NOC Bard's College Mafia - Day Three

Asek(9): Prophylaxis, Aura Guardian, Texas Cloverleaf, Former Hope, Earlio, BLOODYRAIN10001, Haruno, Metal Sonic, bluedoom
BLOODYRAIN10001(1): Granny Pie
Metal Sonic(1): XnadrojX
Aura Guardian(1): Hitmonleet
Granny Pie has died!
Dear Granny Pie,

You are Mariah Jules, the Town Herbal JOAT.

no flavor, sorry, you're a stereotypical medicine woman, if you wanted to grow BEYOND THE STEREOTYPE then you should have chosen a DIFFERENT PROFESSION


Firefighter - Target a player to prevent them from being doused that night.

Poison Doctor - Target a player to prevent them from being poisoned that night.

Doctor - Target a player to protect them from kills that night.

Reloader - Target a player and exactly describe up to 2 abilities. If they have all abilities you described exactly, they will regain the use of those abilities.

Granny Pie had not used any abilities.

Champ1604's role has been revealed.
Dear Champ1604,

You are Naya Darkblade, the Town Fruit Vendor JOAT.

You run a fruit stand outside the college. You don’t really play instruments often, but it’s important to you that the college wins this- after all, how else will you make money?


Apple Vendor - Give a player an Apple item. A player with the Apple item can choose to consume it to protect themselves from all kills that night.

Orange Vendor - Give a player an Orange item. A player with the Orange item can choose to consume it to protect themselves from all actions, except kills, that night.

Grape Vendor - Give a player a Grape item. A player with the Grape item can choose to consume it, which prevents them from performing any actions but also protects them from all actions.

Champ1604 has not yet used any abilities.

send in actions pls
Jalmont has died!
Dear jalmont,

You are Julie Farres, the Town Beauty JOAT.

You're an extraordinarily beautiful woman, adored by many. Many would give anything to be with you, and you'll use that to your advantage, especially if you have a moral excuse like saving the college.


Loverizer - Target a player to receive a private chat with them. Additionally, if one of you dies at any time, so will the other.

Annoyer - Target a player to prevent them from using any actions or passing or using any items. If they were using an ability, they will retain its use.

Letter Granter - Give a player a Letter item. The Letter item can be consumed to send a message to jalmont. jalmont will be informed of who sent the Letter.

Jalmont had used the Annoyer and the Letter Granter.

Day Four begins!
Probably mafia thinking they can't afford to whiff a kill into protection and the pseudo clear with AG

I'm wondering about how many mafia there are. I could see arguments for 6 with the amount of protection but 5 also makes sense given everything is single use

Also Pokemon Ruby is the worst game of gen 3
I still liked MeowMIXX's posts when he was around, but him vanishing for the entirety of Day 3 is not a good look for him.

Also Texas I've been operating under the assumption that there was five mafia. 6 seems a little excessive.
Anti-Texas early = as if we needed another clear on him. Same for Former Hope. Trying to after-the-fact go down against the mxmts lynch, esp. on Proph ... I think the mxmts wagon might have been entirely village. The wagon was: jalmont, Prophylaxis, Aura Guardian, Texas Cloverleaf, Former Hope, Hitmonleet.
Stuff below is the pattern
They try and play up bluedoom's contribution while downplaying their connection to bluedoom.
Sorta pushes how MeowMiXXX was against Texas Cloverleaf. Also was against BLOODYRAIN10001.
Draws attention to Granny Pie and lack of contribution thus far
Pushes Hitmonleet regularly (didn't Twin also do that?)
Includes XnadrojX with bloody and hitmonleet as scum.
Also POE on Haruno, Moody, Meowmixx, former, earlio
That last one is the most ???
So, I think this means Meow and bluedoom are susp, bloody less likely. However, the POE thing is pure ??? as former/haruno least likely, but I susp Meow, so maybe one of Moody or Earlio is guilty, too?
Positing Twin/Asek/Meow/Blue/Earlio or Moody based on this (haven't looked at Meow again other than noticing their lack of posts last day.

Posting this now, looking at Meow next.
is long anti-bloody, who I believe now to be town. Is also pro-bluedoom. Then is against people I know now to be town, as well as almost certain town. But is also in favor of proph, so I think Meow's associations need a far heftier grain of salt (also, not flipped). Sorta quietly tries to get me to link Jalmont and XnadrojX. So if scum, maybe XnadrojX is scum and they were trying to use jalmont as a clear? Casts doubts on Granny Pie as well, though - and then votes them. Lots of useless banter that I don't like ... to try and shade proph? Also jabs at viper (later asek) briefly. This is another reason for lots of salt, BUT they took a much shorter jab here than at proph. Definitely anti-knights. Looks to argue some with texas? Asks XnadrojX about scum in proph's readslist. Tried to deflect from the toni/twin slot as well.
In convo with xnad, suggests that he feels bloddy / fh / bluedoom are scum/scum/town. Given fh almost assuredly town an the pushes on loody, I think this is more against bluedoom. Though there's an outside chance of bloody as scum and blue as clear. Probably not both town. Outside chance of both scum and paired with FH as a gambit.
Doesn't like an MS wagon down the line. And suggests that Moody's flying under the radar.
Dislikes me/ttm wagons, so that's a maf/scum pairing to support the bloody/bluedoom thing. Though I suppose it could be both

I think that Meow is scum, they are definitely in a trend of protecting their own. As such, XnadrojX is no longer on my list of probable clears - indeed, Asek could have been putting a buddy along with 2 town to cover XnadrojX up - Meow's interactions with XnadrojX don't feel completely natural. Also, MS and Moody now bear more investigation. Also, bloody/blue is probably 1 scum, 1 town. I think more likely not in that order.
One more thing: since I'm positing Bluedoom as a scumbuddy to twin/asek/meow, they made 6 posts previous day: 5 in a row near the start on the same general topic, then one when Proph dropped the bomb on asek's claim. He pushes champ and xnadrojx as buddies to twin. I don't know what to make of that activity drop.
Good analysis by AG.

The problem is that we only have like 5-6 people actually playing this game and the rest lurking it out. Bluedoom only having 6 posts Yesterday? Xnadroj only having 1? Champ just going MIA even though she's LOCK TOWN?
I'll look at the D2 wagons again in a bit but I checked the D1 end wagons and from flips/clears it looks like almost everyone who were on GP/mxmts were town. So it looks like the scum team was just... inactive? Either that or one of the clears isn't actually clear.

And yeah, I forgot that Haruno lost his abilities temporarily, I'm an idiot.