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Animated Movie Mafia Postgame

Discussion in 'Circus Maximus' started by polelover44, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. polelover44


    Dec 14, 2008
    von can go cry in a corner.

    Quick note on hosting mistakes:
    I admit, I was loose-lipped. I gave away too much information too readily (especially to the mafia), and there were a few things I said that could potentially have been game-changing. For example, Quagsires wasn’t sure whether he wanted to lynch US or UP, and I told him that he could send me UP’s action. This could have resulted in Quagsires gunning for US, because “oh UP must be on my team so US must be the maf”, but he suspected US more before and after that incident. When I told vonFiedler before the game that he could be Mulan, I was not lying - I was mistaken. The original game design included Mulan iirc, but for whatever reason I took it out, and I forgot that I had done so when I told von this. (Either that or I was going to add Mulan in over something, but I forgot). I did not lie with the intention of giving von something other than what I promised him. I was simply mistaken about whether or not Mulan was in the game. When server_crash asked the question “Is mulan in the game?” as his yes/no asker role, I wasn’t going to lie to him just so I could “be fair to von.” Life isn’t fair. I’m going to say this right here: Von should stop crying about the fact that he died and the fact that he didn’t get the role he wanted and fucking suck it up. It’s a fucking game. It doesn’t fucking matter.

    The C1 stealth lynch:
    I shouldn’t have allowed that. I had already decided to change the rules I had preventing stealth lynches, but I shouldn’t have taken them out right then and there, but I should simply have waited until my next game, instead of changing the rules in the middle of that game. My logic for allowing stealth lynches remains, but I should at least have announced the rule change before I went on with the stealth lynch.

    One more quick thing:
    Because we didn’t give the kills priorities (allowing for crossfires), if UltraPorygon had decided to lynch King Emerald and kill UncleSam (or vice versa), then UP would have died, macle and Athenodoros would have killed each other the next cycle, and there would have been no winner. (I originally had RBG winning in that scenario, but then UncleSam pointed out that wouldn’t work because RBG has to be alive to win).

    Anyway, on:
    If you want them, here are the three spreadsheets LW and I had:
    The roles
    The actions (putting all these in one place makes it easier to keep track of them)

    Staraptor Call tried to unite Dreamworks, but when he realized he was being lynched during Cycle 1 he broke his silence to attempt a fuck tiger, but it backfired when his teammate theangryscientist was lynched instead.

    I don’t think he did much, he was kind of just there for 3 cycles then he died.

    Fate didn’t get his C1 action in cause his internet was down, then EP was active until his death.

    idled twice, died C1.

    Yeah he was just unlucky.

    Relatively active, but didn’t participate much in the game.

    Was active until his Cycle 6 death, led Dreamworks from behind the scenes (with the help of vonFiedler). The best of the Dreamworkses, although that’s really not saying much.

    Led Pixar after Snype and Dogfish bit the dust. He was active and played a big role in the game, even though he couldn’t do anything cause he was silenced practically all game lol.

    Was relatively active after subbing in and before his death, he was suspicious of UncleSam and voiced said opinions in the thread, but didn’t do much else. Spiffy sucks.

    Active, participated in lynch, kind of a follow-the-leader situation, like the rest of Pixar.

    UP subbed in for HD, whose internet was like dying, and he was pretty active. Decided the game with his kill/lynch vote on Cycle 8.

    Reasonably active, played pretty well, got lynched. Not much to say tbh.

    Led Pixar with Dogfish, played well, not much to say.

    Led Pixar, but was way too open with certain people (UncleSam), and too trusting of everyone.

    Was found out by someone (I forget who) pretty early on, but got off some nice questions with these strict parameters.

    Active, played well towards the end. Made the decision to kill vonFiedler during Cycle 6, based on B_T’s PM which I’ll detail later.

    Led Disney, united them all pretty quickly, and exposed vonFiedler as a mole through server_crash’s question. Sent the following PM to me, LightWolf, s_c, King Emerald, Athenodoros, and LifeAdmiral during Cycle 4:
    Show Hide

    This united Disney and outed the entire hidden faction, which led to Athenodoros’s kill of von in c6. Played quite well, and was active both in the thread and on irc.

