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Data Battle Tower (For all your Match-Seeking Needs!)

Discussion in 'ASB' started by Deck Knight, Feb 13, 2011.

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  1. Dogfish44

    Dogfish44 ^_^
    is a Forum Moderator

    Jan 1, 2009
    /nick reffish44
  2. Yarnus of Bethany

    Yarnus of Bethany

    Mar 5, 2010
    Challenging the Wanderer
    Whatever arena you want
    3v3 doubles
    2 chills/ 0 recovers
    36 hour DQ
  3. The Wanderer

    The Wanderer

    Nov 2, 2011
    ^So what you're saying is you want doubles instead of singles, amirite? Alright then.

    Switch = Still KO
    Items = Still No
    Abilities = Still One
    And the arena is...
    Still Yume Nikki (open)
    Yume Nikki (♫High the Dream)
    Field Type: Depends on the battlefield (see below)
    Complexity: Ridiculously Intense
    Restrictions: Depends on the battlefield (see below)

    Description: The pokemon fight within the dreams of a little girl who may or may not be severely messed up. Who knows what could happen...

    At the end of each round, unless using an effect dictates otherwise, the ref will RNG d4. Depending on what is rolled, the corresponding event happens:

    1. Nothing happens - Continue the battle as normal.
    2. Change battlefield - Change the arena (See Battlefields).
    3. Effect - RNG a player. That player gains an effect (see effects).
    4. Arena Event - What happens depends on the arena the battle is currently in (See Battlefields).

    Battlefields: If the RNG at the end of the round lands on a 2, the ref will RNG d5. Whatever number it lands on, the environment will turn into the corresponding arena:

    1. The Nexus - A creepy place full of aztec-like paintings on the floor and a circle of doors in the center. This arena is pretty vanilla, as despite there being no plants, water, or even dust, it is somehow possible to use any move in your repertoire. This is the arena at the start of the battle.
    Field Type: Neutral
    Restrictions: None
    Arena Event: Strange eggs pop up in front of the pokemon. Each player gains an effect.

    2. Snowfield - A vast field of snow, the occasional tree, and a few igloos. It is always hailing, and only the umbrella effect can override this. There's no water source, unless you have a fire move to melt some of the snow. Also, there's too much snow to take advantage of Grass Knot.
    Field Type: Ice
    Restrictions: Always hailing (only umbrella effect can change the weather), no water source initially, no Grass Knot
    Arena Event: Brrr! All pokemon in play are frozen. Ice- and fire-types are immune to this.

    3. Corpse Road - A rainy, forested highway with a dead body in the center, hit by a car, most likely. It is always raining, and only the yukionna effect can override this. Puddles are everywhere, making moves like surf viable.
    Field Type: Ghost
    Restrictions: Always raining (only yukionna effect can change the weather)
    Arena Event: Your pokemon swears it sees that corpse twitching...for next three actions, all pokemon in play suffer -2 to their attack and special attack stats.

    4. Pastel Lake - An island in a strangely pink body of water and balloons floating in the sky. If the pokemon is not holding an item, it can grab onto one and gain the benefits of an air balloon - however, it will only work in this arena. There's also an odd house that's home to a girl with a ponytail...and a horrifying abomination, too...
    Field Type: Water
    Restrictions: Pokemon gains air balloon if not already holding an item (disappears at end of battle/switching of arena)
    Arena Event: It's Uboa! And he's scared the crap out of your pokemon! For the next six actions (or whenever the arena changes, whichever comes first), each pokemon in play has a 50% chance of being unable to attack. Ghost-types are immune to this.

    5. White Desert - A vast, desolate realm where the sky is black and everything else is stark white. There's no water or plants; just Monoko, a bizarre girl with limbs sticking out of every part of her body...
    Field Type: Ground
    Restrictions: No water source, No Grass Knot
    Arena Event: Monoko starts spinning around recklessly, crashing into your pokemon. All pokemon in play suffer a fixed, typeless 15 damage that bypasses substitutes and any means of evasion.

