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Last census, Jas started a short "hipster revolution"
You bet your ass I did. But for the record, that was not intentional. I want to be the only one with unique mons :p
IAR and Jas (I think) also bought a Pidgey during the same period.
And actually, this was not me. Though Pidgey sounds fun.

Anyways, lets do an analysis. See how I'm doing.

Lucario: 47 - Lucario is awesome. I'm not sure what else to say. One of the best movepools of a later gen mon, and good enough stats and typing to use it. The ability department leaves something to be desired, but hey it could be worse. I just wish I had opportunity to use him more.
Tomohawk: 36 - Speaking of awesome, Tomohawk is my best mon, no doubt about it. Has an amazing support movepool to use with Prankster, enough offensive variety and power for when it is not fooling around with status moves, and great stats to work with. And Intimidate is cool too. Deserves all the use it gets and then some.
Porygon-Z: 31 - Like Lucario, this guy is really cool and I wish I could use him more. Obscenely powerful and with a huge movepool. If I actually took the time to fill out that movepool, I feel he could be ridiculous. Gotta love him.
Salamence: 26 - Mence is an interesting one. Its powerful and threatening from both sides and has a decent movepool, but is not amazing. If you can't hit it with hard SE moves, he can plow through a lot, but is not as reliable as some of my other trusty mons. A great asset to have, but needs the right situations to really work.
Honchkrow: 23 - You know, I was never originally going to get a Honchkrow, but when I caught a Murkrow back in Fire Blast's Fog of War game, I couldn't just leave it. And I'm glad I didn't. Of my gym team, only Honchkrow rivals Tomohawk as far as versatility. It gets almost all of the important status moves and can hit hard from both sides. Unfortunately, unlike Tomo, doesn't have the perfect stats or typing to take advantage of all this. But he is unpredictable enough for that usually not to matter. The low defenses hurt a bit, but the extra HP is usually enough to make up for it. Great Pokemon.
Gliscor: 18 - Can't really say much here other than "Fuck Cyclohm". I'll tell you more when I actually use it in some real tough battles. Though I'm guessing it will still lose to Cyclohm, cause, you know, Ice Beam. Fuck Cyclohm.
Octillery: 12 - Octillery is really cool. Has an great offensive movepool, some niche status moves like Soak, decent stats and good abilities (ilu Moody <3). While I'm not surprised by the middling amount of use I really think more people should check it out.
Braviary: 10 - Still a Rufflet, and haven't used it much, but that Sheer Force Sky Attack looks so awesome. And I recently learned that Braviary's Sheer Force Sky Attack is the strongest Flying-type attack in game, so thats really cool. Can't wait to use it more.
Typhlosion: 9 - Well, Quilava is the best Pokemon ever, so its evolution has to be good right? Nah, not really. As much as I love it, Typhlosion is a rather mediocre Pokemon. True, mine is not that amazing as I don't have opportunity to use it much, but it just lacks to movepool to be great in ASB.
Drifblim: 8 - Another case of haven't used it enough to really judge. Seems pretty neat though and would bring some welcome type variety to my Gym team, so that's cool.
Gigalith: 8 - Gah, why do I never use any of my mons. I really need to fix this. I like Gigalith, but I can't really comment on how good it is. I don't even think I have used it since it evolved.
Ditto: 6 - Gimmick? Yes. Fun? Yes. Have I used it since unlocking Imposter? No.
Ledian: 5 - I love Ledian. Awesome support movepool and incredibly cute. What else do you need. Well, other than a passable Attack stat to use with all those Iron Fist Punches. But its so cute and awesome that I'll let that slide. In all seriousness though, while it lacks offensive power, as long as it is not taunted, it can be a terror.
Simisage: 5 - See Gigalith. Actually I have used Simisage since it evolved and it won me a battle. Its pretty cool. Has some variety of stuff to do. Nothing amazing, but if you want awesome hair on your team, you have only two choices, and from my personal experience, this is the better of the two.
Delibird: 4 - OK. WHO THE FUCK HAS THE OTHER THREE DELIBIRD?!?! THIS WAS ONE OF MY SIGNATURE MONS! THOSE OTHER THREE NEED TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY ASB NOW! As for the actual power of Delibird, lets just say this. In my Gligar's first 3 battles it had 0 KOs. In Epic the Delibird's first 3 battles, it had 5. And people wonder why I brought it to gym battles.
Seaking: 4 - Still a Goldeen. I need more time to battle.
Farfetch'd: 3 - Its Farfetch'd. What do you expect? Awesomeness? That would be correct.
Girafarig: 3 - Haven't used much at all. I really want to though. It seems pretty cool.
Liepard: 3 - See above, but add in Prankster.
Wigglytuff: 3 - Mine is a Jigglypuff and never will be anything else. The only good thing it has going for it in my opinion is Friend Guard, which it loses upon evolution. Though on the other hand, Wigglytuff is the best pink blob ever, so I guess I might reconsider.
Floatzel: 2 - Pretty cool, but generally outclassed by other water mons. Having speed is nice though.
Gloom: 2 - I want my Bellossom, but I'm not close to it yet.
Sandslash: 2 - Just evolved. Can't say too much here either.
Wobbuffet: 2 - And the award formost useless Pokemon in ASB goes to.... "Wynaut!" Hey, at least Wobbuffet gets Mimic.
Bouffalant: 1 - Used it once. Need to use it more. Has cool hair.
Furret: 1 - Another case of "Its cute so I will make it useful if it is the last thing I do." Also, I just EV trained a special Furret in game, so I am excited to see just how much better it can be in ASB that the patheticness that it is in game.
Minun: 1 - So yeah. This guy could be cool. Maybe. Nah, not really.
Plusle: 1 - My only battle with Plusle was my... actually, lets just not talk about it. EVER.
Stantler: 1 - See Boufalant, Girafarig, Gigalith and everyone else I need to use more.
Swanna: 1 - Swanna is more awesome that it looks. Not amazing by any means, but considering it has like 0 coverage, at all, and as average stats as you can get, it is actually not bad. Glad I chose it as one of my starters.
Unfezant: 1 - Can't really say the same for Unfezant. It hits harder, sure. It has a better support movepool, sure. But the lack of coverage hurts it a lot more. It is definitely not awful, and played a key role in making me a gym leader, but it leaves a lot to be desired as a battler.

