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Albinoloon's Sprites and Fakemon Region

Discussion in 'Smeargle's Studio' started by Albinoloon, Dec 22, 2010.


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  1. Albinoloon


    Apr 27, 2010
    Hi there. I'm Albinoloon. Not an aquatic bird, but an albino drifloon. Welcome to my spriti- I mean art thread. Here I made things. And I made better things. And later, I hope to make things that are better than all of the others. I once decided that I wanted to make a Fakedex because I thought I had the creativity and spriting prowess to do it. Well, I made 100+ sprites within two weeks, but boy were they bad. So, I restarted. I made some better ones, but they still needed polish (a lot) and shine. Now, I'm retracing my creations and slowly going over them and redesigning them and such. Now, I don't have as much time or motivation as I used to, but I occasionally make one or two when I feel like it. Now that you ave an introduction, here's a brief story about my life at smogon, and my spriting history in general.

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    I like pokemon. A lot. It all started when I saw a freakin cool TGC pack for the first time. (the first series or whatever) I was only a preschooler at the time. I saw the awesome critters on the cover, and I wanted one. I wanted them all. Heck, I wanted all 151. So, I bought one. So, I got the pack. Inside, there was a Mewtwo and an Awesome Venasaur. I knew that my future life would be revolved around these little critters. So, at the age of 6, I bouth my first GBA. And I had Crystal in there. Crystal was amazing. It was my LIFE. I played that thing like there was no tomorrow. An then, Ruby and Sapphire came out. A year later, I was in Circut City, and I was strolling in the gaming isle when I saw a demo. Not just any demo. A demo that had just caught a wurmple. So, my pokemon escapades continued. One day, I heard of a pokemon tournament in Gamestop for DP. I was like 9 at the time and I HAD to participate, but not just me, but my friends. Don't get me wrong, this wasn't serious at all. There were no restrictions. So, I beat a guy. Not only a guy, but a hacker. That's right. My Empoleon, Giratina, and Sceptile beat a Mew, a Deoxys, and a Ho-Oh. I was on top of the world. Until I lost to an 18-year lod redhead. He used an explosion team. A team that made mine go BOOM. And so, I now played competively.

    Two years from that date, I went to the Southeastern VGCs in Nashville. It was fun, but I lost. Not just any loss, but against an EIGHT YEAR OLD GIRL. Her name is Jade. But I got over it. It was a good time. Mean while, I became obsessed with something else. Aquablade's Sprite Chronicles. I was like a superfan. I wanted to be in there. I wanted to be in there a lot. So, I started to make my own charactars. They were awful. Like, beyond awful. They were splices od like mew and Groudon. Just like a noob, I continued. Next year, I HAD to be in the VGC. But I learned a skill. EV training. So, now that I was using "professional" methods, I had to play with the pros. So, I turned to Smogon. Dont get me wrong, I was awful. ANYONE WHO TRIED could beat me. But, this didn't keep me from joining. So, I lurked and lurked and lurked and lurked like crap. Finally, I decided to join. The first thing I did was post this RMT. So, I got rated, and I felt like I was on top of the world. But then, I made a bad rate, and I took it WAYY to hard. But, I came back the next day, confidence retored. This repeated until I had 32 posts. Then, I went to the VGC. I would write this, but it would be easier to redirect you here instead. I had a good time, but I was bored competively. So, I turned to my creations. My sprites.

    I was on Smeargle's Studio, browsing, when I saw the X-box game creation thread. I was in love. I wanted to make these too. So, I had to get out of my splicing comfort zone. So, I sprited, and sprited, and sprited, until I had it. Of course, I didn't, but that didn't stop me from trying. So, I made 15 sprites. 5 were accepted. 3 concepts were accepted. So, sad, I kept doing and doing it. And I met friends along the way. So, I was like. "Hey, I jut might be able to make my own fakemo region!" So I did. I made them in mass quanities, but they were awful. Way too dithery. So, Bynine like destroyed my confidence. I cried. I cried. I cried. But that was a good thing. I thought about my crreations and what I could do to improve them. So, I did. I swore to restart the fakedex and make it even greater than before. They were better, but not that better. So, I decided to remake them again. And that's where I am right now. My spriting and competitie history- leading me to Smogon. Where I belong.