    Classic follow the leader blah

    Classic follow the leader blah, played pretty decently after BT died though

    Classic follow the leader blah

    Comments: Classic follow the leader blah, tried to mole the Pixar but did not succeed because there are only 11 Pixar movies.

    Live Action Movies:
    Played excellently, successfully moled both Disney and Dreamworks, he and UncleSam controlled the entire game for a good while.

    Played excellently, successfully moled Pixar extremly early, controlled the game along with vonFiedler.

    Uh yeah he didn’t do much (I don’t think he claimed to anyone, but everybody thought he was part of one of the other main factions until the failed lynch on him). Though there wasn’t much left for him to do.

    Got his actions in, didn’t really do much else. Then he got inspected which sealed his fate.

    Best Dreamworks: N/A(vonFiedler). Nobody really played the game that well - Flamestrike seemed to be directing things a bit, but he mostly laid back and let von do his dirty work.
    Best Pixar: Dogfish44. Played pretty well, but was too open with his spreadsheet, and after he and StevenSnype died the only one with sheet access was UncleSam the mafia.
    Best Disney: Blue_Tornado. He figured out who all the mafias were on Cycle 4, and he led Disney up until his death. His pm C4 led to the kill of Von eventually
    Best LAM:vonFiedler. Moled two factions, controlled the entire game, and he wouldn’t have died if not for B_T. I was hard-pressed to choose between him and US, but eventually went with von because he moled two factions to US’s one.
    MVP: vonFiedler.
  2. Blue_Tornado


    Apr 14, 2009
    very in-depth postgame

    do you know what's not in-depth? this post

    warning: i wrote this very quickly and so an extraordinary amount of grammar mistakes are to be anticipated.

    Show Hide
    Night 0:

    After past even-village multifaction games, I've learned that leaving the leader position to a possible mole is not something I want, so I took said position myself. I wanted to get organized quickly, and it was really a matter of quick union versus cautios play. I tried convincing people that time passing wouldn't help at all, and that it was either "claim" or "wait until you get proof, which could take ages", and even said proof could have been fake because the possibility of moles existed, so said the rules. I really devoted myself to try and get things started, to no big avail. Something that caught my eye back then was Von's immense will to get things started, and hastiness in general, which got me suspicious. Some claims were funny too (such as Zorbees claiming to be Bill Gates) but that wasn't really a big factor in the long run.

    Cycle 1:

    I had trusted Staraptor's pubclaim, so I had a big target right at the beginning. Pixar, who were going through ipl trauma, wanted a quick target, so we went for S-Call. Fortunately, he got himself godkilled, and I guess my urgency to get united and fast got us the position of that faction everyone wants to lynch WITH and not lynch FROM. I had to pick between lynching the Pixar killer (we didn't know the kill bounces from player to player back then) or a common enemy we thought to be not Pixar, Disney or Dreamworks, aka non-trio or external, as I called it. I wanted another 'strong' faction alongside Disney, as if it was 6-6-7 Dreamwors-Pixar-Disney, we'd probably be next in line. So I went with the non-trio route, which ended up being another dreamworks. What happened then was dreamworks losing most of their forces while we "lost our killer", which was very unfortunate.

    Really most of my fellow Disney ended up to be GMT-8 and the like, something that resulted in me having alot of false Disney claims and little true Disney contacts, although Yeti did want to get in contact before she died, and so did Athen, although Dogfish told me that his inspector (life) told him that Athen is scum. I assume he inspected Athen and saw that he is Disney, in hindsight, but although it wasn't confirmed, I took note of this and went on. I thought that maybe we could get some diplomacy going, me and Athen, so I wanted to keep him alive.

    I got in contact with Wick, the first Disney to truly claim, who was our hooker, and then ipl (I talked to him a few before) started pouring info my way as an aftermath of his moling attempt on Pixar. I knew from him that life was inspect and that Crux(Spiffy) was bg, and, really, I assumed that ipl was telling the truth about his Disney-ness judging by his behaviour, but I was still suspicious "because he's ipl". Server Crash claimed as well, and he earned my trust as well.

