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Battle of the ages! An LC warstory

Discussion in 'BW LC' started by AuraRayquaza, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. AuraRayquaza


    Mar 19, 2012
    (This battle took place quite a long time ago but iss did not give me his comments so i posted it myself)

    While I was laddering on PS, I looked on the ladder and found myself in the top 50. I was really pleased so I ladddered some more until I was at 3rd place, just ahead of iss. Me and iss were competing for the 2nd place and trying to win the 'ladder race' and we battled each other a few times. This battle was the best of the few battles we had and was, bar 2 crits that actually mattered (one for each person so it evens out), hax-free and a good game overall. I have read many warstories from the archive and I have always found them to be enjoyable and exciting to read. So, after having this great battle, I decided to make this into a warstory. So, on with the teams!

    AuraRayquaza's comments will be in green

    iss's team: [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    AuraRayquaza's (me) team: [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    So to begin with I see that iss is running a Drifloon which can be a big threat to my team if his unburden activates, hitting 4 members of my team for SE damage with its STABs. I realise my Murkrow is going to have to stay alive to sucker punch it if I want to KO it. Anyways, I lead off with my shell smash Dwebble because I hope that iss thinks it is a spiker Dwebble so I can get a free shell smash.

    Format: LC Rated battle
    Rule: Sleep Clause
    Rule: Species Clause
    Rule: OHKO Clause
    Rule: Evasion Clause

    AuraRayquaza: gl
    Battle between AuraRayquaza and iss started!
    AuraRayquaza sent out Dwebble!
    iss sent out Mienfoo!

    Turn 1
    The foe's Mienfoo used Fake Out!
    It's not very effective... Dwebble lost 10% of its health!
    Dwebble flinched!

    It was now that I realised that iss knew my Dwebble wasn't a spiker because I'd posted the set in the LC teambuilding thread and iss had commented on it :/. I also make an overprediction here. I think iss is going to go for a knock off predicting my Misdreavus. I was wrong. But it is no big deal. I just shell smash again.

    iss: [​IMG]100%
    AuraRayquaza:[​IMG] 90%

    Turn 2
    Dwebble used Shell Smash!
    Dwebble's Attack sharply rose!
    Dwebble's Special Attack sharply rose!
    Dwebble's Speed sharply rose!
    Dwebble's Defense fell!
    Dwebble's Special Defense fell!
    The foe's Mienfoo used U-turn!
    Dwebble lost 52% of its health!
    Dwebble ate its Oran Berry!
    Dwebble restored HP using its Oran Berry!
    iss called Mienfoo back!
    iss sent out Murkrow!

    Here I just shell smash to start sweeping and iss goes for a U-turn. Which actually plays into my favour as I can just Stone Edge away and KO that Murkrow. I just have to hope I can live a sucker punch with -1 defense. And...
    iss: [​IMG]100% ------> [​IMG]100%
    AuraRayquaza: [​IMG]86% (+2 Atk, SpAtk, Spe. -1 Def, SpDef)

    Turn 3
    The foe's Murkrow used Sucker Punch!
    Dwebble lost 81% of its health!
    Dwebble used Stone Edge!
    It's super effective! The foe's Murkrow lost 100% of its health!
    The foe's Murkrow fainted!
    iss sent out Mienfoo!

    I do! With 5% remaining! Dwebble, I love you sometimes. Yeah, so I live with 5% and proceed to KO with the Stone Edge. Luckily, I don't miss, because I have a tendency to miss moves when they cannot afford to miss. But I'm not complaining now.

    iss: 5-6 : AuraRayquaza

    iss:[​IMG]FAINTED ----> [​IMG]100%
    AuraRayquaza: [​IMG]5% (+2 Atk, SpAtk, Spe. -1 Def, SpDef)

    Turn 4
    The foe's Mienfoo used Fake Out!
    It's not very effective... Dwebble lost 5% of its health!
    Dwebble fainted!
    AuraRayquaza sent out Murkrow!