    Hope you liked my story! :)

    * Fakemon Dex Part One 1-99*

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    [​IMG]Folia- GRS
    Young Sapling /Evolves at Lv.17
    "Groups of FOLIA are found playing at the base of trees."

    [​IMG]Foleaf- GRS/DRK <-----sprite soon to be replaced
    Forest Trainee /Evolves at Lv.38
    "With grace and agility, FOLEAF swing from tree to tree."

    [​IMG]Foliark- GRS/DRK <-----sprite soon to be replaced
    Forest Guard /Evolves at Lv.-
    "FOLIARK are in sync with the forest, so they have contact with everything in it.

    [​IMG]?????- FRE
    ??????? /Evolves at Lv.14

    [​IMG]Flarret- FRE
    Thieving /Evolves at Lv.36
    "When they scurry around, they leave a gorgeous trail of sparks."

    [​IMG]Flarrex- FRE
    Malicious /Evolves at Lv.-
    "Groups of FLARREX are known to start unquenchable forest fires."

    [​IMG]Zefin- WTR
    Gentle Sea /Evolves at Lv.16
    "WHANE never leave their mother's side until it can swim on it's own."

    [​IMG]Zescafin- WTR
    Brine Sea /Evolves at Lv.33
    "ZESCAFIN have been known to dive up to 5000ft to catch ceep-sea prey."

    [​IMG]Zezarai- WTR
    Storm Surge /Evolves at Lv.-
    "ZEZARAI are often seen commanding massive tsunamis to wash the opponents raw."

    [​IMG]Durve- FLY
    Defenseless /Evolves at Lv.13
    "DURVE constantly flee from predators, because of this, they are quite hard to catch."

    Justful Mercenary /Evolves at Lv.-

    [​IMG]Morvae- BUG
    Gross Worm /Evolves at Lv.12
    "Morvae are known to crawl in garbage everywhere."

    [​IMG]Mormid- BUG
    Vile Cocoon /Evolves at Lv.25
    "MORMID cloak themselves in mud to virtually shut down their bodies."

    [​IMG]Meatle- BUG/GRD
    Sick Beetle /Evolves at Lv.-
    "GROUPS of Meatle are dangerous- they can devour a human in secounds!"

    [​IMG]Vulgris- PSN
    Fermenting /Evolves at Lv.30
    "VULGRIS emit a stench that can be smelled up to 250 meters away."

    [​IMG]Vulguar- PSN/DRK *soon to be replaced*
    Endless Mouth /Evolves at Lv.-
    "The sludge that ozzes out or VUGUARs' mouth is used a deadly poision."

    [​IMG]Squevae- BUG/WTR
    Water Bug /Evolves at Lv.10
    "After just minutes of leaving open water somwhere, millions of SQUEVAE inhabit them, densely overpopulating it."

    [​IMG]Squito- BUG/PSN
    Blood Sucking /Evolves at Lv.-
    "SQUITO can fly miles in search of a place to lay their eggs."
    [​IMG]Flarchae- FRE/PSN
    Heat Loving /Evolves at Lv.23
    "FLARCHAE inhabit the few sulfur fields in the world."

    [​IMG]Archaeot- FRE/PSN
    Volcano Dweller /Evolves at Lv.-
    "ARCHAEOT are known to leave a trail of sulfur wherever they go."

    [​IMG]Flairy- FRE/GRS
    Jungle Sprite /Evolves at Lv.-
    "During early morning, FLAIRY congregate near groups of flowers to help them grow. These flowers usually grow to record highs."

