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B&W Research Thread

Discussion in 'BW Competitive Discussion' started by ΩDonut, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. ΩDonut

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    Aug 23, 2006
    Welcome to the first Black\White research thread! This thread's purpose is to consolidate new information on the moves, abilities and items in Black and White. Hopefully this will also cut down on the spread of misinformation as well.

    If you feel you've been skipped over for credit, don't be afraid to speak up! PM or VM with what you think I missed, and I'll fix it or explain why I didn't post it (usually because someone beat you to a discovery).

    RNG Research is here starting with this post.

    If that wasn't enough, perhaps this warning from Synre will make it clearer.

    Useful resources (NOTE -- the B&W information listed in these should not be considered confirmed until tested here):

    List of new level-up moves with tentative names and descriptions
    Veekun's list of game mechanic changes
    Smogon's Damage Calc
    Move Priority

    The order that other ability based immunities activate (LightningRod, Storm Drain, Hyper Cutter, Clear Body, Insomnia, Etc.) when using a multi-target attack

    Old Moves\Abilities\Items\etc.

    New Moves\Abilities\Items

    Unreleased Dream World Abilities (low priority)

    Rotation Battles

    Low Priority Questions
    Generally these are situations that would almost never happen in battles, but are here to make sure our simulators are as close to 100% accuracy as possible

    Confirmed New Experience Formula synopsis (poccil)
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    Whenever a Pokémon defeats another Pokémon in an internal battle, each Pokémon that participated in the battle against it gains Exp. Points (or experience points). The number of Exp. Points a Pokémon gains this way is based on a formula shown below. Each multiplication and division given is rounded down unless noted otherwise.

    Exp. Points = (sqrt(X)*(X*X))*Z/(sqrt(Y)*(Y*Y))+1

    • X = opponent's level + opponent's level + 10
    • Y = opponent's level + participant's level + 10
    • Z = (opponent's base experience * opponent's level / 5), rounded down. If this is a Trainer battle, Z is multiplied by 1.5 and rounded down. Then, if at least one Pokémon in the player's party is holding Exp. Share, Z is halved and rounded up. Z is then divided evenly, rounded down, among all participants, and again among all Pokémon in the player's party holding Exp. Share. (Thus a Pokémon can earn more Exp. Points both by being a participant and by holding Exp. Share.)
    • "sqrt(N)" means "the square root of N". The result of the square root function is not rounded and is accurate to the nearest 1/4096.
    If a Pokémon has a different 32-bit Trainer ID and/or OT name from the player's, the experience it earns is multiplied by 1.5, or if it also comes from a different language version from the player's, by 6963/4096, and rounded to the nearest whole number. If the Pokémon is holding Lucky Egg, the experience it earns is multiplied by 1.5 and rounded to the nearest whole number. If the player received the "Exp. Point Power" from another player, and that power is active, the experience the Pokemon earns is multiplied by the following ratios and rounded down:
    Power ↓: 50/100; Power ↓↓: 66/100; Power ↓↓↓: 80/100; Power ↑: 120/100; Power ↑↑: 150/100; Power ↑↑↑, Power S, Power MAX: 200/100.

    Confirmed 5th gen Breeding synopsis(kaphotics)
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    40% chance to inherit DW if female parent has it
    50% chance for everstone to work
    3 different IVs ALWAYS inherited
    Equal chance for any IV to be inherited
    Equal chance for any parent to pass IV

    Confirmed Base Expierence Yield synopsis(CPU)
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    First Pokémon in evolution: 4/20 (1/5) of BST, rounded to the nearest whole number
    Second or Only Pokémon in evolution: 7/20 of BST, rounded to the nearest whole number
    Third or Legendary Pokémon in evolution: 9/20 of BST, rounded to the nearest whole number

    Phione counts as a legendary as far as this goes.

    There are a few exceptions, though, most of which have to do with Abilities (but not all):
    -the Unova starters have a yield of 28, the lowest in the game, since you fight two of them in the very beginning
    -Archen and Archeops would have yields of 80 and 198 if they followed the formula. Instead, they have 71 (equivalent to Tirtouga) and 177 (much closer to Carracosta, equivalent to 505)
    -Volcarona is counted as a third stage as far as its yield goes (Larvesta is still counted as a first stage)
    -Slaking has a BST of 560 as far as this calculation goes because of Truant.
    -Happiny, Chansey, Blissey, and Audino use 8 for the denominator instead of 20 in their experience yields: 4/8 (1/2), 7/8, 9/8. (This seems to be approximate, as 7/8 for both Chansey and Audino don't exactly give the proper yields)

    And a few other notes:
    -The rounding is as follows: <.5, round down; > or equal to .5, round up.
    -Cascoon and Dustox appear to have the wrong Experience Yields; it looks like Game Freak counted them as first and second stage Pokémon instead of second and third, as their yields are lower than Silcoon's and Beautifly's.
    -Regigigas's yield is what it would be for any Legendary with a 670 BST, despite Slow Start.

    Confirmed Breeding a Dream World female parent with any male parent (but not vice versa) has a chance of giving the offspring its respective Dream World Ability. It does not appear that Ditto is considered the female parent for this purpose. (Maverick Hunter, 0mastar\The Shadow Knight, Kaphotics)
    Confirmed The wing items add 1 EV, even past the 100 EV vitamin limit, making it possible to fully EV L100 Pokemon (like the TRU Arceus), even if very inefficiently. (MauriiDS)
    Confirmed Transform no longer copies the target's catch rate(Pikiwyn)
    Confirmed EV's are now added after each battle instead of each level. Also works on lvl 100 pokemon (Dream Boat Nixon)
    Confirmed Abilities calculated for Gen3/Gen4 Pokemon will not change if evolved in Gen 5. (Kaphotics)
    Confirmed Random WiFi battles do not allow Giratina period, but Rotom formes are allowed. (pokeluver1990)
    Confirmed The gender, nature and ability of an egg are no longer set when the Day-Care Man is holding an egg. (Kazo)
    Confirmed Acid Weather is no longer activated the same way. It's likely no longer present in Black/White at all. (Philip7086, The_Chaser)
    Confirmed If a Choice item holder runs out of PP for the move they are locked into, and an Elixir\Leppa Berry\etc. is used to restore its PP, they will be allowed to select a new move. (Aminar)

    Changes to old moves\items\abilities:
    These only include changes to mechanics. Numerical changes like "Fire Spin is now 35 power" are not listed.

    Confirmed Substitute synopsis:(Jaxx, Ayeeelin)
    Moves that are completely blocked by Substitute (open)

    After you
    Confuse Ray
    Cotton Spore
    Dark Void
    Fake Tears
    Gastro Acid
    Guard Split
    Heal Pulse
    Leech Seed
    Lovely Kiss
    Mean Look
    Metal Sound
    Mind Reader
    Pain Split
    Poison Gas
    Power Split
    Psycho Shift
    Scary Face
    Simple Beam
    Sky Drop
    Sleep Powder
    Spider Web
    String Shot
    Stun Spore
    Sweet Kiss
    Sweet Scent
    Tail Whip
    Teeter Dance
    Thunder Wave
    Worry Seed

    Moves that are unaffected by Substitute (open)

    Acid Armor
    Aerial Ace
    Air Cutter
    Ally Switch
    Aqua Jet
    Aqua Ring
    Aqua Tail
    Arm Thrust
    Attack Order
    Aura Sphere
    Baton Pass
    Beat Up
    Belly Drum
    Blast Burn
    Bone Rush
    Brave Bird
    Brick Break
    Bulk Up
    Bullet Punch
    Bullet Seed
    Calm Mind
    Charge Beam
    Chip Away
    Close Combat
    Comet Punch
    Conversion 2
    Cosmic Power
    Cotton Guard
    Cross Chop
    Crush Grip
    Defend Order
    Defense Curl
    Destiny Bond
    Doom Desire
    Double Hit
    Double Kick
    Double Team
    Draco Meteor
    Dragon Claw
    Dragon Dance
    Dragon Pulse
    Dragon Rage
    Drain Punch
    Dream Eater
    Drill Peck
    Drill Run
    Duel Chop
    Echoed Voice
    Egg Bomb
    Electro Ball
    Faint Attack
    False Swipe
    Fiery Dance
    Final Gambit
    Fire Pledge
    Flame Burst
    Flame Charge
    Focus Energy
    Focus Punch
    Follow Me
    Foul Play
    Frenzy Plant
    Frost Breath
    Fury Attack
    Fury Cutter
    Fury Swipes
    Fusion Bolt
    Fusion Flare
    Future Sight
    Gear Grind
    Giga Drain
    Giga Impact
    Grass Knot
    Grass Pledge
    Guard Swap
    Gyro Ball
    Hammer Arm
    Head Charge
    Head Smash
    Heal Block
    Heal Bell
    Healing Wish
    Heal Order
    Heart Swap
    Heat Crash
    Heavy Slam
    Helping Hand
    Hidden Power
    Hi Jump Kick
    Hone Claws
    Horn Attack
    Horn Leech
    Hydro Cannon
    Hydro Pump
    Hyper Beam
    Hyper Voice
    Ice Ball
    Ice Shard
    Icicle Spear
    Iron Defense
    Jump Kick
    Karate Chop
    Last Resort
    Leaf Blade
    Leaf Storm
    Leech Life
    Light Screen
    Low Kick
    Lucky Chant
    Lunar Dance
    Mach Punch
    Magical Leaf
    Mirror Coat
    Magic Room
    Magnet Bomb
    Magnet Rise
    Me First
    Mega Drain
    Mega Kick
    Mega Punch
    Metal Burst
    Metal Claw
    Meteor Mash
    Milk Drink
    Miracle Eye
    Mirror Coat
    Mirror Move
    Morning Sun
    Mud Sport
    Nasty Plot
    Natural Gift
    Nature Power
    Night Shade
    Night Slash
    Odor Sleuth
    Ominous Wind
    Pay Day
    Perish Song
    Petal Dance
    Pin Missile
    Power Gem
    Power Swap
    Power Trick
    Power Whip
    Psych Up
    Psycho Boost
    Psycho Cut
    Quick Attack
    Quick Guard
    Quiver Dance
    Rage Powder
    Rain Dance
    Rapid Spin
    Razor Leaf
    Razor Wind
    Reflect Type
    Roar of Time
    Rock Blast
    Rock Polish
    Rock Throw
    Rock Wrecker
    Role Play
    Sacred Sword
    Secret Sword
    Seed Bomb
    Seismic Toss
    Shadow Claw
    Shadow Force
    Shadow Punch
    Shadow Sneak
    Shell Smash
    Shift Gear
    Shock Wave
    Silver Wind
    Skill Swap
    Skull Bash
    Sky Uppercut
    Slack Off
    Sleep Talk
    Spacial Rend
    Spike Cannon
    Spit Up
    Stealth Rock
    Steel Wing
    Stone Edge
    Stored Power
    Storm Throw
    Sucker Punch
    Sunny Day
    Super Fang
    Swords Dance
    Tail Glow
    Tail Slap
    Take Down
    Techno Blast
    Toxic Spikes
    Trick Room
    Triple Kick
    Trump Card
    Vacuum Wave
    Vine Whip
    Vital Throw
    Volt Switch
    Water Gun
    Water Pledge
    Water Sport
    Water Spout
    Weather Ball
    Wide Guard
    Wild Charge
    Wing Attack
    Wonder Room
    Wood Hammer
    Work Up
    Wring Out

