Anime Thread MK3 - Beware Spoilers

Martin for reviewless shows, you can just go with most shows when they begin airing, usually they don't have reviews after just 1 episode.

Haven't been able to start any shows due to being really busy with IRL stuff but glad to see people picking out Azumanga Daioh and Nodame Cantabile. Also surprised that a lot of you guys haven't seen Bakemonogatari yet.
in this review there might be a few minor spoilers for mob psycho 100 so if you want to avoid these you're warned

I liked Mob Psycho 100. I went through it quite quickly, given it was only 12 episodes, and I felt very excited and hyped during some episodes, just like I felt during One Punch Man. This show also kind of just felt like One Punch Man, with the super powerful MC and powerful side characters in Ritsu and Teru.

The plot is rather forgettable during the first 8 episodes, and only the arc towards the end was interesting enough really. I mean yeah sure episode 5 had a really cool fight and it set up the characters a little bit but the last few episodes were definitely the best. In the last few episodes we see our protagonists fighting against a criminal organization that tries to brainwash teenagers with psychic powers and turn them into an army for the organization. Mob's little brother Ritsu get kidnapped by these villains and Mob, together with his friends Teru and Dimple, tries to get him back.

I felt mixed about the characters. Mob was enjoyable despite him feeling like a (much more) timid Saitama. Ritsu and Teru were okay, and Dimple was a good character that added a little bit of comical relief. I absolutely loved the part where Mob thought Dimple died and he went through his memories. Reigen was absolutely spot-on and in my opinion the best character, due to his comical attributions to the show. The side characters were generally really fucking awful though, like the president of the psychic powers club. holy shit she was really fucking annoying for doing stupid shit and just generally being obnoxious. and the entire pleb club of psychics that ritsu gets kidnapped with sucked too. they just overall sucked and didn't bring anything enjoyable to the table, and in fact they bring down the quality of the show. sometimes they just act way too whacky and then the show is in this whacky mood and doesn't portray its more serious elements better, which is a shame, because some parts did have some good /emotional/ dialogue

The lack of good side characters is mitigated by the amazing art. Just like in OPM, this show really shines during its fighting scenes and we get to see some absolutely insane visuals. real quality. also the sound was good, the OP was exciting and pumped you up for the episode to come. the soundtrack during the show never particularly stood out to me but it didn't bother me either. the voice acting was well done in general, setsuo itou, a newcomer, did a good job on mob, and i liked takahiro sakurai on reigen a lot too

final rating: 8 / 10

i rushed this little review towards the end, so sorry if it includes some shitty writing


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Challenge 47 - Watch a show tagged as Shounen or Seinen - One Outs

One Outs is a pretty cool show, its been on my plan to watch forever. I love high stakes gambling as a concept and combining that with baseball was an inspired decision. The main character Tokuchi Toua is best described as Light Yagami but if he was a baseball pitcher. Everything is always according to keikaku for this guy, and that sort of detracts from the tension because you just know he will never really fail at anything. But that also is what makes it so alluring as a series, its fun as fuck and the main character is unrivalled. Sometimes stuff like that is pretty cool, like in One Punch Man (which follows a similar format to this honestly). Every baseball game is like, Tokuchi does something unexpected and his team is like WTF despite him doing this every day. And sometimes he doesnt arrive to bail people out until the last possible second. Extremely fun show, extremely unique and im totally glad I watched it for this challenge.


hi, here are a bunch of reviews for shows i've seen in january:

One Punch Man (Madhouse, 2015) - 12 episodes (9 / 10)
I dropped this show about a year ago and I absolutely do not know why, considering this is a hilarious show. One Punch Man doesn’t have a complex storyline; it parodies generic shonen anime by having a main character who is a superhero ‘just for fun’, and is so ridiculously overpowered he can take on any opponent with a single punch, hence his name, One Punch Man.

Despite defeating multiple world threatening monsters, our protagonist Saitama does not get the acclaim he wants to have. He meets a teenage cyborg named Genos who wishes to be Saitama’s disciple after seeing his bizarre powers. They join the ‘Hero Association’, which is an association for heroes, where they are grouped in ranks from C to S. Both Saitama and Genos climb through the rankings during the show, by defeating all kinds of absurd monsters.

I have rarely felt so excited and hyped during the extremely well animated fights against memorable characters and monsters. Seriously, all characters are hilarious and interesting. The two protagonists mesh well together while the show is also renowned for the amazing side characters, like the fucking epic Mumen Rider, the powerful Deep Sea King, and the remarkable Puri-Puri Prisoner.