    Cycle 2:

    Herein lies "the folly". SCall was about to get lynched so I wanted someone decent with a weak role to attempt a mole on Dreamworks. Von was on and, although I suspected him, I knew he was good and (rather) weak and our time was limited, so I asked him if he's up to it and of course he agreed. He wanted to explain that he thought he was moling Disney (to explain his behavior up to that point) but "he got inspected by Disney inspector n0 so BT knew all along", and while it was a bit unneeded, I went with it. Of course, I had to alert ipl, the "inspector", of this, so he won't counteract or something. So I did, and he got curious and wanted to leech some (lots of) data for his inspection result on KE. So I decided I may as well get him in contact with Von, and that's when the three of us started strategizing. I think what happened next was a result of me being wary of ipl too much, which was blinding me of my fear of von moling as well. So when I decided to show ipl the sheet and combine all data we had at that point, I gave von access as well. I treated as someone fully trustable for no real reason, just so we can get stuff done, a lot like what I was going on about earlier with "time versus caution". So Von got access to the Dreamworks sheet and we kept pouring data on to our combined super sheet. I really thought we had the game under full control back then, which was of course a big mistake. This is no doubt the biggest mistake I've made, albeit one of the very few mistakes that I've actually made. I kept gathering claims and by the end of the cycle our sheet was almost full. Von was using Flame to get info from Pixar, ipl told us about life and crux of course, and I of course rounded up Disney. We planned that KE would protect me while Von would Decoy ipl while Von himself would get bg'd by Dreamworks BG. We also had what was essentially two inspectors - ipl and Flamestrike.

    At this point, we thought an inspector in the form of Life was a threat so we lynched him. We also thought Pixar would target ipl for their kill (which they did), so von was meant to take that. Of course, that didn't go as planned..

    Cycle 3:

    Meaty log with most my complaints and thoughts at that point;
    Session Start: Sun Feb 27 18:32:32 2011
    Session Ident: polelover44
    01[18:32] <Blue_Tornado> hi pole i have some questions
    [18:33] <polelover44> ok
    [18:33] <polelover44> ask your questions
    01[18:33] <Blue_Tornado> one
    01[18:34] <Blue_Tornado> does a decoy redirect kills too
    01[18:34] <Blue_Tornado> when it happens
    [18:34] <polelover44> yes
    [18:34] <polelover44> so does a martyr
    01[18:34] <Blue_Tornado> ok
    01[18:34] <Blue_Tornado> two
    01[18:34] <Blue_Tornado> regarding that martyr
    [18:34] <polelover44> but not a redirector
    01[18:34] <Blue_Tornado> if i target a redirector with a martyr
    01[18:34] <Blue_Tornado> and redirector targets user1 and user2
    01[18:34] <Blue_Tornado> what happens
    [18:35] <polelover44> user2 will become you
    01[18:35] <Blue_Tornado> oh
    [18:35] <polelover44> well not you
    [18:35] <polelover44> but the martyr
    01[18:35] <Blue_Tornado> yes
    [18:36] <polelover44> any other questions?
    01[18:36] <Blue_Tornado> well let me think
    01[18:36] <Blue_Tornado> why did you give us the new killer now
    01[18:36] <Blue_Tornado> and not last cycle
    01[18:36] <Blue_Tornado> (why didn't you alert us when the killer died basically)
    01[18:36] <Blue_Tornado> (we thought we had no kill)
    [18:36] <polelover44> cause you wouldn't have had a kill last cycle anyway
    01[18:36] <Blue_Tornado> i see
    [18:36] <polelover44> and cause it switches each time you do
    [18:37] <polelover44> it'll be someone else cycle 6
    [18:37] <polelover44> assuming you guys live that far
    01[18:37] <Blue_Tornado> :(
    01[18:37] <Blue_Tornado> i really don't get 1) why do neutrals + mafia have a kill each fucking broken and
    01[18:37] <Blue_Tornado> 2) why are they killing the factions that are getting boned
    01[18:37] <Blue_Tornado> that's counterproductive
    01[18:37] <Blue_Tornado> they want the trio to fight eachother
    01[18:38] <Blue_Tornado> when one bigger faction is left (pixar) they will hunt non-trio down
    [18:38] <polelover44> well maybe neutrals/mafia are dumb
    01[18:38] <Blue_Tornado> so yeah i think they're dub
    01[18:38] <Blue_Tornado> dumb*
    01[18:38] <Blue_Tornado> -_-
    01[18:38] <Blue_Tornado> and i really hope wick didn't get randed
    [18:38] <polelover44> ok
    01[18:38] <Blue_Tornado> if he did just fuck seriously
    [18:38] <polelover44> also lightwolf said it was balanced
    [18:38] <polelover44> so it's balanced
    01[18:38] <Blue_Tornado> it would be balanced if at least one of them
    01[18:38] <Blue_Tornado> is peaceful with the trio
    01[18:38] <Blue_Tornado> as in doesn't need them dead
    01[18:39] <Blue_Tornado> oh and i currently have one cofirmed mole in my ranks
    01[18:39] <Blue_Tornado> either von or athen
    [18:39] <polelover44> ok
    01[18:39] <Blue_Tornado> at this point i may as well suspect von for wick dying like that
    01[18:39] <Blue_Tornado> and ipl dying like that
    01[18:39] <Blue_Tornado> and apparently von told j-man to martyr my silence
    [18:39] <polelover44> ok
    01[18:39] <Blue_Tornado> who the fuck does that -_-
    [18:40] <polelover44> von does apparently
    [18:41] <polelover44> well
    [18:41] <polelover44> don't blame me for what other players do
    01[18:41] <Blue_Tornado> i'm not
    01[18:41] <Blue_Tornado> sigh
    01[18:41] <Blue_Tornado> i thought i was playing well too
    [18:41] <polelover44> also why has nobody killed spiffy seriously fuck
    01[18:42] <Blue_Tornado> we're going for it tonight
    01[18:42] <Blue_Tornado> do not fret
    [18:42] <polelover44> ok cool
    [18:42] <polelover44> Dreamworks is more screwed than you at this point though
    [18:42] <polelover44> tbh
    [18:43] <polelover44> they lost power roles (hooker + bg)
    [18:43] <polelover44> and roles that could have helped them with the lynch (persuade+negvote)
    [18:48] <polelover44> also
    [18:48] <polelover44> you'll soon see if there's a mole
    [18:48] <polelover44> cause on cycle 6, someone else will get the kill
    [18:48] <polelover44> and so on and so forth
    01[18:48] <Blue_Tornado> well i'm 100% sure there's a mole
    01[18:48] <Blue_Tornado> there are 2 external kills each cycle
    [18:48] <polelover44> and if someone gets the kill
    01[18:48] <Blue_Tornado> which means at least two neutrals (or neutrals + mafia)
    01[18:48] <Blue_Tornado> which means
    01[18:49] <Blue_Tornado> no 8-man factions
    [18:49] <polelover44> they must be a member of disney
    01[18:49] <Blue_Tornado> only 7-man
    01[18:49] <Blue_Tornado> yes i realize
    01[18:49] <Blue_Tornado> pretty funny how dogfish tried convincing me they have no hooker
    [18:49] <polelover44> lol
    01[18:50] <Blue_Tornado> honestly i feel as if i'm playing well but nothing is going my way
    01[18:50] <Blue_Tornado> :l
    [18:50] <polelover44> there are some times
    [18:50] <polelover44> when you're just unlucky
    01[19:11] <Blue_Tornado> spiffy IS lynched right
    01[19:11] <Blue_Tornado> as in
    01[19:11] <Blue_Tornado> silenced
    [19:17] <polelover44> yeah
    [19:17] <polelover44> spiffy is silenced
    [19:17] <polelover44> if something had gone wrong
    [19:17] <polelover44> I would have told you
    01[19:18] <Blue_Tornado> ok
    01[19:18] <Blue_Tornado> thanks
    01[19:54] <Blue_Tornado> would von receive a result
    01[19:54] <Blue_Tornado> if his decoy failed
    [19:57] <polelover44> if it failed for a reason, yeah
    01[19:57] <Blue_Tornado> then it failed
    01[19:57] <Blue_Tornado> and von got no result?
    [19:57] <polelover44> I should rephrase that
    [19:58] <polelover44> if something in the game made it fail, it would get a result (hooker, priority up/down, safeguard, etc.)
    01[19:58] <Blue_Tornado> so what exactly made it fail
    01[19:58] <Blue_Tornado> -_-
    [19:58] <polelover44> if it failed for another reason (I'm a dick, it doesn't exist, etc.) then there would be no result
    01[19:59] <Blue_Tornado> are you saying he didn't decoy ipl
    01[19:59] <Blue_Tornado> since if it 'failed' for ANY reason, you're saying he'd gotten a result
    [19:59] <polelover44> yep
    01[19:59] <Blue_Tornado> -_-
    01[19:59] <Blue_Tornado> i know now is not the time to out von but seriously
    [19:59] <polelover44> except
    01[19:59] <Blue_Tornado> i think i'll have server try and check his nameclaim
    [19:59] <polelover44> I may have simply forgotten to send him a result
    [19:59] <polelover44> I do that a lot
    01[19:59] <Blue_Tornado> then
    01[19:59] <Blue_Tornado> check
    Von had estimated that his action failed as a result of a priority up, which, what a coincidence, was infact the reason, at least for what he claimed pole sent him as a result. At this point i was obviously suspecting von but at the same time his behavior and productiveness convinced me otherwise, and even if he was a mole, nothing would stop me from keeping the strategizing going, especially as he has sheet access anyway. Of course, I told SCrash to check Von anyhow.