And lets see. My average for number owned, or as some people have dubbed, Hipseter Index: An even 9. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Anyways, I'm off to get a Finneon.


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Hippowdon (11): Ever since I started running my Gym, I never realised just how dependent I would be on this Hippo. This thing should be a staple on all Ground/Sandstorm teams.
Gligar & Gliscor (18): My favourite, signature Pokemon. You think Gligar/Gliscor, you think of me. It does have an offence issue, sure, but it is one of the most versatile Pokemon in CAP ASB. Also, Eviolite Gligar <3
Gastrodon (8): As I said, it is everything Swampert wanted to be & more. Why users continue to shun Gastro in favour of Swampert, idk. Though Storm Drain could be a nuisance at times...
Garchomp (25): Yeah, for a pseudo legend, it is not that great, but it is a mighty fine slice & dice attacker.
Excadrill (12): It is no Steelix, but it is certainly one nasty attacker that can deal lots of damage in no time!
Golurk (19): For a long time, I had one & did not use it. Then B2W2 came around. Golurk became cool. So I used it again. I used Golurk before it was cool, peeps!
Colossoil (28): It dies to GK/LK, but there is no denying that its 120 HP makes it a huge threat, especially with heaps of annoying moves get the picture.
Torterra (18): Torterra is not that great, its primary job is to demolish weak targets with Wood Hammer, which deals heaps of damage.
Camerupt (15): Camerupt is your typical tank, capable of taking hits & dealing damage. It has been a great tool to use, & I wonder why not as many users have one.
Fidgit (23): It is Fidgit. It gets virtually every BS Support move in the game. You wonder why lots of users have one.
Cofagrigus (6): No one likes defensive Pokemon...At least it has Magic Coat unlike Dusknoir... x.x
Simipour (3): You idiots do not know what you are missing here. People say this thing "Simisucks", but if anything, Simipour is far superior relative to the other two monkeys, given it can actually cover its weaknesses. You only have to read my match with Imanalt to see just how deadly Simipour can be (Even though he has heaps of Grounds).
Stunfisk (3): Stunfisk is an overlooked mon, but it is quite bulky. Also, Gen V Mon with Endure & Bide, js.
Eelektross (18): I had the first one/used Eelektross before it was cool. But in all honesty, it is one of those powerful threats that can actually deal something.
Crobat (13): Great annoyer, but I have not used it in ages.
Pachirisu (1): Guys, it may have Endure & Bide, but it is fairly terrible. No one else should bother with Pachirisu. Okay? :)
Tomohawk (36): Learn to use Brave Tomohawk, fools! Seriously, Modest is dumb.
Rhyperior (19): Have not used this in forever. It just is not that good. :/
Dusknoir (23): So powerful, yet so hard to deal with...Dusknoir is just...Dusknoir.
Jynx (7): Forewarn, people...Also, Naughty is a fun nature to use. ^^
Electivire (18): I do not use mine much, lol.
Magmortar (12): See above.
Clefable (12): Friend Guard replaced with Unaware makes me sad...At least it can say fuck you to Swoobat...
Weavile (21): Weavile is pretty strong. Also, this + Pickpocket + Item-less = Free Life Orb from Lucy's Dragonair - It helps, folks!
Hitmontop (1): To all the idiots who claim Hitmontop sucks, you do not know what you are talking about. Not only is it great for Timeless Tower, but it has a Threat List Entry, meaning you lot have no excuse as to not knowing how Hitmontop can be useful. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.
Rotom (22): Mowtom so strongth.
Scizor (28): Scizor with Tech Light Metal can be pretty powerful under the right circumstances. I just do not use it much.
Sunflora (3): Sun Stone Sunflora, fools, this thing has served me so well in Windburn Gulch & Rock Crag. Users seriously underestimate Sunflora.
Ludicolo (16): The other mon I used for WBG. Use this more guys, it fucks over my gym like nobody's business! :o
Steelix (13): I caught this thing in BSC, & man, Steelix has proven to be the one I had to catch. Honestly, there is a reason why Steelix is so good. I have seen why. Only 13 users have, for the record.
Hydreigon (40): Whee most mainstream mon...Yeah, have not used this much, though.
Slaking (9): Despite Truant, Slaking is actually ridiculously powerful. Even a Slash from this thing hurts...Also, 125 HP goes a long way.
Banette (3): Everstone Spinda getting to you? Use this. Renders the item useless against it, & can knock it off for good! I do not know why not many have one...
Ledian (5): Currently a Ledyba, & was a TLR Catch. Have not used it since TLR though.
Gyarados (15): Currently a Magikarp, & see above.
Luvdisc (2): Hooray for Hipster Wars...AT LEAST I ACTUALLY USED MY LUVDISC, EVEN IF IT WAS FOR ONE BATTLE!!! Also, at least it gets Heal Pulse... :o
Pidgeot (2): Currently a Pidgey. Note to Yarnus of Bethany: At least Pidgeot has a competent Special Movepool, allowing it to go mixed without much issues! :o
Floatzel (2): Currently a Buizel. Basically another Simipour - Fast Water-Type Taunter with powerful offences.
Chandelure (22): Chandy is good, peeps! STAB Smog + Will-O-Wisp combo is also ridiculously cheap. :)
Empoleon (17): Currently a Prinplup. I have been raising it, & it seems like a solid Pokemon.
Zoroark (16): Currently a Zorua until it goes out of hall. After Illusion fucked me up several times, I figured it would be best to buy one. It has not disappointed.
Bronzong (16): Have not used since TLR Catch.
Delibird (4): Sorry jas61292, but I wanted to cause a Delibird Revolution...Which convinced 2 other users. That aside, Delibird is actually a legitimate threat, with innate +1 Acc/Eva, & Hustle, Everstone also turns it into a credible mixed attacker.
Garbodor (2): This + Dusknoir + Banette = SelfDestruct + Explosion OAKO in 3v3 Triples. Too bad it is easy to stop... :(
Porygon-Z (31): Mine will forever remain an Eviolite Porygon2...Which is imo, better than Porygon-Z.
Carracosta (14): Currently a Tirtouga, this was supposed to bolster my Rock collection. Then I went to Rock Crag. Yeah. Still, solid nonetheless.
Mollux (10): First Mollux! That movepool was designed for Raids & TLR, so...
Braviary (10): Currently a Rufflet, using for the first time now. Sheer Force shenanigans are going to be so cool...
Flygon (15): Currently a Vibrava, this is being groomed for the Gym of sorts...
Revenankh (26): This was bought for TLR's since it is so good & stuff. Honestly, If you want to be successful in your TLR's, try Rev; I have, & look what happened! :o
Klinklang (14): Currently a Klink, this thing got so good with Traitpalooza & Levitrait. Also, pioneering Hasty Klinklang is kinda cool. Hope it pays off...
Sudowoodo (7): Currently a Bonsly, was a TLR Catch. Actually does very well with a Rock Incense.
Aggron (29): Currently a Lairon, was a TLR Catch. This thing is pretty frightening with Weight Mechanics, then lollowkick...
Lunatone (3): Was a TLR Catch. Currently pioneering Brave-tone, since natural R5 SAtk with Everstone is quite nice.
Regirock (7): Whee Regirock...

