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I am looking for a 2v2 Singles Testing Battle (doesn't count on W/L/T, but it is for testing, rather than training)
2 Day DQ (3 for the ref)
2 Chills/1 Recovery
Arena: Steel Gym
No items
All abilities
Field Type: Steel, would also be good for Rock/Ground
Complexity: Moderate
Format: All
Restrictions: Always Sandstorm unless a weather move is used, but other weather only lasts 3 rounds; Digging difficult for not particularly strong Pokemon or non-Ground Pokemon; no water source

It is a field that is about 300 feet (or something like 100 meters for people from various parts of the world) by about 200 feet. The floor is aluminum (aluminum is soft for a metal, so some Pokemon can dig: very strong Pokemon or ground-types, otherwise digging will cost extra energy; Earthquake and other seismic activity may take place). There is a bit of a magnetic push from the floor, providing a Magnet Rise effect for any Steel or Electric type Pokemon. All Steel-type moves inflict 3 extra damage (after types factor in), and cost 1 less energy. Steel-type Pokemon have enhanced senses here, and the dodge command has an extra 10 flat percent chance to make the attack miss. Since it is a gym, it is indoors; however, a Sandstorm is being simulated. However, other weather will be simulated when a Pokemon uses the appropriate weather move (if a Pokemon uses Sunny Day, intense sunlight is simulated). These weather effects only last three rounds though, and when that weather wears off, Sandstorm goes back into effect.

I realize that the acceptor doesn't get to choose anything. This is as close to the gym format that I think I can make it. As per my knowledge of the gyms so far, I can bring up to six Pokemon (bring as many as you want, I have no knowledge of how many the challenger brings) and I also think the acceptor of this challenge sends out a Pokemon first, then I send out my Pokemon and issue actions, etc. This may seem to all completely give me a total advantage, but keep in mind that I am limited to Steel type Pokemon and you can bring anything. Besides, this is just a test.
Ill take this, i think you already chose everything so we just need a ref now
You know you want to ref this, you know you do.


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I'll ref AlphaJolt vs. Galladiator & I'll ref Alchemator vs. iiMKUltra over the previous page, provided neither battle has found a ref. All four of you should expect PM's in a few minutes (Only send me teams once I do this).


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Originally Posted by Fat Korski
OPEN CHALLENGE (2 of these)

3 vs. 3 vs. 3 Melee
2-day Player DQ / 4-day Ref DQ
Infinite Recovers / Infinite Chills
Arena: ASB Arena

3 Trainers. 3 Pokemon on the field at a time. 1-on-1-on-1. That's how it works.

First six folks to sign up will be entered in the battle. Matches will be organized based on team strength, so PM your team of 3 to me immediately after posting here to accept the challenge!
I just want to bumb this up because I need three more battlers to fill up these melee slots. As it stands, the two matches are as follows:

FE Battle:
1. danmantincan
2. Flamestrike

Non-FE (middle stages allowed) Battle:
1. Lady Salamence

So if you're interested please get on it!
I just want to bumb this up because I need three more battlers to fill up these melee slots. As it stands, the two matches are as follows:

FE Battle:
1. danmantincan
2. Flamestrike

Non-FE (middle stages allowed) Battle:
1. Lady Salamence

So if you're interested please get on it!
I'll join in the NFE one
CHallenging Terrador to a 1v1
1 day DQ
Recovers don't exist, you get 2 chills
Arena: My backyard: All the grass is dead, and stuff. Its pretty depressing. But nothing special happens.

Reserving for Objections Tutee, Pokelol to ref


heralds disaster.
I now also need a subref for this match; Elevator is taking a week's vacation.

That's two(thanks flora) one of my matches on indefinite hold until I find a subref for each of them. My third match is a 1v1v1v1v1 that's going nowhere fast.

please help
I challenge Terrador to a 1v1 Singles match of Weakmons! No Monohm, Lileep or Cranidos.

2 Day DQ
3 Recoveries/5 Chills

ARENA: Sparkworks Junkyard

Let's see...It's just a scrap heap full of semifunctional electrical equipment and lots of places to hide. Rotom appliances are lying around, looking VERY suspicious. In fact, did I just see one move? Eeeeeep! If provoked, Rotom may attack indiscriminately with a Discharge or appliance specific move, and will randomly change between appliances. There are many large puddles around but no real water source, and a hot, dry wind relentlessly but lazily buffets all those who wander into the domain of the spark ghost!

-Rotom appliances will attack if provoked using Discharge/ specific appliance move and randomly change between turns.

-Many hiding places

-Puddle-covered ground

-SLight wind

Challenge #3 said:
taken by lupusater ; need ref
3v3 Singes
2 Recoveries/5 Chills
3 Day DQ
Arena: WarioWare

An artificial environment with no external water source or natural grass. Digging and seismic moves are allowed. Weather is allowed.

At the beginning of each round, the ref will give a task to the participating pokemon to perform during the round. It can be anything as long as all active pokemon can feasibly accomplish it (eg, use non-STAB moves only). Any pokemon that fail to complete the task take damage equal to 1/4 of their max HP.
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Open Challenge
2v2 Singles
2 Day DQ
0 Recoveries / 5 Chills
Only one-stage Pokémon may be used.
Only send two Pokémon to the ref. The first of these will be sent out automatically.

The question is, which two of my four one-stage mons will it be? ;D
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