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Axmaster, Maxim, King Serperior, and I will be dropping our matches and join together for a Tag Battle!
waterwarrior and King Serperior vs. Axmaster and Maxim

Tag Battle Singles- 1 Pokemon each
Training Battle
2 Day DQ
2 recoveries/ chills
1 Substitution
No items
Switch = KO
Arena- Glacier Knight's Library of Abilities!
Field Type- Neutral
Complexity- Moderate
Format- Singles/Doubles/Triples
Restrictions- Artificial arena, low ceiling, no seismic acitivity, always all abilities

Library of Abilites:
Somewhere deep in the empirical city (no not the famous one, the lesser known empirical city), lies a forgotten place of magical literature, The Etheral Libraries. This majestic palace of a place is getting older due to no one taking care of it, but it still holds a pwerful secret; The books! they hold descriptive passages of every known ability of man and pokemon. and since this place is magic, when you battle here the books come alive! they miss being used (refer to the kitchen ware fom beauty and the beast), and they will willignly let you use their power! As you send a pokemon in, two random books will soar straight into your pokemon, and with a flash of power, they will be incapable of using their original abilites! but fret not, they will have two new abilites! weather its for good or worse, we know not, but it sure does make for an intersting battle!

Ref RNGs two abilites for each pokemon. If a pokemon is FE then they get 3 RNG'd abilities.

The arena is 200 feet by 200 feet, square shaped. the walls of this arena are tall and dusty book shelves, and the floor is covered in a deep pruple and gold carpet, giving the place an old but magical feel. there are some lights, not too much though. every pokemon can see just fine though
Everyone involved has confirmed, still don't have a ref.
Also, cant believe this was never established, but LC mons only.
Originally posted by fat Yarnus of Bethany
Challenging the Wanderer
Whatever arena you want
3v3 doubles
2 chills/ 0 recovers
36 hour DQ
^So what you're saying is you want doubles instead of singles, amirite? Alright then.

Switch = Still KO
Items = Still No
Abilities = Still One
And the arena is...
Yume Nikki (♫High the Dream)
Field Type: Depends on the battlefield (see below)
Complexity: Ridiculously Intense
Restrictions: Depends on the battlefield (see below)

Description: The pokemon fight within the dreams of a little girl who may or may not be severely messed up. Who knows what could happen...

At the end of each round, unless using an effect dictates otherwise, the ref will RNG d4. Depending on what is rolled, the corresponding event happens:

1. Nothing happens - Continue the battle as normal.
2. Change battlefield - Change the arena (See Battlefields).
3. Effect - RNG a player. That player gains an effect (see effects).
4. Arena Event - What happens depends on the arena the battle is currently in (See Battlefields).

Battlefields: If the RNG at the end of the round lands on a 2, the ref will RNG d5. Whatever number it lands on, the environment will turn into the corresponding arena:

1. The Nexus - A creepy place full of aztec-like paintings on the floor and a circle of doors in the center. This arena is pretty vanilla, as despite there being no plants, water, or even dust, it is somehow possible to use any move in your repertoire. This is the arena at the start of the battle.
Field Type: Neutral
Restrictions: None
Arena Event: Strange eggs pop up in front of the pokemon. Each player gains an effect.

2. Snowfield - A vast field of snow, the occasional tree, and a few igloos. It is always hailing, and only the umbrella effect can override this. There's no water source, unless you have a fire move to melt some of the snow. Also, there's too much snow to take advantage of Grass Knot.
Field Type: Ice
Restrictions: Always hailing (only umbrella effect can change the weather), no water source initially, no Grass Knot
Arena Event: Brrr! All pokemon in play are frozen. Ice- and fire-types are immune to this.

3. Corpse Road - A rainy, forested highway with a dead body in the center, hit by a car, most likely. It is always raining, and only the yukionna effect can override this. Puddles are everywhere, making moves like surf viable.
Field Type: Ghost
Restrictions: Always raining (only yukionna effect can change the weather)
Arena Event: Your pokemon swears it sees that corpse twitching...for next three actions, all pokemon in play suffer -2 to their attack and special attack stats.