    [​IMG]Shrewn- NRM
    Prey /Evolves at Lv.16
    "SHREWN are constantly being preyed on by many different spieces. Few make it to adulthood."
    [​IMG]Shrewno- NRM
    Rookie /Evolves at Lv.36
    "After limitless torture, SHREWNO have learned to fight back."

    [​IMG]Shrewmo- NRM/FGH
    Champion /Evolves at Lv.-
    "SHREWMO can punch through solid rock. Many are used in construction companies."
    [​IMG]Jestaisy- GRS
    Sunny Pinwheel /Evolves at Lv.-
    "JESTAISY only travel where it's sunny, they are never alone."

    [​IMG]Conknut- GRS
    Eccentric Nut /Evolves at Lv.32
    "Known to fall from great heights constantly, they have a high mortality rate."

    [​IMG]Conkree- GRS/FGH
    Crazy Palm /Evolves at Lv.-
    "CONKREE disguise themselves as ordinary palm trees, and then attack."
    [​IMG]Miraket- DRK/BUG
    Misguiding /Evolves at Lv.43
    "Deep in the woods, MIRAKET sing eerie songs of the misfortune that their past victims befell."

    [​IMG]Wetrika- DRK/BUG
    Dark Whisper /Evolves at Lv.-
    "WETRIKA are extreemely rare, but deadly- one utter note from it can put victims to sleep, or confuse them. Then, they rip at them with their forelegs."

    [​IMG]Bacitrus- GRS/FLY
    Fleeting Fruit /Evolves at Lv.28
    "BACITRUS flutter around at night in search of food."

    [​IMG]Watribat- GRS/FLY
    Soaring Melon /Evolves at Lv.-
    "Known for it's comical body, WATRIBAT have their children's television show."

    [​IMG]Torcid- GRS/BUG
    Leafhopper /Evolves with Leaf Stone
    "When disturbed, TORCID can leap hundreds of feet into the air."

    [​IMG]Torsox- GRS/BUG
    Tank Insect /Evolves at Lv.-
    "It uses an adandoned shell to wait in duguise for prey to appear."

    [​IMG]Speamer- BUG/PSY
    Dream Eater /Evolves at Lv.33
    "SPEAMER crawl through windows during the wee houre to steal chilsren's bad dreams."

    [​IMG]Spymeer- BUG/PSY
    Dream Web /Evolves at Lv.-
    "The beads on SPYMEER's back are used to channel it's psychokinetic energy into radial attacks."

    [​IMG]Axaltoa- GRS/WTR
    Foliage Hider /Evolves at Lv.35
    "AXALTOA are quite rare. Only 350 known specimens remain in the wild."

    [​IMG]Axaltalgae- WTR/GRS
    Foliage Predator /Evolves at Lv.-
    "AXALTALGAE use the algae and phytoplankton around it to apprehenp it's prey."

    [​IMG]Toxpiral- PSN
    Methane Making /Evolves with Polluted Stone
    "TOXPIRAL use only carbon and phosphorus to make the methane it needs to survive."

    [​IMG]Toxpirilla- DRK/PSN
    Methane Spawn /Evolves at Lv.-
    "TOXPIRILLA can be very dangerous as they produce mile-wide methane clouds every day." They are only known to exist in very remote ares."

    [​IMG]Khould- NRM/GHS
    Lost Kid /Evolves at Lv.38
    "KHOULD's tears can be used to treat depression."

    [​IMG] Ghoult- NRM/GHS
    Spirit Ram /Evolves at Lv.-
    "GHOULT use their horns to phaze into people's minds."

    [​IMG]Trock- STL
    Magic Clock /Evolves at Lv.41
    "TROCK are known to be powerful hypnotizers. Their pendulums create a sound that causes the brain to temporarily shut down."

    [​IMG]Tickerock- STL/GHS
    Haunted Clock /Evolves at Lv.-
    "TICKEROCK appear to follow a mysterious pokemon from far away."

