Gen 3 At Last... (RMT)

My days of chopping and changing are over! I have created a team that I like, that works well and isn't brittle as biscuit!

Here we go:

Starmie @ Leftovers ** Starm
Trait: Natural Cure
EVs: 6 HP / 252 Spd / 252 SAtk
Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
- Ice Beam
- Rapid Spin
- Surf
- Thunderbolt

Makes a great starter. I've swept entire teams with this. Recover > something might be an idea. I haven't used rapid spin yet and I don't really need to worry about spikes cuz half of my team is airborne...
Or should I > surf?

Gyarados (M) @ Leftovers ** Leviathan
Trait: Intimidate
EVs: 20 HP / 252 Atk / 172 Spd / 66 SDef
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
- Dragon Dance
- Earthquake
- Hidden Power [Flying]
- Taunt

Some people don't realize how effective this set is. Sometimes only one dragon dance is all thats needed to sweep teams. Outspeeds what it needs to. Survives most electric attacks, and EQ's back. Has enough survivability to reliably set up.

Marowak (F) @ Thick Club ** Ulna
Trait: Rock Head
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Ancientpower
- Bonemerang
- Double-Edge
- Swords Dance

Lategame sweeper. Gets an agility passed from zapdos and reaches 378 speed. Has enough def to survive a couple hits from aero, so all it fears is timid jolty. Ancientpower for accuracy and stat raise. Bonemerang for novelty and sub breaking.

Zapdos @ Leftovers ** Gigavolt
Trait: Pressure
EVs: 60 HP / 12 Atk / 12 Def / 252 Spd / 172 SAtk
Lonely Nature (+Atk, -Def)
- Agility
- Baton Pass
- Drill Peck
- Thunderbolt

Passes agility to marowak and is durable enough to do so. DP and t-bolt for STAB and some type coverage. also to pulverize heracross and breloom (and parasect.)

Miltank (F) @ Leftovers ** Rev
Trait: Thick Fat
EVs: 252 HP / 80 Atk / 68 Def / 108 Spd
Impish Nature (+Def, -SAtk)
- Counter
- Heal Bell
- Milk Drink
- Frustration/shadow ball/brick break/rock slide/iron tail

Rev as in brand of milk. She's a physical wall. Kinda looks like a mini blissey on paper, but its not. I like counter because she can take hits, and has relatively highish hp, which usually guarantees a KO. IMO miltanks best way of stopping physical sweepers. Last moveslot is situational. Not sure what my best option is for it tho. I like frustration for STAB and more attacking power. Shadow ball is the only other truly viable option. Ghosts rape miltank without it, and counter outclasses frustration in most situations.

Latias (F) @ Soul Dew ** Psylevigon
Trait: Levitate
EVs: 140 HP / 136 Spd / 16 SAtk / 216 SDef
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Calm Mind
- Mist Ball/psychic/dragon claw
- Recover
- Waterfall(surf)/ice beam/thunderbolt/t-wave/toxic/roar

Not latios because this is a wall, not a sweeper. I know latias is an uber, but IMO it doesnt matter. Some ubers are pretty easy to take down and out of all of them, latias isnt invincible. She's like a levitating regice with a bigger movepool. Latias balances out this team, and no one I've battled has a problem with her.
Mist ball cuz it can lower foes special attack; I'm trying to tone latias down somewhat. Thats why the EVs aren't that good (specifically the distribution between special attack and def. Everything else is fine.)

Psychic if im using status in the last slot cuz mist ball has 5 pp :P I switch the attacking move around sometimes, waterfall is cuz I'm sick of surf. Which move along with psychic/mb gives the most type coverage/super effective hits?

Spikes may not be a problem, the only ones hit by it would have a recovery move, and marowak is a one shot poke, so it doesn't rly matter. Opinion on recover > RS on starmie?

With this team I have:

a natural curer
a rapid spinner
3 pokes with instant recovery moves
3 airborne pokes (2 fliers, 1 levitator)
a PHazer/wisher
a cleric
2 powerful physical sweepers that can reliably and easily set up
good physical walling (miltank with counter)
blissey-grade special walling
decent resistance to most common attacks
high speed

So far I have a 73% win rate with this team. I'm happy!

3, 2, 1, RATE!
Since your team includes Latias then it is automatically relegated as an Uber team. That means it has to be rated as one too. And I'm sure you don't need to be told that the first five guys aren't going to work in the Uber metagame. You have to replace Latias with something not Uber or else this isn't an OU team.
I have created a team that works well

- Waterfall(surf)/ice beam/thunderbolt/t-wave/toxic/roar

I know latias is an uber, but IMO it doesnt matter. Some ubers are pretty easy to take down and out of all of them, latias isnt invincible.
If it has one uber in an uber team, it doesn't work well.

Waterfall always sucks in this generation.

The fact that Latias is an uber changes the whole view on this eam. I'm now rating it against threats like Mewtwo and Groudon which a simple Latias isn't going to wall. If you are seriously considering using this team, at least put more ubers in.
Uber Team? thats stupid, how does it help me?

can someone suggest a latias replacement then? preferably a levitator/flyer, and something with haze/roar/whirlwind

what if i took off soul dew?
Put a Special Wall (Bliss/Lax/Regice) over it.
Then replace Miltank with Skarmory.
[SIZE=-1]Voilà, now you have special coverage, normal resist, phazer, and spiker.

You won't really be missing Miltank's Cleric prowesses if you use Cleric Bliss, which would be a good idea since if Wak gets statused you're screwed. You can also go with ST Lax/Ice.
Starmie needs Recover over Thunderbolt. Zapdos should be able to handle Gyarados and most waters.
Biggest problem with your team is that it gets walled pretty easily by SkarmBliss, or Spikes with Dusclops. CB Aero or anything with a strong Rock attack also hit hard.

Also I recommend a bulky Gyarados over your current one. Something like 384 HP, 223 ish Spd, and then split between Def and Atk. The point is that Gyarados is your only Heracross counter (Zapdos won't be able to come into Megahorns repeatedly with a Lonely nature), and you want to pump its defensive capabilities to take it on better. Also if Zap passes an Agility to Gyara, Jolly won't really be necessary anyway. Bulky Gyaras also take on Swampert better, which the rest of your team can't do.

Other stuff mostly has to do with EVs. Starmie should have 304 or 320 HP stat, ~330 or ~352 Spd, then at least 263 SAtk.
Wak should be Jolly, so that he can hit 396+ after an Agility.
Zapdos might work better with a +Speed nature, to beat neutral base 100s, but that's up to you. It won't be hurting much with Drill Peck w/o significant EVs or CB anyway.

Also as I said before, you have a pretty big CB Rock weakness, so stuff like Tar will beat you up. Claydol could go over Starmie, but then Salamence rapes you. Consider putting Swampert over Starmie. It's kinda up to preference, if you don't feel you need a Spinner, then Swampert will do nicely. Just be wary of Spike damage.