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Battle Spot Triples

Discussion in 'Battle Spot' started by MythTrainerInfinity, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. MythTrainerInfinity


    Aug 6, 2006
    Intro to Battle Spot Triple Battles - the only way to ladder 6v6 is at the battle spot.

    The main thing you have to keep in mind in Triples is... How are you going to set up a sweep? First you must get around all of the Fake Outs, Follow Mes, Trick Rooms, Tailwinds, Weather, etc. If you keep setting up the sweep in mind when you're building your team you should do just fine.

    Triple battles have so many possibilities it may be hard for one to try to plan out an effective team. First, before you put together a team, let me list off a few items of interest. Keep in mind many battles that will not even last five turns. Keep in mind though… Everything has a counter.

    I. Speed & Priority – In triples many combinations that you will not see in singles or even doubles are possible and in the end many strategies ultimately lie in setting up your sweepers to sweep.
    a. Fake Out – Speed priority of 3 first-turn flinch.
    i. An easy way to pave the way for your initial setup and/or sweeper is to prevent opponents from doing anything. What better way to do that?
    ii. Opponents of Fake Out have the option of using Quick Guard, but that too has a speed priority of 3. You could always use a Ghost, Protect, etc.
    b. Gale Wings – Speed priority of 1 when using a flying-type move.
    i. Talonflame’s hidden ability is a quick way to take out things like any pesky Blaziken who thinks it can Speed boost its way to victory.
    ii. Having Gale Wings also means Talonflame has access to a priority Tailwind (egg move), which can turn your entire side into speedsters.
    c. Prankster – Status category moves have their priority increased by 1.
    i. Reflect and Light Screen is often used by Pranksters.
    ii. Use it to pave way for setups! Imagine a priority Trick, Growl, etc.
    d. Trick Room – The slowest Pokémon strikes first.
    i. If you do run a Trick Room team make sure you don’t get Taunted! On that note abilities such as Oblivious or Aroma Veil will not be affected by Taunt.
    e. Thunder Wave
    i. Being paralyzed is pretty much a death sentence to many of the fragile sweepers. That’s why I always have a cleric around.

    II. Weather
    a. You can essentially have something with over 250-300+ (at lv. 50) speed on the first turn without Choice Scarf. Kingdra, Excadrill, Venusaur, etc. Imagine having two of those Pokémon out at the same time…
    b. Since Triple battles do not take as many turns as other formats weather has a lot of potential and may last the whole battle.

    III. Mat Block – Protects your whole team from damaging attacks, speed priority of 0, and may only be used on the first turn the user can attack.
    a. Greninja’s signature move is a no-brainer way to get a Sword Dance on a Speed Boost Pokémon on the first turn, right? Only when the opponent isn’t using priority or something faster.
    b. Watch out for Fake Out users too. You need to make sure that your Greninja (or Smeargle) is safe to use mat Block. Often times I personally find late game the easiest time to set up with mat Block.

    IV. Hitting/Hindering Multiple Pokémon
    a. Moves such as Earthquake and Rock Slide are invaluable for hitting all of the opposing side.
    b. Intimidate will allow some of your more defensively frail Pokémon to be able to set up and/or sweep.
    c. Intimidators only really need to really worry about Contrary, Competitive, and Defiant which will be rarely seen.

    V. Team Synergy
    a. There are a number of abilities such as Telepathy that can allow you to things like freely spam Earthquake.

    There are many more things to keep in mind, but I’d rather not bore you with a wall of text. Go on out there and experiment! Please tell us of your experiences and suggestions.
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2013
  2. BlakDragon


    Oct 24, 2012
    I have an evil strategy for Free mode:
    It basically involves my lead Xerneas w/ power herb using Geomancy on turn one to get the boosts right away,
    and applying several more multipliers on the same turn with its partner Florges via Symbiosis,
    giving Xerneas a Life Orb and Misty Terrain to boost its Dazzling Gleam even more.
    On turn 2+, I delete everything.
    Even things that resist dazzing gleam take at least half from what I've seen. Everything else loses 80% of their health at least.

