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What's the big deal with Kingdra and Dragon Scale? Rare Candy gives you the same offensive boost + 1 Def + 1 SpD & the Sniper Boost it's only 1 extra point over the + 1 BAP on Dragon and Water moves, I would get it if Kindgra had a ton of coverage, but she really doesn't and the only real boost is in critical Ice moves (and you're not week to grass mons, so...), Unless it's the price then I see no reason to use it (in doubles and triples the power of critical blizzards sounds amazing though)


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Um Gerard, I believe dragon scale crits from kingdra are +7 bap, combine that with focus energy and that is one hell of a boost
but what Gerard is saying is that you can use Focus Energy and a Rare Candy, and here're the differences:

Focus Energy+Rare Candy: 100/4/4/4/4/85, +5 BAP for crits, +1 BAP for STAB

Focus Energy+Dragon Scale: 100/4/3/4/3/85, +7 BAP for crits

It would be an interesting debate to say which is better, except Kingdra can't actually benefit from Rare Candy or Everstone, so it doesn't really matter.
Oh, such an oversight on my part, yeah, that's unfortunate since the 4/4/4/4 stats would have been amazing in such a mon as Kindgra, oh well, then I guess Dragon Scale it's the way to go, and now that I remember the same thing happened to Froslass, oh well...
Eh, wait, doesn't Rare Candy only work on mons that evolved through leveling up?

If so, Kingdra doesn't evolve, nor does it evolve by leveling up, thus the Rare Candy does nothing.
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii <3

I'll rate my old mons tomorrow when I'm not drunk maybe.
I'm not drunk anymore. And I need to procrastinate.

Nidoqueen - I went for her over Nidoking just due to personal preference, but honestly, King is probably superior with Megahorn etc. At least Queen can set up some hazards, which is nice in long-term Singles.
Lickilicky - A worse Snorlax. I don't regret picking him as my starter, just being honest.
Butterfree - Should've used it more than I did. Tinted Lens and Sleep Powder was really nice, though it was frail as fuck.
Arghonaut - After the revamp especially, Arghonaut got awesome... But it's still probably a worse option than Machamp and Conkelderp. Some really neat tricks though, especially Recover and Taunt.
Klinklang - Ehhh... Movepool issues when I used it. It's just so incredibly limited. I dunno if things have changed since I left, but I doubt it.
Cyclohm - It was probably my best mon, even though the loss of Sheer Force and Taunt was a slap in all three of its faces. But it was always, always, always a great option in virtually any battle.
Tyranitar - It was most useful in raids, but Mama was a fearsome tank thanks to her SpD boost because of sand and her versatile movepool was pretty nice too.
Pyroak - Really should've used it more. Took punishment well, and dished it out with Rock Head Wood Hammer and Flare Blitz. Pretty nifty mon.
Dusknoir - It's Dusknoir. Need I say more? The low HP always bothered me, but she could do no wrong for me.
Electivire - As disappointing as it is on the carts. It doesn't hit hard enough, it isn't fast enough, and it's fragile as all hell. Avoid...
Milotic - Standard bulky water. Nothing special.
Tomohawk - Arguably the best CAPmon to be honest. Prankster/Intimidate is an absolutely amazing ability combo. Why would you not use this?
Voodoom - Never made an impression on me to be honest.
Salamence - Well, it's ok... Eh, standard attacker really, but Roost was always nice.
Blissey - I would never have won a raid without it. Heal Pulse, Safeguard, dual screens, Aromatherapy, and with Modest, it can put up a fair offence, believe it or not. Stay away from single battles with it though...
Golurk - Haven't used it since BW2, and I hear it's much much better now.
Ferrothorn - Dem hazards. Dat Power Whip. The ideal mon for long singles.
Eelektross - FUCKING USE THIS.
Lapras - Another pretty standard bulky water, but that Ice typing... Oh well, Bide/Endure etc :)
Krilowatt - Ordering first against him is a nightmare. But he's so, so good. Shock Wave/Zap Cannon is quite nice too.
Galvantula - CompoundEyes Thunder! ... That's about it. Very fragile, and otherwise unremarkable movepool.
Volcarona - It hits stuff hard and fast. It can tank very well, and I wish I'd gone Bold, but I love the power that Modest gave me.
Beeheyem - Impressive defences, and Recover... But it's got nothing to differentiate itself from other Psychics.
Rotom - Definitely needs to go Timid, pretty much always. Standard Ghosty disruptive movepool though.
Gastrodon - Sorry C$FP, you're wrong about this, Gastro > Swampy.
Wartortle - Another distinctly average water type. Meh.
Magnezone - Well, it's got good defences, Magic Coat and even Gravity. Surprisingly neat tricks, but otherwise it's like most Electric types - no coverage.
Nincada, Spinarak, Magikarp, Metang, Glaceon, Mamoswine - All TLR catches who haven't been used... I think... :/
Kadabra - See the threat list entry for my thoughts, but I never used it enough to get the most out of it.
Revenankh - Used for Timeless Tower, but it sure didn't disappoint, even though I failed in the end. If you're taking the Tower on, do not go without one.
Some significance of Dragon Scale is that after a Focus Energy, you can spam Draco Meteor with impunity to stay drops and an additional 7 damage from Sniper. Or you can spam any other attack.

