battle free for all #2


EDIT: I must leave so I will exceed the three hour time limit but I did draw this Nidoking ready to die so If you guys could withhold that would be great. If not I had fun drawing this anyway.

I'll reserve taking care of that Nidoking.




Edit: Sorry for the tardiness guys, here's a thinned-down version of what I intended to do, before I had to take care of other things. SUCH IS LIFE.

Anyhow, Bisharp used Guillotine!

It's a one-hit overthrow!
So what you're saying is we now need someone to make both Rhydon and Bisharp swim with the fishes.

*subtle hint/idea that someone could pick up and use to create an image but not me since I already posted that last one which kinda made a big allusion to "La guillotine sur la place de la Révolution" winkwinknudgenudgesaynomoresaynomore*
Sorry about not doing anything sooner, guys, I just couldn't find the time with all my school and regular work.


Turns out it's pretty deadly.
Really cool, Vabolo! and I was just being impatient, which I'm very good at....and here's something that I might not be so good at, but gave me lulz doing just the same:

Sorry for the large size and crappy iphone camera quality. I should have reliable access to a scanner soon. Is there a size limit on this thread? If so, I will resize accordingly. I wanted to leave some of the ad detail in, but it's not that important, so if it's 800x800 like the MAC contest, then I am on it like white on rice.
EDIT: Oh and the caption I thought of for this was: Dammit Porygon, I told you not to download porn on my computer.... :)
EDIT2: UGHGH I'm sorry Tortferngatr, I didn't see your post ....I think i refreshed page 8 w/o going to page 9. so i guess we have multiple celebi deaths now :/

I don't know if this came out more of an "Alakazam emerging triumphant from the flames" or "Voltorbs blow Alakazam to smithereens", but I was going for the "Voltorbs blow Alakazam to smithereens" :/