    [​IMG]Salaur- FRE
    Ancient Fire /Evolves at Lv.35
    "SALAUR were thought to be extict for the past 500 years."

    [​IMG]Salagma- FRE
    Hoarding /Evolves at Lv.-
    "SALAGMA make the best treasure guards due to their long life expectancy and persistance."

    [​IMG]Icequid- ICE/WTR
    Ice Floe /Evolves at Lv.39
    "ICEQUID have migrated to frigid waters to form ice over their sensitive mantle."

    [​IMG]Gracken- ICE/WTR
    Glacial Floe /Evolves at Lv.-
    "GRACKEN are known to travel in groups called 'floes'. These floes can sink even the largest ships."

    [​IMG]Arshoal- WTR/FGH
    Ocean Knight /Evolves at Lv.-
    "ARSHOAL are the renowed champions of the sea. They seem to take orders from a pokemon far away."

    [​IMG] Ghoulisk- RCK/GHS
    Live Grave /Evolves at Lv.44
    "GHOULISK have come alive after being forgotten by future generations only to drive them into oblivion."

    [​IMG]Zombilisk- RCK/GHS
    Forgotten Monument /Evolves at Lv.-
    "ZOMBILISK are known to be the leaders of groups or GHOULISK. They were often an important person when they were alive."

    [​IMG]Aejinn- GHS/PSY
    Lamp Spirit /Evolves at Lv.38
    "Legend says that if you rub a lamp thre times, an AEJINN will escape."

    [​IMG]Jaerodin- GHS/PSY
    Vexing Djinn /Evolves at Lv.-
    "JAERODIN are tempting spirits that have been imprision for thousands of years inside a lamp."

    [​IMG]Poultret- NRM/GHS
    Unappreciated Painting /Evolves at Lv.45
    "POULTRET was drawn by a child, then forgotten. Beacuse of this, it haunts the child's dreams."

    [​IMG]Uthurart- NRM/GHS
    Unforgorgiving Painting /Evolves at Lv.-
    "Horrified by it's appearance, UTHURART searches to apprehend it's creator."

    [​IMG]Feeblion- NRM
    Young Hunter /Evolves at Lv.60
    "Young FEEBLION catch small birds using their metal ring."

    [​IMG]Feralion- NRM/FGH
    Warrior Feline /Evolves at Lv.-
    "In ancient times, kings and emperors used to train FERALION to be their personal bodyguards."

    [​IMG]Gline- GHS
    Lonely Light /Evolves with Dawn Stone
    "GLINE are solely made of light. They cannot survive in darkness."

    [​IMG]Glinner- GHS
    Guardian Angel /Evolves at Lv.-
    "GLINNER are assigned a being to protect as soon as they come into existance. If the person they are protecting dies, they die also."

    [​IMG]Devium- DRK
    Evil Minion /Evolves with Dusk Stone

    [​IMG]Devienid- DRK
    Evil Embodiment /Evolves at Lv.-

    [​IMG]Nephram- WTR
    Deep Trench /Evolves at Lv.30

    [​IMG]Gilphram- WTR/DRK
    Deep Sea /Evolves at Lv.64

    [​IMG]Gyaphram- WTR/DRK
    Sea Monster /Evolves at Lv.-

    [​IMG]Klyte- FLY
    Small Kite /Evolves at Lv.32

    [​IMG]Klider- FLY
    Gliding Kite /Evolves at Lv.55

    [​IMG]Hawkite- FLY
    Soaring Kite /Evolves at Lv.-
    "When HAWKITE finds its prey, there is no hope as it majestically tears them to shreds with it's light-but-sturdy wing bones."

    [​IMG]Elphira- PSN/DRK
    Ignorace Plague /Evolves at Lv.-
    "Legend says that ELPHIRA is to blame for all disease. Where it's said to walk, nothing is to ever walk again"

    More to come, but thanks for looking. Don't forget:all stats will be up after I finish the sprites, but I will still post some time to time.

