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Resource Battle Spot Rules [MUST READ BEFORE POSTING]

Discussion in 'Battle Spot Singles' started by cant say, Nov 17, 2016.

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  1. cant say

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    Sep 12, 2012
    We don't have many rules that aren't already laid out in Smogon's forum-wide rules so make sure you read those. But here's some things to remember when posting here:
    1. Don't post a thread without asking either myself, Hulavuta, or DragonWhale first! The only exception is if a new Online Competition or Special Season ruleset gets announced and none of us are online to ask.
    2. Don't advertise your YouTube or Twitch channels here without asking us either. We're sure there will be an influx of streamers wanting to get their content out there, if you think your stuff is particularly good then send us a message. You will probably see posts around the forums from our "Approved Streamers" but that doesn't give you a license to do it either!
    3. No discussion or promoting of hacking methods. We take a zero tolerance to this, you will receive a hefty infraction for doing so.
    4. Please keep posts to the relevant threads!
      • Simple Questions go here
      • Discussion of 3v3 Singles goes here
      • Discussion of 4v4 Doubles goes here
      • In-progress teambuilding help goes here. Completed team showcases/help go in the Rate My Team (RMT) forum, but make sure to read their rules first.
    5. Lurk Less! As long as you've read these rules then you will be fine posting here! We want to encourage new users to get involved here as soon as possible
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