Data ASB Census IV

Sup guys. So there's an old adage, "If you want something done, do it yourself."

Welcome to the fourth ASB Census!

n.b. there may be slight human error involved due to data being collected manually. Data was double-checked to minimize inaccuracy.

We have 3146 Pokemon overall in ASB.

Number of Pokemon by evolutionary line:

The ASB OverUsed
Cyclohm line: 60
Dragonite line: 57
Ralts family: 53
-	Gardevoir: 8
-	Gallade: 18
Eevee: 53
-	Flareon: 1
-	Jolteon: 3
-	Vaporeon: 6
-	Espeon: 7
-	Umbreon: 4
-	Leafeon: 4
-	Glaceon: 5
Lucario line: 47
Pyroak line: 43
Gengar line: 42 
Kitsunoh line: 41
Hydreigon line: 40
Tomohawk line: 36
Stratagem line: 35
Syclant line: 35
Metagross line: 33
Nidoking line: 33
Tyranitar line: 33
Snorlax line: 32
Slowpoke family: 32
-	Slowbro: 4
-	Slowking: 9
Porygon-Z line: 31
Togekiss line: 30
Krilowatt line: 29
Aggron line: 29
Blaziken line: 28
Colossoil line: 28
Necturna line: 28
Scizor line: 28
Arghonaut: 27
Scrafty line: 27
Volcorona line: 27
Revenankh: 26
Salamence line: 26
Starmie line: 26
Garchomp line: 25
ASB UnderUsed
Kingdra line: 24
Fidgit line: 23
Bisharp line: 23
Dusknoir line: 23
Magnezone line: 23
Milotic line: 23
Honchkrow line: 23
Chandelure line: 22
Rotom: 22
Weavile line: 21
Machamp line: 21
Ninetales line: 21
Snorunt line: 20
-	Glalie: 2
-	Froslass: 7
Reuniclus line: 19
Swampert line: 19
Golurk line: 19
Mamoswine line: 19
Rhyperior line: 19
Roserade Line: 19
Breloom line: 19
Electivire line: 18
Voodoom line: 18
Haxorus line: 18
Conkeldurr line: 18
Arcanine line: 18
Torterra line: 18
Venusaur line: 18
Serperior line: 18
Gliscor line: 18
Eelektross line: 18
Empoleon line: 17
Infernape line: 17
Bronzong line: 16
Ludicolo line: 16
Zoroark line: 16
Charizard line: 16
Cinccino line: 15
Rampardos line: 15
Camerupt line: 15
Galvantula line: 15
Emboar line: 15
Gyarados line: 15
Ferrothorn line: 15
Flygon line: 15
ASB Rarelyused
Klinklang line: 14
Venomoth line: 14
Poliwag family: 14
-	Poliwrath: 1
-	Politoed: 3
Heracross: 14
Carracosta line: 14
Mienshao line: 13
Beedrill line: 13
Raichu line: 13
Darmanitan line: 13
Cradily line: 13
Crobat line: 13
Steelix line: 13
Blastoise line: 12
Alakazam line: 12
Cloyster line: 12
Clefable line: 12
Magmortar line: 12
Octillery line: 12
Houndoom line: 12
Blissey line: 12
Excadrill line: 12
Mismagius line: 11
Hippowdon line: 11
Muk line: 11
Marowak line: 11
Feraligatr line: 11
Azumarill line: 11
Sceptile line: 11
Sableye: 11
Whimsicott line: 11
Jellicent line: 11
Meganium line: 10
Lanturn line: 10
Ursaring line: 10
Butterfree line: 10
Escavalier line: 10
Braviary line: 10
Tangrowth line: 10
Mollux: 10
Kabutops line: 9
Aerodactyl line: 9
Typhlosion line: 9
Xatu line: 9
Slaking line: 9
Toxicroak line: 9
Abomasnow line: 9
Donphan line: 9
Tyrogue family: 9
-	Hitmonchan: 3
-	Hitmonlee: 2
-	Hitmontop: 1
Nincada line: 9
Cacturne line: 8
Claydol line: 8
Staraptor line: 8
Luxray line: 8
Bastiodon line: 8
Gastrodon line: 8
Drifblim line: 8
Drapion line: 8
Yanmega line: 8
Gigalith line: 8
Archeops line: 8
Sawsbuck line: 8
ASB Neverused
Accelgor: 7
Ambipom: 7
Regirock: 7
Absol: 7
Crawdaunt: 7
Armaldo: 7
Skarmory: 7
Sudowoodo line: 7
Mr. Mime line: 7
Jynx line: 7
Nidoqueen line: 7
Primeape line: 7
Tentacruel line: 7
Sigilyph: 6
Cofagrigus: 6
Samurott: 6
Skuntank: 6
Castform: 6
Hariyama line: 6
Mantine line: 6
Lapras: 6
Ditto: 6
Persian line: 6
Rapidash line: 6
Smeargle: 6
