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Advance Wars Mafia (GAME OVER-IDS WINS!)

Discussion in 'Circus Maximus' started by smashlloyd20, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. auramaster


    Dec 17, 2008
    WARNING! This user is notorious for being terrible at picking award winners. Everything mentioned in this post is probably wrong.

    Best Allied Nations: General Spoon. He didn't have one particularly great moment, but he was overall good IMO at organizing and planning the team's actions.

    Best Black Hole: Don't know enough about how BH played, NJiggly was the one moling them.

    Best Rubinelle: See above but replace NJiggly with lkk.

    Best move: IDS letting Rubinelle dominate the lategame, it saved lkk from being exposed and eliminated every AN power role.

    Worst move: AN trying to stealth lynch D4 and posting their 2 votes after deadline.

    Best luck: IDS for not getting rand-killed or rand-stolen from earlygame

    Worst luck: Rubinelle for losing their only Thief D1.

    Funniest move: Acklow claiming to different people with his actual role, a different AN member's role, and as Caulder the neutral AT THE SAME TIME.

    Best quote: Paperblade's quote a few posts down

    MVP: loudkirbyking for controlling every Rubinelle lynch target the last 4 Days in a row and getting Rubinelle sheet access VERY quickly (Night 1?)
  2. General Spoon

    General Spoon

    Jun 26, 2010
    Funniest move: Me telling ipl I was Clone Andy, the wolf. Ipl died and I subbed out, and then BH believing my sub to be wolf. Later, the actual Clone Andy died, and was the wolf.
  3. Walrein

    Walrein I feel like I'm always searching for something...
    is a Community Contributor
    Mafia Champion

    Jun 9, 2011
    Worst move: smashlloyd20 putting in the Clone Andy PM that General Spoon was Andy when he wasn't >_>
  4. smashlloyd20


    Aug 7, 2010
    umad tas?

    yeah i have a long rant on why ids wasnt broken but im saving that for postgame

    also walrein he was originally then he subbed out and subbed back in
  5. Acklow

    Acklow I am always tired. Don't bother me.
    is a Pre-Contributor

    Jan 7, 2010
    I actually never claimed my actual role to anyone except for AN members. I kept that a tightly held secret. The only fakes I used was a redone version of Grimm and Caulder. Other than that, I didn't do anything else of the sort.

    Another complaint I have is timezones and the fact that when it came to this game, the people that mattered getting a hold of the most was probably the most annoying part of the game...OTHER THAN THE FUCKING IDS. Couldn't do much about timezones though.
  6. Jalmont

    Mafia Champion

    Apr 30, 2011
    Best Allied Nations: Acklow
    Runner Up: RaRe555

    Best Black Hole: imperfectluck i guess?
    Runner Up: Layell/kingofkongs

    Best Rubinelle: the_angry_scientist
    Runner Up: Infinity.Cypher

    Best move: SECRETS taking advantage of their brokeness
    Runner Up: Acklow and all of his fakes

    Worst move: smashlloyd20 putting SECRETS itg
    Runner up: RBG never claiming and never showing up in #awmafia (yea idk i cant think of one)

    Best luck: SECRETS

    Runner Up: RaRe555

    Worst luck: Allied Nations
    Runner Up: ginganinja

    Funniest move: Stealth Lynch of Engineer Pikachu
    Runner Up: Black Hole killing their own BG

    Best quote: cba to find a better one, but i think this accurately describes the main problem with SECRETS.. you could never find them
    [20:27] <firefly> lmao i didn't think there were rly SECRETS itg
    [20:27] <firefly> then i got my role pm...........

    MVP: tbh i dont really think anybody is really deserving of mvp. I think the factions all played equally, but the advantage the SECRETS had allowed them to edge everyone else out.
    Runner Up: Acklow!!! (gotta be biased towards my team right???)
  7. Infinity.Cypher


    Apr 25, 2011
    I guess I'll vote

    Best Allied Nations: Acklow or General Spoon

    Best Black Hole:

    Best Rubinelle:
    TAS, he was the true mastermind, I just said stuff and other things

    Best move:
    LKK getting access to our sheet and thus dominating, or the AN-Rubinelle alliance to take down Black Hole

    Worst move:
    Letting LKK get Ruinelle Sheet and thus our info and controlling lynches

    Best luck:
    IDS, just IDS

    Worst luck:
    Rubinelle at the beginning where Ginga was lynched and we revealed too much info already

    Funniest move:
    Stealth Lynching or the fact that 3 Rubinelles died the last night

    Best quote:
    Jalmont and his secrets


    Also, TAS: I was right that it was 7 vs 7 vs 7 vs 4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Acklow

    Acklow I am always tired. Don't bother me.
    is a Pre-Contributor

    Jan 7, 2010
    The Acklow Nations Spreadsheet

    Figured I'd post that here since the game is over.