The art in One Punch Man is very good in general, with exciting visuals and the bold and fat drawings during fights are amazing and dramatic, adding another layer of hype to the show. Sadly I didn’t feel like the cities were exciting. They are labeled as city A, city B, etc. but none ever get elaborated much and the world is never really properly built (probably because it constantly gets destroyed by massive monsters).

The music is great. The opening by JAM Project is so fucking hype. The ending felt a bit out of place though. The sound effects were done quite well and battle music was picked cleverly, fitting the battles and characters. The voice acting by Makoto Furukawa on Saitama was done extremely well and fit the silly personality of him well.

I saw certain reviews criticized One Punch Man on multiple aspects though. On myanimelist multiple users mentioned that the show was repetitive and that the joke of Saitama defeating everyone in one punch gets boring. While I can see why people would think this show is repetitive and predictable, but it is also quite literally the title of the show. Of course the show is predictable when it is called One Punch Man smh

I’ve seen people call the show ‘hit-or-miss’ comedy, which is very subjective but I disagree with it wholeheartedly. The show does a good job at its jokes, parodying the shonen genre, and I enjoyed most bits of comedy, but I have a feeling most people that are ‘hating’ on One Punch Man are kinda hating on it for the sake of hating on it and being different.

Samurai Champloo (Manglobe, 2004-05) - 26 episodes (9 / 10)
Samurai Champloo is a story about Fuu, a young girl going out on an adventure. She saves the lives of two samurai, and in trade for that, they will be her bodyguards on her intriguing quest to find the ‘samurai who smells of sunflowers’.

Due to Samurai Champloo’s episodic nature it remains vague and ambiguous for most the show, and that is perfectly fine. The story progresses while also just telling the fun stories it wants to tell. It causes the viewer to get dragged along into an unrevealing and vague story, but making a compelling ending. This episodic nature also causes many characters to only appear for one episode, but usually the handful of episodes that allow the side characters to stick for longer are the most interesting ones.

The story takes many amusing turns, allowing the vibrant 1600s Japan to really shine as Champloo mixes in many lively and modern elements into the show, such as the use of graffiti, homosexuality, and religion. Touching on these different subjects keeps the show fresh and amusing. This setting is fitting for the story, making nothing ever really feel out of place.

The animation and artwork for this show is very well done in general. The characters feel well designed appearance-wise, suiting their personalities a lot. The fighting scenes are beautifully animated and the backgrounds are sweet and pleasing on the eye.

Of course, for an episodic show it is crucial to have an enjoyable cast of main characters, which is something Champloo does very well. I thought Fuu was a lovable character, though a bit naive and innocent. Mugen brings a coarse element to the cast, while Jin balances that out with his calm and serene personality. These characters have their histories and backgrounds revealed slowly, but it’s perfectly paced. Despite the somewhat clashing personalities the crew meshes very well together, and the relationships develop very well. None of the characters are flat or uninteresting, and that allows Champloo to shine for twenty-four episodes.

The side characters aren’t really memorable, as they usually stick around for only one episode. However, that doesn’t make most of them any less interesting. All, but like two, of the characters feel realistic, and usually they bring an intriguing story along them, such as Sara, the blind assassin (holy darn, episode 20 and 21 were GOOD) or Ukon, the street killer looking for a worthy opponent.

The Japanese voice acting only added more to these already great characters. I liked Fuu a lot regardless, but Ayako Kawasumi did an amazing job at portraying her sweet and naive character. The rough voice of Kazuya Nakai on Mugen made him feel more like a realistic character out for fighting, while Ginpei Sato did a good job at conveying Jin’s silent personality.

Of course, there’s something to be said about the great soundtrack of this show. Nujabes backs the show up with amazing hip-hop beats during more intense scenes and with a minimalist opening that fits the show well. The ending by MINMI was excellent and serene as well. Also in the show we get to see some old Japanese singing backed up by a shamisen but that wasn’t really my jam.

Is there anything really holding Samurai Champloo back?


One awful episode made me reconsider my entire rating of this great show. Episode 22. Holy shit this is fucking awful. It doesn’t make sense at all, doesn’t fit in with the story (it’s literally non-canon) and it just is fucking trash. please for the love of god if you haven’t watched samurai champloo yet but you’re planning to, skip out on episode 22 and 23. it is literally the worst piece of anime i’ve seen in my life

Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Erased) (A-1 Pictures, 2016) - 12 episodes (5 / 10) qwily imma make u mad w/ this

I have no idea why this show has an 8,63 rating on myanimelist. It's not necessarily a bad show, just a really overhyped one for reasons that I possibly am just missing?

