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Badge FAQ

Discussion in 'Uploaded Analyses' started by Redew, Jan 19, 2014.

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  1. Redew

    Redew Don't you quit. You keep walking. You keep trying.
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    Mar 10, 2011
    Badges are bestowed upon users who contribute positively to Smogon in a significant way. Users are badged as a sign of recognition for the type of work they have done for the site. Trophies are given to the winners of Smogon's most prestigious Tournaments. Badges are given out completely at the discretion of the Smogon administration, and imply a recognition of effort, maturity on the forums and in any Smogon chat, and the responsibility all badged users share: improving the site.

    Users with at least one badge have their account upgraded from Registered User to Community Member and gain the ability to use attachments, have slightly larger avatars sizes, and change their custom title. In addition, it also grants some editing access to articles on the site. Badged users are also welcome to participate in internal site discussions.

    Any users who want to contribute to Smogon are always encouraged to do so, but remember that being badged is a special recognition and a privilege. As such, asking to be badged is never a good idea, and doing so will never hasten the process. Hard work does not go unnoticed, but neither do overzealous senses of entitlement. Most badges have an associated Badge Leader who is responsible for identifying and nominating new candidates. A list of Badge Leaders can be found here.

    Here are the different classes of badges and how to get them:


    [​IMG] - User is a Pre-Contributor. Pre-Contributors are helpful in the Contributions & Corrections forum, regularly posting and editing articles for the site. Users may also earn the Pre-Contributor badge for being extremely positive influences in other parts of the forums. It can also be given out as a "trial" badge for users who are close to obtaining a badge, but still need a push in the right direction for that particular badge. Pre-Contributor is considered an easy-to-get and easy-to-lose badge. If another badge is awarded to a user with this badge, the Pre-Contributor badge will be removed.

    [​IMG] - User is a Contributor. Contributors write and edit articles for the site. Note that being recognized as a contributor requires a significant amount of quality content submitted to the site, such as guides, articles, and analyses. Users who have not already been badged will very rarely be awarded a contributor badge. Visit the Contributions & Corrections forum for more information.

    [​IMG] - User is a Tiering Contributor. Tiering Contributors have made a concerted effort to contribute to the creation, modification, and facilitation of the policies that shape both the present and future of competitive Pokemon. The badge is activity-based, meaning users have this badge only when they have voted at least four times in a tier, as well as a consistent forum presence by posting in the suspect threads, the respective metagames forums, and the Policy Review forum. An alumnus version of this badge is granted for those who either lead a tier or made 8 votes to a tiering process.

    [​IMG] - User is a Community Contributor. This badge is awarded to those who have contributed to the forums by posting and leading high quality discussion in our discussion forums. In addition, this badge can have other applications for superb work in areas that are not presently recognized by another badge. This is a badge that is maintained only with high levels of activity.

    [​IMG] - User is a Programmer. Programmers fix bugs and add features on Smogon projects.

    [​IMG] - User is a Researcher. Researchers contribute in-game data and mechanics to Smogon in order to help keep simulator mechanics up to date and as accurate as possible. Visit the research forum for more information.

    [​IMG] - User is a Smogon Artist. Artists contributes pieces of their artwork to the site, such as Tournaments and The Smog. Visit Smeargle's Studio for more information.

    [​IMG] - User is a Contributor to Smogon Media. Smogon Media Contributors contribute significant amounts of material to many of Smogon's online outlets, such as The Smog, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch and YouTube.

    [​IMG] - User is a CAP Contributor. Users have shown great dedication and participation in the Create-A-Pokemon section on Smogon. This badge is awarded to those who lead the CAP community with competitively-minded discussion.


    [​IMG] - User is a Smogon Site Staff Member. Site Staff Members can cache edits to the site and are determined by experience and trust, in addition to helpfulness in the Contributions & Corrections forum.