    At this point we wanted to even things out so we lynched Dogfish and killed Spiffy. Not much else is strongly in my head at the moment.

    Cycle 4:

    I resumed my strategising when a bit after the first 24 hours SCrash showed me his result. At this point I really felt the game was open again so I united my faction and gave them the heads-up. Like i've explained in the thread, I knew what everyone was at that point, through elimination, educated guesswork and hard facts. Here is the post(http://www.smogon.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3365921&postcount=227).

    I started planning according to me and von's combined planning. I knew that at this point Von and his faction would likely want to kill one of us, so I wanted to make their kill failed. I told von that I thought that KE was more likely to get attacked than me, so I told him to Decoy KE while KE BG's him and not me-- yeah, I said I didn't think I'd die. I KNEW they would just have to kill me as a result, as they knew I was unprotected, since Von thought I trusted him, so I believe that is what made their kill fail that night. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    I wanted to maybe talk to some other leaders about the hidden faction, but I agreed on the fact it would be highly benificial for me to continue "working" with von and planning on top of our plans.

    This was also the cycle, correct me if I'm wrong, in which we found out from Flamestrike that RBG was the wolf. We wanted to abuse RBG as much as possible while killing him off, so I had von PM this(http://www.smogon.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3366107&postcount=235) to RBG. Von suggested killing HD as an "either Hidden Faction or Pixar" option. Of course, this is what let me believe that Sam is Hidden and that HD is not, and by process of elimination, HD was the Pixar hooker that Dogfish tried hiding from me, while practically giving away the fact they do infact have a Hooker. This was, again, an educated guess that turned out to be true.

    We lynched Snype(?) here because von insisted on it, and Pixar were still a threat, and although Quagsires was probably the better option (HD "was getting killed by RBG"), I went with it because it would mean that in the case of a Pixar kill on Dreamworks or Hidden Mafia (more on this subject in Cycle 5), and if Hidden Mafia had a hooker-esque role, they wouldn't know the Killer, as it would get passed to a random Pixar (either Quagsires or HD/UP).

    Cycle 5:

    I stayed with the format of "von protect KE and KE protect von" in hopes that the trick will work again, since honestly, I doubt there was a better option and I was sure Hidden Mafia would pull all the stops against us at that point (be it killing KE, which would make Von look bad, which they didn't mind at that point, or by safeguarding and killing me, which they did do. I actually didn't know they had a safeguard, and although there was the result from Flame's inspect on Macle, I thought Von faked it..).

    I told Von of my plan-- which would hopefully result in the Pixar not killing us. We'd lynch a dreamworks and do Pixar a favor, while they'd Kill a Hidden Mafia, which we agreed on would be Macle. I explained that if a Disney is lynched, Hidden Mafia would kill a Dreamworks while Pixar would more than likely kill a Disney, resulting in a Hidden Mafia win. I also explained that a dreamworks/hidden mafia lynch - pixar-against-disney kill would lead to the hidden mafia killing a disney, and them having the ultimate advantage. And I described that if we take a Hidden Mafia down while Pixar kill Disney, Dreamworks will be the ones with the ultimate advantage. So I legitamately showed him that the lynch dreamworks kill hidden mafia was the best option for Pixar, since Hidden Mafia would kill a Disney, meaning losses on each of the three sides while no Pixar loss. It was an ultimately good deal.