    Also I'm surprised everyone thought I mass claimed. I never really tried to mass claim to everyone you know...


    Acklow vs. smashlloyd20 Logs (open)
    smashlloyd20: so basically what are you trying to get done?
    [9:49pm] Acklow: iirc, I still have to get pokemonrocks777 to claim to me
    [9:49pm] Acklow: oh
    [9:49pm] Acklow: me?
    [9:50pm] Acklow: I'm just trying to lay back as far away from the action
    [9:50pm] Acklow: so ipl can't draw any lines on me
    [9:50pm] Acklow: then
    [9:50pm] Acklow: when the time comes
    [9:50pm] Acklow: (when pokemonrocks gives me his role pm)
    [9:50pm] Acklow: I steal his role's abilities for my fake
    [9:50pm] Acklow: and claim to whoever is leading blach hole
    [9:51pm] smashlloyd20: who do you want lynched?
    [9:52pm] Acklow: eh
    [9:52pm] Acklow: at this point
    [9:52pm] Acklow: ipl seems like a fine choice
    [9:52pm] Acklow: but
    [9:52pm] Acklow: I feel like we're spreading the butter too thin
    [9:52pm] Acklow: we don't know anybody else who is black hole
    [9:52pm] Acklow: other than ipl and pokemonrocks
    [9:52pm] Acklow: at least for certain that is
    [9:52pm] Acklow: though
    [9:52pm] Acklow: we can safely assume
    [9:52pm] Acklow: that everyone who lynched ginga
    [9:52pm] Acklow: D1
    [9:53pm] Acklow: is either black hole
    [9:53pm] Acklow: or neutral
    [9:53pm] Acklow: (or for those that are AN, AN)
    [9:53pm] smashlloyd20: why do you need pokemonrocks to claim to you...?
    [9:53pm] Acklow: well
    [9:53pm] Acklow: apparently
    [9:54pm] Acklow: pokemonrocks
    [9:54pm] Acklow: thought I was black hole
    [9:54pm] Acklow: I guess
    [9:54pm] Acklow: it was how I acted in the thread?
    [9:54pm] Acklow: iunno
    [9:54pm] Acklow: anyways
    [9:54pm] Acklow: I basically have him
    [9:54pm] Acklow: hook, line and sinker
    [9:54pm] Acklow: just need him to claim his role
    [9:54pm] Acklow: I shoot him a fake
    [9:54pm] Acklow: and then go from there
    [9:55pm] Acklow: I've been purposely trying to keep him away from ipl as much as possible up to this point
    [9:55pm] Acklow: so hopefully he stays under the radar long enough for me to put my plan into action
    [9:55pm] Acklow: yeah, I'm staking a lot here
    [9:56pm] smashlloyd20: so you are going to convice pr you are black hole, get him to give you his role, and use that to trick ipl?
    [9:56pm] Acklow: maybe
    [9:56pm] Acklow: but I doubt ipl will be alive long enough
    [9:56pm] Acklow: for me to trick him
    [9:56pm] Acklow: imo, whoever steps up in line next for black hole
    [9:56pm] Acklow: will be the first person I talk to
    [9:57pm] Acklow: ofc, black hole may have already been united for the major part
    [9:57pm] Acklow: so me coming in late may look pretty suspicious
    [9:57pm] Acklow: but I figure that my trolling will have gone long enough
    [9:57pm] Acklow: and I would just come out and say what I am
    [9:58pm] Acklow: in terms of a fake of course
    [9:58pm] Acklow: the idea is that I'll tell the black hole members
    [9:58pm] Acklow: that I would be stupid
    [9:58pm] Acklow: to go out and claim to them if I wasn't clean
    [9:58pm] Acklow: hopefully they'd understand my logi
    [9:58pm] Acklow: *logic
    [9:59pm] Acklow: because my second point to them
    [9:59pm] Acklow: would be that I was actually moling
    [9:59pm] Acklow: AN really well
    [9:59pm] Acklow: and had lots of info on them
    [9:59pm] Acklow: then I think I'd logically proceed to give them a few members of AN, along with some random folks from Rubinelle
    [10:00pm] Acklow: just to fuck with them
    [10:00pm] Acklow: so that's sort of the plan
    [10:00pm] Acklow: ./end rant
    [10:01pm] smashlloyd20: so after you talk to pr
    [10:01pm] smashlloyd20: you go mole black hole
    [10:01pm] smashlloyd20: by selling out your team
    [10:01pm] Acklow: not the whole team
    [10:01pm] Acklow: basically
    [10:02pm] Acklow: I'd only end up giving them the roles that don't matter as much
    [10:02pm] Acklow: like the ones of those that claimed
    [10:02pm] Acklow: and maybe someone like auramaster's
    [10:02pm] smashlloyd20: well some of your team
    [10:02pm] Acklow: yeah
    [10:02pm] Acklow: so like 3 or 4 roles
    [10:02pm] Acklow: that's a bit much
    [10:03pm] Acklow: but they already know a bit much
    [10:03pm] Acklow: I just need to hope I can get a hold of pokemonrocks777 really soon
    [10:03pm] Acklow: so that I can start putting this plan into action
    [10:04pm] smashlloyd20: this game is fun
    [10:04pm] smashlloyd20: i hope i can host another one sometime
    [10:04pm] Acklow: lol
    [10:05pm] smashlloyd20: what?
    [10:05pm] Acklow: I'm sure that that will happen in the future
    [10:05pm] Acklow: itt, I'm just one of those players
    [10:05pm] Acklow: who had a moment of inspiration
    [10:05pm] Acklow: and an opportunity
    [10:05pm] Acklow: to use that inspiration
    [10:05pm] Acklow: in turn, making that inspiration
    [10:05pm] Acklow: into a devious plot
    [10:06pm] Acklow: yeah
    [10:06pm] Acklow: I don't usually get into games like that
    [10:06pm] Acklow: the last time I had put this much effort into a game like this
    [10:06pm] Acklow: was metroidvania
    [10:06pm] Acklow: which was a while ago
    [10:06pm] smashlloyd20: yay
    [10:06pm] smashlloyd20: ?
    [10:07pm] Acklow: you can thank Underground Mafia for ending so soon
    [10:07pm] Acklow: otherwise I would've been half-assed to even try in this game
    [10:07pm] • smashlloyd20 thanks underground mafia
    [10:09pm] Acklow: lol