    Moves that are partially blocked by Substitute (open)

    Acid Spray
    Air Slash
    Aurora Beam
    Blaze Kick
    Blue Flare
    Body Slam
    Bolt Strike
    Bone Club
    Bug Bite
    Bug Buzz
    Circle Throw
    Clear Smog
    Cross Poison
    Crush Claw
    Dark Pulse
    Dizzy Punch
    Dragon Rush
    Dragon Tail
    Earth Power
    Energy Ball
    Fake Out
    Fire Blast
    Fire Fang
    Fire Punch
    Fire Spin
    Flame Wheel
    Flare Blitz
    Flash Cannon
    Focus Blast
    Force Palm
    Freeze Shock
    Gunk Shot
    Heart Stamp
    Heat Wave
    Horn Drill
    Hyper Fang
    Ice Beam
    Ice Burn
    Ice Fang
    Ice Punch
    Icicle Crash
    Icy Wind
    Iron Head
    Iron Tail
    Knock Off
    Lava Plume
    Leaf Tornado
    Low Sweep
    Luster Purge
    Magma Storm
    Mirror Shot
    Mist Ball
    Mud Bomb
    Muddy Water
    Mud Shot
    Needle Arm
    Night Daze
    Poison Fang
    Poison Jab
    Poison Sting
    Poison Tail
    Powder Snow
    Razor Shell
    Relic Song
    Rock Climb
    Rock Slide
    Rock Smash
    Rock Tomb
    Rolling Kick
    Sacred Fire
    Sand Tomb
    Searing Shot
    Secret Power
    Seed Flare
    Shadow Ball
    Sheer Cold
    Signal Beam
    Sky Attack
    Sludge Bomb
    Sludge Wave
    Smack Down
    Struggle Bug
    Thunder Fang
    Tri Attack
    Volt Tackle
    Wake-Up Slap
    Water Pulse
    Zap Cannon
    Zen Headbutt

    B/W end of turn effects (MeroMero)
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    1.0 weather ends

    2.0 Sandstorm damage, Hail damage, Rain Dish, Dry Skin, Ice Body

    3.0 Future Sight, Doom Desire

    4.0 Wish

    5.0 Fire Pledge + Grass Pledge damage
    5.1 Shed Skin, Hydration, Healer
    5.2 Leftovers, Black Sludge

    6.0 Aqua Ring

    7.0 Ingrain

    8.0 Leech Seed

    9.0 (bad) poison damage, burn damage, Nightmare, Poison Heal

    10.0 Curse (from a Ghost-type)

    11.0 Bind, Wrap, Fire Spin, Clamp, Whirlpool, Sand Tomb, Magma Storm

    12.0 Taunt ends

    13.0 Encore ends

    14.0 Disable ends, Cursed Body ends

    15.0 Magnet Rise ends

    16.0 Telekinesis ends

    17.0 Heal Block ends

    18.0 Embargo ends

    19.0 Yawn

    20.0 Perish Song

    21.0 Reflect ends
    21.1 Light Screen ends
    21.2 Safeguard ends
    21.3 Mist ends
    21.4 Tailwind ends
    21.5 Lucky Chant ends
    21.6 Water Pledge + Fire Pledge ends, Fire Pledge + Grass Pledge ends, Grass Pledge + Water Pledge ends

    22.0 Gravity ends

    23.0 Trick Room ends

    24.0 Wonder Room ends

    25.0 Magic Room ends

    26.0 Uproar message
    26.1 Speed Boost, Bad Dreams, Harvest, Moody
    26.2 Toxic Orb activation, Flame Orb activation, Sticky Barb

    27.0 Zen Mode

    28.0 Pokémon is switched in (if previous Pokémon fainted)
    28.1 Healing Wish, Lunar Dance
    28.2 Spikes, Toxic Spikes, Stealth Rock (hurt in the order they are first used)

    Confirmed Fire Fang no longer hits through Wonder Guard even if it is not a super-effective attack. (mien)
    Confirmed Camouflage now changes the user's type to Ground in Wi-Fi battles(TheMaskedNitpicker)
    Confirmed Trick Room under it's effect a pokemon with at least 1809 speed will always move first (mien, Death Phenomeno)
    Confirmed Mirror Move now allows you to select a target. If the last move the target used was copyable by Mirror Move (regardless of who the move targeted), then the Mirror Move user will attempt to use the move on the target of Mirror Move. If the copied move isn't a move that allows you to select a target, it targets opponents within range or all Pokemon within range as normal. If the target's last move was not copyable by Mirror Move, Mirror Move fails.Even if the target of Mirror Move loses a turn due to flinching (and presumably confusion, paralysis, etc.), Mirror Move will attempt to copy the last move it successfully used . Mirror Move can now copy Trick Room(TheMaskedNitpicker, 2#)
    Confirmed A pure Flying type using Roost now become Normal type for the rest of the turn instead of ???-type. (reaverz, mien)
    Confirmed Fling no longer reveals the flung held item when used on Protect (Team Rocket Elite)
    Confirmed Feint now hits a Pokemon even if it doesn't use Protect\Detect, and still nullfies them. Ignores the effect of Wide Guard and Quick Guard on opponent's side if opponent is an opposing Pokemon of the user. If this attack is successful, attacks by non-users this round are not prevented by the opponent's Protect or Detect effect, and, if opponent is an opposing Pokemon of the user, they are not prevented by the Wide Guard or Quick Guard effect on the opponent's side. Does not hit through Endure. (TwilightMystery, dbolt, Sixonesix, The Masked Nitpicker, 2# ,MB Espeon, poccil)
    Confirmed Focus Punch's "charging" message now shows up after the opponent switches a Pokemon, not before. (Death Phenomeno)
    Confirmed Skill Swap now shows which abilities are swapped in battle. (MeroMero)
    Confirmed Iron Ball's holder receives neutral damage from Ground moves if it is part Flying type regardless of the pokemon's other type (Death Phenomeno, Team Rocket Elite)

    Confirmed Magic Guard no longer prevents the Pokemon from becoming fully paralyzed. It also no longer prevents the Pokemon from being poisoned by Toxic Spikes. (Neintales, OmegaDonut)
    Confirmed Rough Skin\Iron Barbs\Rocky Helmet synopsis:(Setsuna, The_Chaser, 2#, The_Chaser, jumpluff , Setsuna, Colonel_M, poccil)
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    Moves whose side effects fail if the user immediately faints as a result of this recoil:
    Dragon Tail\Circle Throw
    Rapid Spin
    Bug Bite\Pluck
    SmellingSalt/Wake-Up Slap

    Moves whose side effects do not fail if the user immediately faints as a result of this recoil:
    Fire Punch and other moves that inflict a status condition
    Fake Out and other moves' flinching side effect
    Drain Punch and other draining moves

    Confirmed Synchronize now afflicts the attacker with Toxic poison instead of regular poison, if the Synchronize Pokemon is poisoned by Toxic\Poison Fang. (Team Rocket Elite)
    Confirmed Nature Power becomes Earthquake in Wi-Fi battles. (Philip7086, Setsuna)
    Confirmed Anger Point no longer activates with Substitute up(Blackroija)
    Confirmed Secret Power has a 30% chance of inflicting an accuracy drop in Wi-Fi battles. (Philip7086, Setsuna)
    Confirmed Beat Up's base power varies from 5 to 23. When Beat Up is used, for every hit, the actual Attack stat of the initial Beat Up user and the actual Defense stat of the defending Pokémon is used with the formula being = 5 + (Base Attack of Attacker / 10). However, if the user's Attack is boosted through the use of an ability, move or item, all Beat Up hits will be boosted. (mien, Peterko)
    Confirmed The trapping effect of moves with Ingrain as asole exception can no longer be Baton Passed,(imgty, mien)
    Confirmed Multi-turn moves such as Outrage no longer lose 1 PP on subsequent turns against a Pokemon with Pressure. (Philip7086, Setsuna)
    Confirmed Payback no longer deals double damage if the target is switching out, but still deals double damage so long as the target moves first, even if it isn't attacking. (Team Rocket Elite, Setsuna, The_Chaser)
    Confirmed Color Change now only activates on the last hit of a multi-hit attack. (Jiggy)
    Confirmed Fling synopsis: (Jiggy, MeroMero)
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    10 Base Power:
    Air Balloon
    Red Card
    Aiming Mark
    20 Base Power:
    Pretty Wing
    Health Wing
    Muscle Wing
    Resist Wing
    Genius Wing
    Clever Wing
    Swift Wing
    30 Base Power:
    Prism Scale
    Float Stone
    Binding Band
    Absorb Bulb
    Cell Battery
    Eject Button
    Poké Toy
    Big Nugget
    Pearl String
    Comet Shard
    Pass Orb
    Relic Copper
    Relic Silver
    Relic Gold
    Relic Vase
    Relic Band
    Relic Statue
    Relic Crown
    Sweet Heart
    40 Base Power:
    60 Base Power:
    Rocky Helmet
    70 Base Power:
    Douse Drive
    Shock Drive
    Burn Drive
    Chill Drive
    100 Base Power:
    Cover Fossil
    Plume Fossil