Vanilluxe: 6
Phione: 5
Vespiquen: 5
Registeel: 5
Altaria: 5
Manectric line: 5
Exploud line: 5
Magcargo line: 5
Dunsparce: 5
Unown: 5
Ledian line: 5
Omastar line: 5
Raticate line: 5
Druddigon: 5
Beartic: 5
Amoonguss: 5
Mawile: 5
Simisage: 5
Leavanny: 5
Lilligant: 5
Krookodile: 5
Crustle: 5
Electrode line: 4
Exeggutor line: 4
Arbok line: 4
Golem line: 4
Beheeyem: 4
Mandibuzz: 4
Seaking line: 4
Pinsir: 4
Masquerain line: 4
Medicham line: 4
Delibird: 4
Shuckle: 4
Shiftry line: 4
Swellow line: 4
Sharpedo: 4
Wailord: 4
Tropius: 4
Chimecho: 4
Walrein: 4
Solrock: 4
Regice: 4
Bibarel: 4
Burmy: 4
-	Wormadam: 1
-	Mothim: 2
Lopunny: 4
Spiritomb: 4
Simisear: 4
Zebstrika: 4
Swoobat: 4
Tauros: 3
Wigglytuff line: 3
Golduck line: 3
Victreebel line: 3
Farfetch’d: 3	
Weezing line: 3
Dodrio line: 3
Noctowl line: 3
Ariados line: 3
Swalot: 3
Torkoal: 3
Grumpig: 3
Linoone line: 3
Girafarig: 3
Forretress line: 3
Sunflora line: 3
Quagsire line: 3
Granbull line: 3
Wurmple family: 3
-	Beautifly: 1
-	Dustox: 1
Stunfisk: 3
Liepard: 3
Simipour: 3
Scolipede: 3
Throh: 3
Durant: 3
Lunatone: 3
Kecleon: 3
Banette: 3
Clamperl: 3
-	Gorebyss: 1
Chatot: 3
Lickilicky: 3
Probopass: 3
Pidgeot line: 2
Sandslash line: 2
Oddish family: 2
Dugtrio line: 2
Hypno line: 2
Kingler line: 2
Ampharos line: 2
Jumpluff line: 2
Wobbuffett line: 2
Miltank: 2
Mighteyena line: 2
Spinda: 2
Seviper: 2
Relicanth: 2
Luvdisc: 2
Floatzel: 2
Cherrim: 2
Musharna: 2
Garbodor: 2
Cryogonal: 2
Emolga: 2
Fearow line: 1
Parasect line: 1
Dewgong line: 1
Kangaskhan: 1
Furret line: 1
Corsola: 1
Stantler: 1
Raikou: 1
Pelipper line: 1
Delcatty line: 1
Plusle: 1
Minun: 1
Volbeat: 1
Illumise: 1
Zangoose: 1
Whiscash: 1
Kricketune: 1
Pachirisu: 1
Purugly: 1
Carnivine: 1
Watchog: 1
Stoutland: 1
Unfezant: 1
Seismitoad: 1
Sawk: 1
Basculin: 1
Swanna: 1
Alomomola: 1
Bouffalant: 1
Heatmor: 1
Gothitelle: 1
Finally, these are the Pokemon not owned by anyone in ASB
It's about time someone other than me got a Meditite/Medicham! That thing is pretty damn good.
Eh, base 2 all around except for Huge Power 4 Att is kinda mediocre IMO.
Though it does surprise me how many pokemon there are in ASB. I mean, I haven't seen anything from the Frillish line other than my own Jill, but there are 11 of them!
Thought the fact that there are 0 Maractus amuses me, because I planned on getting one eventually, after I get quite a few mons, enough so that I have decent team variety. Also the prevalence of useless mons (which people actually got, even if they are in PU/NU) is kinda interesting.
It's just above the base 3 cutoff, then? That's actually pretty good then.
Also, the fact that CAP mons are used so often makes me think they're kinda broken.
Well from my experience with CAP (pre-Voodoom at least), the community generally seemed to want to create a really good pokemon with any concept they decided on being considered an afterthought. Even today, the CAPs are made for use in the OU metagame in competitive pokemon, so they have a vested interest in making the CAPs stronger than the average mon.


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I was going to do another one.... eventually... god....

Just kidding of course. Great job with this Texas.

And while I'm sure I will do a deeper analysis later, I just want to know two things:

Who has the other Sandshrew/Sandslash?
And what is the other person with an Oddish/Gloom is going to evolve theirs into?