There is my analysis of my mons. For those interested in what my "Hipster Index" is, mine stands at precisely 14.125 (791÷56). This puts me just below ASB UU, i.e. At the top of ASB RU. Not bad, but I am not that "Hipster". :)

Summing up: ASB needs more Simipour, Hitmontop, Sunflora, & Delibird.
I wasn't going to do this, but why the hell not.
Dragonite (57):
Lucario 47:
Arcanine (18):
Pyroak (43):
Blaziken (28):
Venusaur (18):
Bronzong (16):
Carracosta (14):
Ninetales (21):
Magmortar (12):
Togekiss (30):
Roserade (19):
Dusknoir (23):
Camerupt (15):
Snorlax (32):
Octillery (12):
Cyclohm (60):
Stoutland (1):
Claydol (8): Looking to trade this if anybody is interested.
Salamence (26)
Braviary (10):
Staravia (Staraptor) (8):
Tomohawk (36):
Skarmory (7):
Vaporeon (6):
Umbreon (4):
Flareon (1):
Espeon (7):
Jolteon (3):
Leafeon (4):
Glaceon (5):
Emboar (15):
Volcarona (27):
Infernape (17):
Slowking (9):
Kirlia (Gardevoir) (53):
Piloswine (Mamoswine) (19):
Stratagem (35):
Torkoal (3):
Gastrodon X2 (8):

HipsterDex - 785/41 = 19.1463414634...
That puts me in the middle of UU, which is actually lower than what I expected.
Oh mai gawd its SoS :o
Let's see what i have

Garchomp (25): Garchomp has consistently been a mixed bag for me. Its a very powerful attacker, but I've found that people tend to rate it highly as a threat and target it with shittons of Ice Beams. Then again I tend to use it more in multi battles over the few singles I take so it may have yet to have its true colours.
Cyclohm (60): Easily my best Pokemon and very deserving of most used. Not going to pretend it doesn't have flaws, namely its inability to go mixed, slight lacking of support moves and not quite fast enough but its movepool and power completely make up for that. If it were 10 points faster it would be the best Pokemon in ASB hands down.
Dragonite (57): Dragonite I'm somewhat reserved in judgement as I haven't had too many battles with him as an FE with a good movepool. Very impressive in the battles I have used him with though.
Hydreigon (40): I love Hydreigon <3. idk why though I've never used it as an FE. But that movepool *_*
Kingdra (24): Same boat as Hydrei, Focus Energy Draco Meteor/Hydro Pump spamming is sexy af with a Dragon Scale.
Haxorus (18): Never used my Axew.
Charizard (16): Damn, I love my Charizard but as one user put it he is very squishy. Another one of those Pokemon which can only shine in a singles environment which doesn't pander well to my tendency to take multi mon matches. Does hold the accomplishment of beating CMFP and his Dragonite in one round though :)
Milotic (23): Milotic sucks.
Metagross (33): Metagross doesn't.
Gengar (42): Haven't used it enough to make a good judgement.
Gastrodon (8): ^ (Except that it hasn't shone in multi battles)
Houndoom (12) ^
Emboar (15): Emboar is a fucking boss. Super powerful from both sides of the spectrum and bulky too. Its a more powerful, better coverage Pyroak with worse typing and a worse support movepool. SHould be much higher.
Cacturne (8): Haven't really used it much tbh.
Dodrio (3): What do you expect? I love it anyway, spamming rank 5 Brave Birds and self-targetted Toxic Facades is so much fun :)
Slowking (9+19/2=18.5): As good as the hype it gets, it lacks that special something that would make it dominant however.
Steelix (13): Steelix too is good but I always found myself wishing I had my Onix back. Trading it for an Aggron because I love Aggron but I may get another someday.
Lapras (6): Lapras is okay. First gen movepool and great coverage. Pretty average.
Syclant (35): SQUISHIES OF THE WORLD UNITE! Another of those mons I only ever seem to bring to doubles+ :/
Stratagem (35): Stratagem I've been very impressed with, powerful mon, good typing, excellent coverage and a competent movepool at only 30 moves.
Pyroak (43): Still a Flarelm, but even as Flarelm its been solid. I expect Pyroak to do great things.
Snorlax (32): Munchlax is a little fucker of a NFE, I love it x). Considering not evolving it just so I can rape NFE matches.
Necturna (28): Necturine is pretty meh, hopefully Necturna will be better

