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Issuing a challenge

Beginner Battle

Format: 1v1 Singles
1 Day DQ
2 Recovery moves, 5 Chills
Arena: Just an ordinary arena with everything needed. All moves are allowed, outdoors.
Challenging LightWolf to:
2 Day DQ
2/2 recovers/chills
The rim of an especially think mug of tea (ie a ring with some liquid in the middle).
<LightWolf> iiMK make the arena allow any of our mon to use every move starting with T
<iiMKUltra> lol ok
<LightWolf> so many taunts lol
<iiMKUltra> and they can choose to replace any of their abilities
<iiMKUltra> with another ability beginning with t
<LightWolf> hahaha
<LightWolf> but the same ability can't be choosen twice!
<iiMKUltra> and items beginning with t
Items on(well only for the items alloved by the arena, we don't need to own the item in question)
Switch on, because it makes it even crazier
Abilities all
Open Challenge
1v1 singles
12h DQ
LC mons only

Arena: beautiful lake, yeah, just a nice lake in the middle of a green valley, every attack available but only sunny and rainy weather works, please only send one mone to the ref
Open Challenge

Beginner Battle
3 vs 3 Doubles
2 Day DQ
2 Recovery Moves/5 Chills/3 Bravery Each Pokemon
Arena: The Fear Chamber

The Fear Chamber is a unique arena, where there are 3 things the trainers have to manage, HP, Energy, and Sanity. Each Pokemon starts the round with 100 sanity.

The Fear Chamber is a large, open room that provides all the materials for any move. When moves aren't being used the room is just plain white. In the Fear Chamber there is a gas that induces terror in the Pokemon. Their Sanity gets lowered whenever they get hit by an attack, their sanity lowers by 1.5x the damage done. To regain sanity the Pokemon may use an action called Bravery to regain 20 Sanity points.
Challenging Smashlloyd20
Training battle (No W/L/T)
1 vs 1 singles
Arena: The snake pit
It's a huge pit full of snakes. Serpentine Pokemon can blend in for an action and have +2 evasion until they are successfully hit, which ends the effect,
36 hour DQ all
E: I'll be using my Seviper to save the ref time.
no items
all abilities
switch=magic bananas

my mon is

Bronzong [Rolf] (Male)
Nature: Sassy (+1 * Special Defense, -15% Speed and flat -5% accuracy)

Psychic: Psychic STAB; less susceptible to blinding, more susceptible to sound-based assaults as far as locking on with Psychic attacks, can lift and throw opponents with Psychic regardless of Special Attack Rank. Psychic-type attacks are not godlike and cannot be used as a catchall for Disabling, Binding, and redirecting opposing attacks.Psychic-type attacks are not godlike and cannot be used as a catchall for Disabling, Binding, and redirecting opposing attacks.
Steel: Steel STAB; Immune to Sandstorm, highly insusceptible to toxic attacks, can be corroded specifically by Acid and Acid Bomb, can be magnetized.

Levitate: (Innate) This Pokemon naturally floats above the earth when released or easily takes flight, evading the Ground moves Bulldoze, Earthquake, Fissure, and Magnitude. Earth Power will have three (3) less Base Attack Power. Dig and Dive can strike a Levitating Pokemon if their user is over Size Class 4, has Levitate, is 3.5m or larger, or is a flying type. Otherwise Dig and Dive will miss. Ground moves can still hit. Levitate Pokemon will retain the Levitate trait when they use Skill Swap on an enemy, and will steal the opponent's ability (the user can specify if they want a foe or ally to gain Levitate from a Skill Swap.) If a Pokemon with Levitate uses Role Play, they will copy the opponent's abilities and retain Levitate.
Heatproof: (Innate) This Pokemon's mirror-like alloyed skin protects it from Fire-type attacks, reducing the type effectiveness of Fire-typed attacks to the next level of resistance (2x weak becomes neutral, neutral becomes resistance, etc.) The damage inflicted by burns is also cut in half.
Heavy Metal: (Innate) The Pokemon's body structure is immensely dense, doubling its actual weight. Additionally, when the Pokemon uses Giga Impact, Gyro Ball, Heat Crash, Heavy Slam, Tackle, recoil and uncontrollable attacks [Full list: Double-Edge, Giga Impact, Gyro Ball, Head Charge, Head Smash, Heat Crash, Heavy Slam, Hi Jump Kick, Jump Kick, Outrage, Petal Dance, Submission, Tackle, Take Down, Thrash, Volt Tackle, Wood Hammer, and Wild Charge] it will calculate using a Weight Class that adds a value equal to the Pokemon's Weight Class divided by their Size Class, minus (-) one (1). [Ex. HM Aron WC = 5 + ((5 /1) - 1) = 9.

HP: 110
Atk: 3
Def: 4
SpA: 3
SpD: 5 (+)
Spe: 28 (-)
Size Class: 3
Weight Class: 5 (187 kg)
Base Rank Total: 19

EC: 6/6
MC: 0
DC: 5/5

Confuse Ray
Sunny Day
Rain Dance
Heal Block
Heavy Slam
Heal Block

Signal Beam

Trick Room
Dream Eater
Flash Cannon
Open Strongmon Challenge
3v3 TEAM SINGLES (The best out of 3 KO's win, all three will be played regardless. Similar to Waterfall Colosseum format)

1 day DQ
1 recovery, 3 chills
Size: Singles
Type: Fighting

A derivative of "The Octagon", the Cell is designed to be the perfect home for Fighting types of all stripes.

The arena is a hexagon, with side lengths of about 10 feet. In the middle are two lines drawn on the ground about 3 feet apart, where the pokemon begin each round. Surrounding the arena is a see-through indestructible barrier that keeps the pokemon in the arena. However, it only keeps the pokemon in- other effects can penetrate, so weather moves are useable. All moves are useable inside the ring, and flying type pokemon can take wing but they cannot leave the arena or fly higher than 20 feet.

What benefit does this offer? The arena is small enough that all combat is in close quarters, allowing all Fighting types to easily utilise their excellent close quarters reaction time. In addition, all Fighting type pokemon gain 10% accuracy because it's much harder to dodge in such close quarters. Because it's easier to keep track of your opponents in such a small arena, Foresight lasts an extra 3 actions.

This arena's small size limits it to singles battles.

Feel free to counterteam me in my completely biased arena. However, I would like to request training items only.


@shinyskarmory: I'll do this. I've got some new 'mons to train.
Reposting for ref.
simple challenge,
1 v 1 strongmons
2 day DQ
5 chills no recoveries

Arena: not ASB or Unown!!! blasphemy

Complexity: Simple
Format: All
Arena Type: None
Restrictions: None

The Colosseum. Yes, the one in Rome. There's a water source, as well as plenty of rocks. If the Emperor (referee) decrees the match to be too boring, then he may order the release of a pokemon into the arena that will attack indescriminately. It can be a legendary like Kyogre or something smaller like Houndoom.
bumping for the sake of no acceptant
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