4. Pastel Lake - An island in a strangely pink body of water and balloons floating in the sky. If the pokemon is not holding an item, it can grab onto one and gain the benefits of an air balloon - however, it will only work in this arena. There's also an odd house that's home to a girl with a ponytail...and a horrifying abomination, too...
Field Type: Water
Restrictions: Pokemon gains air balloon if not already holding an item (disappears at end of battle/switching of arena)
Arena Event: It's Uboa! And he's scared the crap out of your pokemon! For the next six actions (or whenever the arena changes, whichever comes first), each pokemon in play has a 50% chance of being unable to attack. Ghost-types are immune to this.

5. White Desert - A vast, desolate realm where the sky is black and everything else is stark white. There's no water or plants; just Monoko, a bizarre girl with limbs sticking out of every part of her body...
Field Type: Ground
Restrictions: No water source, No Grass Knot
Arena Event: Monoko starts spinning around recklessly, crashing into your pokemon. All pokemon in play suffer a fixed, typeless 15 damage that bypasses substitutes and any means of evasion.

Effects: Occasionally, the RNG may bestow a player with an effect. In which case, the ref will RNG d100 to determine just which effect that is. Some effects are passive and last only for a round; others allow for a single use, but can only be used within the round. Passive effects take effect the moment you get them, while usable effects take up a single action, do not cost any energy, and has a priority of -9. Moreover, non-damaging effects can be used even while taunted. Only one team member at a time can use an effect, so if you get one in a doubles or triples battle, you will have to choose which pokemon gets it. The effects are as follows:

1-10: Bicycle (Passive) - The pokemon rides a bicycle, and gains +1 priority to all its attacks for the next round.
11-20: Lamp (Passive) - The pokemon's head turns into a lamp, illuminating any and all weak spots. All of the pokemon's attacks will bypass any type immunities or abilities that would negate damage for the next round. Any other effects of said abilities, however, will still take effect (e.g. using a fire attack on a pokemon with flash fire would do damage, but still boost the power of his fire moves).
21-30: Nopperabou (Passive) - The pokemon's face disappears, and gains the ghost type and all its benefits (in addition to its current types) for the next round. If the pokemon is already ghost-type, it gains +2 to its attack and special attack instead.
31-40: Frog (Passive) - The pokemon's head turns into that of a frog, and gains the water type and all its benefits (in addition to its current types) for the next round. If the pokemon is already water-type, it gains +2 to its defense and special defense instead.
41-50: Yukionna (Usable) - The pokemon turns into the snow woman and summons a hailstorm that lasts for 6 actions, even in the corpse road.
51-60: Umbrella (Usable) - The pokemon sports an umbrella and summons rain that lasts for 6 actions, even in the snowfield.
61-70: Demon (Usable) - The pokemon turns into a red-skinned demon and uses the attack Thunderbolt. If it's raining, the pokemon will use Thunder instead, with a 30% chance of bypassing protect/detect. Either way, this attack costs no energy.
71-80: Hat and Scarf (Usable) - The pokemon dons a winter hat and scarf and uses the attack Ice Beam. If it's hailing, the pokemon will use Blizzard instead, with a 30% chance of bypassing protect/detect. Either way, this attack costs no energy.
81-90: Stoplight (Usable) - The pokemon turns into a stoplight, cures both itself and its target of taunt, and renders a single opponent unable to use damaging moves or taunt for the rest of the round. The user cannot use such attacks either in that same timeframe. Moreover, If the current arena is the white desert when this is used, The RNG will be skipped at the end of the round, and the arena event will be triggered.
91-99: Medamaude (Usable) - The pokemon's head turns into a hand with an eye in the palm and does a fixed, typeless 15 damage to a single opponent that bypasses substitutes or any means of evasion (like a Machamp with No Guard). If the arena is not the Nexus when Medamaude is used, the RNG at the end of the round will be skipped and the arena will change to the Nexus.
100: Knife (Usable) - The pokemon bypasses substitutes and any and all means of evasion, and stabs a single opponent with a kitchen knife, resulting in an automatic KO - no ifs, ands or buts. A player may not use this effect in a 1v1 singles match, a match where his opponent has only one pokemon left, or if he's already used the knife earlier in the battle. If the ref RNGs a knife in any of these cases, s/he will reroll.
This as got to be the craziest thing I have ever done, and I would really like to put some good flavor into this. ME REFFING! PM me your mons
(It might be a little over 36 hours)