And the answer to that last one better be Vileploom cause Bellossom is mine.
If only medichamp didn't have Pure Power factored in it's BST, really, with Rare Candy it would be able to get 5/5 defenses, pretty cool and actually compensates for the 90 Hp.
I apparently use really common pokemon...5 of my 6 are in OU (Flarelm, Gastly, Espeon, Beldum, Scratchet), and 1 is UU (Piplup). Also, a great majority of my wishlist is in OU.

Orcinus Duo

Banned deucer.
Let's do a little analysis...
Fire Team:
Infernape (17, UU): Well, deserved I suppose. What I really don't get though is why so many people are choosing Lucario over Nape. Like, it honestly does not make sense to me. Nape is better in every respect--typing, similar movepool, stats, arguably even abilities with Iron Fist.
Chandelure (22, UU): I haven't used him yet. Artificial team ftw.
Charizard (16, UU): Saving grace in Solar Power I suppose, but still far too squishy to be decent. I dislike 4x weaknesses compounded with bad defense as a general rule.
Pyroak (43, OU): Honestly, sometimes I wish I just had 3 pyroaks that I could steamroll shit with. Pyroak is amazing. Get it.
Rotom (22, OU): Eh. Lack of a reliable fire-type stab really hurts it, but I suppose that the majority of rotoms out there are water-typed.
Camerupt (15, OU): The world needs more camerupts. -3 BAP to SE attacks? Pretty awesome stats? Yes please.
Mollux (10, RU): Spinner with amazing stats and defenses, along with a movepool that has morning sun and recover really helps to offset that nasty typing.

FE Mons that I actually use
Mr. Mime (7, NU): Jesus. I do not rant about Mr. Mime enough. It is singlehandedly (in my opinion) the best staller in all of ASB. Hitting 1/3/5/6/104 with Timid (and 1/3/6/6/90 with Modest), brilliant abilities in Filter (which combined with screens makes opponents do laughable damage), Soundproof against perish song, and technician, and an amazing gen 1 move. I mean, just consider this.
Encore, Light Screen, Reflect, Fake Out, Icy Wind, Hypnosis, Endure, Magic Coat, Thunder Wave, Taunt, Safeguard, Snatch, Quick Guard, Wide Guard, Counter, Teleport, Trick Room, Bide, Torment, Helping Hand
It's a veritable list of best support moves in ASB.
Snorlax (32, OU): I don't like Snorlax. I really don't. It's not fast enough, doesn't have any tricks up its sleeve except for LOL I HAVE LOTSA ATTACKS, and overall just isn't fun to play with. It's strong, sure, and probably got me really far in the Team Tournament. But it's just not fun to play with. Which is why I'm trading it for a metagross I guess.
Gengar (42, OU): Jesus christ this thing just doesn't die. Gengar is amazing because of its high speed and its amazing movepool. I mean, you don't even want to attack Gengar while going first because you cannot prevent gengar from pain splitting when it's ordering second. I'm not too sure why people are going +atk on him though.
Scrafty (27, OU): The only starter I still sort of use, Scrafty's access to elemetnal punches and its bulky stats help it out a lot. Really wishes it got 5 atk though.
Ludicolo (16, UU): This thing needs to be OU. I love ludicolo so much, and not just because it pretty much singlehandedly swept Imanalt 4-0. It's amazing in rain (swift swim+rain dish), has a killer movepool consisting of elemental punches, focus punch, and a whole bunch of other nifty tools. Its stats aren't shabby either (I like naughty, but plenty disagree).
Marowak (11, RU): Eh. I would only use this in doubles for lightningrod. One trick pony I guess.
Sudowoodo (7, NU): Hall whore.

Other mons:
Pinsir (4, NU)
Ferroseed (15, UU): I'm really confused as to why you are using ferrothorn. Like, actually, It sucks.
Sunflora (3, PU): Sun stone I guess?
Eevee (53, OU): I have no idea what I wanted to turn this into.
Ralts (53, OU)
Cyclohm (60, OU)
Grimer (11, RU): Muk needs more love. It's almost as good as Snorlax.
Rebble (35, OU)
Slowpoke (32, OU)
Wailmer (4, NU)


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First off fuck you Orc :(

Anyways, golurk is really too low, the new toys he got in bw2 give him great coverage with a solid typing and good stats, he probably is my best mon other than GASTRODOOOOOOOM