    [​IMG] - User is a Tournament Director. Tournament directors manage the official Smogon tournament, Smogon Tour, and approve other tournaments. Many users with this badge also moderate the Tournaments Forum. Users who have this badge are picked as an "as" and "when needed" basis. Visit the Tournaments forum for more information.

    [​IMG] - User is a Moderator on the Smogon Pokemon Showdown! Server. PS! Moderators are chosen on a need basis for their maturity and server activity.

    [​IMG] - User is a Leader or Administrator on the Smogon Pokemon Showdown! Server. These are chosen on a subjective basis by the PS! administration.

    [​IMG] - User is a #pokemon AOp. These users are moderators in #pokemon on IRC. They help lead discussion and intervene with disciplinary actions whenever necessary.

    [​IMG] - User is a #pokemon SOp. In addition to the duties they had as AOps, these users make policy decisions for #pokemon on IRC. They are also responsible for handling discipline appeals and promoting users to VOp, HOp, and AOp.

    [​IMG] - User is a Forum Moderator. This user is very knowledgeable and active in a few subforums of this site, and has the ability to moderate those forums.

    [​IMG] - User is a Super Moderator. These users have been helpful throughout all of Smogon and are considered forum leaders. They can moderate any forum.

    [​IMG] - User is an Administrator. These users are responsible for the running the site and make many of the important decisions involving the site.


    [​IMG] - User is a Tutor. Tutors help new members become acquainted with the competitive aspect of battling. Tutor badges are awarded after several rounds of high-quality tutoring-- simply being accepted as a tutor does not earn you a badge. For more information about the tutor & apprentice system, please check the Battling 101 Forum.

    [​IMG] - User is a recognized Team Rater. Team Raters provide frequent constructive advice to those who post in topics in the Rate My Team forum.

    [​IMG] - User is a Mentor. Users who have this in their postbit are a part of Smogon's Mentorship Program. Mentors are picked entirely on a volunteer basis. These users can help out anyone in any part of the site. Mentors usually have a specific part of the site they specialize in, so be sure to look at who mentors in what. Also, look at Smogon's Mentor Forum for more information regarding Mentors.

    It should be noted that all badges are based on constant activity, except Contributor, Programmer, Researcher, Smogon Media Contributor, CAP Contributor, and Artist. These badges are permanent. Do not think that once you're badged you can just stop contributing, though; that shows poor attitude. Any and all badges can be stripped for having a bad attitude, and badged users can be infracted. Being badged means you should hold yourself to a higher standard of maturity in the forum and on the server, which is why a person would be badged in the first place along with contributions.

    If a badged person has made significant contributions to the site and/or forums but stops contributing, he/she can be rewarded with one of the Alumni badges. These greyed out versions of the normal badges show the great appreciation the Smogon staff has for the Alumnus' contributions. Being awarded an Alumni badge is a great honor.
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  2. Redew

    Redew Don't you quit. You keep walking. You keep trying.
    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Mar 10, 2011
    Administrator - Current Administrative Team
    Artist - Birkal and Zracknel
    Battle Server Administrator - Zarel, Hugendugen, Haunter
    Battle Server Moderator - Zarel, Hugendugen, Haunter
    Community Contributor - Birkal and Oglemi
    Contributor - Oglemi
    Moderator - Current Moderation Staff of Designated Forum
    Pre-Contributor - Oglemi
    Programmer - chaos and Joim
    Researcher - Stellar, Setsuna, and ╬ęDonut
    Site Staff - Oglemi
    Smogon IRC AOp - Aldaron and chaos
    Smogon IRC SOp - Aldaron and chaos
    Smogon Media Contributor - Setsuna
    Super Moderator - Current Senior Staff Team
    Team Rater - Haunter and Delko
    Tiering Contributor - Haunter, Oglemi, blarajan, kokoloko, Molk, Raseri, Hugendugen
    Tournament Director - Bloo
    Tutor - Bloo

    Credits to Oglemi for originally making this.
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