    Effects: Occasionally, the RNG may bestow a player with an effect. In which case, the ref will RNG d100 to determine just which effect that is. Some effects are passive and last only for a round; others allow for a single use, but can only be used within the round. Passive effects take effect the moment you get them, while usable effects take up a single action, do not cost any energy, and has a priority of -9. Moreover, non-damaging effects can be used even while taunted. Only one team member at a time can use an effect, so if you get one in a doubles or triples battle, you will have to choose which pokemon gets it. The effects are as follows:

    1-10: Bicycle (Passive) - The pokemon rides a bicycle, and gains +1 priority to all its attacks for the next round.
    11-20: Lamp (Passive) - The pokemon's head turns into a lamp, illuminating any and all weak spots. All of the pokemon's attacks will bypass any type immunities or abilities that would negate damage for the next round. Any other effects of said abilities, however, will still take effect (e.g. using a fire attack on a pokemon with flash fire would do damage, but still boost the power of his fire moves).
    21-30: Nopperabou (Passive) - The pokemon's face disappears, and gains the ghost type and all its benefits (in addition to its current types) for the next round. If the pokemon is already ghost-type, it gains +2 to its attack and special attack instead.
    31-40: Frog (Passive) - The pokemon's head turns into that of a frog, and gains the water type and all its benefits (in addition to its current types) for the next round. If the pokemon is already water-type, it gains +2 to its defense and special defense instead.
    41-50: Yukionna (Usable) - The pokemon turns into the snow woman and summons a hailstorm that lasts for 6 actions, even in the corpse road.
    51-60: Umbrella (Usable) - The pokemon sports an umbrella and summons rain that lasts for 6 actions, even in the snowfield.
    61-70: Demon (Usable) - The pokemon turns into a red-skinned demon and uses the attack Thunderbolt. If it's raining, the pokemon will use Thunder instead, with a 30% chance of bypassing protect/detect. Either way, this attack costs no energy.
    71-80: Hat and Scarf (Usable) - The pokemon dons a winter hat and scarf and uses the attack Ice Beam. If it's hailing, the pokemon will use Blizzard instead, with a 30% chance of bypassing protect/detect. Either way, this attack costs no energy.
    81-90: Stoplight (Usable) - The pokemon turns into a stoplight, cures both itself and its target of taunt, and renders a single opponent unable to use damaging moves or taunt for the rest of the round. The user cannot use such attacks either in that same timeframe. Moreover, If the current arena is the white desert when this is used, The RNG will be skipped at the end of the round, and the arena event will be triggered.
    91-99: Medamaude (Usable) - The pokemon's head turns into a hand with an eye in the palm and does a fixed, typeless 15 damage to a single opponent that bypasses substitutes or any means of evasion (like a Machamp with No Guard). If the arena is not the Nexus when Medamaude is used, the RNG at the end of the round will be skipped and the arena will change to the Nexus.
    100: Knife (Usable) - The pokemon bypasses substitutes and any and all means of evasion, and stabs a single opponent with a kitchen knife, resulting in an automatic KO - no ifs, ands or buts. A player may not use this effect in a 1v1 singles match, a match where his opponent has only one pokemon left, or if he's already used the knife earlier in the battle. If the ref RNGs a knife in any of these cases, s/he will reroll.
  4. Glacier Knight

    Glacier Knight

    May 12, 2011
    Challenging Terra Terra Terrador!

    FE 1vs1 singles
    1 day DQ
    0 recoveries/3 chills

    lets use an arena i made way back when

    Glacier Knight's Icy Arena:

    Field Type- Ice/Water
    Complexity- Moderate
    Format- All
    Restrictions- No digging, No weather