    Nope, not happening again unless I know for certain that the game is going to be quality.
  9. loudkirbyking


    Apr 18, 2009

    Best Allied Nations: auramasterProbly rare... Acklow had too many fakes... *blinkage*

    Best Black Hole: Jiggly/Yeti kok was the only one I can actually remember...

    Best Rubinelle: loudkirbyking Cypher. He did a good job leading, though he was a bit easy to fool.

    Best move: Convincing Rubinelle to lynch whoever I pleased many times, not to mention actually getting my fake to work.

    Worst move: Acklow stealth failing.

    Best luck: Acklow for not getting everyone ticked at him earlier for 1.5 thousand claims.

    Worst luck: EP for not seeing the stealth coming.

    Funniest move: All raging done during the game can be put here.

    Best quote:
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    <rare> hey lkk
    <rare> did you guys suicide
    <rare> or something?_?
    <loudkirbyking> Yes.
    <rare> why?
    <loudkirbyking> We felt like giving mercy, of course.
    <rare> oh ofc

    MVP: auramaster for doing some epic planning.
  10. Paperblade


    Apr 9, 2011
    actual best quote

    idc about other stuff didn't pay enough attention

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    [22:10] <imperfectluck> just remember
    [22:10] <imperfectluck> 30% I'm on your team
    [22:10] <imperfectluck> take a chance!
    01[22:17] <Paperblade> since there is a 30% chance you are on my team
    01[22:17] <Paperblade> I will give you 30% of my role PM
    01[22:17] <Paperblade> Dear Paperblade,
    01[22:17] <Paperblade> You are
    01[22:17] <Paperblade> At night, you may send a PM to smashlloyd20 titled ‘Night X -
    01[22:17] <Paperblade> You are a . If you are in possession of, you may use your Super CO Power by sending an additional PM at night to smashlloyd20 titled ‘Night X - '.
    01[22:17] <Paperblade> You win if all threats are eliminated.
    [22:19] <imperfectluck> lol
    [22:19] <imperfectluck> I see
  11. theangryscientist

    theangryscientist angry, not mad
    is a Live Chat Contributor Alumnus

    Sep 27, 2008
    ^best thing to come from this game
  12. Acklow

    Acklow I am always tired. Don't bother me.
    is a Pre-Contributor

    Jan 7, 2010
    I have to agree that is amazing. Much better than EVERYTHING else. Including what I posted.
  13. kingofmars

    kingofmars Its 2015 somewhere
    is a Past SPL Championwon the 2nd Smogon VGC Tournament

    Jul 22, 2010
    Hey guys I'm just going to pretend that my twin wasn't just revealed to be of a different faction and that none of the IDS existed since none of us had any reason to A) suspect that they existed in the first place and B) had no reason to think otherwise, k?
    Best Allied Nations: GeneralSpoon/Rare and Acklow, since from what I know they worked together to help mole the shit out of us without a distinct advantage, very well done.

