WIP Alolan Marowak


* Alolan Marowak is a heavy-hitting Pokemon that can be used in a variety of sets.

* Its signature item, Thick Club, doubles its Attack while its most commonly used Ability Lightningrod draws all non-AoE Electric Attacks to it.

* Ghost and Fire are good offensive typings, with Shadow Bone and Flare Blitz being strong STABs.

* Alolan Marowak has strong physical Defense, and passable Special Defense - it tends to live a blow or two.

* It is commonly used on Rain or Trick Room teams; the former due to Lightningrod reeling in any unexpected Thunders and the latter for its Speed stat of 45.

* It is somewhat of a one-trick 'mon, as it has only one viable item. When that item is taken away from it, it becomes largely dead weight.