    Confirmed Heal Bell now cures Pokemon with Soundproof. (MeroMero)
    Confirmed Assist cannot call up Dragon Tail and presumably Circle Throw. It is unknown what other new moves cannot be called by Assist. (Borkano)
    Confirmed Intimidate now activates if the previous Pokemon used U-turn to switch out and break an opposing Substitute. ((Philip7086, Setsuna)
    Confirmed Hi Jump Kick and Jump Kick's recoil damage upon missing is now equal to 1/2 of the user's max HP. (MeroMero. Team Rocket Elite)
    Confirmed Brick Break no longer breaks Reflect\Light Screen if the target is immune to it. (MeroMero)
    Confirmed Me First now triggers Sucker Punch. Sorry, skarm. (Philip7086, The_Chaser)
    Confirmed Heal Block now prevents leftovers recovery (Death Phenomeno)
    Confirmed Magic Coat now reflects Whirlwind, Roar, Disable, Spite, Spikes, Foresight, Encore, Torment, Taunt, Odor Sleuth, Miracle Eye, Embargo, Heal Block, Toxic Spikes, Defog, and Stealth Rock (jumpluff, Philip7086)
    Confirmed Sleep Talk no longer fails after the first use if the user is holding a Choice item. (MeroMero)
    Confirmed If a Trick user holding a Choice item swaps with another Pokemon holding a Choice item, they are not locked into Trick the turn immediately after. (Death Phenomeno)
    Confirmed Sleep counters now reset to their original number if the sleeping Pokemon is switched out. (MeroMero)
    Confirmed Explosion and Selfdestruct no longer halves the Defense of the targets, making them effectively 250\200 power instead of 500\400. (MeroMero)
    Confirmed Lunar Dance no longer forces an immediate switch to another Pokemon; if the opponent\other Pokemon on the field still have to make their move, they will do so and then the turn will end. (Death Phenomeno)
    Confirmed Aromatherapy (and likely Heal Bell) now lists every Pokemon that was healed, and what status condition was cured. (Death Phenomeno)
    Confirmed Acupressure now hits targets behind a Substitute, Jumpman16 will be so happy. (pikaachi)
    Confirmed Giratina-O is still immune to having its Griseous Orb removed during battle. (Mien)
    Confirmed Griseous Orb can now be held by any Pokemon, and Tricked between any Pokemon during battle except for Giratina, on whom it fails. (Mien)
    Confirmed Air Lock and Cloud Nine now give an activation notification upon entering battle. (Seriin)
    Confirmed Storm Drain now give immunity to Water attacks as well as a SpAttk boost upon being hit with a Water move. (jumpluff)
    Confirmed Lightningrod now grants immunity to Electric attacks, including Thunder Wave, as well as a SpAttk boost upon being hit with an Electric move. Ground-types with Lightningrod do not get a SpAttk boost from being hit with an Electric attack; type immunity takes precedence. (howabe)
    Confirmed Sturdy: Always lets a Pokemon at full health to survive any hit with 1 HP, even if the ability has been activated before. If a Pokemon has both Focus Sash and Sturdy, Sturdy activates first. (howabe)
    Confirmed Multi-hit Move Synopsis:
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    Multi-hit moves now break through Focus Sash and Sturdy. If the first hit would not be an OHKO, Focus Sash\Sturdy never trigger. If the first hit would have been an OHKO, Focus Sash and Sturdy would trigger, but subsequent hits would KO the Pokemon. (OmegaDonut, oneballjay, Philip7086, jumpluff)
    Multi-hit moves are treated as separate attacks, triggering some abilities multiple times. This includes recoil from Rough Skin\Iron Barbs\Rocky Helmet, Weak Armor activation. However, if the ability makes the target immune to the attack, such as with Bullet Seed against Sap Sipper, the ability only activates once. (Philip7086 #1, #2, #3 with The_Chaser)
    However, for the purposes of Life Orb and the Metronome item multi-hit moves are treated as a single attack. (Philip7086, The_Chaser)

    Confirmed Snatch steals Conversion, Wish, Recycle, Imprison, Healing Wish, Power Trick, Lucky Chant, Aqua Ring, Magnet Rise, and Lunar Dance (Philip7086, jumpluff #1, #2, #3)
    Confirmed Tail Glow now raises the user's SpAtk exactly three levels. (TwilightMystery, iruchii, MeroMero)
    Confirmed Doom Desire's damage is no longer typeless. and type resistance\immunities apply only to the Pokemon it hits. It can get STAB and it calculates damage using the SpDef of the target when it hits. Future Sight and Doom Desire cannot be queued up against the same target simultaneously. Can be boosted by Gems which activate the turn Doom Desire does damage. The Spatt is calculated when it hits (TwilightMystery, Chileno4Live, dbolt, mien, Deaga)
    Confirmed Encore now lasts exactly 3 turns. Encore now causes the target to only be able to select the move it last successfully used, no matter how many turns ago that was.It now allows the target to choose a target each turn when using the encored move (TwilightMystery, iruchii, TheMaskedNitpicker)
    Confirmed Taunt now lasts exactly 3 turns. (TwilightMystery, iruchii)
    Confirmed Growth now raises the user's Attack and SpAttk. If the weather is Sun, Growth raises Attack and SpAttk two stages each. (TwilightMystery, iruchii, NeVeR, AlphaSpade)
    Confirmed Tailwind now lasts 4 turns. (flash_mc)
    Confirmed Minimize now raises the user's evasion by two levels. (TwilightMystery, dbolt)
    (TwilightMystery, dbolt)
    Confirmed Wish no longer heals 50% of the recipient's HP. Wish now heals the recipient by 50% of the user's max HP, rounded up. (If Shedinja uses Wish, it restores 1 HP.) (fisdunction, Moo, mien)
    Confirmed Trapping moves that deal damage (Fire Spin, Sand Tomb, etc.) now last 4-5 turns. (TwilightMystery, Mien.)
    Confirmed Life Orb now damages you if you hit a Substitute. (AlphaSpade, Mien.)
    Confirmed Uproar now lasts exactly 3 turns. (TwilightMystery, Philip7086, Setsuna)
    Confirmed Multi-hit moves now have 33.3% chance to hit either 2 or 3 times and 16.6% to hit either 4 or 5 times
    Confirmed Leaf Guard now prevents the holder from using Rest during sunny weather (Jiggy)
    Confirmed Klutz now prevents the use of Fling (Team Rocket Elite)
    Confirmed Pickpocket: the Pokemon immediately steals an item from an attacker using a contact move even if the attacker is behind a substitute. Does not work if the Pickpocket Pokemon is holding an item, has a Substitute, or faints from the attack. (Blue Ditto, mien)
    Confirmed Arceus' immunity to item removal is now limited to the Plates alone, any other item can be removed. (mien)
    Confirmed Arceus can now use Trick if it's not holding a plate. (mien)
    Confirmed Simple now doubles the stat changes instead of doubling the effects. When a stat boost is Batton Passed to a pokemon with Simple said boost will not be doubled(TheMaskedNitpicker, poccil)
    Confirmed If your opponent or ally uses a consumable item, Pickup will give the Pokemon the item used, provided they are not holding an item at the end of the turn. If multiple Pickup Pokemon are in play, the fastest will pick up a copy of the used Berry, and may or may not use it immediately. (Jibaku, Slipperjeans, Ryanide. dbolt, Niched, 2#)
    items that can and can't be obtained from Pickup (open)

    Air Balloon - doesn't work
    Absorb Bulb - works
    Elemental Gems - works
    Eject Button - doesn't work
    Focus Sash - works
    Mental Herb - works
    Power Herb - works
    Cell Battery - works
    Red Card - works
    White Herb - works
    Berries - works

    It also works with everything else thats thrown with Fling. (tested with Sharp Beak, Water Stone, Icy Rock, Escape Rope, Air Balloon, Eject Button)

    Confirmed Stench gives the Pokemon's damaging attacks a chance to flinch, even ones with an existing side effect. Does not stack with King's Rock or Razor Fang. Each hit of a multi-hit move has its own flinch rate with Stench. The flinch rate seems to be approximately 10%. (Unholy, OmegaDonut, #2, #3, mien, #2, poccil)
    Tentative Mental Herb synopsis(GreySong, Supremedirt, Niched, 2#, mien)
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    Cursed Body

    does not remove:
    Mean Look
    Locked-in moves
    Destiny Bond

    Tentative Transform appears to copy the form of the target Pokémon. (tested with Giratina-O and Arceus, tentative pending more tests) (Jibaku, 2)