    Here iss comes in with his Mienfoo to kill off my Dwebble and I just let it faint as it has such low hp after that sucker punch. I then bring in Murkrow to threaten the Mienfoo out and go for a free Brave Bird as nothing on his team can take a Brave Bird too well.

    iss: 5-5: AuraRayquaza
    AuraRayquaza:[​IMG]FAINTED ------> [​IMG]100%

    Turn 5

    iss called Mienfoo back!
    iss sent out Porygon!

    The foe's Porygon traced Murkrow's Super Luck!
    Murkrow used Brave Bird!
    A critical hit! The foe's Porygon lost 81% of its health!
    Murkrow is damaged by recoil!

    So I just proceed to Brave Bird as that will hit this Porygon the hardest and I get a critical hit with super luck! That mattered as now his Porygon can’t live another Brave Bird. I just Brave Bird again to KO this Porygon.

    AuraRayquaza: [​IMG]80%

    Turn 6
    Murkrow used Brave Bird!
    The foe's Porygon lost 19% of its health!
    Murkrow is damaged by recoil!
    The foe's Porygon fainted!
    iss sent out Staryu!

    Iss just sacks his Porygon to give his Staryu a free switch. I think iss is going for the ice beam so I just switch in Slowpoke to take the hit. And then I can just regenerate the damage and switch to Misdreavus who can take a hit and T-bolt back for some solid damage.

    iss: 4-5: AuraRayquaza

    iss:[​IMG]FAINTED ------> [​IMG]100%
    AuraRayquaza: [​IMG]72%

    Turn 7

    AuraRayquaza called Murkrow back!
    AuraRayquaza sent out Slowpoke!

    The foe's Staryu used Thunderbolt!
    It's super effective! Slowpoke lost 59% of its health!

    Honestly, it never crossed my mind that miss might go for a T-bolt straight away. And judging by how much that did, I don’t think Misdreavus is going to take 2 hits from a Staryu. So I go to my bulky Dragon Dance Scraggy who I know can take at least 2 T-bolts and High Jump Kick for a KO. So here we go…

    AuraRayquaza: [​IMG]72% ------> [​IMG]41%

    Turn 8
    AuraRayquaza called Slowpoke back!
    AuraRayquaza sent out Scraggy!

    The foe's Staryu used Thunderbolt!
    Scraggy lost 38% of its health!

    Just as I thought. Scraggy can take another T-bolt or even a hydro pump (with very low hp, around 2-5% according to some calcs I did) and HJK. So come on Scraggy, let’s do some work. The only thing stopping us now is a crit…

    AuraRayquaza:[​IMG]41% ------> [​IMG] 62%

    Turn 9

    The foe's Staryu used Hydro Pump!
    A critical hit! Scraggy lost 62% of its health!
    Scraggy fainted!
    AuraRayquaza sent out Mienfoo!

    Show Hide
    [​IMG] This is how I felt...

    Damn. I was really hoping that didn’t happen. Although it is what I get for getting that crit on iss’s Porygon. Oh well Scraggy, lets save the work for another day. I bring in Mienfoo to get a Fake Out on this Staryu and try to get it to about 45% to KO it with a hp Grass from my scarfed Murkrow. I know Mienfoo can live a Hydro Pump (bar a crit) and U-turn into my Murkrow. So time to take this thing down.

    iss: 4-4: AuraRayquaza
    AuraRayquaza:[​IMG] FAINTED ------> [​IMG] 100%

    Turn 10
    Mienfoo used Fake Out!
    The foe's Staryu lost 20% of its health!
    The foe's Staryu flinched!

    Phase 1 complete…


    AuraRayquaza: [​IMG] 100%

    Turn 11
    The foe's Staryu used Hydro Pump!
    Mienfoo lost 71% of its health!
    Mienfoo used U-turn!
    The foe's Staryu lost 30% of its health!
    AuraRayquaza called Mienfoo back!
    AuraRayquaza sent out Murkrow!