ASB Hipster Index: 25.978

I have a buncha CAPs making me not a hipster at all :D Plus I don't really like shitmons so
Glacier what are you doing? Don't post here! You need to memorize lines?

Lol no brain I wanna play the census game too

Gallade-18: there are 53 mother truckin talks out there, and you wanna know why? Fucking Gallade. Great coverage, and has pretty good stats (run impish, 5 atk and 4 defs is nice). I have barely begun to give my gallade moves, yet it can kick major ass. It's coverage is like the rainbow, and has some fun support options. Get ittttt.

Syclant-35: KILL THINGS THEN DIE. I love my Syclant, even though I detest glass cannons. Sometimes opponents are stupid and give me a turn or two to tail glow. That's when they start to die ^_^ seriously, if you see a Syclant burn that fucker till it dies, cause it'll get you if you're not careful. Also has some fun tricks (but really, you don't have time for that when you're ICE BUG).

Krilowatt-29: erryday I'm countering. Krill is fun, but I've gotten bored of him recently. It's a decent poke, countercoat and nice typing make for good battles. I've even one a melee thanks to this little sucker. Good times, good times.

Blaziken-28: lol why do I have a torchick

Weavile-21: if you have a Weavile, and you don't have a razor fang, kill yourself. That thing is so great for Weavile, +3 bap to a good number of his attacks, raise crit chance, and makes him rank 6 atk (for all you lame people with adamant or +atk, jolly Weavile says fuck you. 144 spe and 24% acc boost forreals). That fighting weakness is sad, but Weavile is fun and annoying (for your enemies!). He's like shadow the hedgehog. Badass fast thingy.

Machamp-21: while I love my champ to death, I have come to accept conkeldurr is vastly superior (though ugly as fuck). if you pick between the two, get conkeldurr! But I'll stick with my champ, he's still nifty.

Froslass-7: like gallade. 20 snorunts out there, guess what they're gonna be? Sexy ice spirits! Fros is a good mon, love the speed and the support. I need to get her a dawn stone, I mean she does have a few physical moves that could come in handy. I love my frossy ^_^

Mamoswine-19: <3 I love and hate Mamoswine. Hate them cause I can never find a nature to run in them that I like (going jolly next), and love everything else. Such a good Pokemon. Ground and ice STAB with solid atk power? Um yes please. This thing can wreck your shit, unless you bring a starmie. Oh god fuck starmies ;_; you can't do ANYTHING to stop them! (lol hidden power grass). Mano has hard time against fighting too. And I don't even want to talk about pyroaks..... Mamoswine is a good Pokemon though. I love my big piggy <3

Cloyster-12: One word..... Shell smash! You have to watch out for special attackers, but skill link icicle spear STABBED after SS? Have fun bro. Cloyster is a fun Pokemon when battling the right enemy. Dat def. so sexy. I run gentle so it doesn't get too raped by electric, but I've seen mild or bold cloy that do well too. Can set up spikes and can spin if that's your thing, and can even teleport the fuck out of there! Yaaay gen one TMs!

Xatu-9: I need to use my Xatu more, really. Awesome dw ability, and a fun movepool. Support moves are nice, and she'll force you decide whether +atk or +spa, in my opinion Xatu can go either way. I remember when alch and I had the only xatus......sigh....

Jynx-7: jynx wished it had rank 4 or 5 attack. I mean come on Nintendo, she has such a large physical pool it's ridiculous. Not the sturdiest Pokemon, but she can get the job done. Running timid is great, and you gotta love forewarn!

Castform-6: wow only 6? Castform is a boss guys, you don't even know. I need to slap a everstone on mine too, modest cast is 3/4/5/4/70. With four types to rotate around, you can't go wrong with this lovable weather mon. It has grass and electric moves too, to add on to it's fire/water/ice. Not bad! Now we really need to give it a sandstorm form.....

Vanillixe-6: not a bad poke, for an ice type. Has steel coverage which is rare and handy for the ever so weak ice type. Can function in rain well, and can possibly send fire types packing. Plus who the fuck doesn't love ice cream?

Macargo-5: underestimated Pokemon. Yeah, that water and ground weakness bites, but it's fire and rock coverage is nice, plus it has neat tricks like recover, pain split and shell smash. I haven't used it in a while since I want my ices stronger, but magcargo is fun to play with. AVOID GASTRODON. And any other water or ground pokemon.

Tropius-4: I want to use him more. Like Xatu, tropius can go +atk or spa with ease. I went +spa because solar power harvest shenanigans seem fun. I need to train him more ;_;

Walrein-4: I love the fact only four people can withstand the badassery that is walrein. Seriously, for an ice mon this thing can tank. Has fine stats and an interesting movepool, with basic coverage and nifty support moves. Resstalk is a must for walrein. Snore is viable too. Plus defense curl + ice ball is something you need to try out. All hail the walrus!