    New moves\items\abilities:
    Confirmed List of abilities prevented by Mold Breaker, Turboblaze, and Teravolt (poccil)
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    Battle Armor, Big Pecks, Clear Body, Contrary, Damp (both the Selfdestruct/Explosion effect and the Aftermath effect), Dry Skin (both the boosted power and absorbing Water attacks), Filter, Flash Fire, Flower Gift (both the Attack and Defense boosts), Heatproof, Heavy Metal, Hyper Cutter, Immunity, Inner Focus, Insomnia, Keen Eye, Leaf Guard, Levitate, Light Metal, Lightningrod, Limber, Magic Bounce, Magma Armor, Marvel Scale, Motor Drive, Multiscale, Oblivious, Own Tempo, Sand Veil, Shell Armor, Shield Dust, Simple, Snow Cloak, Solid Rock, Soundproof, Sticky Hold, Storm Drain, Sturdy, Suction Cups, Tangled Feet, Telepathy, Thick Fat, Unaware, Vital Spirit, Volt Absorb, Water Absorb, Water Veil, White Smoke, Wonder Guard, and Wonder Skin.
    Confirmed Moody raises a random stat 2 stages and lowers another one 1 stage, at the end of each turn. This includes Accuracy and Evasion. Does not raise\lower the same stat in a single turn. Moody will not attempt to raise or lower a stat which is already at +6 or -6, respectively. (symphonyx64, MauriiDS, #2)
    Confirmed Power Split works as normal even if the user or opponent has Clear Body, Hyper Cutter, or White Smoke: Power Split affects "stats" ("User's Attack stat and opponent's Attack stat..."), while those three Abilities affect "stat stages." (poccil)
    Confirmed Scald will thaw out the user if the user is frozen.
    Confirmed Soak changes the type of the target to Water, does not fail if the Target is already a pure Water type. Does not work against a Pokemon with Multitype. Does get pulled in by Storm Drain and is absorbed by Water Absorb. (Setsuna, Philip7086, poccil, TheMaskedNitpicker, MB Espeon)
    Confirmed Autotomize's weight reduction cannot be baton passed (Sixonesix, mattj)
    Confirmed Analytic boosts the power of moves by 30% if the user moves last (Sixonesix, mattj)
    Confirmed Simple Beam changes the target's ability to Simple. Does not work against a Pokemon with Truant. (TheGuyWhoIsSitting)
    Confirmed V-Create lowers the user's Defense, SpDef, and Speed in addition to dealing damage to opponents. (SupremeDirt)
    Confirmed Float Stone halves the weight of the holder; stacks with Light Metal. (MeroMero)
    Confirmed Stored Power's base power is 20 + 20 * each stage of stat boost, including the the doubling of boosts by Simple. Does still increase in power against pokemon with Unaware. Stats with negatives do not affect its power. Its maximum power is 860. (OmegaDonut, mien, 2#, MeroMero)
    Confirmed Magic Bounce acts like permanent Magic Coat. Does not bounce back attacks if the user uses Protect, or if the attacker has Mold Breaker\Teravolt\Turboblaze. Does not bounce back effects of abilities such as Intimidate, or attacks that bounced off the opponent's Magic Bounce. Bounced off attacks can still activate the target's ability (howabe, mien, Death Phenomeno)
    Confirmed Final Gambit KOs the user and deals damage equal to the amount of HP the user had before using the move. However, the user will not faint if Life Gamble fails to affect the target, whether due to a miss, Protect, or type immunity. Focus Sash or Sturdy can prevent the target from being KO'd by this move. (iruchii, MeroMero, SupremeDirt)
    Confirmed Telekinesis makes any move against the target hit with 100% accuracy, barring OHKO moves, for 3 turns (including the turn used). During that time the target becomes immune to Ground attacks, but works even on Flying-types or Pokemon with Levitate. Gravity nullifies all effects of Telekinesis. This effect is overriden by Ingrain and Iron Ball. (Sixonesix, Team Rocket Elite, poccil)
    Confirmed Binding Band increases the end-of-turn damage of Wrap, Bind, Fire Spin, Magma Storm, etc. from 1\16 to 1\8 of the target's total HP. (Philip7086, Setsuna)
    Confirmed Heal Pulse heals a single non-user target for 50% of their health, so in singles will heal the opponent. (Squid Ninja)
    Confirmed Harvest has 50% chance of restoring a used berry at the end of the turn. If conditions for berry use are met the berry will be immediately used, however, and not be restored again in the same round. Does not restore Berry Juice. Will always activate in sunlight. If a Pokemon uses its berry, does not regain the berry from Harvest, switches out, and then switches back in, the game still 'remembers' that the Pokemon had that berry and can regenerate it by Harvest, can regenerate its berry back on the switch(mien, CyzirVisheen, #2, #3, sb879, Pidge, poccil, Shadowfist)
    Confirmed Psyshock deals physical damage but substitutes the user's Special Attack in the damage formula instead of their Attack. Is reflected by Mirror Coat and has it's damage halved by Light Screen(Team Rocket Elite, mien)
    Confirmed Cursed Body gives the Pokemon a 30% chance of Disabling an attack that hits it. Works even for non-contact moves or moves that faint it. Does not stop any multi-hit attack in progress (Team Rocket Elite, poccil)
    Confirmed Sacred Sword and Chip Away bypasses stat boosts to Defense and Evasion caused by stat-raising move (like Minimize and Barrier), but not Reflect, abilities, or items. (Philip7086, Setsuna, Peterko, DRWS)
    Confirmed Sand Force increases the power of Rock, Steel, and Ground moves by 30% during Sandstorm. Also grants immunity to Sandstorm damage. (mien)
    Confirmed Mummy changes the ability of any other opposing Pokemon that makes physical contact with its user to Mummy itself. The opposing Pokemon's ability returns to normal when switched out. Works even against Truant, Slow Start (even removing Slow Start's stat drops), Mold Breaker, Turboblaze, and Teravolt; does not work against Wonder Guard or Multitype. Will overwrite Moxie before it activates. Does not activate when the pokemon with Mummy has substitute up (Galactic Tomahawk, Setsuna, R.B.G., #2, timetwister, SupremeDirt, Team Rocket Elite, poccil)
    Confirmed Power\Guard Split: the user averages their original Attack and SpAttk (Power Split) or Defense and SpDef (Guard Split) stats with the target's. Stat boosts are not factored into this. Any stat boosts are applied afterwards, to the averaged stats. The split stats are retained even if one Pokemon switches out, until both Pokemon switch out. The effects cannot be Baton Passed (Team Rocket Elite, mien, poccil)
    Confirmed After You causes the target to move next in the turn order, even if the target is using a negative priority move such as Trick Room. (CyzirVisheen)
    Confirmed Acrobatics's power doubles if user is not holding an item. If the user is holding a Flying Gem, it will be consumed first, and Acrobatics will get the no-item boost in addition to the Flying Gem boost. (Team Rocket Elite, #2)
    Confirmed Sky Drop: user grabs the target and flies up, preventing them from making a move. Drops the target on the second turn, dealing damage. Damage is not dealt if the target is a Flying Type or has the ability Levitate. Does damage under the effects of Telekinesis and Magnet Rise. Smack Down allows Sky Drop to hit a levitating user but does no damage to flying types. Sky Drop fails entirely if the target has a Substitute up. Sky Drop fails when used on your ally. Can be hit by Thunder, Gale and No Guard. In Doubles or Triples, if one of your pokémon uses Sky Drop first, and then the other uses Gravity while the other pokémon are in the semi-invulnerable stage, Gravity will stop Sky Drop and take the targed and the user of Sky Drop down, but the target can't move until the Sky Drop user faints or switches out. (SupremeDirt, 2#, MINSC, Levitate contradicted by Team Rocket Elite, Niched, Death Phenomeno, MB Espeon)
    Confirmed Foul Play substitutes the target's Attack stat (including regular stat boost) instead of the user's in the damage formula. Does not get an Attack boost from items the target is holding, but if the user is holding an Attack-boosting item such as Choice Band, or has the damage-halving effect of Burn, this is factored into the damage. (MINSC, Team Rocket Elite, #2)
    Confirmed Cotton Guard raises the user's Defense +3 stages. (dbolt)
    Confirmed Smack Down: The target loses their Ground immunity, whether it was from the Flying-type or Levitate. The immunity is not lost if the attack hits a Substitute, or if the target used Roost previously. Does not prevent the target from using moves like Fly, Bounce, or Roost. Can hit targets using Fly or Bounce. (MauriiDS, OmegaDonut, CPU, Shadowfist)
    Confirmed Quash: The user makes the target go last in the turn order. Will succeed as long as the user acts before the target. (Philip7086, jumpluff)
    Confirmed Red Card: one-time use item that forces the Pokemon attacking the holder to immediately switch out, unless holder is KO'd by the attack. Ingrain and Suction Cups prevent its effect. The other player is not allowed to decide what Pokemon is switched in next, even if the move they used is U-Turn\Volt Switch. Knock Off will remove the item before it can activate. When Dragon Tail/Circle Throw is used they will take precedence over Red Card (Sixonesix, #2, Death Phenomeno, poccil)
    Confirmed Eject Button: one-time use item that forces holder to immediately switch out, even if it hasn't made a move yet. Trapping moves, Ingrain and Suction Cups do not prevent its effect. The player is allowed to decide what Pokemon is switched in next. (Sixonesix)
