Roleplay ASB Hunger Games: Seeking a mentor

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All Player PM's are out. While I understand it would be theoretically possible to deduce the identity of every player (some easier than others), I ask that you send all correspondance through the refs and never give any particularly compromising information. While it is not a crime to know who a player is through analysis- in fact, it can be advantageous- sending PM's to them directly or chatting via IRC is illegal.

Just making a note of that. The mentor/sponsor message will be up very soon.

EDIT: Please PM messages to all refs.
EDIT2: #Sponsor is now open for all registered sponsors and mentors for open game discussion.
For the time being, could participants please, when PMing hunger games refs, please do not PM me? My box is nearly full, and I can't empty it just yet (still need to keep all these Icy Forest PMs until that has been sorted out).

I appologize for this inconvience.
I have finally purged my PM box, dropping me from 190 PMs to around 38. I can now accept PMs to pass on and requests to join the spectator group. So have at me!

Please make sure all messages between now and Rediamond's return are sent to Eternal Drifter (myself), Glacier Knight, akela, two of us, or all three. Thank you.
Three things need said.

1) Approximately 24 hours until the arena phase.
2) The prize formula is wrong. (0.5)(2^C)(1+D) is the proper formula.
3) Creating a safety net for donations. If a sponsorship does not win, the giver will be reimbursed (Amount of CC Given)/(D+2) at the end of the game.
Alright, the arena phase has formally begun.

All players should PM myself or another ref their orders by the end of Tuesday (my mistake in the PM's). All mentors should also send me an update, even if it is simply "no action." Mentors are now expected to seek out sponsors, or donate money themselves, and purchase items. This is your one job.

Any questions? Talk to me.
PM's have been sent. Data isn't up publicly yet, but Eternal Drifter or I will post when it is. Deadline for orders is the end of Wednesday, GMT -5. Orders sent at 12:01 AM Thursday will be ignored.

I am also in need of potential subs for both mentors and players. Sign up here if interested.

EDIT: Why this was late... I had a number of large projects, along with three back-to-back campouts and the longest (and thus most time intensive) book of the year in English class at the same time. School > Scouts > Internet
Rediamond said:
Gone. No plans to return.
As of March 19, 2013, this is Rediamond's current signature.

As the head Gamemaster of the ASB Hunger Games is gone, we have been faced with a problem. With the head Gamemaster, most of our guidence for this event is gone.

Will this stop us? No.

When in doubt, improvise!

Myself, Glacier, and akela still remain as Gamemasters, and both of the others have agreed to let me become Head Gamemaster. We have enough notes between us three to let the games continue! And continue they shall! It may take many more months before we arrive at a conclusion, but we will continue onward!

We are currently on round 3 of day 1. If any of the participants have not recieved a PM about this round, please PM myself, Glacier, and/or akela to get a new PM of the round. Otherwise, please PM actions for round 3 to any of the remaining Gamemasters (akela, Eternal Drifter, and/or Glacier Knight; NOT Rediamond). This includes sponsors, mentors, and players! (Orders are going to be due March 24, 2013, 12:00 AM)

Much like my struggle with the Icy Forest, we WILL GET THIS DONE!

If Rediamond returns, we can discuss what will happen then.

(Note that the only ones that do not HAVE to send orders are the sponsors; Mentors must send orders as well, even if they are just "Standby")
Due to various factors, including a miscommunication among GameMasters, we will extend deadline for orders for another 24 hours.

Deadline for all actions for this round will be March 25, 2013, 12:00 AM (GMT -5). We will not push the deadline back further. Please PM Glacier Knight, akela, and/or myself (Eternal Drifter) the actions.
I am sorry.

I had hoped to carry this on, but due to RL events for the remaining three game masters, I am forced to do this...

This instance of the Smogon ASB Poke'mon Hunger Games is cancelled.

There is simply too much on our plates right now, so this is getting the axe. Perhaps if we had refs that had nothing else on their plates, this could have continued... but for now, this is over.

Consolation Prizes for participating in this will be handed out shortly, to all who contributed.
Here are the prizes and refunds. You may claim your stuff from this post.


dogfish44: 100 CC Refund+2 CC Consolation=102 CC
yoshinite: 12 CC Refund+2 CC Consolation=14 CC
ZhengTann: 80 CC Refund+2 CC Consolation=82 CC


AOPSUser: 3 UC
dogfish44: 3 UC
Frosty: 3 UC
MK Ultra: 3 UC
Ragnarokalex: 3 UC

Players's Poke'mon:

King Serperior: Pyroak: 1 KOC
LupusAter: Houndoom: 4 KOC
Madotsuki: Fidgit: 1 KOC
Matezoide: Beheeyem: 1 KOC
Pwnemon: Gallade: 2 KOC
TIO: Cinccino: 1 KOC
UllarWarlord: Metagross: 1 KOC
Waterwarrior: Alazazam: 1 KOC
Woodchuck: Lucario: 1 KOC
Yarnus of Bethany: Snorlax: 1 KOC


King Serperior: 2 CC, 1 UC
LupusAter: 2 CC, 1 UC
Madotsuki: 2 CC, 1 UC
Matezoide: 2 CC, 1 UC
Pwnemon: 2 CC, 1 UC
TIO: 2 CC, 1 UC
UllarWarlord: 2 CC, 1 UC
Waterwarrior: 1 CC
Woodchuck: 2 CC, 1 UC
Yarnus of Bethany: 2 CC, 1 UC


akela: 3 UC (Message Fowarding)+3 UC (Poke'mon Guidance)=6 UC
Eternal Drifter: 0.8 UC (Message Forwarding)+4 UC (Poke'mon Guidance)=4.8 UC
Glacier Knight: .3 UC (Message Fowarding)= 1 UC (FLOOR)
Rediamond: 4.6 UC (Message Forwarding)+8.5 UC (Poke'mon Guidance)=13.1 UC

On behalf of the Hunger Games Gamemasters, we thank you for playing, and apologize for having this cut short. In the future someone might be able to run a new version of this, but until then... may the odds be ever in your favor!
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