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Roleplay Arcanite's Contest Hall: contest II: Appeals

Discussion in 'ASB' started by Arcanite, Feb 6, 2012.

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  1. Arcanite


    Jun 21, 2010
    Welcome to Arcanite’s Contest Hall!

    All those who signed up, it is now time to post your appeal! Send out one of your pokemon, and use 6 actions to show off your pokemon as best as possible!

    These are the participants that signed up:


    My Trusty Fuma Shuriken (Starmie) will give you an example of how to appeal!

    Other Examples of appeals can be found here:

    Use your imagination and ingenuity to make your appeal as spectacular as possible!

    Please post your appeal in this thread by Saturday 11th

    The Public Judging will then be opened up to select 2 finalists, and then the I will decide the 2 best remaining apeals to advance to the second round!
  2. Dogfish44

    Dogfish44 ^_^
    is a Forum Moderator

    Jan 1, 2009
    Sparky (Manectric), this is our oppurtunity.


    Yes boy, I KNOW you enjoy battling, But not every appeal must be cute and cuddly. As I am more than competent you can demonstrate!

    Begin by running into the arena center, and jumping up, using Magnet Rise to gain additional height and focusing a Charge around your feet, to create the effect of a floating platform. Once you're up, I want you to use a Scary Face down at the audience whilst slightly charging up a Thunder Fang in your mouth to give off glowing sparks, and add to the angry face. Finish up with a large Roar as you call upon Thunderbolts to strike the arena floor beneath you.
  3. Dummy007


    Jun 8, 2009
    We can handle this, Harry. Use your amazing powers of wizarding to conquer the opposition!

    ...I understand that you're not actually a wizard, but that's hardly relevant right now.

    Start off with a simple Sunny Day to brighten up the arena, then surround yourself with a remarkable Fire Spin, followed up with a Hurricane to extend the flames even farther across the arena. Show off your mad skills with a Quiver Dance, then transition into a bright Fiery Dance and close out with an Overheat to literally burn down the house!

    (Chance Sub: If someone makes a better appeal than this, replace all actions with Lynch <Pokemon that made a better appeal than this>.)
  4. Leethoof


    Feb 23, 2011
    Let's go Slag!

    Wow them with your magnetic excellence!

    Begin by releasing you mini-noses into a triangle with a Magnet Bomb. Then, repeatedly Volt Switch between the three of them to create a triangle of crackling electric power. With a mighty Magnet Pull, bring the three charged mini-noses back towards you, and send them flying back out once again with a Discharge, to the far edge of the volcano, off of the arena! With a powerful Gravity, drop them deep into the depths of the magma bubbling beneath us, while you safely sit on the platform. Finish with a powerful Earth Power to incite that volcano, and launch the mini-noses high into the air, in a series of sparking electric fireworks!
  5. Engineer Pikachu

    Engineer Pikachu Good morning, you bastards!
    is a Contributor Alumnus

    May 23, 2009
    Since everyone seems to be going the scary route, let's try something different!

    Ilyana, let's see if you can cute the audience; Cute Charm might help here!

    Start off with a combination of Light Screen and Safeguard; weave the golden barriers of Light Screen with the green veil of Safeguard, creating a green and golden protective veil that swirls and wraps around your body. Follow up by using Growl to emit an endearing noise to the audience, making them realize your cuteness! Then, use both Attract and Charm at once; release infatuating pink hearts to the audience while appearing as adorable and sweet as you possibly can. Finally, once you've proven your cuteness, end with a Sing to lull the audience with your beautiful lullaby.

    [Cute Charm] - Light Screen + Safeguard - Growl - Attract + Charm - Sing
  6. Gerard


    Feb 16, 2011

    Ilyana is not gonna be stealing the Cuteness of this contest, we can be just as endearing


    As you pop out of your pokeball surrounded by an explotion of blue stars, spin around moving your wind at the sound of the little music you create by flying, let's show everyone how joyful we are by hustling your act even more than usual, we want to put 150% on this beautiful performance

    Start by charging your Sky attack, it will take a little as your body starts to shine, but it will be well worth it, and while you charge, create three energy orbs around you using the sun Harry left on the field, the energy that remained from Slag and Sparky's act, and the Ilyana's Icy look (she must wear that scarf for a reason), and make them start revolving around you, then, as your body becomes surrounded by a silver-white aura and you fly trough the stage, in a little horizontal 8 while leaving a thin trail of white glowing dust while the orbs you created before follow you and create another trail behinde eah orb of a sweet red, yellow and blue, giving the impresion of a wonderful rainbow as the light colours combine themselves, as you get to the center of the stage spin around you and release a thin wave of hot air all around you, destroying your own orbs to create three colorful explotions while the last remaining of your own glow disipates with the (hot) air

    Finish your performance moving to the center of the stage and landing on the ground in a paceful and elegaint way, recovering a little health and glowing once again, but in a much more discreate way, to play a wondeful melody as you dance lightly in the floor while making your wings move like they were blown by the autumn wind, and end giving a sweet kiss to the audience coupled with a little revrence, showing them how much you care about their love

    ....Éponine: {Activate Hustle} Sky Attack + Tri Attack ~ Heat Wave [While Spining around] ~ Roost ~ Heal Bell ~ Sweet Kiss
  7. MrcRanger97


    Oct 12, 2011
    All right Aires (Cyclohm), lets show these people what you can do!
    Start us off by firing Twisters around the stage! Then, use Discharge into all the tornadoes, lighting them up like the fourth of July! Then use Charge to build your energy, while simultaneously showering yourself with electricity! Use Hurricane To combine all of the tornadoes into one massive one, then use Thunder on it! Finish up by hoping into the twister and using Bide! All the energy you store up will then explode out, showering the stage and crowd in a dazzling light, with you at the center!gl
  8. Glacier Knight

    Glacier Knight

    May 12, 2011
    Well Dexter, we have seen tough acts, smart acts, cute acts, and cool acts. BUT i think nothing here has been exemplary in the field of beauty. This is where you will shine! Show them the power of Weather and Nature to create a splendid performance like no other!

