Status: Complete

<p>The Fire Monkey. This is the one Pokémon several of us may have used in-game due to it allowing us high type coverage, but how viable is it competitively? Lets find out. Baokki has generally average stats which include a 98 Atk and SpA along with a quite high 101 Speed. This calls for a good mixed attacker along with a good Choice Spec'ed attacker. Boakki has access to a range of moves that help fulfill these roles.</p>

name: Specially based Mixed Attacker
move 1: Brick Break
move 2: Fire Blast / Flamethrower
move 3: Hidden Power Ice / Hidden Power Grass
move 4: Crunch/Substitute
item: Life Orb
nature: Naive
evs: 64 Atk / 252 SpA / 192 Spe

[Set Comments]
<p>This set violates Baokki's stats to complete its role as a Mixed attacker and thus could also be an effective Wall breaker. Brick Break's priority can be useful to finish some Pokémon off. Fire Blast gives good type coverage. This move has high base power coupled with Baokki recieving STAB, can be a threat. Hidden Power Ice or Grass are present to allow type coverage. Crunch uses the Attack EVs, along with Baoki's high speed to possibly be a major threat for several Ghost types, that may have otherwise been a threat for it. Baokki doesn't have exceptionally high stats, but due to relatively high special attack stats coupled with Speed attacks are useful in making it complete its role as a Specially based mixed attacker.</p>

[Additional Comments]

<p>Baokki's base stats are perfect for its role as a Mixed attacker. It has high base speed stats and thus it doesn't need complete investments in Speed and thus the 192 Speed EVs are sufficient. The Special Attack investment is necessary to let it become a succesful Specially based Mixed attacker. The attack EVs are to again boost its relatively high attack and complete its role as a Mixed attacker. Brick Break needs these EVs to work. Since Baokki is an attacker, Defense, Special Defense and HP EVs are not required. This set is outclassed by most major threats in the metagame. Boakki's type doesn't help it either. Lucario, Heracross, and Tyranitar are all fine choices for teammates to counter physical walls that will be threats to this set.</p>

name: Special Sweeper
move 1: Substitute
move 2: Yawn
move 3: Overheat
move 4: Grass Knot
item: Fire Jewel
nature: Timid
evs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

[Set Comments]
<p>This set uses Baokki's Special attack stats to its advantage and uses it to sweep. Overheat and Grass Knot help in doing so, two strong attacks that help Baokki sweep. These two moves not only give good type coverage but also can hit hard and are thus very effective. Substitute along with Yawn can be a deadly combination. Substitute can be set up once the opponent has been put to sleep. Yawn is useful in the case of forcing your opponent to switch. Once Substitute has been set up, Baokki, can then go on and sweep other opponents and at the least get 2 hits if not more and thus can easily 2HKO several Pokémon.</p>

[Additional Comments]

<p>Due to Baokki having relatively high base Special Attack stats, the Special attack ev's boost it and thus it becomes more of a special sweeper. The Speed EVs boost its high base speed stats and again let it be faster than opponents so that it can sweep. Timid helps in this to allow it to be able to be faster. This way it gets a nature and ev boost to outspeed several other opponents. The HP evs prevent it from getting OHKO'd by several threats, though its typing doesn't help. Fire Jewel helps boost the power of Overheat. This can be a problem sometimes as you may not need that extra Fire Jewel boost for Overheat, but you get it and the item is wasted. Overheat could be replaced by Fire Blast, which is a more powerful attack and can be more useful.</p>

[Team Options]
<p>Celebi with Psychic is a particularly useful partner for Baokki, since it can easily take down Pokémon that can be major threats to Baokki such as Vaporeon, Starmie, and Tentacruel and threaten them with super effective STAB attacks. In order to counter threats such as Vaporeon, Celebi will need significant Special attack EVs.</p>

[Optional Changes]

<p>Will-o-Wisp could be used over Substitute if stalling is what a user wants this set to do. Taunt could also be a replacement for the same this move provides the ability to absolutely shut down stallers such as Forretress. Overheat could be used over Fire Blast, though Fire Blast is a much better option.</p>

<p>Walls such as Gyarados can absolutely counter Baokki especially since Baokki isn't a physical attacker and thus it will be not be able to take them down. To add to it Gyarados' type counters Baokki's Fire type.</p>

[Dream World]
<p>Blaze is a far better option than Gluttony. Since Baokki will really benefit from that boost in Fire type attacks considering its only 1 type and a majority of its moves are Fire type.</p>
Needs comments + QC. Not much to say for this one, its a weak and pretty OK Pokémon, its probably going to end up UU or NU.