    The people who are making this happen:
    Energy Storm
    Doran Dragon

    You can use my sprites as an avatar or such, but please give me credit! I will not tolerate sprite thieves!
  2. Albinoloon


    Apr 27, 2010
  3. ToastTyrant13


    Jun 13, 2010
    Yay! Winderr region!

    This region reminds Kanto. I pick my favorite starter, and I'm screwed against the first gym. XD Anyways, congrats on actually starting the fakedex! By, the way, how's that map going for this region? I thought I saw a snowy mountain, so it must be pretty "cool". Is there gonna' be a dark type gym leader? That'd be a first...and I checked this time.
  4. Albinoloon


    Apr 27, 2010
    Dark maybe the last; Nagarc is kinda the Urugamosu or Tyanitar of this region. Do you want to se anything particular in this region, oh yeah, I've got the legis. But they'll take awhile to sprite. Two are Psychic and Dark, and the other is Ghost Dragon. (you fight the psy and dark in a double battle)
  5. internet

    internet social forums is a real tier
    is a Forum Moderator

    Dec 13, 2009
    due to those insane amounts of checkerboarding (or however it's called) in the shading they don't look like pokemon sprites at all.
    otherwise, they're pretty good
  6. Albinoloon


    Apr 27, 2010
    Yeah, I'm using dithering. My goal isn't for them to look SO much like pokemon sprites, but thanks anyway! :D Oh yeah, I added Durve.
  7. ToastTyrant13


    Jun 13, 2010
    Oh...my...gosh. Archaeot is like, oh my gosh. Nice.

    Well, a plethora of good grass types. They're always Game Freaks lowest priority. I mean, seriously, A Group of eggs is Grass type? Please.

    Maybe(and I would get on my knees and thank you)

    A Lion/Flower like pokemon with a big white main, like..."Dandilleon". (Pronounced DAn-dill-ee'-uhn) Maybe-Grass/Normal?

    A Grass/Dragon pokemon similar to Sazandora. Like an evo of Tropius.

    A Grass/Fire type pokemon based off of a Fire Lily.

    Yes. Now who's got the good ideas, Game Freak?

    Hhm. A DOUBLE-Legend battle? Interesting... Is there a bug legendary? o_O

    OOH! Can we use Nightcrawlen? It's fine if not, I was just wondering.
  8. Albinoloon


    Apr 27, 2010
    I'll see what I can do! lol I won't do an evo, but I'll do a grass/dragon! Btw, the legis are based off of little paper creatures I made 2nd-4th grade, but that's a different story. Archaeot is based off of the heat-loving archaebacteria, and I made it because of the 2nd gym. (fire)
    I'll be working on the sprites you requested, particularly the fire lily. Thanks for the concepts! :D

    EDIT:If I'm going to use nightcrawlen, could I tweak the shading and coloring so it matches the rest?
  9. ToastTyrant13


    Jun 13, 2010
    Sure. Thanks! I wonder how big that is...if it's a bacteria...

    Don't you're avatar and it's pre-evo go in here?
  10. Albinoloon


    Apr 27, 2010
    Nah, if I use them, I'm going tto redo them.
    Working on Flairy.

    EDIT:Flairy the fire lily. :)
  11. ToastTyrant13


    Jun 13, 2010
    Flairy? OH! The Fire Lily?
  12. Albinoloon


    Apr 27, 2010
    You mean, this one?
    [​IMG]Hope you (and everyone else) like it! :)
  13. chocolate-kipp


    Sep 18, 2010
    I personally think Foliarm should be Foliark (foliage + dark >_>) because it makes more sense imo, and it looks cooler. Looking forward to more of this. :> If I may suggest something though, could all of the final evolutions of the starters be dual-typed? I love dual-types. xD The Water started could be Water/Ice, and Fire could be Fire/Dark (I would say Fire/Fighting but we have too many of those).