    Confirmed Round: doubles to 120 power if another ally used it first the same round in a Double\Triple Battle. Furthermore, all the Pokemon will use Round immediately after the fastest Pokemon to use Round, regardless of their Speed. (MINSC)
    Confirmed Defeatist halves the Pokemon's Attack AND SpAttk when their HP is below 50%. (Colonel M)
    Confirmed Infiltrator allows the Pokemon to bypass the target's Reflect, Light Screen, Mist and Safeguard. Does not allow Pokemon to bypass Protect, Detect, Lucky Chant, Wide Guard, Endure, Substitute, or anything else not listed. (Setsuna, Philip7086, MB Espeon)
    Confirmed Friend Guard reduces damage done to a teammate by 25% but does not reduce damage done of the user. (outofdashdwz, 2#, Niched)
    Confirmed Echoed Voice is initially 40 power; but if used at least once a round will increase by 40 power on consecutive rounds, maxing out at 200 power. (MINSC)
    Confirmed Healer works only in Double\Triple battles, and has a 30% chance every turn of healing an ally of status conditions if they are directly adjacent to the Pokemon on the field. (Philip7086, The_Chaser)
    Confirmed Incinerate destroys any berry the target is holding. If the target is weak to Fire and holding an Occa Berry, it will activate and halve Incinerate's damage. (Does not do the same for Enigma Berries.) (Philip7086, The_Chaser, #2)
    Confirmed Dragon Tail\Circle Throw deals damage and forces the target to switch out (if the target's team has anybody left to switch to). Can be selected by Sleep Talk. The target is not forced out if they have a Substitute up, or if the user faints from recoil due to Rocky Helmet\Life Orb\etc. (Jibaku, mien, Theorymon)
    Confirmed Air Balloon grants the holder immunity to Ground moves and Spikes\Toxic Spikes until hit by another damaging move. Allows the holder to switch out from Arena Trap. Pops even if the holder has a Substitute up. Stealth Rock/Pain Split does not pop it. Gives a message telling both sides that a Pokemon is holding one. The ground immunity is nullfied under the effects of Gravity(dbolt, 2#, MauriiDS, AlphaSpade, symphonyx64,(Sixonesix, mattj, mien)
    Confirmed Entrainment changes the target's ability to that of the user. Works against even Slow Start and Wonder Guard, does not work against Truant. (Mien)
    Confirmed Weak Armor lowers Defense but raises Speed one stage when hit by a move. It actives for every hit of a multi-hit move. (dbolt)
    Confirmed Genesect holding a drive is immune to item removal (mien)
    Confirmed Wonder Skin changes the accuracy of non-damaging attacks against its bearer to 50% (before other accuracy-modifying effects). Does not reduce the chance of a status effect occurring as a damaging move's side effect (like Thunder's paralysis)(Slipperjeans, mien, Ultimario, poccil)
    Confirmed Wide Guard\Quick Guard run off the same success counter as Protect\Detect\Endure. (Sixonesix)
    Confirmed Illusion allows Zoroark\Zorua to appear to be the last Pokemon in the party, right down to the nickname and PokeBall, but NOT the level. The illusion fades when Zoroark\Zorua (but not a Substitute) is hit by a damaging attack, not when hit by indirect damage such as entry hazards or Sandstorm or when hit by Destiny Bond. The last Pokemon in the party may change during battle, however, and the Illusion will change accordingly. Causes Trace\Transform\Imposter to fail if the illusion is active. Entrainment, Simple Beam, Gastro Acid, and Worry Seed all work as normal against a Pokemon whose Illusion Ability is active. For all four moves, the Illusion effect stops when the Pokemon loses the Illusion Ability or when its ability stops working (with Gastro Acid). Reflect Type ignores Illusion and turns the user in the target's real typing. (Slipperjeans, SupremeDirt, Squid Ninja, Cerozero, MeroMero, Setsuna, jumpluff, aziki, Death Phenomeno, poccil, MB Espeon)
    Confirmed Eviolite grants a 1.5x boost to Defense and SpDef of any not-fully-evolved Pokemon holding it. (Wichu)
    Confirmed Regenerator heals the Pokemon 1/3 of its maximum HP upon switching out. (dbolt)
    Confirmed Moxie gives the Pokemon a +1 boost to Attack only when its direct damage attacks KO a Pokemon, even its own partner in a Double\Triple battle. The boost occurs after all damage is dealt. (iruchii, Costa)
    Confirmed Hurricane has its accuracy boosted to 100% in rain and reduced to 50% in Sun; its accuracy remains 70% in all other weather. Its accuracy in rain is Swift=like, bypassing accuracy drops and evasion boosts. (mien, #2, #3)
    Confirmed Ring Target: The holder loses its type immunities as long as it is holding it. It does not lose type immunities granted by abilities such as Levitate.(KYKE, iruchii)
    Confirmed Rage Powder effect end's once the user switches out (mien)
    Confirmed Telepathy protects against allies' direct-damaging attacks, even if that attack is a single-target attack aimed directly at it. (Slipperjeans)
    Confirmed Defiant raises Attack two levels when hit by a stat-lowering move or ability such as Intimidate. If multiple stats are dropped, there is a +2 boost for each stat dropped. Does not apply to self-inflicted stat drops like those from Close Combat. Defiant will always activate before White Herb. Does not activate if you're targeted by your ally. (Slipperjeans, MeroMero)
    Confirmed Wide Guard does not Block Clear Smog, Haze or Perish Song, but it does block ally multitarget attacks (like Earthquake). Wide Guard's effect remains even after the user has fainted. (Team Rocket Elite, 2#, mien, poccil)
    Confirmed Sheer Force gives a 1.3x boost to moves that have a chance related secondary effect(including 100%) when they hit, but prevents that effect from occurring. Also stops Life Orb recoil from occurring for moves that gain the Sheer Force boost, but still gives the Life Orb boost. Does not apply to moves that have been given the flinch secondary effect by King's Rock. It also disables Shell Bell's healing and your opponent's Red Card and Eject Button. Does not negate the side effect of items thrown with Fling. Moves with a dual secondary effect like the Elemental fangs do not get a double boost in power. (Slipperjeans Afti, El Sargento, mien, 2#, Team Rocket Elite, Pidge, SMZ )
    Confirmed Zen Mode only activates when Darmanitan has less then 50% of its max HP at the end of the turn. When the pokemon loses this ability it will revert back to its normal form (mien)
    Confirmed Magic Room when it's effect begins any choiced pokemon can switch moves normally. However, when Magic Room ends, it is again choice locked to the original move that it used before trick room. Pluck, Bug Bite and Trick work normally under Magic Room. Natural Gift and Fling fail. Magic Room ends when it's used while still in effect (Niched, poccil)
    Confirmed Fusion Flame/Fusion Bolt have their power doubled if one is used right after the other, the boost only applies to the one used last. The pokemon do not need to hit each other to get the boost. (Jibaku)
    Confirmed Rocky Helmet: Each contact hit against a Pokemon holding a Rocky Helmet deals 1\6 of the attacker's total HP to the attacker, stacks with Iron Barbs. (MauriiDS, jumpluff, Philip7086)
    Confirmed Iron Barbs: Each contact hit against an Iron Barbs Pokemon deals 1\8 of the attacker's total HP to the attacker, stacks with Rocky Helmet. (MauriiDS, jumpluff, Philip7086)
    Confirmed Victory Star gives moves of the Pokemon and its allies a 10% accuracy boost to all moves. The accuracy doesn't cap to 100 after each multiplier, but only after all accuracy multipliers have applied. The boost is cumulative if two or more Victini are on the same side (Mien, poccil, 2# )
    Confirmed Overcoat protects the Pokemon from damaging weather effects; does not protect against additional boosts from weather (such as Rain's boost to Water moves). (Mien)
    Confirmed Sap Sipper grants immunity to all Grass-moves, both damaging and non-damaging, and raises Attack one stage when hit by such. The immunity extends even to Sleep Powder, Stun Spore, Cotton Spore, Worry Seed, Leech Seed, and Grasswhistle, but not Aromatherapy(dbolt #1, #2)
    Confirmed Clear Smog's effect does not work through a substitute or against a target who is immune(Sixonesix)
    Confirmed Hex, normally 50 power, is boosted to 100 power against a target with Burn, Freeze, Paralysis, Sleep, and Poison. (jumpluff, Philip7086)
    Confirmed Wide Guard protects all of your Pokemon (including the user) from attacks that can target multiple Pokemon. It does not protect against single-target attacks. This works in single battles as well as double and triple battles.(iruchii)
    Confirmed If Volt Switch hits a target with a type or ability that grants it immunity to Electric attacks, the user does not switch out afterward. (Jonathan, 2)
    Confirmed Heavy Slam has 40, 60, 80, 100, and 120 BP, increasing against lighter targets. Is also based on user's weight, so it's not solely a reverse Grass Knot\Low Kick. (Mien, Peterko #1 #2)
    Heavy Slam mechanics (open)
    A) 120 base power, if target´s weight is lower or equal to 1/5 (20%) of user´s weight
    B) 100 base power, if target´s weight is greater than 1/5 (20%) of user´s weight and lower or equal to 1/4 (25%) of user´s weight
    C) 80 base power, if target´s weight is greater than 1/4 (25%) of user´s weight and lower or equal to 1/2 (33.3%) of user´s weight
    D) 60 base power, if target´s weight is greater than 1/3 (33.3%) of user´s weight and lower or equal to 1/2 of user´s weight (50%)
    E) 40 base power, if target´s weight is greater than 1/2 (50%) of user´s weight