    Best Black Hole: Can I forget this game ever happened? IPL and layell believed a mole that they apparently didn't even get the role pm from and I was too busy yelling at Njiggles to think clearly.

    Best Rubinelle: uh tas I guess?

    Best move: GS/Rare moling, since he had the distinct disadvantage of not being an IDS

    Worst move: Smash putting the IDS in the game

    Best luck: the IDiotS

    Worst luck: Black Hole, unless you guys also had an ID as a disconnected twin.

    Funniest move: Me yelling to get Njiggles subbed out for his stupidity, only to realize hes on another faction.

    Best quote: what paperblade just said

    MVP: GeneralSpoon/Acklow, the AN really played well, and would have won if not for the IDiotS
  14. Yeti

    Yeti queen of unclesam's village
    is a Community Contributor

    May 8, 2009


    I think it was a p good play on my part to shift kingofkongs' kill off of lkk and onto "this guy smells like a good role coz he's a no-name" cypher.

    Also nobody wondering why a third Rub died in any great detail... "we suicided" lmfao irl.

    Best luck is definitely to the IDS: they managed to never have their inspect broken, or be randed for a kill (somewhat helped by them controlling lynches via Rub and being on everyone's sheets/good graces to dictate kill targets I'd think), as well as lucking out that NJig "stupidly" missing deadline to edit the vote was believable enough.

    It's also rather tragic their strategy to have Rubinelle win the lynch to keep lkk's fakeclaim up involved legitimately posing a member of their team as an utter retard. In another time that would never have flown unless it was a total newfag.

    I thought jalmont was just trolling with his conspiracy theories of the SECRETS and then I got my role PM and ??ed. Pleasure moling with you aura and lkk.

    No award nominations from me b/c I didn't play the bulk of this game - just convinced kok to off cypher and not my scumbuddy, then headed up a lynch on tas and again, not my scumbuddy.

    Our seemingly inspect-proof mole PMs were ridiculously broken imo, but, if one of us had been randed n1, we'd have been exposed, so, it's a weird tradeoff.
  15. smashlloyd20


    Aug 7, 2010
    okay guys listen up (short version of postgame ids rant)

    despite all claims to the contrary, IDS wasn't really broken. why? randing. if anybody on ids had been randkilled before n3 or so, they pretty much would have lost instantly. they only survived unscathed by a combination of ridiculous luck and good play. neither of those screams "BROKEN" to me.
  16. Layell

    Layell Alas poor Yorick!
    is an Artistis a Forum Moderatoris a Pokemon Researcheris a Battle Server Moderatoris a Smogon Social Media Contributor Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus
    Sprite Leader

    Nov 5, 2006
    What no, blame ipl because he was the one collecting the role PM's at the time.

    Also having a faction where everyone is a mole is insanely broken, one could have died but when their powers were just nearly useless enough why would any informed team bother?
  17. Nightmare Jigglypuff

    Nightmare Jigglypuff

    Sep 3, 2010
    Yeah that was pretty funny.

    Except for the part where I was actually subbed out, but I don't think I could've gotten kok to not kill lkk, so no biggie.
  18. RaRe555


    Sep 30, 2009
    Best Allied Nations: GS becasuse without him telling ipl he was a wolf I wouldn't have came up with the idea to do so and Acklow because thanks to him I could give kok a decent fake when he asked me for it.

    Best Black Hole: ipl for starting the unification process and kok for actually asking me for a fake i guess

    Best Rubinelle: cypher for being in the spotlight and not dying or tas judging by what cypher said.

    Best move: GS telling ipl he was wolf lol

    Worst move: layell never asking me for a role pm. I mean it's understandable for ipl to not have asked me, since he was only around for the earliest parts of the game, but layell by the time we got in contact you really should have wanted more proof that I was a wolf than just me claiming so o.o

    Best luck: IDs for not getting randed

    Worst luck: BH for getting destroyed by the mighty Rub/AN alliance

    Funniest move: I actually thought we could win by the time 3 rubs died and I told aura my entire game plan =/ i imagine he must have been laughing pretty hard at me all along our conversation

    Best quote: Paperblade's hahahahahahhaha

    MVP: GS I think, not sure what he did before subbing out but when he came back he did a good job of organizing the faction and stuff.

    Regarding the IDs: I don't think they were broken as a faction, but they relied too much on luck imo, and I don't like that very much =/

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