    Also, could we make a group for this so we don't spam up the art forum with non-art-related things (i.e. stats and movesets and whatnot)?

    Edit: Awwww it's so cute :D What typing is it? It looks like it should me Fire/Flying or Fire/Bug.
  14. ToastTyrant13


    Jun 13, 2010
    It's Flairy-The Fire Lily Pokemon. It's Grass/Fire.

    Oh my Guanno! That's awesome. A quick comment though.
    The little orange leaf on our top left makes his face a little underappreciated. Perhaps if you made it like our top right leaf-how it sticks out?[​IMG]Also, beutiful coloring. Well done!
  15. Albinoloon


    Apr 27, 2010
    OK, I understand Flarrex as FRE/DRK, but what about Wanyah? I don't want to make it WTR/DRG, because it woud be, you know, too good, and I just don't see it as WTR/ICE. I'll change foliarm to Floiark as soon as I'm done! :) Btw, Flairy is FRE/GRS. Sure, my friend has a website we could use: (don't mind him, he can kinda be a jerk, lol) Like this? *link deleted*
  16. chocolate-kipp


    Sep 18, 2010
    I'd prefer if we just made a group, since I always forget when I sign up for other sites, lol. Group would be easier to keep track of imo. I still love your sprites, despite them not being as pokemon-esque as everyone makes them out to be.

    How about Water/Psychic? It looks like a whale/dolphin and to some extent those may as well be psychic, lol.
  17. Albinoloon


    Apr 27, 2010
    Sure, but how are we gonna do that?
    Nah, I just don't see that. :/

    EDIT:Thanks man! that means a lot! :)
  18. ToastTyrant13


    Jun 13, 2010
    Yeah, that's right. I love it's little chibbi legs too.

    Hmm, have we decided if it's a single evo, or it's size? Probably like Celebi's size?

    [​IMG]Flairy-The Flaming Lily Pokemon.

    "It uses sunlight to create plant life, and to defeat intruders. It's heart beats like the morning sun."

    Abilities:Chlorophyll or Solar Power

    Kipp, I'm sure this thing is a monster in the sun. no?
  19. chocolate-kipp


    Sep 18, 2010
    Made a group and invited you guys.

    I actually think if could be a legendary, maybe an event one like Celebi or Victini. It reminds me a lot of them. :P
  20. Albinoloon


    Apr 27, 2010
    Yeah, it's static, as in it doesn't evolve. Thanks kipp! :D

    It's weird, we're the only people posting, huh. I guess no one likes dithering... :`(
  21. SilvanRaptor

    SilvanRaptor formerly Doran Dragon

    Apr 8, 2010
    Man, you can really pump out those concepts!
    lol it would be interesting if we could work together on a fakeregion eh? my spriting skills, your concepting like a beast, I think we could do some cool stuff eh? :)

    no I'm not canadian, eh!
  22. Albinoloon


    Apr 27, 2010
    SURETHANKYOUDORANTHANKYOU!!!!!!! Do you mind if you could make the map? I'll get the basic design and PM it too you. *sniff* I'm so happy! :D
  23. ToastTyrant13


    Jun 13, 2010
    Oops! Sorry, I didn't see that you had already given him abilities and a flavor. They keep popping up XD.

    Edit 1: OOH! A Flying/Fighting! STAB Close Combat+STAB Brave Bird+U-Turn+Whirlwind? SWEET!

    Edit 2:Washio...the new Gyarados! That looks awesome.

    If I may, we need the generic early game rodent, no?
  24. Albinoloon


    Apr 27, 2010
    Oh yeah! I knew I needed something! Thanks!
  25. ToastTyrant13


    Jun 13, 2010
    Sure, but instead of Meerkat's, mice, or squirells...how about a bunny that evolves into a big, scary Ice/Fighting bunny? With technician and Ice Shard/Mach Punch? Like, Fluffunny evolves into Frostearn (fro-stearn or Frost+Ear+confusing n)?

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