Completed Albinoloon vs. Fire Blast at the Bleeding Place! (shinyskarmory refs)

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ShinySkarmory walked slowly towards the burning lake, filled with apprehension. Appearances aren't always the safest way to judge, but this place was as hellish and dangerous as it looked in the pictures. The "arena", in the broadest sense of the word, was a small platform in the middle of a sea of burning liquid sulfur, where the fumes were so dangerous he had to wear a full-face gas mask and bring an oxygen supply so that he could last long enough to ref the match. Who in the world would want to fight here?

Open Challenge

1v1 Singles
1 Day DQ (2 days for ref)
0 Recoveries/5 chills
Weakmons only
Arena: The Bleeding Place

Having existed for centuries, this acidic lake continues to froth and bubble. There is no water in the lake, only liquid sulfur. If a pokemon were to breathe this in, they would suffer serious burns in the lungs. As a result of this, only Poison, Ghost-types, or any pokemon without a serious need to breathe (i.e. baltoy or nosepass) may be used due to the extreme amount of toxins in the air. If one were to be knocked off the 15x15 earthen platform and fall into the scalding lake, they would take serious damage and would suffer with severe poisoning and a burn. Levitating pokeon may not be knocked in, however, they may get so close to the lake that they can suffer from the effects.

-only Poison, Ghost types, or pokemon without a need to breathe
-if a pokemon were to fall into the lake, they will suffer 25 damage, severe poisoning, and a burn
-small platform

Items = On
Switch = Bleed to death
Abilities = One
Standing at the top of the precipice, looking down on the lake, I saw two other trainers, most commonly known as Albinoloon and Fire Blast. But why in the world would they want to fight in a hellhole like this? What pokemon could possibly survive the toxic air, burning sulfur lake, and still manage to duke it out with an opponent?

Drifloon (Lofty[M])
Personality: Lofty is quite... arbitrairy in his actions. He will hardly use the same move twice, unless forced into a tricky situation suach as being taunted. Despite his cluelessness, Lofty is actually one of 3 rare Malumaer heteros. Most drifloon are born in their place of origin; the underwold. However, these heteros are born in the overworld through evaporation of a volatile chemicals. Although rare, their lack of their reflective pigment, which normal drifloon recieve, slowly burns their thin bodies. This is the result of their rarity. This particular one sank down to earth as soon as it was born. When Albinoloon was traveling beside a polluted sea to search for an arena, he noticed a tug on a particular doll-shaped keychain on his backpack. As he turned around, he noticed it was this mysetrious drifloon, whom came to be known as Lofty, for the way he seemed to float aimlessly. When training, he realized that Lofty had an extremely vast and photographic memory. Sadly, however, Lofty should not have a long life, because of his genetical ailment. Albinoloon knows this and is currently pondering on a solution to this grim problem. he plans to make Lofty the star pokemon on his team.
Nature: Quiet (+SAtk; Base Spd/1.15; -15% evasion)
Type: Ghost/Flying
Ghost: Ghost STAB; brief intangibility that nullifies Normal and Fighting-type attacks. Can move through walls for a brief period of time but must remain in motion. Superior senses in low light and inside dark buildings. Have no vision reduction in hazes.
Flying: Flying STAB; immunity to Ground attacks outside extremely odd circumstances even for ground-based flying Pokemon. Enhanced aerial mobility. Superior senses in open air arenas.

Aftermath: (Innate) If this Pokemon uses Selfdestruct or Explosion, the attack has ten (10) more Base Attack Power and five (5) more Energy Cost to execute.
Unburden: (Innate) This Pokemon is incredibly possessive. If it uses or loses an item in battle its rage swells and its speed doubles (x2) until it receives another item.
Flare Boost (DW LOCKED): (Innate) This Pokemon's Body can harness the heat from a burn into internal energy, fueling its mental capabilities. When Burned, the Pokemon's special attacks have two (2) more Base Attack Power.


HP: 100
Atk: Rank 2
Def: Rank 2
SpA: Rank 3(+)
SpD: Rank 2
Spe: 61 (-;70/1.15=10.8=61)
Size Class: 1
Weight Class: 1

EC: 2/6
MC: 0
DC: 2/5

Focus Energy

Hidden Power (Fighting 7)
Thunder Wave
Will 'o' Wisp

Clear Smog

Zubat (Not earned yet) (M)

Nature: Hasty
+15% Spe, +14% Accuracy, -1 Def

Type: Poison/Flying

Poison STAB; immunity to Poison/Toxic, see and breath through smog/smokescreens/haze uninhibited. Able to use Wrap and Bind without losing focus. Superior senses in urban settings.