I also have simisear, dusknoir, abomasnow, and a rotom, but they aren't a big deal. I agree with what other owners have to say about them.

As for hipster index, bump that, I own the most ice types in all of ASB.



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My mons:
Lucario: 47
Nidoking (nidoran): 33
Colossoil: 28
Mamoswine: 19
Golurk: 19
Torterra (turtwig): 18
Camerupt (numel): 15
Poliwag: 14
Hippowdon: 11
Gastrodon: 8
Claydol: 8
hipster index = 220/11=20

not bad i guess
Ok its Hipster Index time. I'm pretty sure it's gone way up from the last time I did this, but whatever. At least there's no full-out hipster war this time (yet >.>)

So here it is, counting the FE branched evolution mons with their final form count, as you don't know what they will be evolved into.

Dragonite line- 57
Lucario line- 47
Stratagem line- 35
Syclant line- 35
Metagross line- 33
Snorlax line- 32
Necturna line- 28
Revenankh- 26

Milotic line- 23
Weavile line- 21
Swampert line- 19
Mamoswine line- 19
Electivire line- 18
Serperior line- 18


Mienshao line- 13
Steelix line- 13
Alakazam line- 12
Blastoise line- 12
Cloyster line- 12
Clefable line- 12
Blissey line- 12
Mismagius line- 11
Whimsicott line- 11
Braviary line- 10
Staraptor line- 8
Bastiodon line- 8

Absol- 7
Armaldo line- 7
Espeon- 7
Nidoqueen line- 7
Ditto- 6
Exploud line- 5
Slowbro- 4
Walrein line- 4

Beautifly- 1 (Woohoo!)
Dustox- 1 (Woohoo!)
Pidgeot- 2 (Close enough!)
Whiscash- 1 (Woohoo!)

Total HI: 597/38 = 15.7
Saying that my HI from the last Census was 14.6, this is not just bad. This is... PLASBAD!

I think I might have to buy a Qwilfish or something now...
Let's do an analysis!

Hipster index: 23 (Top of UU)

Cyclohm (60): This thing is amazing. Shield Dust is one of the best abilities ever created, and Static and Overcoat are right up there. What I like is its weather versatility-that is, it can abuse all weathers, thanks to Overcoat and Weather Ball. This is one of my Top 2 mons.
Dragonite (57): Right up there with Cyclohm is Dragonite. Dragonite has 5/5 offenses with a Quiet nature, giving it the ability to go either physical or Special. It also gets 116 different moves. Not that it has a use for some of them (Water Gun, wtf?), but it has about 80 or so usable ones (It even gets Horn Drill).
Hydreigon (40): Haven't used it as a Hydreigon, but as far as I can tell from other Hydreigon, Hydreigon is amazing. Enough said.
Salamence (26): Sadly, one of those mons that got passed over in my search for my initial 6. Dragonite just outclassed it.
Garchomp (25): Haven't used it since evolving, but I can tell that is does pretty well.
Kingdra (24): With the recent Focus Energy buff, as well as Dragon Scale, Kingdra can kick some ass. Here is a damage calculation: (Focus Energy Dragon Scale Hasty Rain-boosted Hydro Pump on Brave/Quiet Camerupt)
Kingdra used Hydro Pump!
Calculation: (12+3(STAB)+3(Rain)+7(Critical hit)+4*1.5-3*1.5)*2.25=59.625
-7 Energy

(Will finish later)
How do I figure out my hipster index guys.

Please guys. Guise.

Guise. please guys.

IAR EDIT: I calculated yours at 14.45.

Glacier edit: thanks iar <3 and WW come at me bro.
I'm so hipster guys look at me wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Glacier, this isn't that hard >.>

For all tohse people who have no idea how to find it, your Hipster Index is found by taking the number of the species owned for each of your Pokemon and then finding the average. For example, if a player only has Cyclohm, Dragonite, and Lucario, their Hipster Index would be (60+57+47)/3 = 54.66
Who needs to be hipster? Analysis time!

My starter :P anyways, this is where I'd expect him to be, not too high not too low, it has a great movepool and can be quite dangerous with Mind Reader+Sheer Cold/Guillotine. I'd also like to say that I'd suggest lowering one of kills defenses, I think the rank 3 attack is very worth it. Naive FTW!

My other starter xD. Unown is fun sometimes, biggest selling point has to be either special combos or untauntable taunt, it has some more use now thanks to Everstone but I doubt his usage will go up much (also asb we need to give this guy a normal Hidden Power :P)

inb4 CLAMPERL SUX! Hahaha anyways this girl has gotta be my signature mon. My only maxed one (44 moves :)) Incase anyone's wondering I'm never gonna evolve her DeepSeaTooth is too awesome to pass up!

Yeah this guys awesome... But seriously there's a reason hes number one in usage (although that might also be because of when he had sheer force :P) weather shenanigans are always cool with this guy and he never disappoints. Only wish he had a slightly higher Atk.

I can thank my strata for my Cyclone badge, he just has so much damage output it's crazy. I think one of gem's biggest selling points is that he has te ability to be successful with such a little amount of moves, you can get it to 30moves and it's awesome! Also I never did this but apparently Rebble halls are pretty fun.

I know this is high OU, but it should be way higher. I know you've probably read over all of the other Pyroak responses but seriously this guy is awesome. Even with only rank 3 attack (or 4 with brave) this guy demolishes things with Wood Hammer and Flare Blitz, and absolutely no recoil! And if that's not enough it has an awesome typing (that is extremely frustrating to play against) Seriously get one.