EDIT: oh by the way SoS, King also gets T-Spikes and Stealth Rock.

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Just to clarify:

SEADRA can use both Rare Candy (Evolves from Horsea) and Dragon Scale.

KINGDRA can only use Dragon Scale.

Rare Candy Seadra is 90/3/5/5/2/85; +2 Water BAP, +5 Sniper Crits

Dragon Scale Seadra is 90/4/3/4/2/85; +7 Sniper Crits
Ok, from Top Usage to Bottom:

Goku the Lucario: 47
Firestorm the Pyroak: 43
Blue-Eyes the Deino: 40
King the Nidoking: 33
Greymon the Larvitar: 33
Peaceful the Togetic: 30
Complications the Scizor: 28
Davy Jones the Privatyke: 27
Jaws the Gible: 25
Serenity the Feebas: 23
KS the Snivy: 18
Bane the Gyrados: 15
Metabee the Heracross: 14
Hippie the Poliwag: 14
Stingmon the Beedrill: 13
Negotiate the Abra: 12
Richter the Hippopotas: 11
Specz the Butterfree: 10
El Gigante the Vigoroth: 9
Landslide the Dwebble: 5
Del Lago the Wailmer: 4

Total: 454
Mon Number: 21
Final average: 21.6
Finding my HI, for teh lulz.
Arthur the Scraggy: 27
Comments: Despite my whole team's inexperience, Arthur has rarely failed me. Adamant Scrafty ftw.
Anne the Solosis: 19
Comments: I've only used Anne twice, so not much to say.
Ryan the Golurk: 19
Comments: See Anne.
Chuck the Fraxure: 18
Comments: Chuck has been somewhat of a letdown, but it hasn't fully evolved yet, so...
Greg the Timburr: 18
Comments: Hasn't been approved yet.
Viktor the Snivy: 18
Comments: Viktor is okay.
Dexter the Minccino: 16
Comments: I can't wait until Dexter evolves. He does enough damage with Tail Slap without Skill Link, and he'll get Bullet Seed and Rock Blast... The only word the describe that is terrifying.
King Kong the Darmanitan: 13
Comments: The power behind him is terrifying. Add on a decent support movepool, and holy crap this thing owns.
Jill the Jellicent: 11
Comments: Solid defenses, decent offenses, and a solid movepool. What more could you ask for?
August the Swadloon: 5
Comments: The Sewaddle line is underrated.
Not bad.
Little question: Why is that some lines have line next to them and some others don't? I think is just something you missed considering it's only present in the NU & PU ones, but I think it's something to be noted
Let's see what mine is, as of my latest claim...



Not too shabby, considering the majority of my Pokemon team is 'themed'.
Little question: Why is that some lines have line next to them and some others don't? I think is just something you missed considering it's only present in the NU & PU ones, but I think it's something to be noted
Lines indicate a split evolution family. In these cases I started off with the basic version of the family using all members of it, and then split it off into the separate final evolution components. So, for example, there are 53 members of the Eevee family and then each evolved form is denoted by a line. In this way the total number of Pokemon in a multi line evolution family is accurately represented.
That doesn't explain why Cyclohm and Gengar's line have the line "line" when ambipom and armaldo doesn't (although it does the absol and co. ones as they don't evolve)
Oh I see what you mean. Quite simply, that was me getting tired and lazy after a shitton of hours of work and refusing to continue typing line after the Pokemons name.
Just realized I never posted my team here. Let me see...

In rough chronological order (traded mons count as chronologically the same mon as was traded for. If that makes any sense.)

Volcorona line: 27
Arghonaut: 27
Roserade Line: 19
Stratagem line: 35
Snorlax line: 32
Bisharp line: 23
Aerodactyl line: 9
Crustle: 5
Porygon-Z line (x2): 31
Togekiss line: 30
Electivire line: 18
Dusknoir line: 23
Ursaring line: 10
Lopunny: 4
Salamence line: 26
Castform: 6
Blissey line: 12
Cinccino line: 15
Marowak line: 11
Scizor line: 28
Magnezone line: 23
Lucario line: 47
Starmie line: 26
Colossoil line: 28
Blaziken line: 28
Nidoking line: 33
Ralts family: 53
Glaceon: 5
Metagross line: 33
Necturna line: 28
Slaking line: 9
Druddigon: 5
Hydreigon line: 40
Abomasnow line: 9
Mismagius line: 11
Emboar line: 15
Reuniclus line: 19
Camerupt line: 15
Dragonite line: 57

Hipster Index: 22.65

Wow, that's a tad lower than I expected. I may write analyses a bit later.