    I knew, however, that Von wouldn't let me kill Macle like that. I knew that he'd think they would kill him, if at all, so he'd set up a bg on him. So, I told Quagsires UncleSam's name instead, in hopes that he'd get killed. Unfortunately, I learned this afterwards, but it appears that Pixar trusted Sam, so they thought I was lying to them and so.. they killed us. Great. It's sad because maybe, if I stuck to Macle, we'd have one more member left and we'd have the advantage. Maybe. Or maybe it would cause to a Disney onslaught, so I might as well be happy I offered Sam instead.

    So the disappointment I've had at that point was directed at Quagsires, since I think we'd had it won if he complied, and I actually expected him to, seeing as it WAS a worthwhile deal.

    So, I died. And Sam did what he did with the hurting, which got me to ill-mindedly contact UP, and we know what happened next. Again, I thought this wasn't breaking a rule, but I should have known better and although this had no real effect, I'm sorry. Now, Sam, have I really played that terribly, so much that I deserved to lose? I don't think so. I think I played well and I'm glad I stepped up in the first place. I've had fun, and I'm sure a lot of others did too. It was fun playing with von right after our game, which he himself kept saying it was very coincidential.

    Oh and we should probably stop with the balanaced Village-esque factions multifaction because it tends to end in kingmaker more than not.

    And one last mistake I made, which probably wasn't THAT big of a deal but still, was not sharing my sheet with the remaining Disney, which I knew were clean. Here it is, untouched from before I died.

    One last thing I've just remembered-- when Von led the lynch on Macle, I expected Athen and KE to understand that something is up. They might have wanted to out Von, or to talk with Flame or Quag about lynching Von or Sam instead, but then again, I'm not sure if they knew the reason for why I suspected Von in the first place, so I don't think they would have succeded in that. So, whatever, again, I should have shared my thoughts more, but ah well.

    GG, it was enjoyable.
  3. Spiffy


    Jun 10, 2009
    So Crux claiming to ipl (I'm assuming this is how he found out my role) pretty much spelled out our doom; I may not have died so early and UncleSam wouldn't have been the only one left with sheet access when Snype died.

    And I think if everyone tried to lynch a mafia one cycle earlier the outcome to the game would be different.

    And polelover44 sucks.
  4. RBG

    RBG Trying to get my Smods back D:
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    Jan 27, 2008
    Next time I'm a wolf, give me at least a chance of winning please?
  5. LightWolf

    LightWolf lightwoof
    is a Forum Moderator

    Jul 26, 2008
    Tbh wolves aren't around to win, they serve as balancers who provide additional kills. If you look back at the really old games the wolves had it much worse back then.

    I don't have much to add to the postgame, but one thing. I know I'm paranoid to the max but dogfish, I don't know what you were thinking being so open and all. Also can someone point out what made the PM of Nightmare Jigglypuff so unbelievable?
  6. vonFiedler

    vonFiedler Is she still looking at the sunset, now long vanished?
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    Mar 22, 2010
    "Life isn't fair"

    What an irrelevant excuse for screwing up a game you should have total control over. I shouldered alot of blame from all the host mistakes you made in Metroidvania and never publicly exposed your bad hosting. You really have areas to improve if you are going to keep hosting, making a postgame thread just to call me a crybaby is not winning you any points.
  7. Flamestrike


    Aug 19, 2009
    Still want to make fun of me for this dogfish? (open)
    [09:46] <dogfish44> are you talking to B_T as a dreamworks guy?
    01[09:47] <Flamestrike> yeah, trying to see what he's up to
    [09:47] <dogfish44> slight issue
    01[09:47] <Flamestrike> how so?
    [09:47] <dogfish44> he now wants to lynch you
    [09:48] <dogfish44> He's a DISNEY player
    [09:48] <dogfish44> not a DW player
    01[09:48] <Flamestrike> yeah, i was trying to see what he wanted to do for the lynch
    [09:48] <dogfish44> >_>
    01[09:48] <Flamestrike> except clearly that wasn't the best idea -_-
    [09:48] <dogfish44> Now I need to sort that mess out
    06[09:48] * dogfish44 gets in a huff
    01[10:12] <Flamestrike> lynch looks good, thanks for bailing me out
    01[10:12] <Flamestrike> will not try that again
    [10:12] <dogfish44> He still suspects you
    [10:13] <dogfish44> but put athendoros (unknown) and tas closer to the front of his head
    01[10:13] <Flamestrike> that's to be expected sadly, my fault for being stupid -_-
    [10:14] <dogfish44> dw
    [10:14] <dogfish44> just remind me to make fun of you in a postgame
    01[10:14] <Flamestrike> lol, sure