    Thankfully I live a Hydro Pump and recover 33% of it by U-turning into Murkrow. I think a hp Grass should take Staryu out from 50%. But we’ll have to wait and see. Phase 2 complete…


    AuraRayquaza: [​IMG] 29% -------> [​IMG]72%

    Turn 12
    Murkrow used Hidden Power!
    It's super effective! The foe's Staryu lost 50% of its health!
    The foe's Staryu fainted!
    iss sent out Drifloon!

    Finally, this star has been taken down! But it left big holes in my team. iss brings in Drifloon, knowing I’m scarfed and a hp grass will do nothing to it. I’m in a predicament here. I know iss is going to go for a flying gem-boosted acrobatics, but I have nothing to take it. My Slowpoke would have been able to but that horrible misplay I made cost me dearly. So I just decide to sack my Mienfoo because I don’t see it being much use against iss’s remaining Pokémon.

    iss: 3-4: AuraRayquaza
    iss:[​IMG]FAINTED -------> [​IMG]100%


    Turn 13
    AuraRayquaza called Murkrow back!
    AuraRayquaza sent out Mienfoo!

    The foe's Drifloon used Acrobatics!
    The Flying Gem strengthened Acrobatics's power!
    It's super effective! Mienfoo lost 62% of its health!
    Mienfoo fainted!
    AuraRayquaza sent out Misdreavus!

    Mienfoo, you did very well in this match and played a big role in helping KO the Staryu. Your KO was not in vain. I just go into Misdreavus because I know with eviolite, I can live a shadow ball and go for a shadow ball myself.

    iss: 3-3: AuraRayquaza

    AuraRayquaza:[​IMG]72% -------> [​IMG]FAINTED ------> [​IMG]100%

    Turn 14
    The foe's Drifloon used Substitute!
    The foe's Drifloon put in a substitute!
    The foe's Drifloon lost 24% of its health!
    Misdreavus used Shadow Ball!
    It's super effective! The foe's Drifloon's substitute faded

    That goes according to plan, ish. Drifloon lost a quarter of its health from a sub, meaning that I am guaranteed to take it out with a shadow ball. Here we go, Misdreavus.



    Turn 15
    The foe's Drifloon used Hypnosis!
    Misdreavus fell asleep!
    Misdreavus is fast asleep.

    Oh. I wasn’t expecting that. Well now my Misdreavus is useless and I think I have just lost the match as Drifloon can sweep my team now. GG iss.


    AuraRayquaza:[​IMG]100% (Sleep)

    Turn 16

    The foe's Drifloon used Shadow Ball!
    It's super effective! Misdreavus lost 73% of its health!
    Misdreavus woke up!
    Misdreavus used Shadow Ball!
    It's super effective! The foe's Drifloon lost 76% of its health!
    The foe's Drifloon fainted!
    iss sent out Snover!
    The foe's Snover's Snow Warning whipped up a hailstorm!

    I woke up! I actually got 1 turn sleep! That is the first time I’ve ever got 1 turn sleep and it couldn’t have come at a more important time. I take out the Drifloon and now I actually have a chance to win, seeing that my Slowpoke can hit both of them hard with Fire Blast and Psychic. But I’ll need to play my very best. I just sack my Misdreavus as it has done its job and I can scout what item iss has.

    iss: 2-3: AuraRayquaza
    iss:[​IMG]FAINTED ------> [​IMG]100%

    Turn 17
    The foe's Snover used Blizzard!
    Misdreavus lost 27% of its health!
    Misdreavus fainted!
    The hail crashes down.
    AuraRayquaza sent out Slowpoke!

    So now I know that Snover is scarfed because it outpsed my Missy. I bring in Slowpoke it can take Blizzards all day and all night. Now predicting the switch into Mienfoo, I psychic to get some very nice damage on it.

    iss: 2-2: AuraRayquaza
    AuraRayquaza:[​IMG]FAINTED -------> [​IMG]74%

    Turn 18
    iss called Snover back!
    iss sent out Mienfoo!

    Slowpoke used Psychic!
    It's super effective! The foe's Mienfoo lost 82% of its health!
    The hail crashes down.
    The foe's Mienfoo is buffeted by the hail!
    Slowpoke is buffeted by the hail!