Flying STAB; immunity to Ground attacks outside extremely odd circumstances even for ground-based flying Pokemon. Enhanced aerial mobility. Superior senses in open air arenas.

Inner Focus
Type: Innate
When an opponent attempts to flinch this Pokemon, it stands firm and continues its attack. If it has another ability that would be activated by flinching, that ability activates.

Infiltrator (DW)
Type: Innate
Through a combination of speed and cunning this Pokemon easily gets around Light Screen, Reflect, and Safeguard with all of its attacks.

HP: 90
Atk: 2
Def-: 1
SpA: 2
SpD: 2
Spe+: 64
SC: 1
WC: 1

EC: 0/9
MC: 0
DC: 0/5
NC: 0/1

Leech Life
Wing Attack
Confuse Ray
Air Cutter

Brave Bird
Giga Drain


Seeing no other pokeballs on their belts, ShinySkarmory guessed that this was to be a 1v1. But how would the user get back to the pokemon center from the center of the liquid sulfur if his pokemon were knocked out.

ShinySkarmory reached for the pokeball containing Mentalist, his Kirlia. He heard a voice inside his mind, like many trainers who form close bonds with Ralts and its evolved forms. The voice was speaking:

"Albinoloon will reveal his Drifloon's ability, then Fire Blast will reveal his Zubat's ability and give orders. Then, Albinoloon will order his Drifloon to attack..."

"How do you know this?" he asked, using his mind. Kirlia responded,"It is tradition within pokemon battling. Do not question the old ways..."

"Fair enough, Kirlia. We still might have to rescue the loser."

"Retchid? Foul? This my place of birth. Such lonelyness has this barren 'lake' experienced. And so came my existence. The aftermath of its suffering. I am its only companion. No others may rule here."

"Isn't this your own selfish ideology of this wasteland?"

"But of course."

Lofty the Drifloon
100 HP | 100 EN
Stat Changes: none
Status: none

90 HP | 100 EN
Stat Changes: none
Status: none

ShinySkarmory watched as the opposing trainers yelled their orders, struggling to be heard over the bubbling of the liquid sulfur. Zubat starts off fast with some sonic clicks; it's not clear what meaning they had, but whatever it was really angered Lofty! Lofty struck back with what looked like possessed electricity: it seems to have damaged some of Zubat's nerves, as its wingstroke rhythym is starting to become erratic. While Lofty cools down from its powerful attack, Zubat gives it a little nip in its skin, injecting its most toxic poison into Lofty! Lofty fires back with a mysterious spell, punishing Zubat for its aggressiveness, and this one seems to hit somewhere vulnerable! Zubat staggers in the air, but still manages to crash down upon Drifloon after the powerful attack!

"This is madness! Those pokemon could be burnt alive if they fall into the sulfur!" I exclaimed through my telepathic connection.
"Patience, my trainer. Is it any more dangerous then the wild, where we fight to the death?"
Action 1:
Zubat: Taunt (successful, -10 en)
Drifloon: Thunder Wave+Hex Combo (10 BP Ghost move w/ 100% paralyze chance). No crit (292/1000). (10+3+1.5)=14.5 dmg=15 dmg. Zubat 25% paralyzed. -13 EN.

Action 2:
Drifloon: Combo cooldown
Zubat: Toxic (successful; 615) (hit; 402) Drifloon badly poisoned. -6 EN.

Action 3:
Drifloon: Hex (Crit successful; 73) (10+3+3+1.5)=17.5 dmg=18 dmg
Zubat: Fly (successful; 947)
Zubat: Fly Attack (hit; 963) (no crit; 193). 9+3+1=13
Drifloon: Poison damage (-1 HP)

End Round

Lofty the Drifloon
86 HP | 81 EN
Stat Changes: none
Status: Taunted (3 actions)
Toxic Poison (-2 dmg per action next round)

62 HP | 75 EN
Stat Changes: 25% Speed
Status: 20% paralyzed

The pokemon are circling each other above the lake, Lofty finding thermals while Zubat flaps around. They're awaiting further orders from the trainers, and judging by the method Kirlia described, Albinoloon will be the next to give orders, followed by Fire Blast.

The gas is starting to eat away my gas mask. Will any of us survive?

"That balloon is not going to survive."

Bite the balloon to pop it, and make him fall into the lake ~ Push him in by slamming into him with a Brave Bird ~ Bite him once more

Lofty the Drifloon
86 HP | 81 EN
Stat Changes: none
Status: Taunted (3 actions)
Toxic Poison (-2 dmg per action this round)

62 HP | 75 EN
Stat Changes: 25% Speed
Status: 20% paralyzed

ShinySkarmory's poorly constructed gas mask was starting to disintegrate. Pulling out the packaging, he saw that it was made by Whimsicott Industries. Those Prankster BASTARDS!!!