Also I love how there are 9 nincadas but none of either of it's evos


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I am disappointed with you lot.
[BOX]Hitmontop: 1[/BOX]
Yay only Hitmontop, but you guys do not understand its true awesomeness...It has a Threat List Entry for Pete's sake.
[BOX]Sunflora line: 3[/BOX]
She destroys Rock Crag with a Sun Stone, if it helps you guys get one.
[BOX]Simipour: 3[/BOX]
That thing hurts with Water Stone given 5/5 Offences & constant Torrent.
[BOX]Swoobat: 4[/BOX]
I do not have one, but Calm Mind + Stored Power, guys, & you all say that Stat Boosters suck.
[BOX]Gastrodon Line: 8[/BOX]
Gastrodon >>>>>>> Swampert. Its Abilities are too valuable, peeps!
[BOX]Steelix Line: 13[/BOX]
Steelix is one of the best Pokemon in ASB at the moment...And it counts as RU...I am disappoint.
[BOX]Conkeldurr: 18[/BOX]
Perhaps the best Pokemon in ASB at the moment...UU? I do not have one, but...

Thanks for doing this Texas, I might do analysis of my mons later.
It's about time someone other than me got a Meditite/Medicham! That thing is pretty damn good.
That would be me.

Doing my own thing soon.

Cyclohm line: 60
Dragonite line: 57
Eevee: 53
- Espeon: 7
Hydreigon line: 40
Syclant line: 35
Metagross line: 33 (Metang)
Nidoking line: 33
Tyranitar line: 33
Slowpoke family: 32
- Slowking: 9
Necturna line: 28
Arghonaut line: 27 (Privatyke)
Revenankh: 26
Salamence line: 26 (Shelgon)
Starmie line: 26 (Staryu)
Garchomp line: 25

Kingdra line: 24
Haxorus line: 18
Eelektross line: 18 (Tynamo)
Infernape line: 17
Bronzong line: 16 (Bronzor)
Cinccino line: 15 (Minccino)
Rampardos line: 15
Flygon line: 15 (Trapinch)

Poliwag family: 14 (Poliwag, will eventually be Politoed)
Beedrill line: 13 (Weedle)
Butterfree line: 10

Altaria line: 5 (Swablu)
Druddigon: 5
Krookodile line: 5 (Krokorok)
Medicham line: 4 (Meditite)
Bibarel line: 4 (Bidoof)
Swoobat line: 4 (Woobat)

I'm surprised 3 people got Pidgies, but noone but me got a Fearow. Fearow is strictly superior to pidgiot. They have the same main stats, but fearow is faster. They both have a gen1 movepool, but Fearow has Drill Run and Razor Wind. Why Pidgeot?

Let's see, Hipster index of 12.5. Just 3 mons at the top holding me back in OU, nothing in UU, two pokemon in RU, and the rest in NU or PU.

Snorlax - 32
Yeah, I get this. Snorlax is just so fun to play: get a substitute up and start focus punching away. Snatch is good for getting a free something. Possibly boring at times, but Zzz! has never failed me.

PorygonZ- 31
This is slightly less understandable. Though Zap! Can fire off the most powerful attacks on my team, she is rather energy-dependant and not very bulky.

Togekiss - 30
I only have a Togetic at this point, but Whoosh! has been rather underwhelming so far, though that's probably because of the number of her moves.

Clefable - 12
I still only have a Cleffa, and that thing's stats are horrible! 1/2/2/2/15, I think. I hope the fact it has the largest non-Smeargle/Mew movepool should kick in eventually, though. As of now, I hardly want to use it.

This pokemon is interesting. It has the stats of an attacker, but I gave it the movepool if a supporter. It does both petty well.

Ambipom- 7
As an Aipom, Pow never disappointed. But now, he's good but not amazing. Still, he's better than Cinccinno un everything except for coverage. If ambipom got Rock Blast and Bullet Seed, there would be no competition. Use Ambipom more: it's strong, has gimmick atks, and has a pretty good movepool.

It used to be great, now it's horrible. Kind of like Pay Day.

Ambipom-Skill Link+Special movepool look above for more

Use this more. It's stats aren't that good, but its movepool is great.

Pretty much Snorlax+Scrappy+SR-Special Defense. Good, but almost a duplicate of Snorlax.

Yay! Sole Owner! But anyway, Fearow is better than Pidgeot in looks, stats, and moves. Nobody should have a Pidgeot ever.
I'm surprised 3 people got Pidgies, but noone but me got a Fearow. Fearow is strictly superior to pidgiot. They have the same main stats, but fearow is faster. They both have a gen1 movepool, but Fearow has Drill Run and Razor Wind. Why Pidgeot?
Last census, Jas started a short "hipster revolution", where people bought worthless mons just to have them. I fell for the craze, buying (and later trading) Pidgey and Luvdisc.

IAR and Jas (I think) also bought a Pidgey during the same period.