The story is about Satoru Fujinuma, who possesses a power in which he finds himself sent back in time a few minutes ago so he can prevent tragedy from striking. This power is called "Revival", and is literally not explained in the rest of the show. Even though the entire plot is about this 'Revival' power it's just there and they never take any time to explain it. When his neighbor who randomly and conveniently walks in after his mom was murdered Satoru runs away from the police, rather than talk it out like a sensible person because Satoru didn't do it and had no grounds to do it, and later finds himself back in 1988, 18 years in the past. He's totally unphazed and connects his mothers murder to the abduction and killing of his classmate Kayo Hinazuki. He takes this chance to go back and fix things.

It's not really that exciting. People praise the first half of the show for being more fleshed out and careful, whereas the second half is paced more quickly and feels like it sometimes loses itself a little out of sight. I feel like the story just doesn't do itself so well at times, usually due to random inexplicable and convenient happenings. Like Satoru's neighbor conveniently walked in and sees Satoru with blood on his hands. Why would Satoru kill his mom hello could you be rational please??? Or when Satoru's mom conveniently gets out of work early and walks past Kayo's mom who's about to hit her. Or when Airi's parents divorced over a chocolate bar and that's the reason she's supporting a potential murderer. Or the spiders threads thing in the last episode which didn't make sense for shit?

The times the plot is well done though are aplenty, the breakfast scene with Kayo was emotional (I think RODAN even wrote a bit about it on moda), the story unfolds itself in a generally logical way, and outside of what I mentioned there weren't any real quirks to it. Apart from the ending, which felt like a ridiculous rushed 15 year timeskip and uhh yeah it kinda lost its charm around that point.

The characters are decent. Adult Satoru is boring, bland, and mostly uninteresting, but young Satoru is an excited and courageous character, even though he acts childish at time. hey man ur a 33 year old, i understand u wanna fit in with the kids but dont act like a baka. Kayo felt a bit soulless. I said it. Kayo feels like she's just kind of there to make you feel bad when she's getting abused and make you feel happy when she's saved. I think she's the character to just get your emotions rolling, which isn't particularly bad, but it didn't make me feel emotionally connected or attached to Kayo.

The main supporting characters are fine. Kenya, despite being unrealistically intelligent at only 10 years old, is very charismatic and likeable as a character. Airi was a nice breeze of mostly positivity and she made me happy, just like Satoru's mom who was very supportive of her son's actions and helped him and Kayo in every way possible. I didn't really get to care for the other characters like Aya or Hiromi. I feel like A-1 really pointed their arrows at Kayo in that regard.

Regarding the 'mystery' tag that goes along with this show, I feel like I have to say this show didn't do a great job at being a mystery. Although I was wrong with my initial guess on the killer, I never really got to care about who the killer was. The potential characters were never really fleshed out and the show was really focusing on its slice-of-life parts much more, so as a mystery I feel like this failed.

I'll just say the animation is done well and stuff. Some pieces like at the big Christmas tree were visually stunning etc. I didn't like the music as much, so I generally skipped through the OP and never listened to the ending, sorry guys. The voice acting was done quite well though, especially considering this was the first role for the VA of adult Satoru.

Shelter (A-1 Pictures, 2016) - 6 minutes (8 / 10)
Another exhibition of how well A-1 Pictures can animate. This is a short video clip for the song "Shelter" by Porter Robinson and Madeon, so I don't have much to say about this. For that reason, I will complain about a review that I saw at the top of myanimelist, which I thought was an awful review.