    Confirmed Frost Breath and Storm Throw will result in a critical hit every time. (Philip7086, The_Chaser)
    Confirmed Shell Smash drops the user's Defense and SpDef by one level each and raises Attack, SpAtk, and Speed by two levels each (iruchii, SupremeDirt)
    Confirmed Quash will make a neutral priority move go after Trick Room (Sixonesix)
    Confirmed Quick Guard does not protect against moves that have been given positive priority by Prankster. (The_Chaser, jumpluff)
    Confirmed Electro Ball has 60, 80, 120, and 150 BP, increasing for users with higher Speed and targets with lower Speed. (Mien., 2)
    Electro Ball mechanics (open)
    A) 150 base power, if target´s speed is lower or equal to 1/4 (25%) of user´s speed
    B) 120 base power, if target´s speed is greater than 1/4 (25%) of user´s speed and lower or equal to 1/3 (33%) of user´s speed
    C) 80 base power, if target´s speed is greater than 1/3 (33%) of user´s speed and lower or equal to 1/2 (50%) of user´s speed
    D) 60 base power, if target´s speed is greater than 1/2 (50%) of user´s speed

    Confirmed Prankster: Moves that do not deal direct damage (i.e. not classified as physical or special) have their priority increased by one level. Works with Copycat. Despite being priority these moves are not blocked by Quick Guard(Futility, iruchii, Philip7086, The_Chaser, 2#, Niched, CPU) (Very minor priority to test, but does it work on Me First?)
    Confirmed Elemental Gems give a one-time 1.5x boost to damaging attacks of the same type as the gem. Gives an activation message when used up. Does not work with Fling. All hits of a multi-hit move such as Icicle Spear are boosted, but not multi-turn moves such as Outrage. Thief will not steal items the same turn a Dark Jewel is comnsumed. Activates when using Counter, Mirror Coat or Metal Burst but does not do any additional damage. (Seriin, sixonesix, mien, 2#, Niched, El Sargento, poccil, OmegaDonut)
    Confirmed Poison Touch grants the Pokemon the ability to cause (normal) poison with its contact moves. The chance of causing poison is 30% even if the contact move already has a side effect. In the Japanese version of the game the rate appears to be 20% (mien, 2#, poccil, 2#)
    Confirmed Sand Rush prevents the holder from taking damage during Sandstorm weather (in addition to doubling its Speed). (Badgerzftw)
    Confirmed Wonder Room swaps the Defense and SpDef stats of all pokemon on the field for 5 turns, does not swap Defense or SpDef boosts. Wonder Room ends when used while it's still active.(Slipperjeans, Sixonesix, poccil)
    Confirmed Meloetta's Step form will revert back to Voice form when you switch out or use Relic Song again. (MauriiDS)
    Confirmed Ally Switch allows a user on one side of the field to swap places with the Pokémon on the opposite side. Mechanics here: (sixonesix, Philip7086, Setsuna)
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    - Priority = +1
    - Game automatically selects target for you because there is only one option, detailed below
    - Changes positions with the ally on the far side in a triple battle
    - Will never change positions with the ally in the middle of a triple battle
    - Will fail if the user is in the middle in a triple battle
    - Changes positions with the ally in a double battle
    - Will fail if the user is the last remaining Pokemon
    - Will always fail in a single battle
    - Does not trigger Pursuit

    Tentative Fire\Grass\Water Pledge, when used right after another in a Doubles or Triples battle, creates a field effect that lasts for 4 turns. The combination cannot be performed in Singles or Rotation matches, since there you cannot use two moves in a single turn. (MINSC, Setsuna, The_Chaser, TwilightMystery, poccil)
    Specific Pledge Combinations &amp; Further Info (open)

    It does not matter what order the moves are performed in.

    Grass + Fire Pledge -> None-fire opponents are damaged for 1/8 of their total HP at the end of the turn.
    Fire + Water Pledge -> Doubles the chance of a move's side effect occurring. Does not stack with Serene Grace.
    Water + Grass Pledge -> Speed of all opponents is reduced by 50%.

    If two Pledge moves form a combo, their power will double. Both moves will target the Pokemon that the slower Pledge user is attacking, even if the faster Pledge user chose a completely different target.

    Tentative Flame Burst deals a small amount of typeless damage (about 1/16 of max HP) to the target's adjacent allies in a double/triple battle. This damage is not blocked by Flash Fire, and is blocked by Magic Guard even if the user has Mold Breaker. If a Pokemon uses Protect, it is subject to the collateral damage from a Flame Burst that hits an adjacent ally. If a Pokemon used Destiny Bond on its last turn and gets knocked out by collateral damage from Flame Burst that hits an adjacent ally, it will not take the Flame Burst user down with it (MauriiDS, Coram_Boy, jumpluff, poccil, TheMaskedNitpicker)
    Tentative Cell Battery: When affected by a damaging Electric attack the holder gets a one-time Attack boost. Does not work with a Pokemon with Volt Absorb or Motor Drive. (sixonesix, #2, Niched)
    Tentative Synchronoise: only hits Pokemon of the same type as user, cannot hit far-away targets. Listed as tentative because we don't know why this move sucks so much. (sixonesix)
    Confirmed Multiscale reduced damage from attacks by 0.5x if at full health. Only affects the first hit of a multi-hit attack. (Slipperjeans, Mien., Poccil)

    Dream World-exclusive abilities (LOW PRIORITY)
    Confirmed Contrary: All stat change effects are reversed; a stat-lowering move used against the Pokemon will actually raise the respective stat, and a move used by the user (such as Leaf Storm) that lowers the users stats will actually raise them. (howabe)
    Confirmed Light Metal halves the weight of the Pokemon but does not alter damage from weight-based moves any other way. (Mien)
    Confirmed Toxic Boost\Flare Boost raise Attack\SpAttk 1.5x, respectively, when the Pokemon is poisoned\burned. Does not prevent damage from these conditions (Slipperjeans, Mien. #2)

    Confirmed Rattle raises the Pokemon's Speed one stage when hit by a Dark, Ghost, or Bug attack, types associated with common fears. Multi-hit moves (Beat Up and Twineedle) grant a Speed boost for each hit. (MauriiDS)

    Triple Battles
    Confirmed Helping Hand's boost stack when it's used twice on the same pokemon in one turn(Sixonesix)
    Confirmed Wish when used while someone else uses Move" or "Side Change" to replace the Wish user, without recalling anyone, the Pokemon standing in the spot where the Wish user was when it used Wish will receive the healing benefit(TheMaskedNitPicker, poccil)
    Confirmed Follow Me\Rage Powder only draw away opponents' moves if they can physically reach the user. It will draw away moves that can hit non-adjacent targets, but if they are out of range of moves that only hit adjacent targets, it will not attract them. (Setsuna, Philip7086)
    Confirmed Magic Bounce can reflect entry hazards even if both Pokémon in question are on the opposite corners in a Triple Battle.(Death Phenomeno)
    Confirmed Plus/Minus gives a 50% Spattk boost to all allies with the ability Plus or Minus. The boosts do not stack if all 3 pokemon have one of these abilities in a Triple battle(Sixonesix)
    Confirmed Perish Song's counter freezes temporarily while a pokemon is inactive. The counter will continue decreasing at the end of each turn the pokemon is active (Sixonesix)
    Confirmed The following moves can hit non-adjacent targets in Triple Battles: Gust, Wing Attack, Fly, Peck, Drill Peck, Sky Attack, Aeroblast, Perish Song, Aerial Ace, Bounce, Water Pulse, Pluck, Aura Sphere, Dark Pulse, Air Slash, Dragon Pulse, Brave Bird, Chatter, Heal Pulse, Sky Drop, Acrobatics, and Hurricane. (TwilightMystery, 420, seriin)
    Confirmed Moves that hit both\all Pokemon in doubles only hit adjacent targets in Triples, unless one of the above listed exceptions.
    Confirmed Mechanics for shifting Pokémon positions: (sixonesix, Squid Ninja, Team Rocket Elite)
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    "Move" mechanics:
    - An option available only to Pokemon on the left and right sides of a triple battle
    - Allows the user to change places with the Pokemon in the center
    - Priority = 0 (meaning "move" is done when the Pokemon would normally attack)
    - Even if a Pokemon is the last remaining, it can still move
    - If a Pokemon targets an opponent but is moved out of range before it can attack, the move will fail
    - Encore does not prevent the usage of the Move function

    "Reset Move" mechanics:
    - Done automatically in triple battles when each team's final Pokemon happen to be on opposite sides, as shown:


    (X represents the remaining Pokemon)

    - Puts both Pokemon in the center position
    - Only occurs at the very end of turn and only if each side has 1 Pokemon left on opposite sides of the field
    - Does not occur if each side's final Pokemon is close enough to deal damage without having to use long-range attacks

    Note: Ingrain does not affect any form of movement

    Confirmed Multi-Target Attack message Order synopsis (Team Rocket Elite, Virizion)
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    Check for Immunity (or Levitate) on the Ally side, position 1, then position 3. Then check Opponent side, position 1, then 2, then 3,
    Check for Wide Guard in same way
    Check for Protect
    Check for Telepathy (and possibly other abilities)
    Check for misses

    Deal Damage to Allies
    Check for Fainted Allies

    Deal Damage to Opponents
    Check for Fainted Opponents

    The Super Effective message is displayed before the Not Very Effective message.
    It displays the name of the Pokemon in the message (eg. It's Super Effective against ________!)
    If multiple are hit by a super effective attack, it will say both names in one message (eg. It's Super Effective against ______ and _____!). Same for multiple Not Very Effectives. The first name listed is the Pokemon at a lower Position number (1 -> 2 -> 3)
    The Critical hit message is displayed, it will say both names in one message (eg. Critical Hit on the foe's ______ and _____!)

