Battle Royale - Let the Battle Begin!! [Won by IronBullet]

Yeah, another one would be awesome. If there's some way to make it so people who don't time stall can make the finals, then that would be awesome. IMO, there was too much waiting for others to get eliminated, and the people that 'went far' only did so because they played the minimum. Iron Bullet and EW were pretty much the only exceptions in the top 8 or so iirc
Lol, Undisputed, it's supposed to be that way. Like in the movie, some people ran away while others looked for trouble. If you're playing for fun, and are confident in your ability to win, then don't battle job, but the best winning strategy is what DL did.

I think that if I do happen to host another BR, I would like to try 5 different types of "weapons".

4th Gen OU
4th Gen Ubers
4th Gen UU
5th Gen OU
Dream World