I don't exactly understand what said user expected coming into a 6 minute long music video. It is unfair to cite the lack of emotion and content when it has such a minimal time window. It has to introduce a setting, build a world, establish two characters, and wrap it up in this timespan. He brings up the fact that the main character is a 'cute teenage girl' and that the same feelings wouldn't have been provoked had it been a differently appearing character. This argument is void. I believe I would've had the same feelings and same reactions had this been a teenage boy. There is just something about a father-daughter relationship that's fitting and emotional. also your myanimelist avatar is a literal loli with big ass eyes you fucktard

He considers a letter flashing on the screen shortly as a shallow way of tricking the viewer into digging into the story which is 'designed for cheap tears and easy pity'. It all comes back down to this being a 6 minute long music video. This isn't like any other anime show of twelve episodes in which they have plenty of time to flesh stuff like this out, it has to do everything in 6 minutes, and in my opinion does a good job at it.

also holy shit this show is just beautiful

High School DxD (TNK, 2012) - 12 episodes

i know guys here me out dont make fun of me for watching this it started out as a joke because i didnt like erased and someone told me to watch high school dxd. i ironicalyl watched it and unironically enjoyed it

the story is actually pretty good for a harem show that shoves tits in your face every five seconds! its about demons and angels and stuff its explained in the show. issei is a bland-ish pleb mc but he's fine. rias is actually a surprisingly good character, and the side characters (akeno, koneko, swords guy) were all pretty cool and i'll probably watch season 2 to enjoy these characters once more

is it a good show? no
should you watch it? probably no

but its my guilty pleasure and i love it for it


Junichi Masuda likes this!!
I'm late for watching Yuri On Ice now.
Never knew it was such a great anime until now.
I just kept noticing comments about Yuri On Ice on real life skating videos. After seeing the amount of Yuri on Ice comments on Nathan Chen's National Champion video, I decided to give it a go.

And I must say I quite like it. The art is amazing. I love the movements.
Sorry if I'm annoying you guys with reviews for old shows, if you guys want me to stop please tell me, I'll just keep these private then :)

Boku no Hero Academia (Bones, 2016) - 13 eps - 7 / 10
Eighty percent of humanity has recently manifested "quirks", newly discovered super powers, possessing various abilities from manipulation of small objects to being able to control ice and fire. However, our main character, Izuku "Deku" Midoriya does not have a quirk. Instead, Deku studies all heroes and analyzes their fighting and powers because of his unfair fate leaving him quirkless. Deku's perseverance rewards him; he encounters his number one idol, All Might, and inherits his power. Enduring many months of painful training, Deku finally enrolls in the UA university, and begins to learn how it is in the wonderful world of heroes.

The story is one that everyone probably already is familiar with. Deku is the underdog climbing to the top of the hero academy against all the odds. It adds a different kind of element to the fairly standard shounen genre. Despite all its cliches (because after all it IS a shounen story), the story has its limitations and knows its limitations due to the nature of the main character's power. The story isn't really the strong suit of Academia just yet, but considering I don't know how the manga advances, and considering season two is coming up very soon, I'm sure this can be improved over the time. After all, we've only had thirteen episodes.

Boku no Hero Academia had a rather eccentric cast of heroes, which is crucial for a show like this. I'm glad that we saw a wide array of quirks and powers being used, such as the frog girl, creation girl, and super fast guy Iida. However, we only had thirteen episodes for these characters to be showcased and developed, and while we saw a lot of development on Deku and Bakugo, sadly we didn't have enough time to really see any other character manifest into something bigger. We saw a lot of eccentric people, but we barely got to see anything from them, so I'm glad we're going to get a season two for this. The main characters are decent, to be honest. Deku's tendency to cry and generally be unconfident isn't funny or anything, just bothering after a while, and disappointing he doesn't build up any courage over the course of the show. Bakugo, on the other hand, is too full of confidence and generally just feels ridiculously antagonistic and villainous, while he's on the hero academy. He doesn't seem to provide anything to the story other than a feeling of pure hatred and sheer annoyance, because he's acting stupidly antagonistic towards Deku, for really no reason at all. All Might was a fairly cool, and his emaciated form added a gimmick to the character that made him more than just a superhero.

To be honest, the animation was never really any special. It was 'fine' but never really anything groundbreaking or new. Also to be fair, I never really care about the music in a show unless it's exceptionally good, and the opening for Boku no Hero Academia was fine, but never enough to make me want to not skip it. The voice acting was decent, there isn't anything negative I can say about the voice acting.

While Boku no Hero Academia has its flaws, it is still a quick watch and one that is actually pretty good and enjoyable. If you just have like three hours to spend on watching anime, Boku no Hero Academia is definitely quality.



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I had a big discussion post about Erased written but my computer crashed and I lost it all and can't remember what I wrote RIP

But yeah posts like this are good. Keep them coming.