    Glacier Knight’s Icy Arena: The large arena is three hundred feet long and wide, square shaped, and perfect for pokemon of the chilled variety. The first five feet of the north and south sides aren’t covered in ice, but the rest of the arena is. Twenty feet from the east and west sides of the arena and in middle are two large glaciers (One hundred feet long, twenty feet wide, both have increasing slopes of 80 degrees and are fifty feet tall. They have plateaus, peaks, and spikes). Cutting through the east and west side of the arena (Also going under the two glaciers) there is a large stream, fifteen feet wide. In the center it makes a large circle of icy water, and in the center rests a large ice floe making a small arena (it is twenty five feet long and wide). Also in the stream there are small and medium sized ice floes, enabling pokemon to cross the freezing cold water (water is 36 degrees Fahrenheit). Scattered around the arena are small rocks stuck to the icy floor, and they can be used to stop a pokemon from sliding or give a small pokemon a platform to stand on. The ice coating the arena floor is too thick to be dig into, and an earthquake or any other large attack will cause ice floes and glaciers to break. The arena is open to the sky, but it only snows or hails. Summary: ice covers the floor besides five feet strips on the north and south side. No dig but earthquake and other stuff is okay. No weather moves can be used. The weather is 100% snowy, but the end of every round there is a 33% chance it will start to hail. Water is accessible but is extremely cold. Ice types gain +2 speed and ice moves gain +2 to their BP.​
  5. Ragnarokalex


    Jan 7, 2011
    Accepting this!

    Items: On
    Abilities: All
    Switch: Flamingos
  6. Quagsires


    May 23, 2010
    taking pm mons
  7. Terrador


    Mar 27, 2009
    Aight, Glacier, have it your way.

    1 Substitution
  8. Elevator Music

    Elevator Music 63194
    is a Forum Moderatoris a Site Staff Alumnusis a CAP Contributor Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Jan 25, 2008
    OK, let's do this!

    Items = On
    Abilities = One
  9. Pallas Athena

    Pallas Athena

    Aug 9, 2010
    Open Challenge

    4 vs 4 singles
    2 Day DQ All
    ASB Arena
    2 subs

    I will be using fairly powerful FE's.
  10. waterwarrior


    Oct 20, 2010
    Axmaster, Maxim, King Serperior, and I will be dropping our matches and join together for a Tag Battle!
    waterwarrior and King Serperior vs. Axmaster and Maxim

    Tag Battle Singles- 1 Pokemon each
    Training Battle
    2 Day DQ
    2 recoveries/ chills
    1 Substitution
    No items
    Switch = KO
    Arena- Glacier Knight's Library of Abilities!
    Show Hide

    Field Type- Neutral
    Complexity- Moderate
    Format- Singles/Doubles/Triples
    Restrictions- Artificial arena, low ceiling, no seismic acitivity, always all abilities

    Library of Abilites:
    Somewhere deep in the empirical city (no not the famous one, the lesser known empirical city), lies a forgotten place of magical literature, The Etheral Libraries. This majestic palace of a place is getting older due to no one taking care of it, but it still holds a pwerful secret; The books! they hold descriptive passages of every known ability of man and pokemon. and since this place is magic, when you battle here the books come alive! they miss being used (refer to the kitchen ware fom beauty and the beast), and they will willignly let you use their power! As you send a pokemon in, two random books will soar straight into your pokemon, and with a flash of power, they will be incapable of using their original abilites! but fret not, they will have two new abilites! weather its for good or worse, we know not, but it sure does make for an intersting battle!

    Ref RNGs two abilites for each pokemon. If a pokemon is FE then they get 3 RNG'd abilities.

    The arena is 200 feet by 200 feet, square shaped. the walls of this arena are tall and dusty book shelves, and the floor is covered in a deep pruple and gold carpet, giving the place an old but magical feel. there are some lights, not too much though. every pokemon can see just fine though
  11. Maxim


    Jul 15, 2009
  12. King Serperior

    King Serperior

    Sep 15, 2011
    Double confirming this tag match!
  13. Orcinus Duo

    Orcinus Duo Banned deucer.

    Aug 23, 2011
    Open Challenge
    2v2 Doubles, 1 NFE and 1 FE
    2 Subs
    Training items
  14. rickheg


    Aug 31, 2009
    I'll take this.

    DQ 36 Hours
    0 recovers/3 chills each
    Switch = KO
    Arena; ASB, or ref's choice.
  15. typon77


    May 9, 2011
    Reffing the above if DQ is extended to 2 Days.

    PM me the Pokemon!
  16. Objection


    Sep 27, 2008
    Confirming that I will be reffing this. And I have an arena just right for this big battle.

    Arena: Witches' Brew.