    Ok. So that went perfectly. I now think iss is going to U-turn into his Snover who can take a psychic and KO with a grass move. So I Fire Blast and hope that it doesn’t miss. If I hit this, then I have won the game as Murkrow can come in and Brave Bird for the win.

    iss:[​IMG]100% -------> [​IMG]14%

    Turn 19
    The foe's Mienfoo used U-turn!
    It's super effective! Slowpoke lost 30% of its health!
    iss called Mienfoo back!
    iss sent out Snover!

    Slowpoke used Fire Blast!
    It's super effective! The foe's Snover lost 100% of its health!
    The foe's Snover fainted!
    The hail crashes down.
    Slowpoke is buffeted by the hail!
    iss sent out Mienfoo!

    Yes! iss switches into Snover and I easily OHKO it. Now the game has turned in my favour. All I need to do now is sack my Slowpoke and it is GG.

    iss: 1-2: AuraRayquaza
    iss:[​IMG]14% ------->[​IMG]FAINTED -------> [​IMG]47%

    Turn 20
    AuraRayquaza: yes double prediction
    The foe's Mienfoo used U-turn!
    It's super effective! Slowpoke lost 37% of its health!
    Slowpoke fainted!
    The hail crashes down.
    The foe's Mienfoo is buffeted by the hail!
    AuraRayquaza sent out Murkrow!

    This is it. The final stage in this great battle. All Murkrow has to do is finish up with a Brave Bird.

    iss: 1-1: AuraRayquaza
    AuraRayquaza:[​IMG]FAINTED -------> [​IMG]72%

    Turn 21
    Murkrow used Brave Bird!
    It's super effective! The foe's Mienfoo lost 47% of its health!
    Murkrow is damaged by recoil!
    The foe's Mienfoo fainted!

    Very close match iss. GG. That was the best battle I’ve had in ages.

    iss: 0-1: AuraRayquaza
    iss:[​IMG]FAINTED AuraRayquaza:[​IMG]60%

    AuraRayquaza won the battle!
    AuraRayquaza: gg
    iss: gg

    iss for being amazing and such a great battler and giving me a great battle
    My super clutch plays in the late game
    Murkrow for being cool and finishing the game
    Mienfoos because they can be so hard to take down, as shown in this game

    My bulky scrafty for doing no work at all and being felled by a critical hit
    Getting 1 turn sleep and stopping iss from winning the game, although there would not have been a warstory if it had not been for that

    Thanks for the great battle iss and I hope you enjoyed!
  2. Electrolyte

    Electrolyte Who says I can't get stoned?
    is a Contributor to Smogonis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Jul 5, 2012
    someone finally beat iss ahem

    Nice battle!

    I liked your prediction at the end of the match; it made the battle intriguing and made up for the sloppier playing and hax in the beginning of the match. You were able to maintain momentum and a solid lead for the whole match. Nice job!

    Also, regarding our chat on PS!:
    SSmash 236 Spe Adamant Dwebble reaches 15 spe
    Evio 76 Spe Impish Mienfoo reaches 14 spe

  3. AuraRayquaza


    Mar 19, 2012
    Cool glad you liked it. I didn't realise dwebble outsped his mienfoo until you pointed it out, so thanks
  4. tehy

    tehy Banned deucer.

    Aug 16, 2010
    So just reading this right now, why didn't his Drifloon just substitute? At worst, he'd come right back to where he started, but with less HP (Which meant little at that point);at best, he'd have a second chance to hypnosis you or keep a sub up to guarantee Murkrow's death (It could maybe beat it with perfect prediction, although slowbro would have to take a few Acrobatics).
  5. TailsTheeFox


    Mar 19, 2013
    That was a nice warstory, it's great to see some of the 12 biggest threats in the teir all fighting in the same match. I felt it was slightly bland near the begining, but like your team, you picked it up. ^^ The small amount of hax is usually unavoidable in games, but other then waking up right away(which most are lucky if they wake up at all. :P) there didn't seem to be much hax going around. As stated before, very nice prediction with the Snover/Meanfoo switching out, was very smooth and well thought out. ^^

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