    Currently undefeated setup. Gotta work in something with helping hand and/or follow me to aid Xerneas further.
  3. farranpoison


    Mar 27, 2011
    Just gonna put out a note here.

    Own Tempo prevents confusion. You're thinking about Oblivious.

    In anycase, I do want to try Triples sometime on the BS. It just seems so... daunting, though. I'll probably be making liberal use of Prankster mons though, since that's what I do in Singles anyway...

    Edit: oh, and your post about Intimidate, you say to only worry about Contrary, but remember about Defiant and Competitive as well.

    Lead Hyper Voice Competitive Wigglytuff ftw?
  4. Naglfar


    Jun 19, 2012
    I wouldn't even know where to begin building a triples team; I've never really even played doubles before. I'd be happy to try it though, if I had some help putting together a good team before going in. would rather not waste breeding time and all.

    maybe if i wasn't so drawn to the neglected/weird formats i'd have friends
  5. Kuhni


    Oct 22, 2013
    Wide Guard should definitely get a mention here. A lot of Triple battle teams rely on spread move spam, the new and changed Wide Guard completely counters that.
    Good users for Triples: Hitmontop (Intimidate, Quick Guard, Fake Out), Aerodactyl (Tailwind)
  6. AOPSUser


    Dec 3, 2011
    I dare someone to try something like this.

    What would be really sad is if it works.
  7. dekgear


    Nov 21, 2013
    Hey guys, new here. I really like Triple Battles and I think they're really underrated. I currently have around 1863 rating but it wasn't really hard, as it seems not many people plpay triples competitively.

    I have a Trick Room team ant it has proven to be really efective. My main sweepers are Mega Abomasnow, who is a monster with his high powered Blizzards and Wood Hammers, and Camerupt, who has a very strong Eruption that kills Steel type pokemon that give M-Abomasnow trouble, and can also use Earthquake. I always try to get them in the center so they can hit the opposing tem hard. Also Life Orb Clawitzer, who can stay on the side and hit every pokemon in the field regardless of positions thans to his Pulse Moves (Currentky using Water Pulse, Dragon Pulse and Dark Pulse + Protect)

    My Trick Room setters are Healer Audino w/Heal Pulse and Helping Hand and Reuniclus w/Helping Hand (previously Trevenant, but he wasn't quite as effective as I thought...). If I can get them to boost M-Abomasnow's Blizzard at the same time, it will be deal ridiculous damage to all three of the opponent's team

    The one that has proven to be extremely useful though, is Hitmontop. I use him with Fake Out, Close Combat, Wide Guard and Quick Guard. These moves can now be used succesively without fail, which is a really big F-you to Rock Slide/Earthquake spammers like Tyranitar and Garchomp. And while Quick Guard sees less use, it's essential because it protects my M-Abomasnow from Talonflame's Brave Bird (who doesn't really care about Trick Room, and because it's a flying move it can hit any poemon on the field). and also from Bullet Punch Scizor, and to a lesser extent, Azumarill's Aqua Jet (who loves to use it on Camerupt). Also as a little bonus it protects from status moves from prankster users now, but it seems that prankster users prefer to support the team rather than annoy the opponent, at least from what I have seen from some Japanese Players.

