Bad Character Mafia Postgame

This is the postgame for Bad Character Mafia. This was my first time hosting a proper game by myself. I'd like to thank Hobo Joe and Dubulous for helping out a bit with the roles too (and evan I suppose). There were some hiccups, but overall I think I hosted this game pretty well. I had a lot of fun hosting (especially towards the end), and I hope you had fun playing! I'll basically post the role PM of a player and then write some comments about the role and how it was played. These are the spreadsheets that I used to keep track of the game and keep organised.

Role spreadsheet
Actions spreadsheet

Appalling Characters
The Appalling Characters were the village. There were complaints about them being weak (indeed, I nerfed many roles) but you'll find that no faction was particularly strong. They had Altair, who could kill someone during the day by using up one Throwing Knife, which was agreed by me and Earthworm balanced the village. They also had two ways to make contact through the Neville Flynn/John Watson and Lincoln Burrows/Michael Scofield relationship.

Igor - Killed Night 4
Dear Igor,
You are Lincoln Burrows, brother of Michael Scofield. You are allied with the Appalling Characters.

I don't have anything against you, but I hate Prison Break. It sucks so hard, and I think you know just as well as I do that the only reason anybody watches it is to look at your beautfiul, big body. By PMing Thorns 'Night X - Whatever gets you through the night, USER.' That night, you will watch over that user, ensuring their survival throughout the night. But every man needs his sleep, and as such, you cannot watch over yourself. Your brother Michael Scofield is out there, and you only work as long as he is alive. It is in your best interests to locate him.

You win if all threats to the Appalling Characters are eliminated.

"Why the hell are you still breathing?"
If Michael Scofield died, Lincoln would lose his bodyguard powers. This bodyguard was weaker compared to Macbeth, who could also protect himself. However, since the village had many important users to protect, it didn't really matter. Igor protected FinnRagetti Night 1, which was confusing, since Altair was the obvious target. This potentially cost them the game, but Igor made some wise bodyguard choices for the rest of the game, protecting Kannon on the night he distracted Coronis, which saved him for another day! Whilst losing his powers upon Michael's death was a nerf, the 'link' of the brothers being able to find each other was a way to get organised more quickly. This was the link I think I should have removed, though. Igor was killed by Da Letter El.

zerowing/Kannon - Godkilled Day 4
Dear zerowing Kannon,
You are Piplup, Dawn's Water-type starter Pokemon. You are allied with the Appalling Characters.

I like most Piplups, but you are probably the worst Piplup to have ever lived. You stole Pikachu's gimmick by not going into your Poke Ball. All your attacks are CGI animated. Why aren't Pikachu's attacks CGI animated? Because Nintendo want to make you the 4th generation mascot. Well, I've got news for you buddy. Everybody hates you, and it's not going to happen. By PMing Thorns 'Night X - Bubblebeam USER', that user will stop whatever they were doing and target you instead, because nobody wants to be hit by freaking bubbles.

You are currently in the possession of a Throwing Knife. Someone out there may have use for it...

You win if all threats to the Appalling Characters are eliminated.

Piplup was the highest priority night role in the game, save the use of the Falchion or Defence Attorney Badge. Kannon blocked one of Coronis' kills Night 3. zerowing idled the first few nights, which would have ultimately been the better decision. He was suspected of being mafia for some reason, it might have been because of his unwillingness to claim to a cleaned villager early on. Piplup was one of the two villagers that started with a Throwing Knife. In games where the vigilante uses up an item to kill, the item is usually held by a village member. I decided to give two to village members and another to a mafia member to get rid of the 'he has the item, so he's clean' mentality. Kannon died when Coronis persuaded him to post, but didn't post before the deadline (I even gave a 3 hour grace period!).

KnightoftheWind - Killed Night 5
Dear KnightoftheWind,
You are Neville Flynn, an FBI agent escorting Sean Jones to a trial. You are allied with the Appalling Characters.

I'm just going to put this out in the open - I hated Snakes on a Plane. It had a terrible concept, and it had a song by Cobra Starship, one of the worst bands to ever walk the earth. Since you were in this terrible movie, I'm going to consider you a terrible character. By PMing Thorns 'Night X - Conduct investigation on USER', you will use your status as an FBI agent to find out the role name and role of that user. You will not find their alliance. However, there is a person out there that could change this.

You win if all threats to the Appalling Characters are eliminated.

"Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!
If Watson targeted the same user as him, he would receive alliance as well the usual role/role name. People thought that this made the village inspector extremely weak, but it must be considered that they could find each other early and gather claims. KnightoftheWind played a solid game as inspector, but as Finn's right hand man, he should have spoken up when some bad decisions were made. Notable inspects included the Night 0 inspect on Mekkah. After finding out, Mekkah decided not to false claim the Pokemon Stadium Announcer (who I hate but that's not the point). KnightoftheWind also hit jumpluff Night 3, but her use of the Falchion blocked that. He finally died when Coronis took him out.

Veedrock - Killed Night 2
Dear Veedrock,
You are Jar Jar Binks, a Gungan from Naboo. You are allied with the Appalling Characters.

Even George Lucas admits you were only created to appeal to small children. How small children could have found you appealling, I'll never know. They, and I too, find you appalling. You're annoying, stupid, and not the least bit funny. You don't even fight that well (seriously, shields and stones against laser blasters?). You even walk weird, but at least you're fast. By PMing Thorns 'Night X - Gungan Shuffle USER', you will rob that user of any items in their possession. Like other users, you may only hold one item at a time, though there are some exceptions.

You win if all threats to the Appalling Characters are eliminated.