The pokemon received their orders. Drifloon fired a powerful thunderbolt at Zubat, once again managing to hit a vulnerable area. Unfortunately for it, Zubat flew up to it and punched a hole in its skin with its teeth. Drifloon's skin began to heal as it plummeted towards the lake. Zubat deepened its misery by slamming into it from above like a bolt from the blue; all poor Lofty could do in return was to release a feeble hex. Lofty hit the burning sulfur and bounced off it like a Smash Bros. character; however, it's burning like the Hindenburg! Feeling recovered now, it shoots another thunderbolt at Zubat, dealing serious damage, while Zubat flies up and gives it another bite.

Action 1
Drifloon: Thunderbolt (crit; 140) (no para; 947) (10+3+1.5)*1.5)=22.5=23 damage, - 7 energy
Zubat: Bite (no para; 677) (crit; 52) (flinch; 121) (6+3+1)*1.5 =15 damage, - 4 energy
Drifloon: (-2 HP (toxic damage))

Action 2

Drifloon: Hex (no crit; 694) (10+3+1.5) 15 damage, -6 energy
Zubat: Brave Bird (no para; 448) (10+1+3+1) (no crit; 702) 15 damage, 7 energy, 5 damage recoil
Drifloon: knocked into lake, 25 damage, burnt, already toxic poisoned.
Drifloon: -2 HP(poison damage)

Action 3

Drifloon: Thunderbolt (para fails) (no crit 713), (10+1.5)*1.5=18 damage, - 7 energy
Zubat: Bite (no crit; 400) (no para; 713) (flinch; 126) 11.25 damage=11 damage, -4 energy
Drifloon: 2 Poison, 2 Burn

End Round

Lofty the Drifloon
35 HP | 61 EN
Stat Changes: none
Status: Toxic Poison (-3 dmg per action next round)
Burned (-2 damage, - 3 physical BAP)

11 HP | 60 EN
Stat Changes: 25% Speed
Status: 15% paralyzed
The battle is almost over, and so is the lifetime of the filter on ShinySkarmory's gas mask! He took one last deep breath before it became completely nonfunctional, and told Kirlia "I'm going to need you to get me out of here in a second."

"As it was foretold, ShinySkarmory..."

"Maybe you can use Supersonic quickly because it does not involve moving!"

Supersonic (Does not involve moving, you can use it at full speed) ~ Fly ~ Stay in the air

You're finished. Trying to alter that is meaningless. After all, the humans' lives are at risk because of this acidic wasteland.

Are you sure you're not overdoing this? Don't attempt more than necessary.

Thunderbolt ~ Thunderbolt ~ Thunderbolt
ShinySkarmory watched the two airborne combatants, holding his breath-literally, because his Whimsicott Industries gas mask had stopped working (typical of anything made at Whimsicott Industries; doing it fast doesn't mean they get it right.

"Kirlia, get ready to Teleport." he spoke, through their mental connection.

"As you wish, my partner..."


Lofty the Drifloon
35 HP | 61 EN
Stat Changes: none
Status: Taunted (3 actions)
Toxic Poison (-3 dmg per action this round)
Burned (-2 damage, - 3 physical BAP)

11 HP | 60 EN
Stat Changes: 25% Speed
Status: 15% paralyzed
Fire Blast shouted a strange order, struggling to be heard over the bubbling of the liquid sulfur. Zubat fired some supersonic clicks at Drifloon, unaffected by its paralysis because it wasn't trying to move! Drifloon is confused by the clicks, but.....


fired a burst of electricity at Zubat, who fell to the platform, unmoving!

Zubat: (no para; 241) Supersonic (hit;506) -4 en.
Drifloon: (attack succeeds; 908) Thunderbolt (10+1.5)*1.5=18 damage. - 7 EN

ShinySkarmory tapped the button on Kirlia's pokeball. He popped out, grabbed ShinySkarmory's hand, and suddenly they were back at the Phenac City Pokemon Center.

"Go back for them, Kirlia." I spoke. "The other trainers..."



Both trainers and their pokemon appeared out of midair next to me. I paid them their rewards for the battle, and then I sent the battle footage to the Pokemon League to receive my payment.

GG, Trainers!

Both trainers get 2 TC.

Lofty the Drifloon and Zubat get 1 EC, 2 MC, and 1 DC each.

Lofty the Drifloon gets one KOC as well.

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