    Possible Triple Battle Treats:
    -Greninja, who almost always starts with Mat Block and then U-turns out to use it on another moment.
    -Klefki and Mewostic Male are the most common prankster users and they almost always set up Dual Screen, which is annoying. Sometimes they carry Thunder Wave, and Mewostic also gets Yawn, Fake Out and Charm to annoy the opponent. Of note is that Meowstic get's a +4 priority quick guard, which means it can prevent even Weavile's Fake Out from working, everytime.
    -Tyranitar (both regular and Mega) is common to, usually paired with Excadrill, Garchomp and or M-Mawile (which isn't really useful here, as she lacks good spread moves and is weak to Earthquake. Powerful if she does get a hit though, and has Sucker Punch to mitigate her speed problem. Haven't seen her on a Trick Room team yet).
    -Mega Charzard Y hits pretty hard with Drought-Boosted Heat Wave. Mega Charizard X hasn't shown it's face yet.
    -Politoed (who was everywhere on 5th gen triples teams) and Ninetales are relatively uncommon now, probably because of the auto-weather nerf. Gale Wings Talonflame is also pretty common but it doesn't do much if you use Quick Guard at the right times. Chandelure is nowhere to be seen, but that's probably because Heat Wave is not legal at the moment.
    -Aromatisse looks like a very useful Trick Room setter that is immune to Taunt thanks to Aroma Veil
    -Gengar is cool thanks to Levitate and awesome offense. Haven't seen Mega Gengar much though, but I think it's a bad idea to megaevolve him. The ground immunity is just too good here.
    -M-Kangaskhan is anoyying but not as annoyying as in singles. Don't understimate her though, she is fast, has a Strong fake Out and can easily kill single targets if you don't have intimidate/screens/burn support
    -Salemence and Dragonite do sometimes appear but they're very weak to M-Abomasnow Blizzards, so they haven't really been to dangerous for me.Intimidate is awesome but Multiscale isn't as useful as it is in singles.
    -Hydreigon, haven't seen them much. They can hit hard with STAB Dragon Pulse and Dark Pulse and with Pokebank they are pretty good Tailwind setters too (Be careful of Trick Room!)
    -Amonguss is muuuch less common than before. Maybe because of the Spore, Sleep Mechanics AND Rage Powder (only +2 priority) nerf maybe? (My MAbomasnow one shots them anyway)
    -I have seen very few players that use Wide Guard or Quick Guard. Hopefully people start realizing they can be very good moves, specially Wide Guard.
    -Aegislash isn't common at all. He can hit hard but is slow and has low HP so he shouldn't be too hard to take out. Even in Trick Room he has problems, as he is left vlnerable after attacking first...
    -Have seen very few Mega Ampharos. In theory they could be a excellent Trick Room and/or Rain attackers. Dragon Pulse is cool too in triples!
    -Haven't seen any Gravity Teams, however I can say from 5th gen experience that they can be very effective in Triples, as it allows to spam Earthquake and hit everything except for grass types for neutral or super effective damage, and it also messes up the opponent if they have an Earthqueake + Flying/Levitate Pokemon combo
    -If you see Gothitelle and Politoed or Lapras on the same team, it's likely a Perish Trap Team- I have faced quite a bit of them and they can be very deadly if you don't have a ghos type pokemon. After Politoed/Lapras/Whatever has succesfully used Perish Song, it's Gothitelle's turn to come in and trap you. She is actually quite bulky naturally. Use Feint if you have it (which btw also completely nullifies the effects of wide guard and quick guard on all the opposing team), as she WILL spam protect a lot, to stall for turns. They also sometimes set screens for even more defense. They usually won't threaten your team with a lot of offensive moves though,
    -It's much easier to run a full support, no attacking moves pokemon than in doubles (just make sure to give it a mental herb), as you can have two partners to attack the opposing team.

    That's all I can think of for now. Maybe I'll post more stuff later :P Also though I haven't seen it yet, Water Spout M-Blastoise with Tailwind (too fast for Trick Room) and Rain Support (Maybe Feint for Wide Guard) could be very dangerous. Also a little known fact is that in the rain, Luvdisc has the fastest Heal Pulse in the game (which is much more useful in triples than in doubles IMO), so maybe you can consider it for your rain team too! (yeah, I used one on 5th gen. It wasn't too bad actually, because nobody targets Luvdisc when there are more dangerous Pokemons in the field).

    Some of my Battle Videos: (My team in all three is Hitmontop, M-Abomasnow, Audino, Reuniclus, Clawitzer and Camerupt)

    6DKG-WWWW-WWW3-56UH: featuring Aromatisse, Tyranitar, M-Mawile, both Klefki and Mewostic and toxic-stall Shuckle

    6NZG-WWWW-WWW3-2W78: featuring Metagross, Gliscor, Garchomp, M-Mawile, Excadrill and Tyranitar. Also, Camerupt Sweep!