"My forgotten, da bosses will do terrible tings to me TERRRRRIBLE is me going back der!"
Standard thief, not much to say about the role. Veedrock was a pretty successful thief. He nabbed a Throwing Knife from Da Letter El Night 0, and would have taken jumpluff's Falchion Night 1 if she hadn't used her Jesus Beams on him. He attempted to take THE_IRON_KENYAN's Defence Attorney Badge (probably the most powerful item in the game) Night 2, but not only did he use it that night, he was killed that night by Jimbo. By the way, I really, really hate Jar Jar Binks, and I hope Veedrock could feel the intense hate!

Yeti - Endgamed
Dear Yeti,
You are Sarah Palin, the former Governor of Alaska. You are allied with the Appalling Characters.

You were John McCain's running mate in the 2008 United States presidential election, but being a Republican, you obviously didn't make it. Your daughter was also pregnant in her teenage years, and your other child has Down syndrome. No parent should have to experience that, but then again, no child should have to experience being your child. As an influential former politician, however, your vote will count for double during the day's lynch. Remember, there are a lot of people out there who hate you, so watch out!

You are currently in the possession of two Whisperweeds. Whilst you hold a Whisperweed, by PMing Thorns 'Night X - Send Message', anything you write in the main body of the PM will be announced at the beginning of the following day. Announcements made with the Whisperweeds will work as long as you hold both of them.

You win if all threats to the Appalling Characters are eliminated.

"We believe that the best of America is in these small towns that we get to visit, and in these wonderful little pockets of what I call the real America, being here with all of you hard working very patriotic, um, very, um, pro-America areas of this great nation."
Sarah Palin is terrible, and as such, her vote was actually worth zero. I think the hint may have been too subtle, but oh well! Contrary to what some people believe, this was not a role to screw up the village, but a role meant to be used for intimidation or drawing a kill. The Whisperweeds were not put to the use I expected, but spamming random stuff is fun anyway. Yeti made some solid decisions when lynching, and was able to establish Finn as the village leader. Some people may have been angry that I lied about her role, but in mafia you can't trust anybody, not even the host!

Altair - Killed Night 1
Dear Altair,
You are Altair ibn La-Ahad, an Assassin sent to kill nine Knights Templar. You are allied with the Appalling Characters.

You are absolutely badass. One of your killing moves is pouncing onto someone, and killing them with the hidden blade in your left hand. So, you may be wondering why you are an Appalling Character. The answer is simple. You spoke with an American accent. It was the one thing that ruined you. An Israeli assassin in the 12th century should not have a modern American accent. Don't use the fact that the Animus is using Desmond's voice instead of yours as an excuse, you have an American accent because you're lazy. If you possess a Throwing Knife, by PMing Thorns 'Day X - Assassinate USER', you will throw a knife at that user, killing them instantly. Their death will be announced as soon as your PM is received. Unlike other items, you may hold multiple Throwing Knives.

You win if all threats to the Appalling Characters are eliminated.

"Nothing is true. Everything is permitted."
Altair was the vigilante, the balancing factor for the village. Altair could hold multiple items instead of just one - and this was not limited to Throwing Knives. There were a total of three knives in the game, and one item that would make a person completely immune to Altair's knives (though if Altair attempted to kill them, a knife would not be used up) - RB Golbat's Hidden Blade. Altair claimed very early on, which ultimately turned out to be a mistake - the Useless Characters disposed of him thanks to Mekkah's knowledge of who Igor was protecting. If Altair was given the Spartan Laser during the day, that would be two guaranteed kills as long as he had the knives, since his kills were performed in the day, and unblockable. The knowledge of Altair's existence created panic in the ranks for the Useless Characters - but luckily Mekkah was able to stop that.

FinnRagetti - Killed Night 3
Dear FinnRagetti,
You are Dr. John Watson, Sherlock Holmes' assistant. You are allied with the Appalling Characters.

I saw Jude Law's performance of you in the 2009 movie, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. However, you were very poorly depicted in the 1939 film series. Those movies were rife with propaganda, as well as depicting you as an idiot incapable of doing menial tasks. Arthur Conan Doyle did not intend for you to be portrayed as a fool, and those movies were a blight upon your name. By PMing Thorns 'Night X - Deduce USER's alliance', that user's alliance will be revealed. However, it will not be revealed to you, but to another Appalling Character. You do not know much about this person, but you do know that his name is Neville Flynn.

You win if all threats to the Appalling Characters are eliminated.

"It's a pity you didn't think about bringing that infernal violin of yours - to regale me with some of your music!"
Watson was the second half of the inspector. People expected KnightoftheWind to be Sherlock Holmes, but he turned out to be Neville Flynn! There's no way I could find Sherlock Holmes an Appalling Character. The man of the spaghetti played a good game as the village leader, and very well for a relatively new player. However, he was too trusting of some people, such as Mekkah, jumpluff and Coronis (nearly). He entrusted KnightoftheWind and askaninjask as his second-in-commands - good choices in the end. Finn made some good hits - he cleared katya/Nook as a villager, established evan as a fairly harmless neutral, but when he tried to "clear" jumpluff, she decided that it would be time for him to be eliminated. I was impressed with his play, though there were some things that could be fixed! Finn was the target of evan's posting restriction (imposed after he died), which forced him to post by first putting his post through This yielded pretty funny results.

katya/Nook - Killed Night 2
askaninjask - Endgamed
UncleSam - Endgamed
Dear katya/Nook/askaninjask/UncleSam,
You are an Imperial Stormtrooper, soldier of Emperor Palpatine. You are allied with the Appalling Characters.

There are thousands of you, and for the most part, you all look the same. Your trademark white armour strikes fear into the hearts of civilians, but also makes you death fodder for those damn Jedi. You're supposed to be an elite soldier, but in most of your appearances, you never seem to hit anything with your blasters. It must be because of the damn conscription that Palpatine introduced. Since you can't do anything, you have no night role. Vote wisely during the day.