    -Attack failure message order, the ones listed first will show up over others if more than one apply (eg. Flying Type Pokemon uses Protect, Opponent uses Earthquake, message will say that you are immune to the attack):

    Immunity (by Type and at least by Levitate)
    Wide Guard (and probably Fast Guard as well)
    Telepathy (probably by some other abilities here as well)

    Rotation Battles
    Confirmed Rotation and switching do not share the same priority level with rotating always happening second to switching. Since Rotation happens second Pursuit's priority does not activate(Jaxx, 2#)
    Confirmed Pokémon that are rotated out are not "switched" out; they retain all buffs, status conditions, etc. as if they remained in battle.
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    Confirmed Fake out can still be used succesfully if the user was shifts out every previous turn(MB Espeon)
    Confirmed Rotating a Pokemon out does not removes its buffs\debuffs, ability changes, Leech Seed, etc. (Philip7086, Setsuna)
    Confirmed Each Pokemon has their own Protect\Detect\Endure\Wide Guard\Quick Guard counter. It does not reset upon being rotated off the field. (Philip7086, jumpluff)
    Confirmed Choice item holders remain locked in their move even after being rotated out. (Philip7086, jumpluff)
    Confirmed Pursuit does not "chase down" a Pokemon that has been rotated out, presumably doesn't do double damage either. (0mastar)
    Confirmed Natural Cure does not activate upon rotating a Pokemon out. (How about Regenerator?) (Philip7086, Setsuna)
    Confirmed Entry hazards (Stealth Rock, Spikes, Toxic Spikes) do not damage Pokemon for rotating around on the grid. They only damage Pokemon who are switched out from inside their Pokeball. (Philip7086, The_Chaser)
    Confirmed All abilities that are only triggered upon a Pokemon entering the battle do not activate if said Pokemon is merely rotated in. This includes Intimidate, weather abilities, etc. However, if you switch the Pokemon in from your party, its ability will activate. (Philip7086, Setsuna)
    Confirmed The game remembers status counters for Toxic and Sleep. In other words, if you take one turn of Toxic damage (6.25%) then rotate out, the next time you rotate in, you will take increased Toxic damage (12.5%) instead of starting back at 6.25% again. Your Sleep count also gets saved, instead of being reset like it does upon switching out, if you rotate out your total slept turns is still counted. (Philip7086, Setsuna)
    Confirmed If a Pokemon's type is changed, it will remain changed even if the Pokemon is rotated out. The only way to get rid of a typing change is to use another move that changes its typing, or withdraw the Pokemon into its Pokeball. (Philip7086, Setsuna)
    Confirmed The game remembers each Pokemon's last move before rotating out, and Encore will force said Pokemon to use their last move if they are rotated back into a faster Encore. (Philip7086, Setsuna)
    Confirmed The effects of Encore, Taunt, etc. get carried with the Pokemon when they are rotated out. In other words, if you are Taunted and you rotate out, the next time you get rotated in, Taunt will still be in effect. Same with Encore, etc. (Philip7086, Setsuna)
    Confirmed Intimidate: Affects only the opposing active Pokemon, not all three opponents on the field, and is only activated once while the Pokemon is on the field. (skarm, Afti)
    Confirmed Shadow Tag does not prevent a Pokemon from rotating about, only from withdrawing into a Pokeball. (Philip7086, The_Chaser, MB Espeon)
    Confirmed The Slow Start counter remains constant for an inactive Pokemon. It won't activate before you switch the pokemon in(Philip7086, Niched)

    Confirmed Weather abilities do not activate unless the Pokemon is the first active Pokemon on the field or fully switched in (from off the field). Does not activate even if rotated in. (SupremeDirt)
    Confirmed Plus, Minus, and Flower Gift do not give their respective boosts when the Pokemon is inactive. Presumably the same applies to Victory Star and the like. (Philip7086, The_Chaser)
    Confirmed Moves that target multiple Pokemon such as Earthquake, Surf, and Discharge do not damage any Pokemon except the one Pokemon who is active on your opponent's grid at the time. (Philip7086, The_Chaser)
    Confirmed You cannot rotate to a Pokemon and switch it out on the same turn. You can only switch a Pokemon out if it is currently active. (Philip7086, The_Chaser)
    Confirmed Other constantly present abilities like Pressure only get announced if you lead with the Pokemon, or switch them in from inside a Pokeball. If you rotate one of these Pokemon in, the game will not announce the ability, but its effect will still be active (you will still lose 2 PP if you attack a Pressure Pokemon, etc.). (Philip7086, Setsuna)
    Confirmed Pokemon do not receive status damage while they are inactive. (Philip7086, Setsuna)
    Confirmed The active Pokemon cannot Baton Pass\U-turn\Volt Switch to an inactive Pokemon on the field, only Pokemon in their Pokeballs. (jumpluff, Philip7086)
    Confirmed If both sides rotate at the same time, the side with the faster Pokemon rotates first. (Philip7086, jumpluff)
    Tentative It appears to be that the act of Rotating is considered a free action. We tried a few things to damage an opponent before rotating out, but none worked. This includes priority moves like Fake Out, Ice Shard, etc., and Pursuit as well. This has very cool competitive implications, seeing as a Pokemon also cannot be damaged by entry hazards -- you can keep an important Pokemon alive no matter what if you want, until it's the last Pokemon! (Philip7086, Setsuna)
    Tentative Rotation occurs before any moves are made. Unknown if there are any exceptions. (Coram_Boy)

    Rumors\Theories proven false:
    Busted IV system has been changed (PokeGen programmer)
    Busted Thunder Wave can now hit Ground-type Pokemon and Pokemon with Lightningrod or Motor Drive. (KYKE)
    Busted Hail boosts Defense of Ice-types and boosts power of Ice moves 1.5x (stellar)
    Busted Air Lock and Cloud Nine "erase" existing weather. (Seriin)
    Busted Defog clears entry hazards (Stealth Rock, Spikes, etc.) on both sides of the field (Slipperjeans)
    Busted Stealth Rock stacks, also fuck you cookie (jumpluff)
    Busted Ring Target allows holder to hit type immunities (stellar)
    Busted Torment now prevents a repeated move from working the same turn Torment is used, shame on me. (howabe, TheMaskedNitpicker)
    Busted Hyper Beam\Giga Impact allow the user to switch out the turn after use. (iruchii)
    Busted Justified grants immunity to Dark damaging attacks. (dbolt)
    Busted Rest lasts three turns now (MeroMero, but I'm sure someone else pointed this out days prior so if you posted it first speak up!)
    Busted Type-resistance berries work even if the holder is not weak to the respective attack. (Philip7086, The_Chaser)
    Busted Toxic Spikes hit Pokemon with Levitate. (TheShadowKnight)
    Busted Arceus doesn't change color if given a Plate to change its type. (Lady Bug)
    Busted Swimming Goggles exists, and raises holder's SpAttk and puts non-Water types to sleep.
    Busted Light Metal increases the speed of the Pokémon. (Setsuna, The_Chaser)
    Busted The Douse\Burn\etc. Drives boost the power of moves of that type. (mien)
    Busted Rotom-Fan having both Flying-type and Levitate grants it immunity to Gravity, Knock Down, Iron Ball, etc. (MeroMero)
    Busted Glaciate lowers speed by 2 stages and has a chance to freeze. (SupremeDirt)
    Busted 4th gen movesets cannot be used in online battles(Jibaku)
    Busted Synchronize's in-game effects give the "reverse" nature if the Synchronizer is holding a Twistedspoon. (OmegaDonut)
    Busted Oblivious still only blocks Attract; it was not upgraded like Mental Herb. (OmegaDonut)

    No changes, but posting for record-keeping

    Confirmed Anticipation does not and never did alert the player to the presence of Explosion or Selfdestruct. Smogon's description of Anticipation is evidently incorrect. (Youkai Enslaver, poccil)
    Confirmed Levitate has no effect on whether a Pokemon has a "crashing" animation onto the field; both Levitate and Heatproof Bronzong appear to be floating. (Philip7086, Setsuna)
    Confirmed Using U-turn\Volt Switch to switch from one Pokemon to another knowing the same move and holding a Choice item no longer locks it into that move. [Apparently this was fixed all the way back in Platinum] (dbolt)
    Confirmed When a Steel\Poison\Fire's type is changed to something that makes them vulnerable to poison\burn respectively, the status remains when they switch out and regain their typing. [Has behaved this way since 3rd gen] (Philip7086, Setsuna)
    Confirmed Light Clay does not extend the duration of Safeguard or Lucky Chant. :( (Mien.)
    Confirmed Iron Barbs\Rough Skin\Rocky Helmet deal damage directly to the attacker, bypassing a Substitute. (Philip7086, jumpluff)
    Confirmed Gyro Ball uses the same power formula as last generation. (mien)
    Confirmed The initial hit of a multi-hit uses up a type-resistance berry (if applicable), then the remaining hits are at full power. (iruchii)
    Confirmed Unaware does not ignore stat boosts stemming from abilities, such as Sand Rush's speed doubling. (Philip7086, jumpluff)
    Confirmed Aftermath does not change the power of Explosion. (MauriiDS)
    Confirmed Transform\Imposter does not copy stat boosts from items such as Choice Scarf, only regular stat boosts. (Cerozero)
    Confirmed Odor Sleuth\Foresight does not break Illusion. (CyzirVisheen)
    Confirmed Intimidate does not activate if the Pokemon faints to entry hazards upon switching in. (Philip7086, Setsuna)
    Confirmed Knock Off: if it deals enough damage to be an OHKO, it will still trigger a Focus Sash. (mien)
    Confirmed Reckless's boost to recoil moves is still only 20%, and does not increase the recoil. (mien)
    Confirmed Solid Rock still reduces damage from super-effective moves by 25%. (CPU)
    Confirmed Multi-turn moves such as Outrage still do not use up additional PP on subsequent turns. (Philip7086, Setsuna)
    Confirmed Berry Juice still heals 20 HP when the Pokemon goes under 50% health. (Colonel M)
    Confirmed Focus Sash does not protect a Pokemon from being KO'd by Destiny Bond. (MeroMero)
    Confirmed Illuminate does not appear to have any in-battle effect. (mien)
    Confirmed Shell Bell activates even for Endeavor. (OmegaDonut)
    Confirmed If a Pokemon steals a Life Orb with Thief\Covet, it will receive Life Orb recoil afterwards. (El Sargento)
    Confirmed Punishment's power formula is still 60 + 20 * each stat boost the target has. Caps at 200 Power. (mien)
    Confirmed Fling still has 130 power when flinging an Iron Ball, and most likely the same for other items as well. (mien)
    Confirmed Trick/Switcheroo can still be used with Klutz. (El Sargento)
    Confirmed The defrost rate of Freeze status is still 20%. (mien)
    Confirmed Each hit of a multi-hit move still has it's own flinch rate with King's Rock. (mien)
    Confirmed Pressure does not drain PP if it doesn't directly target the Pressure pokemon (mien)
    Confirmed Focus Sash does not prevent the pokemon to be KO'd by (scripted) recoil. (mien)
    Confirmed White Herb still works the same way like it did in D/P (Team Rocked Elite)
    Confirmed Haze and Perish Song are still affected by all pokemon's Pressure except the user's (mien)
    Confirmed Magic Coat still only protects the user, not both partners. (mien)
    Confirmed Hidden Power can activate type-exclusive abilities (dbolt)
    Confirmed Confusion still lasts 2 to 5 turns (mien)
    Confirmed Shed Shell does not allow the holder to switch out from Lock-in moves (mien)
    Confirmed Run Away still does not allow the pokemon to switch out from Mean Look or any other Trapping effect. (mien)
    Confirmed Oblivious does not remove any effect outside Infatuation (sb879)
    Confirmed No Guard still allows OHKO moves to hit 100% of the time both ways(infernape-5)
    Confirmed Technician does not boost the power of an itemless Acrobatics or any other move that has been boosted under a certain condition(poccil, Blackhawk11)
    Confirmed Attract will always fail when used by a genderless pokemon(MegaMewtwo, TheMaskedNitpicker)
    Confirmed Grudge's effects lasts until its user takes its turn again(poccil)
    Confirmed Trace when facing a opponent with an untraceable ability, it will activate when an opponent with a traceable ability enters the field instead.(Death Phenomeno)
    Confirmed A weather inducing ability activates immediatly upon switching in (Symphonix64,Lizardman)
    Confirmed Reflect does not reduce the Brick Breaks damage if the target has substitute up (Symphonix64,Lizardman)
    Confirmed Entry hazards still do damage prior any ability when switching in (Pikiwyn)
    Confirmed Falling asleep during the effect of Yawn doesn't end the effect of Yawn (MB espeon, poccil)
    Confirmed Synchronize attempts to inflict the status on the Psycho Shifter before Psycho Shift cures the user of its status (Missingno. Master)
    Confirmed Poison Heal does not lose nor gain HP while under the effect of Heal Block (poccil)
    Confirmed Big Root increases the HP gained by draining moves but does not boost the damage. Does not increase the HP gain from Regenerator. (SMZ)
    Confirmed Memento does not faint the user if the move misses. However will still cause the user to faint when it fails to drop the targets Attack and Special Attack by 2 Stages. (Chinese Dood, poccil)
  2. ΩDonut