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Challenge 65 - Watch an anime using predictive search for your username - C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

This show is a lot better in theory than it is in execution. I don't have much to actually say, the show is really ugly, the fights are kinda cool. The plot is very similar to Selector Infected WIXOSS - in that losing causes your life to go down the shitter hole. Theres a really powerful reveal in episode 4, but thats the strongest the show sucks you in emotionally. Everything else is entirely mediocre, its only 11 eps so theres a lot worse shows you can watch.

Challenge 4 - Watch a Music type Anime - Shelter:

Shelter is short, so I'm not going to dwell on it for too long. Nice visuals, okay song, cute main character with a tragic reason for being there. It was alright, but nothing particularly special.

Challenge 50 - Watch an anime tagged as Comedy, Harem, and/or School - Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun:

It takes one hell of a comedy anime to make me laugh really hard, and this one achieved it. The antics of the characters rarely ever went the way I expected, the comedy went in ways I didn't expect, each characters inner monologues just went to show how weird each character was, and what made them so good. Outside of the comedy, the characters all had great relationships with each other, with the conversations between Sakura, Nozaki, and the rest of the gang feeling like a real person's conversation. Fuck failed confessions though.

Shelter - 7/10
Nozaki-kun - 9/10
My review writing skills - 2/10
After a long but miserable hiatus from anime I'm about to dive back in and have decided to start with Death Note. I know real anime fans would have gobbled it up and digested it years ago so I hope I'm not inducing too much eye-rolling. For a series to get me back into anime I thought it would be a good place to start. I've only heard good things! (Older favourites include Neon Genesis Evangelion, Buccano, Full Metal Alchemist)
After a long but miserable hiatus from anime I'm about to dive back in and have decided to start with Death Note. I know real anime fans would have gobbled it up and digested it years ago so I hope I'm not inducing too much eye-rolling. For a series to get me back into anime I thought it would be a good place to start. I've only heard good things! (Older favourites include Neon Genesis Evangelion, Buccano, Full Metal Alchemist)
the people on this subforum tend to be pretty chill and nobody's gonna be a dick because of any "real anime fan" bullshit (I think). watch what you want to watch!

on an unrelated note, I can't decide whether I would prefer that Konosuba S2 actually look good or not. some part of me says that the choppy animation and stretched faces is what gives it a lot of its comedic charm, but another part of me really doesn't want to watch 10fps slideshows
short reviews for stuff i've watched in february:
shingeki no kyojin (attack on titan) - 10:

Really exciting show, the usage of the three dimensional movement system was clever and well animated. The show was fairly well animated in general, the music was good, and the characters were generally all fine (I love potato girl). Although the pacing might've been a little bit awkward at times (episodes where Armin just argues about everything, or when they're sitting on a horse for 5 episodes) but compensates that with amazing and tense fighting scenes. The story is fairly decent and I'm exciting to see how it'll continue in season 2 :)

haikyuu!! - 8,5
A good shounen sports anime in which every point and movement in every match feels tense and exciting. It's not the most groundbreaking or innovative idea but it is executed well enough, and Haikyuu is more about the character development through the usage of volleyball anyway. While I didn't particularly __enjoy__ Hinata (he was a fine character but nothing special), I liked basically every other single character of the cast. Especially Kageyama gets the development he deserves. All other characters (especially Nishinoya!!!!) like Asahi, Sugawara, and Tanada(?) are cool. Even the supposed antagonists like the setter from Nekoma and Oikawa were solid. Good show.

yuri!! on ice - 6,5
A cute show, albeit overrated. I have no idea why it has got so much praise at all. The romance wasn't even all that good (Yuri and Victor barely talked during the first few episodes) and the animation during the skating scenes were generally rather poor. The show presents us a whole lot of side characters that I just couldn't really care about. I liked Yurio and Jean-Jacques Leroy quite a lot though, and I wish we could've seen more from them. Sadly, Yuri!! on Ice never excels in any specific attribute and what we're left with is a show that is fairly cute but never gets better than a 6,5. The show didn't have any huge pitfalls either, just a misallocation of time and resources which could've been spent better on animation or showing us more of the sweet and warm romance between Victor and Yuri.

what im planning on watching next month:
- haikyuu season 2 (and possibly season 3)
- the tatami galaxy
- start on hunter x hunter (2011)
- watch at least one miyazaki movie


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just watched this weeks LWA. it is honestly probably the best single episode I've seen in a very very long time. Everything about it appealed to my sensibilities, it was like if they combined space dandy flip flappers and luluco and put it all together in a insanely frenetic and crazy episode. Also the animation was mindblowingly good
One of the things that I really like about lwa is how each episode has at least one super memorable scene. Probably with the exclusion of episode 5 iirc. I think one of my favorite single scenes is when Ursula gives her big speech at the end of episode 7 about how much akko has progressed even if she isn't up to the standards of other witches. There is always some reason I want to watch each episode.

