Championship - Type A Battle City III - Round 1 [READ POST 305 and 337]

stop playing 1 chip games if you do not have 1 / 7 chips, i shouldn't have to say this 3 times over 2 pages.

anyway, i will be setting a hard deadline for thursday 28/09. If there are not 32 qualifiers by then, I will randomly select (using PS's !pick option) remaining ACTIVE users to fill the remaining slots. To find games, I would recommend idling on smogtours or simply dropping a post in here to ensure some kind of activity, because if i catch people blatantly ignoring challenges they won't have any chance at getting in.

won vs arifeen for 1 chip gg, at 5 now
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Ok I decided to call deadline a little early so we can proceed with playoffs. As per last edition, the remaining users to fill the slots were randomized, inactive users were left out. Users that actively searched for games and recently played were put into a list of 13 users. With that said the users joining the other 23 in playoffs are Energy Hamhamhamham sedertz p2 Googly Santu youtuberhotspots Reymaki Bushtush. I randomised in the smogon snake draft room on smogtours and will paste the puush of it too as proof they were randomised. I will ask someone to make brackets and then playoffs will be up immediately