You win if all threats to the Appalling Characters are eliminated.

"These aren't the droids we're looking for."
These three were vanillagers. I was told to publicise the PM, but katya started with a Throwing Knife, and I thought that this would make it a bit too easy for the mafia. katya/Nook didn't do much other than die early on and receive zerowing's claim. Their best action in the game was probably being killed by Coronis - better a vanillager than an inspector! askaninjask played a typically solid game, lynching the correct people and nearly pulling off a win Day 7. He also did a good job of assisting in managing the village after Finn's death. UncleSam played well for a newcomer, making some good observations and decisions. Unfortunately, his experience of this game was limited since he didn't use IRC to communicate with the rest of the players.

Fishy - Killed Night 5
Dear Fishy,
You are Michael Scofield, brother of Lincoln Burrows. You are allied with the Appalling Characters.

I don't have anything against you, but I hate Prison Break. It sucks so hard, and I think you know just as well as I do that the only reason anybody watches it is to look at your brother's beautfiul, big body. Your brother is out there, and he is looking for you. If you were to be killed, he would probably be too depressed to do anything. It is in your best interests to locate him and ensure his survival.

You are currently in possession of a Spartan Laser. If you would be killed, the Spartan Laser will negate it, once, since your would-be killer will be too scared to attack you. Everyone runs from the guy with the Spartan Laser. However, you cannot post in the day whilst holding the Spartan Laser, since you are busy charging it. If you were to post, your concentration would break, firing the laser on yourself. You would probably die, and when I say 'probably', I mean 'definitely'.

You win if all threats to the Appalling Characters are eliminated.

"I'm just trying to fly low, avoid the radar, boss. Do my time, and get out."
Fishy, when killed, negated Igor's bodyguard powers. In doing this, they could also establish a link with each other, and possibly clear each other quicker than they would have otherwise. The Spartan Laser guaranteed that Igor had multiple chances to protect someone. It could also be passed off to one of the inspectors, or even Altair. I nerfed it with the day silencing simply because a BPV by itself is rather powerful, too much so in my opinion. Then again, most of the roles in this game were weak. Fishy was the target of evan's posting restriction. Unfortunately, she only ever made one video post, and we could not open her audio post! Nothing would be gained from making a video post, unlike what evan claimed. Fishy did a good enough job, avoiding being killed for quite a long time. Future bodyguards would do well to imitate her!

Poorly Designed Characters
The Poorly Designed Characters were one mafia, and they were the more hard-hitting mafia designed for hitting the village's important roles, whereas the Useless Characters were more of a sneaky mafia, though this probably wasn't as obvious like in Elements Mafia, given the overall weaker nature of this mafia. They consisted of Umbreon Dan, Coronis, moot and Da Letter El. They got off to a bad start, and had a chance to catch up near the end, but the village and the Useless Characters (still bitter that the Poorly Designed Characters did not cooperate early on) prevented that.

Umbreon Dan - Lynched Day 3
Dear Umbreon Dan,
You are Misa Amane, Light Yagami's stalker girl.
You are allied with the Poorly Designed Characters.

According to Wikipedia, you are 152cm tall and 36kg in weight. Now, I'm short too, but who the hell hires a model that's 152cm tall? Even I'm taller than that! That's poor design if I ever saw it. Also, you're annoying and hyperactive. Like a midget version of Rosette from Chrono Crusade, but at least she has a gun. By PMing Thorns 'Night X - "Seduce" USER', you will use your "charms" to "coax" that user into giving you any item they may be holding.
Like other users, you may only hold one item at a time, though there are some exceptions. At the end of every night, your adoring fans will tell you the name of one existing item. Additionally, by PMing Thorns 'Night X - Write USER's name in Death Note', that user will be killed. You may specify how that user is to be killed in the main body of the PM. If you do not, they will die of a heart attack. If more than one Poorly Designed Character attempts to kill somebody during the night, no kill will occur.

The other members of your team are:
Coronis, Kurosawa
moot, Stewie Griffin
and Da Letter El, Macbeth.

You win if the Poorly Designed Characters are the last users alive, or if nothing can prevent the same.

"I want to be loved!"
Umbreon Dan was an okay thief. He stole a Throwing Knife Night 1, and nearly got Fishy's Spartan Laser Night 2, but unfortunately she had passed it to Igor by then. He used an okay false claim, but his team was iffy on claiming Appalling Characters, and was lynched when he did not 'win' due to his 'Miracle Eye', even though many more items existed in the game. His false claim was basically designed to gain more information about the items stealable in the game. Umbreon Dan was also the most powerful killer on the team, being able to specify how he wanted a user to die. Unfortunately, this was not put to good use, and Da Letter El did the killing.

Coronis - Killed Night 6
Dear Coronis,
You are Kurosawa, a Japanese teenager who enjoys masturbating. You are allied with the Poorly Designed Characters.

I'm not sure if this was deliberate, but you are pretty much Light from Death Note, except slightly less messed up in the head. You're pretty poorly designed then, since you probably weren't designed at all. You ruin people's lives by...masturbating into people's clothes. So yeah. By PMing Thorns 'Night X - Blackmail USER', you will force that user into saying whatever you wrote in the main body of that PM. That will be that user's only post for the following day. You may only blackmail every other night. Additionally, by PMing Thorns 'Night X - Swing down my White Hammer on USER', that user will...think they had a wet dream, and will be too embarrassed to post the following day. You may only swing your White Hammer down every other night, and it will fail if you do not target a human male. Additionally, by PMing Thorns 'Night X - Dirty USER', you will soil that user's clothes, forcing them to hide in their house for the rest of the game, essentially killing them. If more than one Poorly Designed Character attempts to kill somebody during the night, no kill will occur.

