Data Battle Tower (For all your Match-Seeking Needs!)

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Issuing two identical challenges:
6v6 Brawl
3 Chills/2 Recovers
2 Day DQ
Arena: ASB Arena or Ref's Choice if interesting
Special: At least one mon must be NFE

I'm hoping jas only took one of these, I guess I have a slot open. For the about one that I shamelessly stole from someone else?

Complexity: Simple
Format: All
Arena Type: None
Restrictions: None

The Colosseum. Yes, the one in Rome. There's a water source, as well as plenty of rocks. If the Emperor (referee) decrees the match to be too boring, then he may order the release of a pokemon into the arena that will attack indescriminately. It can be a legendary like Kyogre or something smaller like Houndoom.

Also, I'll ref the brawl between TravelLog and jas61292
Quick training battle!
1v1 Singles
1 Recovery, 5 Chills
DQ: 1 Day for battlers, 2 Days for ref.
I'll be bringing Xerox, my Ditto, so don't bring another Ditto or we'll be there forever. :)
I'd also like to request that items be on.
The battlers are on a solid platform in the middle of a giant bowl filled with delicious broth. No move restrictions at all, because you can safely go Seismetoad on the platform and there is plenty of broth to Swampert your enemies with. In the soup, there is one of each letter Unown floating in around aimlessly. They are all close enough to pick up, and a battler may use one action each round (they can't just use three unowns) to use any move that begins with that letter. Once an Unown is used, it cannot be used again.

EDIT: Bring it, Danmantincan. :)
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