Ban Jirachi+Serene Grace

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I don't even know where to begin with this. This thing is so broken it's not even funny. Jirachi+Serene grace is the most uncompetitive thing in the game right now.

Let me start off by asking, why is there an evasion clause? It was deemed uncompetitive right? It all relies on luck, and whether an attack will hit or not.

So why is paraflinch not banned too? Is it not completely reliant on luck, and on whether the opponent's Pokemon will ever get to land an attack, or even use any move at all?

Let's think about this. Sand Veil was banned because apparently a 25% chance of missing an attack with 100% accuracy is unacceptable. But serene grace+iron head = 60% chance of not being able to attack, and not being able to use any other moves either, such as Recover, Stealth Rock, etc. Combine that with paralysis from Thunder Wave/Body Slam, and you will almost never get to move. And out-speeding the Iron Head isn't an option either, since paralysis slows you down. And if you ever do get off an attack, what happens? Oh, you break their Substitute, maybe.

Not much really counters Jirachi either. I just played a game where my Jellicent and Tentacruel, two bulky waters, both got flinched to death by a Jirachi. That Jirachi went on to sweep the rest of my team too. Heatran is probably the #1 option for countering Jirachi, but not everyone wants to have a Heatran on every team. Ferrothorn can wall most sets, but isn't even a real counter because of Fire Punch.

So should the ability Serene Grace be banned, or just Jirachi? That's not really for me to decide. Serene Grace is obviously uncompetitive since all it does is increase the probability of "hax" occurring. Even Togekiss can be extremely painful to battle against, but then again there are things like Blissey who don't even bother using it. Whether you want to go the Sand Veil+Garchomp route and just ban the ability, or go the Blaziken+Speed Boost route and just ban the Pokemon, I don't care. But Jirachi+Serene Grace needs to be stopped.

Just try to look at this from a different perspective. If Jirachi's Iron Head increased evasion by 60% for that turn, would it be banned? That actually wouldn't even be as bad, since at least the opposing Pokemon could use other, non-attacking moves. But what Iron Head does, is it completely locks up your Pokemon, rendering it useless, unless you have luck on your side. Do we really want the outcome of battles to be so heavily dependent on luck?


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