The other members of your team are:
Umbreon Dan, Misa Amane
moot, Stewie Griffin
and Da Letter El, Macbeth.

You win if the Poorly Designed Characters are the last users alive, or if nothing can prevent the same.

"Just as planned!"
Coronis' second game had him as a mafia silencer/persuader. The silence was nerfed, being able to only work on male humans, but Coronis found out that jumpluff was not actually Elliot Reid, but Joshua, since she was silenced. His persuading killed Kannon, but that was its only real use. Coronis got some handy silences on Mekkah and askaninjask, however. He didn't do too poorly, but an average false claim plus a bit of laziness and/or poor judgement lead to some poor kills, like the one on Nook. Being outed early meant that he shouldn't have been killing, and as a result he was distracted by Kannon (though he did get a godkill out of it, he didn't hit his intended target, which would have taken out KnightoftheWind).

moot - Lynched Day 2
Dear moot,
You are Stewie Griffin, a genius, evil baby. You are allied with the Poorly Designed Characters.

You are the son of Peter and Lois Griffin, two borderline insane people, which probably explains why you're so evil. You also bumped your head whilst younger, causing you to have a football-shaped head that is in no way similar to Arnold from Hey Arnold! That counts for poor design if I ever saw it. By PMing Thorns 'Night X - Control USER's mind', you will use your mind control device on that user, and receive any PMs sent by Thorns to that user that night. You have also killed four people prior to this game - Mewtwo, Adam Sandler, Garfield from the live action movie, and Zoidberg. Their deaths have not been made public, and you are free to impersonate them if you wish. Additionally, by PMing Thorns 'Night X - I might kill USER tonight', you might kill that user tonight. And when I say 'might', I mean 'will'. If more than one Poorly Designed Character attempts to kill somebody during the night, no kill will occur.

The other members of your team are:
Umbreon Dan, Misa Amane
Coronis, Kurosawa
and Da Letter El, Macbeth.

You win if the Poorly Designed Characters are the last users alive, or if nothing can prevent the same.

"My god, look at you fat bastards. I bet you can't find your own penis."
moot had a solid false claim as the village mind reader, but for some reason, he was lynched. I'm not really sure why he was lynched, but he was a bit lazy. He was hooked by Mekkah Night 0, which prevented his mind read on him, therefore preventing knowledge of Mekkah being successfully silenced and evan's posting restriction placed on him. Like the other Poorly Designed Characters, he was a bit inactive early on, due to laziness or real life issues, I don't really know. He did make a good choice in targeting Mekkah Night 0, however, since the big name in mafia was obviously going to be targeted by many users.

Da Letter El - Lynched Day 6
Dear Da Letter El,
You are Macbeth, a Scottish noble. You are allied with the Poorly Designed Characters.

You are a strong general in the Scottish army, but you were manipulated by three witches and your wife into killing the King of Scotland. You're a very insecure person, one of the reasons why I found Macbeth an intolerable play. After becoming King of Scotland, you basically lived in fear of people trying to overthrow your tyrannical reign. Never mind that the witches said you were more or less invincible. By PMing Thorns 'Night X - Valiantly guard USER', you will make good use of your military experience in order to ensure that user survives the night. Additionally, by PMing Thorns 'Night X - Unseam USER from the nave to the chops', you will murder that user in a most ugly way. If more than one Poorly Designed Character attempts to kill somebody during the night, no kill will occur.

The other members of your team are:
Umbreon Dan, Misa Amane
Coronis, Kurosawa
and moot, Stewie Griffin.

You are currently in the possession of a Throwing Knife. Someone out there may have use for it...

You win if the Poorly Designed Characters are the last users alive, or if nothing can prevent the same.

"Stars, hide your fires! Let not light see my black and deep desires."
Da Letter El could protect anybody, including himself. He protected himself on Night 0 to throw off any potential trackers/watchers. I am not entirely sure on the usefulness of such a strategy, but different strokes for different blokes I guess. He protected himself every other night except for Night 1, where he guarded moot. Da Letter El decided to be the killer for the Poorly Designed Characters, since his kill flavour was fairly plain (slashing them with a sword, nothing too different). His Throwing Knife was taken by Veedrock Night 0. Da Letter El claimed bodyguard that died if he got a successful protect, which was an okay claim, but he was lynched after suspicious activity. He did communicate with the Useless Characters later in the game, and got his act together as well. He did well despite his bad circumstances.

Useless Characters
The Useless Characters were the other mafia in this game, and they had different roles. Their silencer, unlike Kurosawa, had freedom of choice for silencing. Their roles were focused on saving their own skins and playing securely, unlike the Poorly Designed Characters. I mostly gave out the roles as I did for the humour, since I knew Mekkah agreed that Jagen sucked, and that jumpluff would try very hard to not false claim the character she was given. The Useless Characters won this game, and I think they probably played best out of all the factions, due to Mekkah's early moling, which put them in the information lead, and the other three's ability to fly under the radar.

Mekkah - Killed Night 1
Dear Mekkah,
You are Jagen, a veteran Paladin of Altea.
You are allied with the Useless Characters.

I don't think much has to be said about you. You are a pre-promoted unit that only exists to meatshield in the first few chapters, and has growths so bad, people use you as the sacrifice in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon's prologue. To be honest though, you are pretty useful in Merciless mode. By PMing Thorns 'Night X - Challenge USER', you will attempt to engage that user in battle. Unfortunately, you're so bad that they'll be too busy laughing their ass of to do anything that night. You may not challenge the same user twice in a row.
Additionally, by PMing Thorns 'Night X - Attack USER with Silver Lance', you will do the only thing you're good at offensively, and kill that user. If more than one Useless Character attempts to kill somebody during the night, no kill will occur.

