpunchers are great for the same reason hitmontop is (mostly aggron/azu who beat cuno, i think kanga just barely isnt strong enough). electrics are still super unexplored, i didn't see a single electric until our two finals games. enjoyed the metagame more last year but i got into this one a lot more as the tour went on. oh i also think both fires are really bad mostly because lanturn and miltank are really, REALLY good and theres plenty of better ice resists if you need that (like said lanturn/miltank and stuff such as slowbro). they can't even switch into venu because its best set (SD Powder EQ SB) just smashes them if they try to, especially typh. haven't used a single one all tour and i never got the hype around them.

thanks to Hogg for hosting, ggs to all my opponents, and see y'all next edition!

and fuck ict for losing on activity R1
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congrats cbb, good games!

was a lot of fun playing and building in this tour, had to get creative more than just a couple of times in order to counteract some of the drops, which made me resort to some unexplored stuff like sunny beam shiftry or sub seed cacturne (these two specifically for slowbro whose cm rest set was rather tough to break imo). freeing nfe's was a nice move too, i actually toyed around with pursuit metang as partner for curse muk, the idea behind being to remove psychics like the newly introduced kadabra from play. as for fire types, i for one actually enjoyed using arcanine as it single-handely stops scyther pass, which i encountered a lot of this tour, with roar.

thanks to Hogg for hosting, looking forward to the next iteration of this tour!