Just expanding on what I said before about Ursula's speech I think it is almost a criticism on the audience's common complaint that they are tired of akko being bad at magic. If you ever looked at reddit you tend to see this complaint every now and again. I think it points to unrealistic expectations we often have with a shows main character. Progress isn't this sort of switch that turns on and all of a sudden we are a master but rather progress is a slow tedious process that differs from person to person. It takes a while for akko to learn this and it finally sinks in in episode 6 when she learns that there is no fast track to skip the hard work.

Sorry if this came off as rambling this is just an idea that has been floating in my head.
the way that Akko is incompetent and oftentimes just worsens whatever situation she involves herself in (or if she does do any good, it comes completely accidentally) is annoying

but the real thing that bugs me about LWA is that they're trying to act like magic is dying out because it's irrelevant in this day and age, after showing magic capable of fixing things instantly that would probably take hours and all sorts of other crazy stuff, it's impossible to buy.

it's still a fun show and the last episode in particular was really good
Challenge 00 - Free Space - Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru S1
Overall rating: 7/10
(on MAL. mentally this is a mid-to-high 7, but not good enough to justify giving it an 8)

after seeing how much hype season 2 got, I had high expectations for this series - and it delivered on a few aspects and disappointed on a few others. Overall, S1 felt like one enormous rising action and not at all like a complete story on its own.

stuff I liked:
  • despite the generic setting and character archetypes (Yui is genki+slightly tsun, Yukino is a less interesting Senjougahara, Totsuka is used entirely for trap-based humor, etc), Oregairu manages to be pretty unique in what it tries to pull off. 8man carries the show entirely based off of how self-destructive he is. It's easy to compare him to Subaru from Re:Zero, but whereas Subaru fucked things up by accident because he's an ass, 8man actively but also subconsciously sabotages himself over the course of the first season, which is something very interesting to see, and makes him a compelling main character.
  • Episode 12 alone made me feel extremely uncomfortable at the end (when 8man is attacking Sagami for her bullshit) and that's worth praising. I would have liked if the entire show were as good as episode 12, honestly.
  • Oregairu really doesn't spoonfeed you anything; much of the character development is subtle and hidden behind layers of conversation that the show never goes out of its way to explain, and Hachiman's entire mindset - that he does hate himself and that he is seeking out ways to sabotage himself - is never shoved in the viewer's face, which is good. I've heard that S2 is a little too subtle about stuff, though, so I'll have to keep an eye out for that since I'm not the greatest at picking up on subtext in anime.
stuff I disliked:
  • the entire first half of the show sucked ass. It set up the characters but was incredibly boring and a chore to get through, at times. It literally took me 2 weeks to get through the first 6 episodes and then 2 days to watch the rest of the season.
  • 8man's mentality is interesting but some of the plans he thinks up also kinda suck: for example, him yelling at Sagami in the finale is true to his character but also does not solve the problem at hand (getting her to speak on stage) and runs counter to him trying to help Yukino with the festival in general. maybe this is intentional and he's so eager to sabotage himself that he doesn't even care about getting his job done, but I don't think that's the case and it generally puts a sour note on some of his actions.
  • some of the plot points seemed like they were glossed over a little too quickly, unless they were very subtly resolved in on-screen conversations that I just missed the subtext for. 8man tells Yui not to be friends with him out of guilt for getting him in that car accident, to which Yui is (rightfully) upset - but then next episode, they're friends again like nothing happened. 8man ditches Yui and Yukino because he's presumably still mad about Yukino's involvement in the accident and her silence afterwards, but then he pulls off the stunt the next day that brings him and Yukino back together again.

