Battle Royale: Act II - Let the Battle Begin!! [Won by locopoke]


Hello and welcome to the second installment of Battle Royale. This tournament was created to not only test your battling abilities, but your wits and your ability to overcome all odds to win.

Battle Royale is a movie and a Manga about 42 high school students who are taken to an island, given a bag containing food, water, and a randomly selected weapon. You the participants of this tournament and those teenagers have a common goal, your goal is to survive.

Explanation of Tournament
Throughout the next 2 weeks, 42 of you will challenge each other at will in the IRC channel #battleroyale. Battles may not be declined as this is a free for all, you may challenge whoever you want whenever you want. You may not avoid battles, and there are rules to avoid doing so. The tournament ends when there is 1 lone survivor. If there is not 1 person left after 2 weeks, then there is no winner. Challenges may ONLY be issued in the IRC channel and nowhere else. This is OU and one loss to your opponent means you are out, may the best and smartest battler emerge victorious!
IronBullet gets an automatic pass to enter due to him winning the previous installment. Should he choose to do so.


  • IRC is REQUIRED! This is a 42 man free for all, the deadline is 2 weeks, rounds will not be established in this contest

  • If you are challenged by your opponent on the Battle Royale IRC channel, you must accept. Since this is a free for all, scouting is allowed, however there will be a 30 minute window from your last battle and your next challenge(when there is 2 days remaining, it will be limited to a 5 minute window.) This is there to avoid people scouting and automatically challenging another individual to gain the win.

  • There is also a 5 minute prep time between the challenge issued and the start of the battle, this way you can make any last minute modifications to your team.
  • Challenges must be issued on the Battle Royale channel and no where else, as to avoid dispute between people ignoring challenges.
  • The format for challenging someone is BR Challenge: (insert users name here)(name of tier)
  • Do NOT! join the Battle Royale IRC if you can not battle at that time. I can not stress this enough, if you go afk on the IRC and are challenged, you will be viewed as Match Dodging and will be given a strike. 3 strikes means you are eliminated.
  • NEW RULE: If you log onto the battle royale channel, you MAY NOT leave until 5 minutes after you enter. This is to avoid scouting which opponents are on.
  • The 42 battlers accepted will be hand picked by Earthworm, and myself. We are not only looking for battling ability, but excellent attitude, and the ability to be on often as well.
  • Among the battlers of this tournament, there will also be a select few of people who will be enforcers, meaning they will enforce the rules of this tournament, and sort out issues if it looks like someone is match dodging. If you would like to be an enforcer, post here, they will also be chosen by Earthowrm and myself.
  • There is a 2 week time limit, if there is not 1 survivor by that time limit then everyone will be eliminated and there will be no winner.
  • And most importantly, there will be a 48 hour time window for getting at least 1 battle done, meaning I expect everyone to have a battle done in 2 days from the OP post. If you fail to do so in those 2 days, you risk being disqualified. (NOTE: Once you get your first battle done, you don't have to battle until that 48 hour limit ends, however if you are challenged you must accept)
  • There is no subs, if someone is inactive or can't participate, then you will just be eliminated. Do not waste my time, do not join if you think you cannot battle.
  • NEW MOST IMPORTANT RULE: This year you all will obtain weapons. These weapons are the following tiers: - BW Uber, DPP OU, DPP UU, ADV OU. If chosen, YOU MUST PM ME which tier you will want to use as your weapon. You may not change weapons once chosen, if challenging your opponent and you decide you don't want to use the chosen tier, the default tier WILL be BW OU.
  • The last two men standing will be left to decide the final match. It can be 1 match BW OU, or 3 matches - BW OU, Finalist 1's Weapon, Finalist 2's weapon.


  1. Folgorio
  2. JabbaTheGriffin
  3. Eo Ut Mortus
  4. reyscarface
  5. Uragg
  6. Zeph
  7. Nachos
  8. Ironbullet93
  9. Krack
  10. Undisputed
  11. B-Lulz
  12. Franky
  13. Iconic
  14. Alaka
  15. Kevin Garrett
  16. Atticus
  17. ballabrown24
  18. Bluewind
  19. Floppy
  20. Playa
  21. Eternal
  22. AM
  23. Huntofthelion
  24. Golden Sun
  25. locopoke
  26. Wilson46
  27. TheFourthChaser
  28. G80
  29. Ciele
  30. Delta 2777
  31. Idiotfrommars
  32. Scimjara
  33. Seven Deadly Sins
  34. The Chaser
  35. ToF
  36. Heist
  38. Lady Bug
  39. Dark Lucario
  40. Aziki
  41. Indra
  42. TV Rocka
  43. Steven Snype
  44. Jackal
  45. Knightofthewind
  46. Symphonyx64
Notice: I had some available pictures and while this goes against tradition, there was a lot of good players and I overlooked a few. Congrats to the 4 players that got in. Sorry for the meaningless battle Rocka/Snype, least it was entertainment!
(Character Pictures will be given the day before the competition begins)

You all have till Friday at midnight Pacific time, to message me your weapon of choice. BW OU IS NOT a choice for a weapon, it is a default in case you don't want to use or reveal your weapon.

TV Rocka and Steven Snype have until friday as well, but I prefer both of you submit me a weapon as well.

Standard OU rules apply!

Note: There will be a leaderboard for people who have gained eliminations in this event.

SPREADSHEET - maintained by Solace

The channel on mIRC is #battleroyale
Feel free to ask any questions if you are unsure of something.

NOTE: If you are a participant in this tournament, whether a player or enforcer, you MUST use an IRC name that is identical to your forum name, if that name is taken, make it VERY similar to it.
I got a chance, awooo.
Am tomorrow the whole day online, and friday I have to work, hope seven synre and me can get it soon.

PS: VM'd Seven Synre
Guys, I added 4 more people. And as an added reminder, and I can't stress this enough...


I added 4 others because I overlooked a few things and could afford to add in some pictures.
THIS HAS NOW STARTED! (still trying to get all the pictures without an error, so they will be a bit late)

12:40 pm SATURDAY - you must have 1 match in by 12:40 pm MONDAY