    Yeah, I wanted to post that just for the sake of showing that I wasn't a complete failure this game, though I really shouldn't have instantly trusted von like I did. I was in a position to mole Pixar and I didn't want to give it up, nor did I want to let J-man, the bodyguard Nachos or the killer Fate/E_P lead, so I just handed the sheet over to von and let him do everything. The right thing to do would have been inspecting him and going from there, but of course the one time I decide to play risky is the one time it backfires horribly. It wasn't a bad game, though "3 even factions + hidden mafia" is getting overdone and just begs for kingmaker. GG to the mafia, you guys definitely deserved the win (though Disney played well too, so props to them)
  8. polelover44


    Dec 14, 2008
    von before the next time you decide to call me out on hosting mistakes, maybe you should fucking think again.

    And don't give me that "it was a troll game" bullshit. You made a mistake in a game you should have had total control over, the mistake could have changed the outcome of the game but didn't. When rey called you out on it, you responded with 'umad' and 'wait till postgame'.

    If you really care this much about an online game of mafia, get the fuck out of my thread.
  9. Yeti

    Yeti queen of unclesam's village
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    May 8, 2009
  10. Steven Snype

    Steven Snype Kunclord Supreme
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    Mar 27, 2009
  11. UncleSam

    UncleSam Leading this village
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    May 12, 2009
    How about we just blame spiffy?
  12. macle

    macle PLEASE CLAP
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    Jun 21, 2008
    Dude I was amazing.
  13. vonFiedler

    vonFiedler Is she still looking at the sunset, now long vanished?
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    Mar 22, 2010
    I made no hosting mistake in what I did. I ran the game according to exactly what my cohost and I had decided prior to the game, which was approved by the mods. Rey took the noncompetitive game too seriously, when unbeknownst to him (hence wait for post game), I was hosting it right. You had terribly loose lips in this game which drastically affected the outcome, and sent people the wrong results frequently in Metroidvania.

    You cleaned Server Crash and that did matter. You gave the mafia all we needed to mole like crazy and that did matter. You exposed UncleSam, and told us who the Disney killer was. These are not small things, and they are only things you told a small portion of the players. You drastically altered the course of the game you were hosting. This is not good hosting. You host a bad game, and you act like I am the bad guy. This is not just bad hosting. Not being able to own up to your mistakes makes you pathetic as a person.

    Don't post a thread just to call me out and then tell me to leave.
  14. Server_Crash


    Apr 1, 2010
    Am I the only one who can't access the spreadsheets?
  15. Blue_Tornado


    Apr 14, 2009
    it might just be a problem with my sheets. it's happened before. (edit: just realized you might be talking about pole's)

    anywho i want to highlight that the balancing mechanic between three balanced factions sucks and shouldn't be used.
  16. Nightmare Jigglypuff

    Nightmare Jigglypuff

    Sep 3, 2010
    To be fair, it was my first forum mafia, so i decided to lay low and see if dogfish wanted me to do stuff, but he didn't.
  17. polelover44


    Dec 14, 2008
    my bad. Fixed 'em.
  18. LifeAdmiral


    Sep 27, 2010
    I got hooked on C0 and ended up only having an inspect on C1 before my C2 lynch. Which was inevitable since people apparently don't like Life...
  19. Steven Snype

    Steven Snype Kunclord Supreme
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    Mar 27, 2009
    Question that wasn't answered:

    Why were roles wasted on having solely a vigilante if the kills were going to cycle through a faction?
  20. Nightmare Jigglypuff

    Nightmare Jigglypuff

    Sep 3, 2010
    Sorry to bump a dead thread, but i figured out why my role was called Toy Story 2: Electric Boogaloo. Details here.
  21. wickdaggler


    Oct 13, 2009
    tbh I don't even remember this game, it was that uneventful

    all I remember was that the hosts fucked up?
    that's about it
  22. Blue_Tornado


    Apr 14, 2009
    probably because you died early

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