    FXRG-WWWW-WWW3-44DV: featuring Volcarona, Mantine (wide guard user), Rhydon, M-Charizard Y, Venasuar and Talonflame

    Also, a very good match that I forgot to save, where I totally got owned by a Perish Trap Team with a Support Sap Sipper Perish Song/Light Screen Azumarill (crazy japanese..). Abomasnow, Camerupt and Mawile couldn't do a thing to this particular Azumarill, though it was still a pretty close match. I wish I had saved it...

    And that's it. Good Night Everyone and hopefully people start playing triples more, it's pretty fun!
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  8. MythTrainerInfinity


    Aug 6, 2006
    I have two things to talk about today.

    Elemental Pledges and Round.

    The Elemental Pledges apparently get priority when used together.

    Round is very very deadly in the hands of mons that have change the type of normal moves (and get a 30% boost). Beware of Aurorus, Sylveon and Mega Gardevoir. There may be some weird speed thing involved, but I'm trying to figure it out.
  9. vBlue


    Apr 19, 2011
    This is the funniest thing I have ever played.


    This wasn't anywhere near my best match. I've had many games where I've perma-flinched the entire other team until they disconnect, at which point I can't save the video. It does have some weaknesses though, most notably the loss of having a big spread damage user in the middle (as the post above demonstrates very well, it's one of the most effective ways to play) which makes it harder to hit what you want on the other team or go for big damage on all 3. It's possible to work around though. Talonflame works amazingly here with being able to hit the opposite side, and I'm contemplating either Staraptor or Clawitzer for my third starter. Many times Kanga wasn't able to hit what I wanted her to, and people made sure to put replacements she couldn't keep up with (Grass /Ghost mostly) on her side. Blissey herself is actually quite tough and has taken many Earthquakes and Mach Punches with most being at least a 2HKO.

    Considering I'm 12-0 at almost 1700, and all I have is Blissey with my available Pokemon from singles (including SwagKey and 2 Megas) I'm pretty impressed so far.

    That makes the pledges and CharY + Venusaur sound much more interesting! And I've read about Round somewhere before. If I recall, all other Rounds go after the first triggered. So if you scarf your fastest user, all the others will match it in speed. I can't verify that at all though.
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  10. Darkflagrance


    Jul 26, 2007
    I've seen a team with Noivern/Exploud running boomburst along with utility mons with Soundproof or immune mons like Mr Mime and Greninja. Mr Mime is pretty underrated in triples due to his Wide Guard, Fake Out, Dual Screens, and fairy typing. One problem with using Hitmontop is the inevitable death to brave bird (I run Coba for that sometimes over Eject Button). I've also seen Fling/Encore Hawlucha as a good crippler alongside a sweeper, as well as follow me/minimize, which is another way to lure talonflame.

    Fake-Out speed tiers are really important so that you can get your set-up on the first turn. Meowstic>all with Quick Guard, followed by Weavile (who gets Kings Rock Fling for another Fake Out, Mienshao, (scrappy) pre-MegaKhan etc. Another potentially worthy Fake Out user is Scrafty who gets intimidate and bulk up, but lack Wide Guard.
  11. apdog4


    Dec 2, 2013
    I saw someone use an Audino, a Carbink, and a Shedinja, who had Audino use Simple Beam on Shedinja and then had Carbink use Skill Swap on Shedinja and gave the Shedinja Sturdy, and then use Thunder Wave so he couldn't be statused either, so that's pretty powerful, and if you gave the Shedinja safety goggles, then i'm pretty sure he'd be completely unstoppable unless you confused him.
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  12. PixelTwist


    Jul 29, 2007
    Triples are my favorite right now. Are there any simulators that have triple battle support yet?
  13. TwoBit


    Oct 3, 2013
    I'm currently rank 138 in triples with a 1806 rating(I think I'm the highest ranked American lol). My team consists of Meowstic, Aromatisse, Mega-Blastoise, Machamp, Shuckle and Talonflame. It's a trick room set at its core, but I often find success in bluffing trick room and starting off with a bulky assault buffered by Meowstic's screen. It's a great way to lure out Aromatisse's and take care of them before setting up trick room.

