Akira's War Story/Report on UK VGC

Well I set off from Edinburgh on the friday, and caught the 5pm train
which gave me some time to have a think about the following day as I had 2 teams that I couldnt decide to use. Got in at 10pm and met my friends from London who took out to a few bars. I didnt get in till around 2.30am and was kept awake by neighbours who fighting all night only then to hear cats fighting at 5am so I only really got 2 hours sleep.

Got to the venue at around 8.30am the next day and was really looking forward to it..THIS WAS IT.

I noticed a few people from Belguim and I chilled with some Cousins who I chilled with most of the day. I met Havak for the first time, really friendly guy and the girl who was with him was safe too. Generally the vibe was quite relaxed and what I liked about the event is that everyone was approachable and being my 1st event was really good to actually meet trainers from the UK. To be honest I was in London visting friends and this was a bonus to be here so I didnt expect to get past the 1st round, but getting a shiny Milotic too was definately worth it.

Anyhow here is my team

Zapdos - Lax
252 Hp/100 Def/100 SpDef/52 Spd
Detect, Thunderbolt, Heat wave, Discharge

Obviously paired with Chomp I made this more bulky so it could take hits
as I didnt really want to switch - due to Abomasnow being frial. In the end
it did the job I wanted it too however the lack of special attack evs did put me at disadvantage at some times. Chesto berry/bright powder

Garchomp - Adamant
252 att/ 252 spd/ 4 hp
Protect/Earthquake/Rock Slide/Crunch

This was there to just to hit hard. Lum berry for Dark void / hypnosis / burn

Metagross - Adamant -
Hammer Arm/Bullet Punch/Protect/Meteor Mash - leftovers

I really dislike explosion on my pokes (dont mind others using it) as i would hate to take the risk and suicide something as you never know, so I went for Hammer Arm. All I wanted to do was to cause damage however earthquake would have hit Abamasnow too and just incase any fellow Gross had Occu Berry

Abmasnow - Timid
252 spA/252 Spd 4 Hp
Energy Ball, Hidden power Steel - Focus Blast - Blizzard

this was there incase I ran into any Water or Rain dance teams as I knew Gross would be vunerble. Depending on who I had I had life orb or choice scarf.

Everything is mad hazy so I dont really remember much, especially after a 5 hour train journey back with no sleep (as this old man was telling me his war stories and I was too polite to say can I sleep)

First Round
he leads with Electivire and Sceptile - Garchomp uses earthquake taking out Electivire while Sceptile just manages to survive. He sends in Lucario who again gets eathquaked and and discharge cleans up - I cant remember his last poke :)

Second round
all i can remember was that there was a Togekiss that was extremly bulky
and kept roosting and airslashing - Abomasnow managed to take it down.

Third Round
I cant even remember lol

Fourth Round
I faced a guy from Belguim, he lead with a smeargle and crobat - Chomp and Zapdos were sent out and I knew Dark void or fake out was coming with a hypnosis. He used Dark Void first then Hypnosis again in the same turn. Dark void missed and the hypnosis hit which meant only garchomp was hit who recovered and then proceeded to wipe out the leads. He had a scizor too which he left to last but heatwave crippled him.

Top 16
I faced a guy with Bibarel / Lanturn. knowing I couldnt discharge I thunderbolted Bibarel who switched to Roserade . Earthquake beat Lanturn.
Arcanine switched in which garchomp took. I cant rememebr much else at the moment

Top 8
Looking through the VGC thread I think he's name was Biggens. He was the biggest test I had and really out played me. He led with Gengar and Gross.
Knowing I couldnt beat gross I concentrated on Gengar but didnt expect Hp Ice. Chomp was ko'd and I brought in Gross. He targeted all of my pokes leaving Zapdos for last with Arcanine and Latios left. I just managed to beat Arcanine. But his Latios was too strong and beat me - protecting so the hail would beat me. Biggens then lost in Semi.

All in all - I had so much fun. I met so many people & and swapped emails.
Shouts out to Havak and the rest of the Smogoners I briefly met....

To finish of the day i went bboy training the hit a club in Kings Cross...Awesome weekend. Sorry for hazy details but just got in from a 5 hour train journey andI want to hit the sun :)


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Congrats on getting so far Akira. I saw you in the last 8 but you were on the far side without the screens iirc so we couldn't watch your match.
Yeah, you did well- don't worry about losing to Biggenz, he's really good. I spent a week or two on Supremacy practising with him, but never battled with him at the actual event. He lost in the semis to my buddy Shoe who came second overall. That semi was a brilliant battle, actually.
Yeah, you did well- don't worry about losing to Biggenz, he's really good. I spent a week or two on Supremacy practising with him, but never battled with him at the actual event. He lost in the semis to my buddy Shoe who came second overall. That semi was a brilliant battle, actually.
Yeah he was good - I saw the Semi final too and that was intense I have to say.

Hopefully can catch you guys at the next events that are being in Glasgow,Manchester and London


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This was a nice read, a bit hazy like you said though :(

wow, he travelled quite a bit. I'm from Belgium too, and for Nintendo tournaments, that sucks. (I hope I can get to the one in France, but it's in the middle of my exams...)
I think there will be like 50 people at the France VGC. Congrats on making it that far Akira.
There were 132 at London for seniors and 12 for juniors so I'd expect something similar. You see a lot of French pokémon on the GTS so there must be a decent population of pokémon players.