Necturna, you are an extremely annoying mon. I NEVER KNOW WHAT SKETCH MOVE TO HAVE! Other than that she's awesome, 5/4/4/5 is too awesome,heck give it a rare candy, it goes up to 6/4//4/6 which is just godly. Right now I have soak on Necty which I am liking, don't really know what else I'd use. Overall a pretty good mon (but it needs razor leaf for TLR purposes)

When I first started ASB, everyone told me how rediculously broken Fidgit was. I just don't see it. Fidgit is by all means a good mon and the god of support. I did expect it to be higher than this. Overall havent used it much and it should be a bit higher.

This was one of the biggest surprises to me, in all honesty I expected it to be way higher. After BW2 this thing got a huge boost. Magic Coat gets rid of taunt meanness and a physical movepool allows it to go mixed amazingly! 4 attack with brave is nothing to scoff at especially with a super strong gyro ball drain punch rock slide and e punches. Seriously underrated and I need to train mine more.

Okay this is just plain awful. Conkeldurr is one of my fave mons easy. 12BAP E punches, yes please. Practically this guys whole movepool is boosted by either sheer force or iron fist and then guts is just the icing on the cake. Its middling speed is a little unfortunate hiwever this guy needs a lot more love.

The best annoyer in ASB IMO. Not great offensively but through wonder skin, powders and other annoyances veno can be a bit of a pain. (once stalled a Cyclohm to death lol) I really should train my moth up more because she has been really fun to use.

Vaporeon-OU-7: not sure what I was supposed to do here
Water Stone Vappy is goin to be lots of fun. Just spent a whole bunch of time training up my Vaporeon and she is a good mon. Water stone is probably the biggest selling point, virtual immunity to status, leftovers, and +1 SpAtk all in one item. I can tell she'll be successful

Storage mons I haven't really used

Snorunt (currently dratini but trading)-20

Hipster index forthcoming

EDIT: hipster index is 30.91

LOW HIPSTERNESS :D Lowest so far!
My Hipster Index is 29.6. I am extremely, extremely, EXTREMELY disappointed. Gotta go buy some PU pokes... (Mareep, Sandshrew, Sunkern, Spoink, and Koffing here I come!)
Bisharp (23), Swampert (19), Magnezone (23), Chandelure (22), Exeggutor (4), Machamp (21), Dragonite (57), Scizor (28), Metagross (33), Ferrothorn (15), Aggron (29), Krillowatt (29), Lucario (47), Kitsunoh (41), Steelix (13), Cyclohm (60), Excadrill (12), Porygon (31), Sneasel (21), Rebble (35), Axew (18), Breloom (19), Bronzong (16), Klinklang (14), Registeel (5), Empoleon (17), Regice (4), Karrablast (10), Omastar (5), Regirock (7), Nidoran♂ (33), Abra (12), Tentacool (7), Gastly (42), Rhyhorn (19), Starmie (26), Elekid (18), Magby (12), Aerodactyl (9), Munchlax (32), Togepi (30), Aipom (7), Heracross (14), Skarmory (7), Pupitar (33), Torchic (28), Ralts (53), Sableye (11), Roselia (19), Duskull (23), Cranidos (15), Spiritomb (4), Gible (25), Timburr (18), Shelmet (7), Mienfoo (13), Golett (19), Deino (40), Larvesta (27), Syclar (35), Revenankh (26), Arghonaut (27), Colossoil (28), Scratchet (36), Necturna (28)

for a hipster index of... 22.48! Odds are the only reason my index isn't higher than literally everyone else's is because I have bought a bunch of UU/RU/NU mons that I have never even used before (Spiritomb, Tentacool, Magby, Shelmet, etc.) and that I probably won't use any time soon, either.

General comments: I find it interesting that there are more Regirock than Registeel, and more Registeel than Regice, since I thought Rock Crag was the hardest and that Regice is the best Regi, but whatev. As I was looking through the numbers for each of my mons, I found myself repeatedly thinking, "why don't more people have this mon, it's so good (or it will be as soon as I start using it)". I just find that funny.

Bisharp (23): Not worth shit, idk why I thought it was a good idea to start with (probably because I was inexperienced). I cannot believe there are another 22 of these.

Swampert (19): I'm not surprised that there are 19 Swampert and only 8 Gastrodon, since Swampert is so much better... but seriously, with Bide, Mirror Coat, Counter, only one weakness (so subs to take advantage of CounterCoat is easy), mixed attacking capability and fairly good coverage, I'd recommend Swampert. Certainly more than Bisharp for fuck's sake.

Magnezone (23): I personally love Magnezone, but I amazed that anyone else would want to use one. It's kind of one of those one-trick mons that just hits hard with it's STAB, and mostly only with Electric. However, it does get some nice screenage and a Gen I movepool, so it's cool.

Chandelure (22): Like Magnezone, mostly hits things hard with it's STAB (gonna call them STABers from now on since there are a lot of them), although it also gets Ghost-ly tricks. The only thing that isn't pretty good about Chandelure is its 90 HP.

Exeggutor (4): Idk why I bought this. I think I though status and stalling was more viable than I do now. Also I probably thought it would be a good STABer with 6 SpA after Modest nature.

Machamp (21): No Guard Dynamic Punch and some more coverage--'nuff said.

Dragonite (57): Tons of coverage, Multiscale, powerful offensive and defensive stats--no wonder it's in the top two most common mons.

Scizor (28): Complete and utter STABer that likes to use it's abilities, since it has no other moves to work with. At least it can summon rain to help itself and use Flying moves. It does alright in a completely neutral match-up, but the opponent can probably get the upper-hand in most cases.