The other members of your team are:
Jimbo, Luvdisc
Accent, Mayor MacCready
and jumpluff, Joshua.

You win if the Useless Characters are the last users alive, or if nothing can prevent the same.

"Heh, these old bones are still good for something. Farewell, my prince. Live, and grow strong..."
When jumpluff and Accent found out that Mekkah was Jagen, much hilarity ensued in their mafia channel. To their surprise, he turned out to be a hooker, not a bodyguard (seriously, Jagen protect someone with his stats?). Mekkah's hooking ability was the third highest priority ability in the game, and the second that could be used on a regular basis. Mekkah got a lucky roleblock on moot Night 0, stopping the Poorly Designed Characters on finding the interesting PM I sent to him during that night regarding his silence and posting restriction. Mekkah did some great strategytalking after his death, and moling the village early on proved to eventually earn the victory for his team.

Jimbo - Killed Night 6
Dear Jimbo,
You are Luvdisc, a Water-type Pokemon. You are allied with the Useless Characters.

When your LUVDISC loves you as much as Ash loves his Pokemon, and when you believe in the HEART OF THE CARDS, you will become a true Pokemon MASTER like POKEMON TRAINER IAN GARVEY. By PMing Thorns 'Night X - Hydro Pump USER', you will fire a "high-pressure" blast of water at that user. As that user turns around to see who is wetting them, they will see you, and laugh so hard at your miserable existence that they will be unable to speak the following day. Additionally, by PMing Thorns 'Night X - Battle USER', you will challenge that user into fighting you during the night, but since you suck so much, that user will kill themselves rather than wait for you to deal any visible damage. If more than one Useless Character attempts to kill somebody during the night, no kill will occur.

The other members of your team are:
Mekkah, Jagen
Accent, Mayor MacCready
and jumpluff, Joshua.

You win if the Useless Characters are the last users alive, or if nothing can prevent the same.

Jimbo's silencing ability wasn't restricted like Coronis' was. Jimbo made a good choice to not silence early on, which would alert the village to the existence of a second silencer. However, he used his power effectively late game. Despite Accent having the flavour kill, Jimbo was chosen to kill because of his relatively unsuspicious killing method, as opposed to jumpluff's or Mekkah's. Jimbo played a good game, but it wasn't until jumpluff was lynched that he proved that he wasn't just blindly following orders, and he and Accent finished the game in spectacular fashion. He false claimed Tails, who could destroy items and make a more powerful item if he destroyed enough. Jimbo was killed by Coronis after he realised that to win, he would have to kill a Useless Character and not have one of them kill him, but unfortunately for Coronis, that never happened and they ended up killing each other.

Accent/blue_light - Endgamed
Dear [strike]Accent[/strike] blue_light,
You are Mayor MacCready, the 12-year-old mayor of Little Lamplight. [/FONT]You are allied with the Useless Characters.

You are probably the most infuriating character in Fallout 3, since you're a typical 12-year-old boy who thinks swearing is hardcore and you are required to complete a main story quest. I don't know anyone who hasn't tried killing you, but it doesn't work, since you're a kid and all. By PMing Thorns 'Night X - Follow USER', you will stalk that user and ask them annoying questions, like all 12-year-old boys. (BAN ME PLEASE). Anyway, you'll find out who that user was visiting that night. Alternatively, by PMing Thorns 'Night X - Send kids to watch USER', you will send the inhabitants of Little Lamplight to watch that user all night and see who visits them. You cannot follow a user and send kids to watch a user in the same night, since you have poor organisational skills. [/FONT]Additionally, by PMing Thorns 'Night X - Order kids to kill USER', the young citizens of Little Lamplight will make sure that user doesn't eat breakfast the following morning, on account of they're dead. You may specify how you want that user killed in the main body of the PM. If you do not, they will be clobbered to death. If more than one Useless Character attempts to kill somebody during the night, no kill will occur.

The other members of your team are:
user, Jagen
user, Luvdisc
and user, Joshua.

You win if the Useless Characters are the last users alive, or if nothing can prevent the same.

"Give it a shot, Mungo! You'll see plenty of my adult-sized balls when I'm pissing on your grave!"
Accent/blue_light held the sole watcher/tracker ability in the game, and they didn't do too spectacularly with it. However, Accent was able to determine that Da Letter El was a Poorly Designed Character and Mekkah's killer Night 1 after noting that he was the only one to target Mekkah during that night. For the remainder of the game, they mostly watched themselves, only tracking RB Golbat to see if he was the wolf, and Da Letter El to find out if the village knew he was mafia. blue_light was subbed in for the last cycle after Accent could not get on due to real life issues. blue_light won the game with his lynch after RB Golbat had a change of heart.

jumpluff - Lynched Day 4
Dear jumpluff,
You are Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryuu, Composer of the Reaper's Game. You are allied with the Useless Characters.

You're probably the most useless out of all three partners in The World Ends With You. You're frailer than Beat, and you do less damage than Shiki. I really, really disliked Week 2 because of you. But then again, you're the Composer, so you're obscenely powerful, right? Anyway, prior to this game, you saw Dr. Elliot Reid, Miles "Tails" Prower, and Unown erased. It may be a good idea to impersonate one of them. I was too busy picking out just one of your multiple amazing quotes as your quote below, and I forgot to give you a dedicated night power! Sorry about that. Additionally, by PMing Thorns 'Night X - Just die, USER', you will use your mobile phone to...crush that user under a vending machine. If more than one Useless Character attempts to kill somebody during the night, no kill will occur.

