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Battle Maison Team Help

Discussion in 'BW Other Teams' started by fleirdo, Nov 12, 2013.

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  1. fleirdo


    Jul 11, 2010
    My apologies if this is on the wrong forum. I'm new here and there are so many D:

    I'm looking to improve my Battle Maison team. So far, I've gotten a streak somewhere in the 20s but lost on a bad prediction with a Medicham. Anyways, here's the team:

    Blaziken @ Blazikenite (Lead)
    Adamant (Speed Boost)
    252 Atk 252 Spe 4 SpD
    Hi Jump Kick
    Flare Blitz
    Swords Dance

    Scizor @ Choice Band
    Adamant (Technician)
    252 Atk 252 Hp 4 SpD
    Bullet Punch
    Brick Break
    Night Slash

    Starmie @ Life Orb
    Timid (Analytic)
    252 SpA 4 SpD 252 Spe
    Ice Beam
    Rapid Spin

    I've never done any competitive/tower battling, so I just chose a varied team of strong Pokemon. However, I'm looking to improve. I've considered starting with a Drought Ninetales for the sun boost on the Blaziken (that thing is a beast, it KOd ~85% of the opposing Pokemon with no support). I'd need to replace Starmie and Scizor for that, considering a Tangrowth or other Pokemon to fill that slot.

    Notable Weaknesses:
    Not many Pokemon so far have proven unhandle-able, but there have been a few times where bad prediction has cost me:

    Belly Drum Charizard:
    I was able to revenge kill him out easily with Starmie's Surf, but I first switched to Scizor intending to pivot off a Flying attack which was easily KOd.

    252 Spe Medicham:
    I expected to outspeed this because I didn't realize speed checks occur before Mega Evolution. I went for a Flare Blitz but instead was OHKOd by a Zen Headbutt.

    Last edited: Nov 12, 2013
  2. PokeTrainer35


    Nov 12, 2013
    I'm currently at streak 44 (making new team against legendaries) and here are some suggestions:

    1. Don't have any of you Pokemon have same type moves. So in this case having your Scizor know Brick Break is not ideal.
    2. You should lead with with a support Pokemon that allows your sweeper(s) to setup. A bulky toxic staller can sometimes bring down 3 entire Pokemon. This slows down battles but at higher streaks, this works wonder to preserve all your Pokemon for type resistance.
    3. Your team does not provide enough type weakness to cover majority of moves. Even if they do, they are very squishy and even the weakest moves leave a dent.

    Personally I did what you did for the first 20 Singles battle and started with Blaziken that ripped through the teams. But in Super singles, I only last a bit after 20. This is my current team:

    Vaporeon @ Leftovers
    Bold (Water absorb)

    Wish provides 118 hp recovery for my team and Toxic with protect allows for stall wars that BM trainers like to do. Protect also allows your to scout for moves and delay turns. Scald is for burn chance that cripples physical Pokemon. Water type Pokemon are pretty bulky in my opinion and Vaporeon has always been my favorite.

    Togekiss @ Rocky helmet
    Modest (Serene Grace) *Note that Timid works as well
    Air Slash
    Thunder wave

    Air slash paired with Thunder wave allows for the famous ParaFlinch set that makes you chuckle often. Thunder wave cripples fast Pokemon to provide a status advantage for your last Pokemon. Flamethrower for the burn effect which is 20%. Flying and Fairy type provides immunity to ground and dragon moves (Earthquake and Outrage gave me a bit of trouble sometimes). Roost to heal off any damage and if you outspeed Electric moves, you take less damage.

    Excadrill @ Choice scarf
    Adamant (Mold Breaker)
    Rock Slide
    Shadow Claw
    Swords dance

    So this last guy is your sweeper and I chose Excadrill for immunity to Toxic and Electric type moves. Since he is choice scarfed I wanted him to know as much moves as possible but I haven't been on a TM hunt so idk what to replace Swords dance with. I actually went with Aegislash at first and sometimes its shield form can get you 3x Sword dances and you just sweep with STAB Shadow sneak with life orb (this got me to streak 41). You might want this slot for a Mega-Evolution like Garchomp but I always found life-orb Pokemon to be stronger.

    Sometimes I come across some annoying Hypnosis+ Dream Eater Pokemon. If they lead with that just stall as long as possible with your lead (Leftovers and bulk should allow you to last through sleep turns and heal through it w/ recover or wish) and eventually they will run out of PP with nothing special left to do. If it's the last Pokemon on their team, just Attack, switch Pokemon, and repeat.

    When legendaries start appearing you might want a new team that is specially defensive with a strong physical attacker. I haven't gotten a team for that yet but some suggestions are SB Blaziken, Magic Bounce Espeon, Blissey, Sand Rush Excadrill (w/ sandstorm support), and many others. Good luck.
  3. fleirdo


    Jul 11, 2010
    Would a Defensive SubToxic Gliscor set work well in place of Scizor here? I though Roost would be the most helpful option.
  4. noobcubed


    Jun 9, 2013
    This IS in the wrong forum. Someone will probably move it for you (I would but I don't have the power to do so). There is a battle maison thread in the Orange Islands forum.
  5. Nido-Rus


    Oct 23, 2013
    Well, here's a tip:
    Replace Brick Break with Bug bite for scizor.
    It gets the technician boost and it's BP goes up to 90, and as PokeTrainer35 said, you don't really need Brick Break.
    Another nifty benefit is that you can consume the opponent's berry. This is quite useful, especially when dealing with pokemon that hold Salac Berry (Raises speed by 1).
  6. Ogre Samanosuke

    Ogre Samanosuke

    Oct 28, 2013
    If you want to open with a sweeper like Blaziken, you really need to use Protect to ensure at least one speed boost so nothing can reliably outrun you as a lead. Realistically though the best leads remain tanky supports or wallers, my personal preference which got me to streak 50 is Ferrothorn running Stealth Rock/Leech Seed/Gyro Ball/Power Whip. He soloed over half the teams, and the only way any team handled him was open with STAB Fire or a Taunt before I could SR + Seed. I suplemented his beefiness with Garchomp as my sweeper, and Mega Gengar as my support/griefer. (SubDisable for anyone that gave me trouble)
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