Metagross (33): Orcinus' thoughts on Snorlax: "I don't like Snorlax. I really don't. It's not fast enough, doesn't have any tricks up its sleeve except for LOL I HAVE LOTSA ATTACKS, and overall just isn't fun to play with. It's strong, sure, and probably got me really far in the Team Tournament. But it's just not fun to play with. Which is why I'm trading it for a metagross I guess." Swap "Snorlax" and "Metagross" and this is how I feel.

Ferrothorn (15): Amazing for 6v6 Single's and can be a nice STABer and has great defensive stats. Plus it's a Steel mon, so I like it, even though I haven't used mine much since it's useless in my gym (unless I were to bump the format up to 6v6 Singles, but I would get a lot of shit for that).

Aggron (29): Not good for the gym other than to handle Pyroak, so although it couldn't make my gym team, this thing packs one hell of a hit, has nice coverage, great abilities of course, and Counter and Metal Burst to help with its weaknesses.

Krillowatt (29): I have hardly used this (despite it having like 47 moves), but it looks like it can do really well with its STAB, Ice moves, Earth Power, and cool supporting movepool.

Lucario (47): Goddamn amazing. It's fast, mixed, and with the good nature (ie Hasty), it has perfectly accuract Hi Jump Kick with STAB; it has incredible coverage, as well as being able to boost its stats however it wants. It's just so great, and has more moves than any of my other mons.

Kitsunoh (41): Kitsunoh has probably made me the most famous, and has really done amazing things for me: more or less single-handedly won me the title of gym leader over smashlloyd, defeated a Colossoil (albeit with a Magnet Rise boost) to essentially net me the win against Pwnemon, and, of course, beat Rank 4 Battle Hall, thus getting Perish-Turn banned. It has a tremendous support movepool, has pretty great offensive coverage, and is very fast, which allows it to employ its tricks all the better.

Steelix (13): I am very surprised that this isn't more popular, given its great abilities, wide coverage, and, perhaps surprisingly, its ability to go mixed. It's quite difficult to take down, too, and has Taunt, Torment, Endure, and Explosion+Selfdestruct to fuck with people (I'm probably forgetting a bunch of stuff though).

Cyclohm (60): I don't see why this has stayed #1 so long after it lost Sheer Force, since imo it's a worse Dragonite. It obviously does, though, have powerful coverage, as well as being kinda hard to take down.

Excadrill (12): Nothin' more than a grade-A STABer.

Porygon (31): I wish it could still alternate between Hyper Beam and Tri Attack, since that's why I bought it, but it still has the Conversions and cool coverage with good stats.

Sneasel (21): I'm not really sure what makes this good. I guess it's fast and has Dig and Dark support and Fake Out and Counter, but it doesn't seem too great.

Rebble (35): Rebble is a great Hall mon, and Stratagem seems like it'll be pretty useful with strong Rock moves, Technician, being super fast, and having some coverage.

Axew (18): SUPER STABER!

Breloom (19): Actually pretty fun to use, but honestly, far too frail to actually use effectively other than as a Shroomish against other NFE's.

Bronzong (16): Very useful abilities and super annoying supportive movepool, along with mixed attacking stats and high defense, Bronzong is pretty great for Raids and as a mon in general. I feel like more people should have these.

Klinklang (14): I have yet to take advantage of using its 4 abilities at once in a 1 ability battle or even use it much outside of the TLR run whence it came, but it pretty much seems to be a solid mixed STABer with lots of Electric moves.

Registeel (5): Honestly, kind of a disappointment. 6 Def/SpD is cool and all, but it can't hit things hard and doesn't have an interesting supportive movepool.

Empoleon (17): I need this bitch for my gym so badly, and it has served it's purpose amazingly against a whole bunch of Ground mons and Fire mons. In general, though, it doesn't seem that good, although it has cool stats and typing and can sort of go mixed.

Regice (4): My favorite of the Regis. Ice is a cool offensive type, and due to great defensive stats, it doesn't mind Ice's poor defensive quality. Hail followed by Blizzard and Zap Cannon+Shock Wave are all it needs to function well.

Karrablast (10): With a Link Cable, 7/5/1(2?)/5/(something low) seems really cool, even if it's a STABer with a 4x weakness.

Omastar (5): I haven't used it much, but it has been fun to play with, as a special mon with nice defenses and cool typing, with the potential use of Shell Smash on the side.

Regirock (7): Good coverage with the punches and EdgeQuake, has Sturdy to increase its already amazing defenses, and can use Sandstorm to further this effect. Thank God it gets 5 Atk after Adamant nature...

Nidoran♂ (33): From this point on, I have hardly used any of these guys, but I know what their capabilities will be one day, and so these entries will kinda look like mini Threat List descriptions. Anyway, this is an amazing user of Sheer Force with crazy coverage (especially on the special side) and a Gen I movepool.

Abra (12): I'm not really sure why I got this instead of a Reuniclus... although it does get some cool stuff like Encore, and is fast and powerful, so that's all pretty cool.

Tentacool (7): Again, this was a questionably choice. Engineer probably went on a small rant about how good Tentacruel is soon before I made my massive claim or something. Anyway, it has interesting typing and is pretty bulky, so I guess that's cool.

Gastly (42): Gengar used to be one of ASB's top two mons (not necessarily on the census, but in terms of power), and yet it has somehow become much less prevalent without and specific nerfs. It still has its Ghost-ly Gen I movepool, making it unique, along with its crazy speed and high Special Attack, and even the potential to go mixed.

Rhyhorn (19): I feel like I should have gone with Quiet for a nature, since it gets some nice elemental coverage on both the physical and the special side, as well as a fair amount of bulkiness and power. Too bad it has natural 2 SpD.

