Ariados Ubers Lead


Name: Ariados Lead (Ubers)
Move 1: Bug Bite
Move 2: Toxic Spikes
Move 3: Shadow Sneak / Pursuit
Move 4: Sucker Punch
Item: Focus Sash
EVs: 252HP /252 Atk / 4 Sp.def

Set comments:
- Has a great ability preventing it from falling asleep, ideal for the ubers metagame.
- Poor movepool and stats to work with but can play it's role effectively.
- Can set up Toxic spikes, absorb Toxic spikes although it's speed is not exactly impressive.
- Bug Bite+ Shadow sneaks ensures kills on Deoxys-S and Deoxys-A meaning they can get a maximum of one layer of spikes or Stealth Rock up.
- Sucker Punch is ideal for a metagame filled with Psychic/Ghost types such as Mewtwo and Latias.
- Toxic Spikes is a great move in Ubers, creating a great deal of pressure on the Opponent's Pokemon's. (Opponent's Pokemon have a timer set and setting up won't be nearly as easy).

Counters: Anything in the Ubers metagame that isn't weak to Ariados's attacks and isn't fragile counters Ariados pretty well especially Steel-types such as Dialga, Scizor, Forretress and Heatran who can set up all over it.

EDIT: Tested 252 HP evs instead of speed, I haven't encountered any lead in which the difference between 0 speed evs and 252 speed evs made a difference. Infact the only Pokemon which might be a cause for the investment of Spped Evs is Scizor and he got Bullet punch so no need.
Aganist Deoxys-S/A, you'll lose to the scarf deoxys-s leads. The purpose of Deoxys-A is to lay down sr and damage, in which this lead doesn't prevent. I'd say tie/lose.

Kyogre: Bug bite does laughable damage to Kyogre leads, and they 2hko with surf. You'll either damage Kyogre or get 1 layer of toxic spikes down. Lose

Groudon: See Kyogre.

Dialga: resists every move you have, lays down rocks and roasts you to a crisp, while you lay down 1 layer of toxic spikes. Lose

Darkrai: you win, if you don't get tricked.

Rayquaza: 306 Atk vs 216 Def & 351 HP (80 Base Power): 82 - 97 (23.36% - 27.64%), your sucker punch aganist Rayquaza, bug bite and sneak do even less, Rayquaza will roast you with fire blast or outrage you. If you don't attack, 1 layer of toxic spikes. Lose.

Skymin: See rayquaza, and you have to attack otherwise, you'll be flinched to death most likely.
306 Atk vs 216 Def & 341 HP (80 Base Power): 82 - 97 (24.05% - 28.45%).

Forretress: He can take your attacks all day, and spin your toxic spikes away while laying down his. Lose

Mew: Bug bite doesn't even 2hko the standard lead, 306 Atk vs 245 Def & 404 HP (60 Base Power): 162 - 192 (40.10% - 47.52%). Mew gets rocks down and explodes or u-turns, lose.....

Great Sage

Banned deucer.
Ariados is a lot like Primeape: an overspecialized Pokemon that can win against one or two Ubers, but has little utility otherwise.