    As you enter the field your first act will be involuntary; Transformation! The sun is still bright and shining from a previous contender, so you will give the audience something to gasp at as your molecules change and you become a fiery soul. Take some more advantage of the Sun and give a zesty twirl, charging up a Weather Ball above your head! it will spin and spin too, and the sun will make it a blazing red and orange, which will dazzle the audience. Build up the power, then launch it into the sky! it will climb furiously into the sky, like a firework!

    Next, keep up a classy and graceful demeanor by swaying quickly and swirling in a serene manner! they will love your Rain Dance! The gray clouds will roll in suddenly, and a harsh downpour will begin! You will transform again, your molecules changing your forme into something more sleet and suitable for the deluge. Your sheen blue coat will make the audience ooo and aaah, but thats not all that will happen! First, the rain will change your weather ball. From a Super-Nova Careening into the heavens, the rain will halt it high in the sky, and it will become a deep blue orb of wonder! The flashing change will make the crowd beg for more! Also, the harsh rain will react amazingly with the lave surrounding you! a mighty steam will arise, giving the arena and yourself a smokey and mysterious demeanor.

    Now quick! the Weather Ball is falling down! Give a cute little shake and show the audience your power! fire off the grandest Ice Beam you have ever whipped up, aimed directly above you at the descending orb of lustrous blue! the pale beam will whisk through the steam, like an airy ghost, and crash into the Weather Ball! the Impact will not only send the pearl back up into the sky, but will freeze the liquid-like orb, making a beautiful ball of ice, high in the sky for everyone to see!

    The rain is still crashing down, and the steam is still creating a far out scene. The crowd won't know what to think! But you can't stop now Dexter, that Weather Ball is ready for its grand finale. Give a cute but powerful shake and squirm, and call upon the storms for a Thunder! The skies will crash and boom, and a perfectly accurate blast of shockingly yellow light will careen down, into the Frozen Weather Ball flying upwards! The impact will be global; the shattering noise will pierce the audience, and the shimmer of ice shards magnifying the lightning will dazzle their eyes. Such a beautiful act! the Steam will also help the effect, and the crowd will be straining their voices just to let you know how great you are doing!

    For your final act, you will transform once more! Show them the blistering power of winter by changing the rain to Hail! bring them a Hailstorm like no other! The last of the rain will hit the lava, which by now will have its surface dotted with cooled chunks, a lava lake with many floating stones! As the Hail hits the arena, the temperature will drop and you will materialize into a snow god! Your blue coat will evaporate and melt into a stormy gray and light blue cloak, and the audience will be so amazed they won't be able to react! Then finally, with the stage set perfectly, whip up a voracious Blizzard! an intense Blizzard! as you concoct the icy blasts, swirl faster and faster, making the Blizzard warp around yourself and the entire the arena. Keep it going Dexter, don't stop! faster and faster, more and more blizzard! soon the winds will the so intense they will collect the props you have made; The steam will solidify slightly due to the cold and fly freely with the chilly current! the Lava stone created by the rain will be grabbed by the harsh storm, and glow brightly as they swoop through the air! and the hail, don't forget the hail! it will mass together and fly with the wind too! oh what a beautiful sight Dexter, your blizzard will surely stun the audience! The glowing coals, the ghostly vapors, and the icy hail will create the perfect ending to a perfect appeal!

    {Activate Forecast and change} Weather Ball (fire) into the sky above you~Rain Dance to create lava rocks, steam, and chance weather ball type {Activate Forecast and Change}~Ice Beam Weather Ball (water), sending it back in the air~Thunder Weather Ball (ice), shattering it into shiny ice shard pieces~Hail {Activate forecast and change}~Spin and Blizzard, picking up lava rocks, steam and hail swirling them around
  9. Terrador


    Mar 27, 2009
    Go, Canas, show them your unbridled majesty and grace!
    I want you to Harden into a Daruma-esque statue as you are released from your Poke Ball. Seeing as you have the Prankster ability, that shouldn't be too difficult for you. I'll walk onto the field and tap you with my staff, which will cue you to unfurl yourself and use a Sunny Day + Morning Sun combo, highlighting your majesty. Flap majestically for a moment (recover from that combo, heh), then Sky Drop me from the air. (OoC: Thank you, anime precendent of Trainers being unable to be hurt, and thank you human WC of 4 only being 1 higher than Tomo's WC). Create four Double Team clones around me (use the dust kicked up by my descent to hide the creation of the clones), only for me to sweep them all away with a swing of my staff. Finally, Roost on my shoulder (OoC: 82 lbs is pushing it ever so slightly for a human to carry on his back without physical strain, but everyone has artistic license here) as I return to starting position, and slowly fold your wings as the sunlight dims. Your elegance won't fail you today!

    tl;dr Harden ~ Sunny Day + Morning Sun ~ Sky Drop me ~ Double Team ~ Roost
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