    Machamp OHKO's Gengar (it's mega form is surprisingly unpopular) and Chandy with Knock-Off should the opponent think to lead with them to get an easy shot at Aromatisse. When it's not dealing with Gengar, it's a useful Mega-Khan check. It can tank one Return from Mega-Khan and OHKO back with Dynamic Punch. Very few people opt to switch out because they either think they can OHKO with Return or they don't have any mons that would tank a Dynamic Punch. When it's not attacking it can Wide Guard, and enough natural bulk to take stray hits it doesn't block. The odd Sheer Cold or Guillotine user screws Machamp over, but those are exceedingly rare.

    Mega-Blastoise is very good in Triples. While it seems lackluster compared to Mega-Khan or Mega-Tyranitar, it has plethora of tools that make it difficult to counter. Mega Launchers gives it STAB Pulse attacks (double STAB in the case of Water Pulse), letting it snipe mons from the opposite side of the field. Fake-Out is a useful and often unexpected tool in its arsenal. The reason I'm using Mega-Stoise though, is that it is probably the best Water Spout user outside of ubers, and with support from Aromatisse it's relatively easy to keep its HP at near full levels, especially under Trick Room.

    I find Shuckle to be an underrated threat in triples. It deserves its poor reputation in singles and even doubles, but you don't sacrifice much offense by using triples where it has a surprising amount of utility. It often proves itself invaluable with Guard Split and Encore under trick room. It also has access to the newly buffed Struggle Bug. While it won't be doing much damage, it can prove itself a nuisance by chipping away at the special attack of the entire opposing team each turn when it's not buffing allies.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2013
  14. BlakDragon


    Oct 24, 2012

    I played this battle late last evening. I thought I was going to get bodied free when I saw her lineup of dedicated trick room guys in team preview,
    but oh my god I got pretty hype when I found out I could actually handle her antics with what I had at the time.
    All I'm gonna say is Murkrow made this match much longer than it should've been.
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  15. TwoBit


    Oct 3, 2013

    Some battles using my current team. Meowstic + Blastoise + Machamp lead works surprisingly well against common hyper-offensive teams, countering common threats like Greninja, Talonflame and Khangaskhan. Water Spout with Heal Pulse support under trick room is glorious. Sigh, if only Blastoise could learn Calm Mind.


    I messed up in the beginning, but Aromatisse's Trick Room ends up saving the day. It's seriously too good.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2013
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  16. MythTrainerInfinity


    Aug 6, 2006
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but...

    You know since abilities like Aroma Veil will stop Taunt there is one other way you can prevent Trick Room shinanegans (no, not Mold Breaker, I have to try that out with Mega Gyarados now that I think about it though). Unfortunately, its not available until post-pokebank, but...

    Klutz Lopunny, Switcheroo and Assault Vest.

    A good excuse as any to try to use one of my favorite mons.
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  17. TwoBit


    Oct 3, 2013
    That's highly predictable though since Lopunny is the only mon capable of that combination. The best counter, I think, is flinch spam and wear and tear. When players have Aromatisse out it's because Trick Room is pivotal for them. Iron Head and Poison Jab have farily good distribution if you're worried about damage Aromatisse, but I've often had mine worn down with neutral STAB.
  18. MythTrainerInfinity


    Aug 6, 2006
    You still have Slowbro/Slowking/(lol Jynx) Oblivious Trick Rooms to deal with as well.

    Oh and Swoobat is another 'mon that has access to Klutz Assault Vest Tricking post Pokebank. Although it is faster than Loppy, Swoobat's 55 Defenses leave much to be desired...

    Lopunny also has Fake Out to prevent silly things from happening on the first turn and to tack on a bit of damage as well...

    Speaking of Fake Out I need to raise a male Meowstic (why couldn't the female one get a better hidden ability ;.;) for +1 priority Quick Guard. Fake Out and Quick Guard normally have the same priority (3). The only thing that could really stop that is Feint.