    The trainers battle on a huge platform suspended over a relatively small cauldron. The base of the platform is an iron circle with a tall indestructible glass barrier around the edge. On top of this circle is some earth that, at the top, has been made into a dirt circle with small boulders and patches of grass dotted around and a small water hole in the center. Basically, all moves can be used as normal in this arena.

    During battle, some of the elemental energy from the pokemon's attacks will be absorbed by a strange liquid that is brewing inside the cauldron. This liquid is known as the Witches' Brew and the elemental properties it has absorbed are denoted by the Witches' Brew's seventeen elemental strengths (one for each attacking type except typeless). Any time a direct damaging attack is used, the Brew's matching elemental strength is increased by the BAP* of the move (for example, Fire Blast increases the Brew's fire elemental strength by 12). If, however, the move has fixed damage instead of BAP, such as Super Fang or Dragon Rage, the elemental strength is increased by the move's energy cost (ignoring STAB) instead. The increase happens if the move is successfully performed, regardless of whether or not the move hits.

    Should the total of the Witches' Brew's elemental strengths ever equal or exceed 50, the cauldron will erupt at the end of the round and the Brew will splash over the base of the platform, causing the arena to transform in some way for the duration of the following round. If there is one highest elemental strength for the Brew, the arena transforms into one of these depending on which elemental strength is the highest:

    Normal (open)
    The platform turns from an earth-covered iron circle into grey plastic, as do the rocks and grass, though they can still be used as normal. The blandness of the platform rubs off on the pokemon. All items and abilities (including traits) are disabled and all pokemon become typeless, meaning they do not get STAB, weaknesses, resistances or immunities (for example, a Steel-type is now vulnerable to Poison-type moves and can be poisoned). The attacks, however, retain their typing. If, at the end of the round, a pokemon is suffering from a status that it is normally immune to, the status is removed unless this arena effect is refreshed.
    Fire (open)
    The ground turns into ash and volcanic rock with several fissures appearing in the rocky parts of the arena. Flames shoot out of these fissures at random. At the end of every action after other end-of-action effects have happened, there is a chance that a pokemon will get burned by the flames. This chance is equal to (size class) * 10%. In addition, the water in the water hole becomes much hotter, so moves that require an external water source other than Dive have a 10% burn chance in addition to their normal effects. Dive has a 10% chance of burning the user on the turn they go underwater.
    Water (open)
    The ground becomes sandy and the water level rises until it reaches 1ft above ground level. The deep water slows down the smaller pokemon in the arena. Size class 1 pokemon have their current speed reduced to 33%, size class 2 pokemon have theirs reduced to 50%, size class 3 pokemon have theirs reduced to 67% and size class 4 pokemon have theirs reduced to 75%. Flying, levitating and Water-type pokemon are exempt from this. The ability Swift Swim is activated by this effect unless it is already active due to rain.
    Grass (open)
    Writhing vines grow from the platform and cover the arena surface. These vines entangle all pokemon in the arena, keeping them in place. All speed boosts and drops are ignored for the round, moves that can't be used in Gravity will fail, and if a pokemon attempts to use a contact move, it pays the usual energy cost but the move fails as the vines prevent it from getting close enough to the opponent. Flying and levitating pokemon are vulnerable to all Ground-type moves while they are caught in the vines, although the final damage of any seismic moves used against such pokemon is reduced by 5 unless the pokemon is already affected by Smack Down or Gravity.
    Electric (open)
    The barrier around the platform and the ground near the edge are covered in electrically-charged iron mesh. If a pokemon is hit by an attack with 8 or more BAP*, there is a chance that the attack will knock the pokemon into the mesh. This chance is equal to (move BAP* - target weight class) * 5%. If the pokemon is knocked into the mesh, it is inflicted with 25% paralysis unless it is Ground-type or has the ability Limber. Lightningrod, Motor Drive and Volt Absorb do not provide immunity to this effect.
    Rock (open)
    The ground becomes much more rocky and several huge stalagmites appear on the platform’s surface. These can be used to take cover behind as per the Take Cover command described in the DAT. The stalagmites are treated as having a size class of 6 for this purpose. If a seismic move is used and its BAP* is at least 3 more than the stalagmites’ size class, the stalagmites’ size class is lowered by 1 (to a minimum of 1) and any pokemon taking cover behind stalagmites take damage from a 6 BAP physical Rock-type attack from rank 5 attack.
    Ground (open)
    The ground becomes much harder and very cracked and uneven. The platform vibrates violently, causing intense tremors that throw the pokemon off balance. By default, the pokemon will focus purely on the action they are taking; however, with each action, pokemon may choose to keep balance in addition to whatever they are doing. Keeping balance increases the energy cost of the action by 4, while if a pokemon does not keep balance, there is a 25% chance that the tremors throw it off and its action fails (though the energy cost is still paid). Flying and levitating pokemon are exempt from this. In addition, the move Dig causes 10 damage to the user plus 10 damage for every action they remain underground, and flying and levitating pokemon are not exempt from this.
    Flying (open)
    A lot of fans appear in the barrier and blow strong gusts of wind in random directions. Every time a pokemon tries to act, there is a chance that the winds will blow it about so much that it cannot act. This chance is equal to (9 - weight class) * 5%, or * 10% if the pokemon is flying or levitating. If a pokemon cannot act for this reason, it does not use any energy.
    Ice (open)
    The ground turns into ice, making the arena very slippery. Evading attacks by means of the Dodge command, evasive Agility and evasive Teleport is impossible as pokemon try to maintain their balance on the ice, while contact attacks have their final damage reduced by 5 for the same reason. Flying, levitating and Ice-type pokemon as well as those with the ability Suction Cups are exempt from this.
    Fighting (open)
    Some white markings are made in the ground to make the arena resemble a stadium of some kind, and a crowd appears around the edge of the arena and starts to call for a real fight. This results in all pokemon being unable to use non-damaging moves and commands as though they had been taunted. Any pokemon that are encored into a non-damaging move are no longer encored.
    Poison (open)
    Toxic sludge geysers appear in the ground and erupt at random. At the end of every action after other end-of-action effects have happened, there is a chance that a pokemon will get badly poisoned by the geysers. This chance is equal to (size class) * 10%. If the pokemon is already badly poisoned, the sludge increases the DPA by 1. If the pokemon already has regular poison, the sludge inflicts bad poison with an initial DPA of 3. In addition, the water in the water hole turns to acid, so moves that require an external water source other than Dive have their base power increased by 3 and corrode Steel-type targets. Dive does 10 damage to the user and corrodes them if they are a Steel-type.
    Psychic (open)
    Moving multi-coloured patterns appear on the barrier and the ground, making all pokemon think they’re tripping. This is reinforced by waves of psychic energy that are generated by the barrier and interfere with the pokemon’s minds. Every time a pokemon tries to act, there is a chance that the psychic energy will prevent it from performing its action. This chance is equal to (10 - special defence rank - special defence boosts) * 5%. Special defence drops count as negative special defence boosts and are added to the chance of failure. If a pokemon cannot act for this reason, it does not use any energy.
    Bug (open)
    The ground is covered in abnormally large plants and flowers that emit a scent that attracts a swarm of bees. Every time a pokemon uses a direct damaging move, there is a 20% chance that it will disturb the bees. If it does, that pokemon takes 10 damage at the end of each action until the end of the round. In addition, the scent is so calming that any Taunt and Torment effects are removed and the moves Taunt and Torment will fail if they are used (though the energy cost is still paid for each one).
    Ghost (open)
    The arena takes on the appearance of a graveyard and frightening ghosts rise up from the graves, terrifying all pokemon. If a pokemon flinches, it must return to its pokeball at the end of the round and be replaced by another pokemon unless switching is not allowed or there are no available replacements. Ghost-type pokemon and pokemon with the ability Steadfast or Scrappy are exempt from this and pokemon with the ability Intimidate must flinch twice before being forced out. In addition, all actions have their energy cost increased by 2 and chilling restores no energy. Only Ghost-type pokemon and pokemon with the ability Scrappy are exempt from this.
    Dragon (open)
    The ground changes to bloodstained ash and scorched grass and a glowing crystal appears in the air above the water hole. The crystal gives off an aura that makes all pokemon feel more powerful, causing the final damage of all direct damaging moves to be increased by 10 and their energy costs to be reduced by 2 (to a minimum of 1). In addition, if a pokemon uses a move with 14 or more BAP*, that pokemon’s relevant attacking stat is boosted to +6 regardless of whether or not the move hit.
    Dark (open)
    While the texture of the ground remains unchanged, the colour changes to pitch black and shadow duplicates of all pokemon emerge from the water hole. Every time a pokemon uses a direct damaging move, its shadow duplicate does damage to the target(s) of that move immediately after, even if the move failed to damage them. This damage is equal to the BAP* of the move used. If the move has fixed damage instead of BAP, the shadow duplicate's damage is equal to the energy cost of the move instead.
    Steel (open)
    The ground turns into iron with small amounts of rocks and grass being available in large glass containers. The iron arena is so hard that any attempt at digging through it will fail (though the energy cost is still paid). The water hole is removed, meaning moves that require an external water source will fail, and a cannon takes its place. Pokemon of size class 4 or less can fire themselves out of the cannon for (8 + (weight class / 2)) energy. Firing oneself out of the cannon is a physical typeless attack with a BAP equal to (12 + weight class), 75% accuracy and a charge-up priority of +1 and a hit priority of -1, but multi-hit moves like Fury Swipes do not disrupt it. Only one pokemon may use the cannon at a time, so if a second pokemon tries to get into the cannon, it fails and does not pay the energy cost.