The other members of your team are:
Mekkah, Jagen
Jimbo, Luvdisc
and Accent, Mayor MacCready.

You are currently in the possession of a Falchion. Whilst you hold the Falchion, by PMing Thorns 'Night X - Draw Falchion', you will be immune from all night roles that night, except killing roles, since though it looks scary, the Falchion is actually kind of weak. Once you draw the Falchion, it will disappear. You may not perform night actions whilst drawing the Falchion.

You win if the Useless Characters are the last users alive, or if nothing can prevent the same.

"No no no, I call Pink. Pink is love, and a humanitarian like me loves people."
Remember when I said you were useless, Yeah, I apologise. You're actually the best partner, because of your Jesus Beams. You're the only partner that can beat Hanekoma on Ultimate, because your third level fusion is dropping the freaking moon. By PMing Thorns 'Night X - Jesus Beam USER1 and USER2', you will fire gigantic beams of light at those users. If they were targeting you that night, their actions will be negated (except for kills) and any items they would be receiving or giving away will be taken by you. If both users are giving or receiving items, you will obtain USER1's item. You may only use your Jesus Beams twice. If you are targeted by more than two users during the night, the two users with the highest priority will be negated.

You also managed to find a note during the day. You hastily changed it before anybody found it.
Dear jumpluff,
You are the Bonerdagon, a dragon made out of bones. You are allied with the Appalling Characters.

You are a boss in the Kingdom of Loathing, and you are incredibly infuriating to defeat, since you are able to block skills or items used against you. You also have ridiculously high stats for a monster that Level 7 adventurers are fighting. By PMing Thorns 'Night X - Block USER's item', you will render that user's item useless for that night. Alternatively, by PMing Thorns 'Night X - Make USER fumble', if you have blocked that user's item previously, you will destroy their item.

You win if all threats to the Appalling Characters are eliminated.
"Roooooaaar! Squawk!"
jumpluff's Jesus Beams and Falchion were the only things not making her a generic mafia thug, but she had three safeclaims and one false role PM for use. jumpluff played a good game, narrowly avoiding being found out by KnightoftheWind through use of the Falchion, and flying under the radar for the most part. She made a decent false claim in Elliot Reid, who could make herself immune from every role for one night. jumpluff nearly acquired the village spreadsheet, but luckily Finn was tight with who he shared the spreadsheet with. She quickly gained the trust of the village and contributed well to the success of the Useless Characters in this game. She used her Jesus Beams once, blocking Veedrock from stealing her Falchion and Jimbo acquired his Throwing Knife in the process.

THE_IRON_KENYAN - Lynched Day 5
You are Maya Fey, Master of the Kurain Channeling Technique and Phoenix Wright's assistant.

I loved the Phoenix Wright games, but I hated you. You never gave good hints during tough trials, and you were annoying as hell during investigations. But I have to admit, the whole channeling dead people thing was cool (especially when you channeled Mia). Right now, you have no night powers, but if someone were to target you, you just might snap under all the pressure that's being put on you as the Master. You would probably lock them up or something. And then you'd probably go batshit insane. Like a werewolf. Awooooo.

You are currently in possession of the Defence Attorney Badge. By PMing Thorns 'Night X - Show Defence Attorney Badge to USER1, then pin it on USER2'. That night, USER1 will perform his or her night action on USER2 instead. The Defence Attorney Badge disappears once you pin it on a user.

You have a neutral alliance. You win if you survive.

"What!? You mean that's the way your hair is naturally!? I thought you had some sort of special 'Phoenix Cut' deal with the barber. I usually only see hair like that in a video game."
If anybody targeted THE_IRON_KENYAN, they would be silenced the following day, and die at the end of that day, and he would then gain a killing power and whatever role was used on him, and have his win condition changed to 'You win if you are the last user alive, or if nothing can prevent the same.' The highest priority role would be absorbed if multiple roles targeted him. Sadly, nobody ever did, which is surprising, since I gave this role to TIK because he had a tendency to get targeted a lot in the night. He could have used his Defence Attorney Badge to turn wolf Night 0, but instead he used it to get in with the village, which ironically stopped Veedrock from targeting him. All in all, THE_IRON_KENYAN played an okay game, but could have made some better decisions.

RB Golbat - Endgamed
Dear RB Golbat,
You are Vergil, Dante's older brother.

I actually enjoyed your character, you were a good contrast to Dante. I didn't mind your evil personality too. However, there is one thing that makes me consider you a bad character. That's all instances of you in combat. I had so much trouble beating you in Devil May Cry 3, and the Vergil mode fights against Dante were subpar. I was basically fighting you, but palette-swapped. Thanks to your demonic powers, you are able to control lesser demons (I don't think you can in the games, but bear with me). You have control over the Seven Deadly Sins - Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride, Sloth and Wrath. However, for the purposes of this game, you may only control three. By PMing Thorns 'Night 0 - Devil Trigger', you will assume your demon form, absorb three Deadly Sins, and gain their powers. Specify which three Deadly Sins you wish to control in the main body of the PM.

You are currently in the possession of a Hidden Blade. The Hidden Blade marks you as an Assassin. It is in your best interests to hold onto it.

You have a neutral alliance. You win if you survive, but you will lose if more than 5 Appalling Characters are alive at the end of the game.