    for the latter, it's possible that 8man isn't mad at Yukino but is mad at himself for putting her on a pedestal, but I think the lack of explanation from the show is a negative here as opposed to a positive, since he has every right to be upset with Yukino and it's confusing to see the next day pass like their conflict was completely resolved. maybe I'm just dumb and can't read between the lines, idk.
  • I liked the last arc but Sagami's character as a villain is laughably one-dimensional and uninteresting. in general, Oregairu doesn't do a good job at making me want to watch more whenever there's a conflict on screen, mostly because the bad guys aren't that entertaining to watch. they're just kind of frustrating.
  • the main characters are fun to watch but everyone apart from 8man isn't too well developed, with the possible exception of Yukino, who is slightly more interesting than the rest because of her relationship with her sister
  • other minor stuff: none of the humor really landed for me, the soundtrack was forgettable, the animation was lackluster at best and terrible at worst (the song in episode 12), and I wasn't a huge fan of the OP or the ED.
overall, I definitely started to enjoy this show a lot more in the second half, and the finale had me debating whether to rate this a 7 or an 8. I've heard that S2 is stronger and focuses much more on the characters, so it's likely that I'll enjoy that more, whenever I get around to it.
Got some anime for the challenge out of the way and wanted to write some short thoughts. Sorry in advance for my half-assed review writing skills.

Challenge 43 - Watch an anime with a main character that is a professional in his field - Mushishi

This anime and its subsequent sequels are an absolute beauty to watch. It is incredible atmospherically and visually it looks terrific. The world building is very well done, and it's a very calming kind of series that has a high amount of intrigue to it. The anime is centered around Mushi, which take many different forms and most of the time end up bringing bad omens for people who end up having to deal with them but can also provide good things for them. For the cases where Mushi serves as a potential benefit, it serves as a way to really show how human nature kicks in, and whether or not the humans will let themselves get carried away. If they do, it usually ends up backfiring on them, creating unforeseen consequences. For the times in which they suffer from the Mushi, how they cope with those situations will illustrate if they will be able to endure the hardships in life or break. The main character, Ginko, is a Mushi-shi meant to discover the mysteries behind Mushi, and he goes around wandering from village to village trying to drive the Mushi's influences away. He cannot solve every case, and sometimes there are times in which the stubbornness of the client gets in the way of his work, something that he can't exactly fix easily. The anime itself does not follow a linear story but rather a number of stories, and it speaks to the strength of the series that I was never bored despite its rather slow and episodic nature. 9/10

Challenge 63 - Watch an anime that was recently reviewed - Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches is a rather interesting anime, where supernatural abilities reside in seven female students who are labeled as witches. It's kinda explained as to why they have these abilities, but not really in great detail. The trademark delinquent MC Yamada ends up being the harem protagonist that gets dragged into a situation where he body-swaps with the model female student, Shiraishi (who is one of the witches), and they figure out that this is activated with a kiss. They and a few other characters end up creating a Supernatural Studies club, and the MC is sent on a literal witch hunt to go and find the other 6 witches. It's a rather silly premise with cliche characters, but I liked it as it ended up leading to a bunch of pretty funny situations. It also has some pretty decent romantic progression, which can't be said for most harem anime *cough* Nisekoi *cough*. However, the pacing for the anime is pretty fast and ends up feeling a bit rushed at times, so it lost its appeal for me after a while due to a lack of fleshing out a number of "witch hunts". There is a final arc after he figures out all of the witches' identities which annoyed me quite a bit at times, but it ends pretty satisfactorily. Better than the average harem, but don't expect something too out of left field. 6/10

Challenge 54 - Watch an anime tagged as Mystery, Psychological and/or Thriller - Zankyou no Terror

I'll be blunt here, I don't like Zankyou no Terror. I have a sense of what the message of the anime is about, but I think it was executed in a rather poor and underwhelming way so by the time it was conveyed, I didn't really care anymore at that point. The anime doesn't explain itself in a clear manner until the final couple of episodes, so for most of the time, it's about a detective trying to solve these riddles the main characters, who are terrorists, so that the police can disarm the bombs. There is a ulterior motive as to why the main characters do this, which links back to their tragic past, and supposedly, they want to have the police put it all together for everyone to see. The characters themselves are lackluster and uninteresting because they aren't fleshed out very well and have personalities that don't stand out in any way. One of the characters, Five, is unlikable and ends up really being irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, trying to mess with the main characters due to her previous history with them and ending up taking a good chunk of plot away. The only positive things I can say are that it had really nice production values and a good OST, but in general, it's not a series I enjoyed. 4/10


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since the old thread is gone now. i think this would be a good time to post 3x3s again. I recently updated mine so this is as good a time as ever

Shows from top left: Tatami Galaxy, Digimon Tamers, Space Dandy, Sennen Joyuu, Gunbuster, Kekkai Sensen, End of Evangelion, Kemonozume, One Outs