    The Mega Kanga set of Fake Out/Sucker Punch/Power-Up Punch/Return will get walled by any Ghost with Quick Guard up, which is nifty. Also, Mega Mawile will have to deal with attacking pretty much last unless a Trick Room is up.

    If you are using a Blaziken in Triples... Give it Rock Slide and pair it with a Quick Guard Meowstic and watch as Talonflame doesn't do as much damage...

    Aside from Feint, Intimidate, and maybe Brick Break it looks like Hitmontop is pretty useless against male Meowstic anyway. And when ratings were up in triples I saw Mega Kanga and Hitmontop EVERYWHERE.
  19. TheGamedawg


    Dec 16, 2013
    I like going into triples with a sub-punch Hariyama on the left, a parashuffle Furfrou on the right, and a Pelipper with Blizzard in the middle. I've had fun so far.
  20. waffles101


    Mar 20, 2010
    One thing I've noticed about triples is that you can totally protect a set up mon on the edge through double fake out. This is great for trick room as well as breaking sashes but I'm yet to see anyone use it.
  21. Kashinn


    Jan 3, 2010
    Hmm this thread seems more like a list of some things you'll run into while playing triples rather than an intro to triples.

    But I do agree with your second line entirely as sketching out an efficient team for triples takes significantly more considerations than making an efficient team for Doubles, and that's quite a lot as any experienced Doubles player would know (often worse for those transitioning from Singles to Doubles in terms of effort).

    It may be a good idea to make the intentions of this thread more clear at the start and re-organize the post to make it cleaner as it seems a bit messy to me at the moment. Perhaps we'll meet at the BattleSpot if I decide to participate in Gen6 Triples. Although, the lack of diversity due to the popularity of particular Pokemon is rather discouraging to my interest.
  22. MythTrainerInfinity


    Aug 6, 2006
    To be honest I'm not sure what to do with this thread. Against some of the better teams I'm not even sure if Triples has a solid meta yet. The higher ranked players definitely seem to be able to run whatever they want with a lot of success.

    I remember seeing a Stored Power/Minimize/Calm Mind/Dazzling Gleam Evolite Clefairy in Trick Room that had an Audino Simple Beam it. That team murdered me the first time I played it. Then there are many teams that Surf each other heals or Storm Drain.

    Lots of Intimidate though... However, I plan on raising a Competitive bulky Milotic to deal with that.

    Although any team with Charizard-Y is just asking for a Rock Slide to the face.

    I would've been 2nd in the US last season if I didn't get greedy...

    So yeah... where to go from here...
  23. PixelTwist


    Jul 29, 2007
    Here's what I've been trying. Disclaimer: I am not good.

    Pelliper @ Electric berry (Protect, Surf, Ice Beam, Roost) - Max Def, Max SpDef
    Heracross @ Flame Orb (Protect, Close Combat, Megahorn, Aerial Ace) - Max Atk, Max Spd
    Hawlucha @ Choice Scarf (Aerial Ace, Sky Drop, U-Turn, Flying Press) - Max Atk, Max Spd
    Delphox @ Focus Sash (Protect, Flamethrower, Psychic, Will-o-wisp) - Max SpAtk, Max Spd
    Aromatisse @ Steel berry (Protect, Moonblast, Thunderbolt, Trick Room) - Max SpAtk, Split Def and SpDef
    Venusaur @ Black Sludge (Substitute, Toxic, Sludge Bomb, Energy Ball) - Max HP, Split Def and SpDef

    I normally lead with Heracross / Pelliper / Delphox or Hawlucha. My end pokemon alternate using Protect or Sky Drop while Pelliper uses Surf to hit everyone. I'm only using a Pelliper right now because he is shiny and I'm looking to move in a better mon with higher base stats. I'm thinking maybe Abomasnow with Blizzard, but his hail would ruin my Delphox's Focus Sash. I really like Sky Drop on Hawlucha. He can pick up most pokes is really fast with the Choice Scarf. Delphox is pretty fast and hits hard too, but I'm also looking to put in better poke, maybe Talonflame?