The Hidden Blade made RB Golbat immune to Altair's kills, which would be a great item for the mafias, which is why RB Golbat did not reveal that he had this item ever. RB Golbat picked Pride, Lust and Gluttony for his Deadly Sins, which gave him mayor, hooker and disrupter respectively. He played a good game, but was the subject of a lot of discussion early game due to his suspicious claim and was suspected of being wolf by the Useless Characters and Appalling Characters. He used his roles to ensure his survival in general, which is what I would have done. Below is a list of the Sins and what they did.
Envy - role check
Gluttony - disrupt (makes him immune to night actions that receive information by targeting him, like inspector, watcher, tracker.)
Greed - thief
Lust - hooker
Pride - mayor
Sloth - one time safeguard that was activated, not passive
Wrath - silencer
The best set of roles was probably Envy, Greed and Wrath, but RB Golbat just picked Lust because it was obviously a hooker role, Pride because it was in his camp slogan, and Gluttony as a crapshoot. I might get some flak for making a role that basically decided who won (and indeed, he made the choice to let the Useless Characters, who had been playing great all game to win), but I definitely liked this role.

evan - Won Night 3
Dear evan,
You are Dubulous, my "co-host".

You've been pretty lazy in the making of this mafia so far, and I don't think you did that much other than suggest stupid stuff. However, you're an above average mafia player, which still doesn't compensate for the lack of work you've done, but that's alright. By PMing Thorns 'Night X - Restrict USER', you will enforce a posting restriction on that user. Specify what the posting restriction is in the main body of the PM. Nothing over the top or too restrictive, as we want that user to have fun too! However, since you're an inactive fuck, your opinion is worthless and any vote you make in the day lynch is worth zero.

You have a neutral alliance. You win if you impose four humorous posting restrictions on four different users.

"Yeah, I'll write some role PMs tonight. I promise."
Ah, evan. Probably the biggest troll of this game (it was a troll role, but he performed it masterfully). evan forced Mekkah to ask for claims in all his posts, which stood in clear contradiction to his article about leading the village, which a lot of people noted. However, this ended up winning the game later for the Useless Characters! He also forced Fishy to post in audio/video only, which she did a grand total of once. jumpluff was slapped with an art-only restriction, and FinnRagetti had to put all his posts through before posting them. He could target dead users, and was able to restrict even after he won for fun, but the one time he did that, the game was more or less decided. Gamewise, evan successfully avoided being killed or hooked for four nights, which was basically how he won. This was an easy role to win with, but again, it was a troll role and not meant to be taken seriously.

Most Valuable Appalling Character - FinnRagetti
Most Valuable Poorly Designed Character - Da Letter El
Most Valuable Useless Character - Mekkah
Best Newcomer - Yeti
Best False Claim - jumpluff
Most Indecisive - KnightoftheWind
Serial Killer - Coronis
Best Host - Thorns
Best 'Cohost' - Dubulous
Best User Not Playing - Fishin

That's Bad Character Mafia! I had a lot of fun hosting, I hope you had a lot of fun playing! The next mafia on my agenda is probably Silly Hat Mafia, see you there?


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thanks for the award, and for hosting the game ^_^ i had fun playing though not fun after when everyone was raging! good postgame, too, though i presented some evidence on IRC that pointed to some contradictions!
First of all: Thank you very much for the award. I definitely made some good and bad plays throughout this game and I definitely enjoyed it alot.

To clarify a few things. I lynched moot because I just felt that his role was fake. I had too many delays during the Day 2 lynch (primarily dealing with zerowing) but in the end I just felt that he was mafia and I lynched him.

I still disagree with the ambiguousness within Yeti's role. I feel that she should have clearly know that her vote counted for nothing, but it is too late for that to happen now, so I will not fight it. (Although my Day 5 unmayoring idea is still good)

I do think that Yeti did a great job decivieng everyone(hiding her "mayor" role from everyone. She masterfully tricked the majority of us and I felt that she did an amazing job stepping up after my death. She definitely deserves that award. Jumpluff had the best falseclaim, but Yeti almost won the game with her "mayor" powers.

As for TIK, I was seriously trying to target him to activate his powers. He claimed that it gave him powers whenever he was targeted by the mafia, which I almost had Veedrock steal the badge from him to activate the powers. I'm sad that it never got to happen, for it could have help eliminate the mafia for the village or vice versa.

That's all I have right now. I do send props to Mekkah and jumpluff for doing extremely well moling me and I defintely hope that we work together in the future (for real though, not allowing you to mole me again).

Da Letter El

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I could have won this; coronis needed to persuade rbg the day i was being lynched to vote for jimbo but he persuaded aska instead, and even when he didnt we still had a shot. i missed deadline be 15 minutes that day because of real life shit at a debate tournament, so im kinda bummed about that. Anyway, we never would have predicted that yeti wouldnt get a vote so that threw plans for a loop. I had planned to kill rbg that night with coronis and then silence one of the useless, which would rid the useless of a hooker + mayor as well as hurt rbg for siding against me which pissed me off. But nah, coronis had it set in his mind that he would win if he survived and killed jimbo, so meh.

I hate all games where I am bg and this was no exception.
Thanks for the props...and also keeping the Xenomorph concept in the game. Too bad that TIK didn't get targeted for the role to be used fully.

Wait...where's the Custard hooker? Just kidding, good job to the players, you and Dubulous.


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I really need to instate some kind of Lady Platina alt for mafia so I don't get targeted with a kill, a silence and a posting restriction all in two nights.

Igor protected FinnRagetti Night 1, which was confusing, since Altair was the obvious target.
That was because I ordered him to after talking it over with Finn and the team. We wanted to get rid of Altair so I would have even more control over who does what.

He [Veedrock] nabbed a Throwing Knife from Da Letter El Night 0, and would have taken jumpluff's Falchion Night 1 if she hadn't used her Jesus Beams on him.
That was an annoying night. We knew he was doing that, but couldn't stop it without being very suspicious. We wanted to use Falchion to stop it, but the flavor was too obvious...the Jesus Beams flavor fitted (fat? heh) pluff's false claim very well though so we just used that.

