Data ASB Raid Zone - Stormrage Mountain General Thread

Let's go a-raiding!

Looking for a partner for Stormrage Depths

I'm most likely brining my Lucario and my Swampert, both heavy hitters with SE STAB on Aero and TTar. Someone with a support mon and another heavy hitter would probably be the best, but I'm open to suggestion.


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Ullarwarlord and Madotsuki's challenge has been assigned to Engineer Pikachu.

I will pick Complications and waterwarrior.

PM your teams.
Looking for a partner for stormrage depths on normal mode!
I'll bring Cinccino and Scrafty, but if whoever accepts prefers, I'll bring Jellicent.

(swinub, that's right!)

Engineer_Pikachu told me to say he's reffing this

engedit: hi! zara: i'm using the list of drops we talked about last time if there are any changes let me know
So in the wake of my achievement today, I've decided to go on yet another raid!

Inviting It's A Random to Stormrage Depths (Hard Mode)

Pre-Chapter 4: Into the Deep

It was finally time...

I had finally gotten back from my triumph at the Cliffs of Thunder, and now the clouds over the peak were starting to break. Soon, very soon an expedition would head up there to find out the truth. I tried to piece together the many clues that I had found, the carvings, the unusual magnetism, and the blue flames, were they connected?

However, before I could ponder more, one of the guards came up to me and said that Lance wanted to see me. I nodded and followed him to Lance's office at the base. Once there, I was greeted by him "Ah, you're here Maxim. As you well know, the storms over Stormrage Mountain have started to part, but I need you to do something while we wait."

"Sure, what is it?" I replied.

Lance then went over and grabbed a map and laid it on the table, then, pointing to a small cave in the area he said "When the problems on Stormrage Mountain started, our scales picked up some unusual earthquake readings around this cave. This cave is only part of a vast network of caves that run under Stormrage Mountain, making it likely that these earthquakes have something to do with the recent disasters."

"I see, but why are we checking it out now? Shouldn't our biggest concern lie at the top of the mountain?" I asked, puzzled.

"You're right, the main cause will likely lie at the peak, but I'm worried. You see, I'm worried Stormrage Mountain may have been a diversion."

"A diversion?"

"Yes, the mountain has been known to contain ancient power that draws legendaries to it, but nobody has ever found the source of that power, I fear that while we've been busy with the disasters, the true threat may be working some diabolical scheme right under our noses! Of course, I have my doubts, but that's why I need you to investigate."

"I see, so I'm to go down into those caves and make sure our mysterious perpetrator isn't trying something?" I said.

"Yes. I wish you luck on your mission." Lance said, putting the map away.

Eventually, I looked around the base to try and find somebody willing to help me. As luck would have it, I found one almost immediately. The ASB League's Ground Gym Leader, It's a Random, was also wanting to go down into those caves. After some discussion, we started making preparations to go into the Depths of Stormrage Mountain.
Seeking a partner willing to take on Frozen Vault (Normal) with me. I will be bringing Excadrill and Ferrothorn, so it would be appreciated if my partner could bring something with light screen and Heal Pulse/Shadow Mend.
Inviting King_Serperior to Cliff Of Thunder (Hard Mode)

For my notes: I'll be using Marowak, Camerupt, Fidgit and Gigalith (Who I need to get Earth Power and Superpower), KS will be using Hippowdon, Nidoking, Nidoqueen, and Lucario.