    Aromatisse and Venusaur usually come in later. Venusaur poisons anyone he can and stalls, Aromatisse uses Trick Room if needed and hits pretty hard. Another option for Delphox might be to put in another slow pokemon and lead with the slow pokes instead of the fast pokes. I'm also thinking about putting some sort of Follow Me pokemon in, probably Togekiss.

    Right now I win about a third my online matches and I haven't even gotten all the way through normal triple battles in the battle maison. I keep losing around battle 18-19.
    Any suggestions on how to make my triples team better?
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  24. Kashinn


    Jan 3, 2010
    They probably seem random because some team compositions are not always fully understood outside of the owner's hands since experienced Doubles and Triples players design their teams keeping their entire party in mind rather than just thinking of things with a stand-alone purpose or as isolated pairings. I still remember the times when some players thought I used some strange things back in DPPt Doubles, but that's just to be expected until an explanation is given as to how it fits in with the team.

    Things like the Clefairy you mentioned are really just a one-trick-pony as long as you remember it, but that will also depend on your team. As for the rain teams you mentioned, there's a reason that its been popular since back in the old days of doubles. But from what I can tell, Lapras gained a buff to help hit those teams hard with Water Absorb Freeze-Dry. It will hit 4x to Kingdra, Ludicolo, and Gastrodon. I haven't used it but here's my current Lapras:

    Modest Lapras @ Assault Vest:
    - Ice Shard
    - Dragon Pulse
    - Ancient Power
    - Freeze-Dry

    Giving up Protect is a tough one, but that's what I did here. Kabutops came with rain teams a lot in the past, but not a lot of people run with a full rain team anymore (now it's more like half) thanks to the Wide Guard buff, which made Hitmontops that much more popular since they were already great for re-positioning your leads with Eject Button. It might get tougher when PokeBank becomes unlocked due to the famous Terrakion from back in Gen5 Triples. And then there's the genie pranksters.

    And yeah, Milotic got a big buff for Triples, and a semi-buff for Doubles. I have a leftover Modest Oblivious Feebas with Hidden Power Fire and Dragon Pulse at 31/x/31/30/31/10 if you'd like it to save you the time.

    I'm sure you'll eventually think of something to do for this thread, perhaps an intro to the mechanics of Triples, and then an intro to team building that takes into consideration the mechanics of positioning. And maybe open up the thread for Q&A's.

    A lot of the options you've chosen requires time / stalling as you mentioned, which is not something that's easy to consistently pull off in Triples. You may want to keep that in mind when constructing a team. Although spread moves are less common now than in Gen5 thanks to the Wide Guard buff, people will still carry them around. There's little here to prevent your team from being wiped in 2-3 turns against some teams. For what you're trying to do with Heracross, you'll probably need Tailwind. Prankster or Gale Wings Tailwind are options you can consider if you want to keep using some of what you've made here, but remember that there's also Gale Wings Brave Bird going around which you'd need Quick Guard to prevent. If you're using something that has a 4x Weakness to popular type-moves, try to make sure you've got something to prevent it from getting to you. Aromatisse can be saved for Trick Room, but most full-TR teams struggle when their TR is taken away from them because of their heavy reliance on it. If you're doing TR consider a half-team TR.

    If it helps, here's a list of some popular spread moves that do damage:
    Rock Slide / Heat Wave / Blizzard / Surf / Muddy Water / Earthquake

    It's good to be aware of some things you may run into while building your team, while some things are probably better off experiencing first-hand.

    &have a Happy New Year everyone (:
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  25. wDro


    Aug 2, 2005
    I play rated triple battle a lot and I have great trouble beating teams that use the move Round. The teams usually involve a prankster that uses assist and the rest of the team only carries Round. Because of prankster assist and how the Round mechanics works, it is extremely difficult to stop, especially with the addition of pixilate. Any idea on how to stop itother than using soundproof pokemon or is it too broken?

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