We didn't really use Accent's kill much because fsr we were under the impression he couldn't change kill flavor and use watch/track on the same night, but apparently that was a misunderstanding. Jimbo making people suicide did quite fine, though. Speaking of Jimbo, obviously it was a team's decision to idle the silence until later, not his :P

Anyway, I'm glad RBG went with us in the end, though I've never heard his exact reasoning. The other mafia just seemed very lazy...for the first half of the game they ignored anonymous orders on who to kill, and for the second half they were pretty much out to get us, never mind Coronis' obnoxious bragging which in combination with all the luckfucking kind of made it frustrating. But I had a lot of fun in this team and I was surprised (in a positive way) with Jimbo's great PR'ing in the final stages when he was pretty much on his own.

(this post might sound a bit obnoxious but it isn't)

Also, thanks to Thorns for hosting.


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I'm glad I got to play my part and pull my own very large weight near the end of the game. In the beginning I was really busy and I couldn't get completely into it.

Planning things with RB was fun -- I was actually unaware that he planned to backstab us. RB you jerk. Anyway, I think our team (even excluding myself) did fantastic. Moling the village twice and having Accent be suspicious for so long and not get lynched was great. The only thing I would've asked for is a BG since we had a good few "high profile" people on our team, as evidenced by Mekkah getting namekilled.

Great game!


Mekkah said:
But I had a lot of fun in this team and I was surprised (in a positive way) with Jimbo's great PR'ing in the final stages when he was pretty much on his own.
I've learned, goat sensei.


Leading this village
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It looks to me like two things doomed the village: Altair dying N1, and Kannon getting godkilled. At the same time, the more I understand what actually happened the more I realize just how much the village got outplayed in this game. Good job Useless, and sorry Village I was so disconnected nearly the whole game.


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It sucked katya/zerowing got subbed out unfairly.. katya and I only joined to play with each other so once she was gone I sort of lost interest for most of the middle game.

Village WOULD have won... Useless didn't know I was 'mayor' and I planned it so we had 4 votes to 3 even if RBG voted with blue_light. BUT since my role had 0 votes.... didn't work out that way.

This was my first game so maybe I'm not distributing these right but..
Village had 9 votes off the bat - BPV item left us with a 0 voter and I had 0 votes.
Mafia + neutrals had 10 votes.
RBG gets mayor ability and now mafia + neutrals get 11 votes.
Both mafias have a silencing ability.. if they target different users and not the two villagers who already have 0 votes, village has 7 votes.
7 votes to 11 with no kills if every mafia/neutral votes against the village is sort of messed up imo.

I should have at least had 1 vote or been better informed. That or RBG should NOT have had access to a mayor ability if the village did not have a real mayor OR a silencer AND a 0-vote item.
He also should have had to win with a specific faction he selected or something so he couldn't decide spur of the moment.

Also.... RBG originally voted blue_light. aska had voted as well and as I had no vote, that was 3-2 or 4-1 depending on if UncleSam voted for blue_light as well (no reason why he wouldn't) but Thorns wouldn't call majority for some reason. RBG changed his vote and we got jewed hardcore.

I told Coronis to kill Jimbo, thinking we would win if 2 mafia died because we would have majority and both silencers were removed. RBG wasn't supposed to be much trouble because I counteracted him.
It screwed up my endgame plan entirely that I didn't have 2 or even 1 votes. Had I had a clue this might happen (that hint implied to me I might have a bonus because I had to 'watch out', not that I would have a completely useless role) I would have false claimed a much more powerful role to purposefully draw mafia fire onto myself and leave 3 vote-capable villagers alive so we could tie at best and still win.
Giving a first-time player a false role and no obvious notion it might be fake was unneeded imo. It should have been more evident for me I didn't have 2 votes.. I read over a few postgames and didn't notice a fake role like this in any of them so that was sort of like 'cool'.

I don't see where jumpluff moled the village truly successfully - she was a suspect the entire time in case the Useless didn't know. Only Mekkah really got in.

It sort of sucked because the night I got spreadsheet access, Finn died and it made me look mafia because the village got messed. Luckily KoTW inspected me so I was clean again.

I still wish village could've won or I could've played out the end differently but gg to the Useless who worked hard for their win.

gd I tried to lynch Coronis every gd day and it never happened. Imagine how much better off we'd have been if I'd lynched him d1 8|

I felt it was really too bad TIK never got activated - it would have helped us a lot if there'd been a third killer hitting mafia members. Of course they could have hit the village as well, but considering we were outnumbered for a good chunk of the last few cycles it would've been more likely a wolf would have hit mafia.

Thanks for the award though and it was a p fun game, excluding the katya/zerowing mess and my role being a dud. Thanks for hosting Thorns.
Jumpluff already had Mekkah's info, so she was able to fill in the last pieces from convos with me. Jumpluff did a good job, but I still always suspected her ever since about late day 2. I learned a ton from this, my best played mafia so far (out of 3 games). The first, I made a bad false claim, the second I gave Eo the spreadsheet from macle in MC mafia (which he died afterwards, which I'm noticing a trend in that). I definitely will keep the spreadsheets to confirmed villys for now on (and not be stupid again. lol)

Also the village was not really overpowered. I knew 8-9 confirmed villagers by day 2 and then afterwards I could figure out the rest, thanks to odd false claims (Coronis/U_dan) and just seemed too cunning for village (jumpluff). I actually thought TIK was mafia, so I was going to test Veedrock's innocence by targeting TIK, but too bad he died, so I couldnt see how that would turn out. I loved this game and I hope to do well again in the future.

Edit: I wished that Kannon had not been godkilled. When that happened, I knew the village was in trouble. We needed the martyr and extra user to help out. We could have won with him, but it's too late for that now as well as the "mayor" issue in the endgame