    ΩDonut don't glaze me bro
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    Aug 23, 2006
    Confusing, inaccurate or just plain wrong Serebii move descriptions:


    Confirmed Spikes At two layers, deals 1\6 of opponent's maximum HP. The only thing we've seen that Bulbapedia and Smogon got wrong but Serebii got right. (Setsuna, jumpluff)

    Serebii fixed all descriptions as of 7\14\2012.
  3. Firestorm

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    Apr 18, 2007
    stellar disproved this here.
  4. DDRMaster


    Jun 26, 2008
    Add Trickery and Eleci Ball to the list of things that should be tested. I'd do it myself but I don't have the game. It seems like Trickery will use the opponent's Atk instead of the user's and Eleci Ball is believed to work like Gyro Ball but in the opposite way.

    Edit: I think someone also tested to see if Rest and Perish Song have an extra turn for their effect and proved that they didn't. I don't know where the post was, though.
  5. WingedKnight


    Sep 17, 2010
    Faint-Hearted test please? I want to know the extent of Archaeos's handicap and everyone has a different answer as to whether all stats or just attack drop.
  6. Firestorm

    Firestorm I did my best, I have no regrets!
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    Apr 18, 2007
    If you'd like something tested, please explain what it is about the attack, ability, item, etc. you want tested.
  7. Airfoil


    Nov 30, 2009
    I'm really dying to find out more on Rotation Battles, but if you discover anything there is one thing that really needs to be tested; Do abilities like Minus, Plus, and Flower Gift work in Rotation battles if the conditions are met?
    Like, If I have Plusle as my main Pokemon in a Rotation Battle, and Minun is in the back, will Plusle still get the attack boost from Plus?

    And if Drizzle, Sandstream, Snow Warning, and Drought activate if the Pokemon is sent out, but not the active Pokemon in a Rotation Battle?

    And lastly, if Intimidate lowers the attack of all the Pokemon in a Rotation Battle/Triple Battle? Even if it's not the active Pokemon in a rotation battle or if it's out of range for affecting a Pokemon in triples (i.e. Gyrados is all the way on the left, while Scizor all the way on the right, will Scizor still be affected by Intimidate?)
  8. RaptorLati


    Aug 16, 2010
    Has the rumor about Rapid Spinners with Aiming Mark hitting ghosts been tested yet?

    Also, does Stealth Rock still do its 4th Gen damage?
  9. Raikou


    Jun 2, 2007
    Is it true that IV's range from 0-8 instead of 0-31 now?
  10. R_N

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    Feb 21, 2010
    Aiming Mark
    At first we thought it allowed the holder to hit the opponent with any attack regardless of immunity. Then it seemed like it was the other way around: The opponent could hit the holder with any attack regardless of immunity. But I also recall someone testing it and it doing neither. What is its deal?

    Also: Would it ignore abilities that grant immunity? eg: ground attacks against Levitate, dark attacks against Justice Heart/Heart of Justice, etc

    Speaking of which, what does the boost from Justice Heart go towards? I've seen both a general +1 to Attack, but I've also heard that it just powers up Dark type moves.
  11. Cathy

    Cathy Banned deucer.

    Jul 11, 2007
    This is also the case in generation 4. See upokecenter. poccil's (the author of upokecenter) description of these moves is also what is quoted in Corrupted's post, although Corrupted doesn't attribute this.
  12. Paradox


    Mar 1, 2010
    What are the exact effects of Mischievous Heart?
    Text is (as far as I know) "Non-attacking moves have a higher priority."

    My Questions:
    - Do all non-attacking moves fit under this category? (I would define this as the "3rd" category of moves, with Special and Physical being the other to categories. These are easily identifiable with the gray ying-yang-esque symbol)
    - If not, which moves are given priority?
    - How much priority?

    Moves of note to test:
    - Taunt, Substitute, Weather Moves (Rainy Day, etc.), Stat-up Moves, status inflicting moves

    Pokemon with Mischievous Heart (not counting Dream World):
    - #546 Monmen
    - #547 Erufuun
    - #641 Torunerosu
    - #642 Borutorosu
  13. phoenixflame95


    Feb 2, 2005
    Has Storm Drain been tested/confirmed for the same effect as Lightningrod since it's the same ability, but for water attacks? Also are there any other abilities changed to provide immunities, like Snow Cloak and Ice Body for ice, or Flame Body and Magma Armor for fire?
  14. R_N

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    Feb 21, 2010
    Oh, Pick Up:
    -What you can find
    -What levels you can find them at
    -Percentage of finding x item at y level
    -Any changes it may have had in general
  15. AstralFire


    Apr 29, 2007
    How much does that new item increase the attack power of Fire Spin, Wrap, etc?
  16. Team Rocket Elite

    Team Rocket Elite Data Integration Thought Entity
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    May 3, 2005
    Does You First work with negative priority moves like Trick Room?
  17. drcossack

    drcossack I'm everywhere, you ain't never there

    Apr 21, 2009
    No, IVs still go from 0-31.
  18. howabe


    Jan 28, 2010
    I'm quite sure this is not the case.

    Test battle vs. wild Minezumi:
    Meguroko used Mud Slap
    Minezumi used Tackle
    Meguroko used Torment
    Minezumi used Tackle
    Meguroko used Mud Slap
    Minezumi used Leer.

    It was able to reuse Tackle on the turn I used Torment.
  19. Elliot Gale

    Elliot Gale

    Dec 8, 2007
    1. How great is the power boost for the elemental jewels (eg. Normal Jewel)? I suggest trying Normal Jewel with Tackle or something similar.

    2. Do Return and Frustration have the same maximum and minimum power they did in Gen 4? If not, what are the new caps?

    3. How frequently does the move Dragon Tail cause the foe to switch? Is the switch performed at random, or does the trainer have a choice in who is sent out?
  20. Dark Morford

    Dark Morford

    May 1, 2010
    What does the experience gained vs. level gap curve look like? Is there some "magic number" that's most efficient? And, conversely, at what point does it drop so low that it's no longer worth it to battle?
  21. jumpluff

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    Aug 22, 2008
    Earlier I tested the rumour that Stealth Rock stacks and was unable to use it while SR was already on the field.
  22. Fisdunction


    Sep 20, 2010
    Can someone look into the new item use mechanic for wifi battles? (I forget what it's called, battle mixer/battle slider or something like that) For example, how many points do you get per turn? Do you get bonus points for dealing damage or scoring KOs? What items are available and how much do they cost?

    I've seen a particular video on youtube and apparently you can purchase and use Max fucking Revives with this feature.
  23. jumpluff

    jumpluff (illness hiatus)
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    Aug 22, 2008
    I can confirm that this is the case.


    Gastrodon's Storm Drain

    Gastrodon's Special Attack rose!
  24. howabe


    Jan 28, 2010
    If I'm understanding the query correctly, I'm quite sure this is the case.

    Test case: My Lv.1 Meguroko @ Focus Sash vs. wild Chillarmy
    Chillarmy used Double Slap.
    First hit activates my Sash and leaves me at 1HP. Second hit I faint.
  25. howabe


    Jan 28, 2010
    Lucky Chant is affected. Tested against wild Munna.

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