    If, when the cauldron erupts, there is a tie for the highest elemental strength, then the arena will transform into this:

    Elemental Amalgamation (open)
    Due to the conflicting elemental properties of the brew, the arena tries to transform in two or more very different ways. After some shaking, the arena transforms into an elemental amalgamation, meaning it is part bloodstained ash, part volcanic rock, part giant grass, part ice, part upward-flowing water, part toxic sludge, part dark matter, part electrically-charged iron and part patterned plastic. As if that wasn’t screwed up enough, injury and healing are swapped around, so any time a pokemon would normally take damage, it heals that amount of HP instead. Likewise, whenever a pokemon would normally restore HP, it loses that amount of HP instead.

    *BAP is used to refer to the base power of the move before all modifiers (including STAB) except the following: Technician, multi-target reduction and multi-hit hit roll.
  17. Maxim


    Jul 15, 2009
    I'll also be taking Rediamond's challenge.

    All Abilities

    EDIT: My match still needs a subref. It's on the previous page...
  18. Fire Blast

    Fire Blast

    Jul 11, 2010
    I'll test out my reffing formatter.

  19. Axmaster68


    Jun 9, 2011
    Triple confirming the tag battle way up there (sorry I'm a bit late)
  20. Orcinus Duo

    Orcinus Duo Banned deucer.

    Aug 23, 2011
    This again
  21. The Royal Guard

    The Royal Guard

    Sep 20, 2011
    Originally Posted by Fat Ragnarokalex
    reposting my challange with a couple tweaks

    6v6 Brawl
    1.5 Day DQ/3 for Ref
    2 Recovers/0 Chills
    ASB Arena for simplicity for ref, if ref would like to do something more complicated then it is their choice
    3 Subs per team per round, the 3 must be split amongst your mons as either specific chance substitutions for a single mon, or broad KO subs that can affect multiple mons.

    Also items being on or at least set to training would be appreciated
    OK, let's do this!

    Items = On
    Abilities = One

    Reffing this
    Arena:THE REF'S MIND
  22. TheMogRunner


    May 4, 2011
    Accepting Orcinus Duo

    Abilities: all
    Items: no
    Switch: lol
  23. The Wanderer

    The Wanderer

    Nov 2, 2011
    Still need a ref for this and my battle with Yarnus further up the page.

    Also, still looking for an opponent in this battle - waterwarrior has agreed to ref.
  24. TheMogRunner


    May 4, 2011
    Taking this,PM your crazy mons~!
  25. Ullar


    Nov 8, 2011
    Open Challenge!

    3v3 Triples
    1 FE/1 Middlemon/1 NFE
    3 Day DQ
    2 Recoveries/5 Chills
    Arena: Smash Forest

    Just like the ASB Arena battling-wise, but this forest has...a certain secret to it.
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