Starmie (26): With a +Spe nature, it gets a free 12 BAP STAB move, which is excellent, along with boltbeam and its move powerful version between Thunder and Blizzard, along with Hidden Power gives it very nice coverage. Additionally, its trickiness is incredible; Reflect Type is one of the coolest moves ever, it can come back instantly with Pain Split, it can use Gravity to ensure the whole team's accuracy, etc. This is one mon I have actually used a bit, and I can attest to its coolness.

Elekid (18): Gen I movepool, goes mixed, great coverage, what more can I say.

Magby (12): Slower, fiery version of Electivire.

Aerodactyl (9): Super fast, perfect accuracy Stone Edge, Taunt, Torment, Tailwind, Whirlwind/Roar, nice coverage, more Gen I movepoolness. Also, its stats ain't bad at all; the only thing more you could ask for is natural 5 Atk.

Munchlax (32): Super duper movepool, and I feel like Whatever-it-is Incense giving it No Guard will just make it all the better, especially since it doesn't mind the -1/2 priority.

Togepi (30): Paralysis plus STAB Air Slash with Serene Grace is pretty great. Furthermore, Hustle makes its physical attacks viable regardless of its nature, especially Sky Attack and Extremespeed. It probably gets good supportive moves that idk about yet since I haven't used it.

Aipom (7): It gets Skill Link and Technician; how can anyone not love that? Probably because that basically only affects Fury Swipes... but that's still actually pretty good. It has a solid movepool between the Punches, Fake Out, Bounce, Dig (?), and even shit like Seed Bomb (lolwut?). I think this'll be really fun to use one day.

Heracross (14): Quite a STABer plus Stone Edge and Payback, but it looks fun to use.

Skarmory (7): Why the fuck did 6 other people get one. I basically got one to increase my number of Steel mons.

Pupitar (33): Tyranitar hasn't been mentioned much as one of ASB's incredible mons (I'm thinking primarily of Dragonite, Cyclohm, Gengar, Nidoking, Gallade, even Colossoil a bit), despite it's stats (110/5/4/4/4/low with Quiet nature), great supporting moves and awesome coverage, but I think this thing will kick serious ass.

Torchic (28): Blaziken is probably just a worse Infernape in ASB tbh. At least it has high powered offensive stats and typing.

Ralts (53): Gallade has very vast supporting options, as well as excellent typing, potential to go mixed, and solid coverage. One day I'll have one with like 60 moves and I'll still need more before it's good enough.

Sableye (11): How the fuck can there only be 11? It has Stall Metal Burst and Prankster FUCKING EVERYTHING. Additionally, it has OK stats and some nice coverage.

Roselia (19): Mostly fun to use because its Grass movepool and Technician, and it also has cool stats and its own item.

Duskull (23): 90/4/5/4/5/low with Quiet nature, and it isn't lacking in the move department, so I'm surprised that I don't see more of these around.

Cranidos (15): This actually has a nice special movepool, and can fucking smash shit on the physical side, so 15 seems pretty low to me.

Spiritomb (4): Why does this exist. I might just trade it away to whoever is willing to buy me an Embirch and put a counter or two in it.

Gible (25): ...why are there so many of these? I guess it's a kinda cool STABer plus Water/Fire if you go mixed, but it doesn't seem like it could do shit to anything with an Ice move. Honestly though, I guess it's a cool mon.

Timburr (18): Wow, how did this one's popularity explode? With 12 BAP elemental moves plus awesome bulkiness and other moves that its abilities can boost, this is not a mon to mess with.

Shelmet (7): With amazing speed, Accelgor seems like it has the potential to be pretty fun to use to screw with people, but at the same time has shitty stats and offense, so it kinda reminds me of Breloom.

Mienfoo (13): It seems like it could really take advantage of Hi Jump Kick and Stone Edge with the accuracy it gains from a Jolly nature, as well as Fake Out and U-Turn and whatnot to work with.

Golett (19): Iron Fist Punches, omfg... as well as No Guard Dynamic Punch and Earthquake and Fly and stuff, this bot looks like it'd be an offensive beast.

Deino (40): It's another one of those mixed dragons with great coverage, but this one doesn't have quite as good a movepool due to being Gen V, although it doesn't suffer a 4x weakness.

Larvesta (27): I just got this for the bulk with a Bold nautre. Otherwise, it just looks like a classic STABer.

Syclar (35): Technician (and Bug STAB) Icicle Spear, Tech Icy Wind, perfect accuracy Blizzard, high accuracy Sheer Cold, Tech Bug Bite, Tech Water Pulse, the shit just goes on... also, Mountaineer + U-Turn could be taken advantage of really well in Switch=OK matches.

Revenankh (26): Great Timeless Tower mon (although I didn't use one so that hardly concerns me), perfect offensive STAB, fair bulk, pretty nice coverage as well as a Ghostly movepool.

Arghonaut (27): I don't like this all too much, even though it can use its typing well with Iron Fist and whatnot, it just doesn't seem to have anything particularly special going for it.

Colossoil (28): Oh my god, this thing gets everything. It can go mixed to really use its Water movepool in addition to its STAB, it gets Bounce, Dig, and Dive, it gets U-Turn, Fake Out, Encore, Taunt, Torment, it's all just so good.

Scratchet (36): Prankster is pretty cool on this thing with Stealth Rock(?) for big matches in addition to Roost, Taunt, a lot of things I don't know about since I've never used/faced it very much, as well as really cool typing and STAB moves.

Necturna (28): Its stats are amazing, and it gets Horn Leech + Giga Drain, Leaf Storm and Power Whip, but unfortunately just Shadow Claw/Shadow Ball/Hex on the Ghost side. It also gets a bit more coverage, plus Super Fang, Torment, and Pain Split just to be that much more awful to face.