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Looking for another battle

Training battle, NFE only
2v2 Doubles
Restricted moves: No Chills
ASB Arena
Training Items only
DQ Time: 1 day

I'll leave Ability clause to the challenger.
So! I think I'mma set up a battle to ref. Here's the details:
6v6 FE singles
2 days DQ
2 subs
Recoveries/chills: Up to first player to accept
Items: Up to first player to accept
Abilities: Up to second player to accept
Switch: Up to second player to accept
And the arena is...
The Tower of Heaven (♫Stairway to Revelation)
Field Type: Flying
Complexity: Intense
Format: All

Restrictions: No water source, No digging, No rain or hail, No Grass Knot

Description: About 20m in diameter, this battlefield is the aerie of the Tower of Heaven, a colossus that extends high into the atmosphere, and home to an entity simply known as the Deity. Golden blocks litter the battlefield, about two to three meters apart, and are both a size and weight class of 1. The battlefield is so high up that it pierces the clouds, which makes rain and hail impossible, but the open sky and all the dust atop the tower make sun and sandstorms viable. The floor is made of tough, thick stone, and is thus impossible to dig through. It's also devoid of water or vegetation, so Grass Knot or certain water moves like surf are impossible. While a pokemon that can fly or levitate can return to the battlefield if s/he is thrown off the tower, those who can't will fall to their deaths (translation: instant KO). Seismic moves are allowed, as the tower somehow repairs damage to it by itself. Finally, since the Deity does run this tower, you must adhere to whatever law He dictates, or else He's gonna smite ya.

The Book of Laws: At the end of each round, the ref will rng d20. Whatever number it hits, the corresponding law in the list below will be in effect for the following round. If a law is explicitly defined to take place on a certain round (e.g. "thou shalt not waste my time" in round 20), then that law will be in effect instead. Only one law will be in effect at a time.

Each pokemon involved in the battle has an individual smite counter, which is set to 1. At the end of each round, if a pokemon at some point in the round has broken the law currently in effect, the deity will smite the offending pokemon, dealing a typeless (10 * smite counter) in damage. Following penalty, the offending pokemon's smite counter will be increased by 1, to a maximum of 5. Switching the pokemon out will reset its smite counter to 1.

The potential laws are as follows:

1: The Book of Laws is blank - No law is in effect this round. Go nuts! By default, this law will be in effect during the first round of battle.
2: Thou shalt not touch the golden blocks - The pokemon may not touch any of the golden blocks littered on the battlefield. If a pokemon is knocked to the ground or hit with a critical, the ref will rng d6. If a 6 is rolled, the pokemon accidentally touches a golden block and will be penalized. Moves that employ telekinesis to throw golden blocks at a foe will not result in a penalty - in fact, connecting such an attack will penalize the enemy!
3: Thou shalt not shake the earth - The pokemon may not use any seismic moves.
4: Thou shalt not touch another living being - The pokemon may not make physical contact with each other or any other living being (e.g. bullet seed, leech seed). If one pokemon touches the other, both will be penalized.
5: Thou shalt not leave the ground - The pokemon may not fly, levitate, jump, or otherwise be in the air. If a pokemon is knocked away or hit with a critical, the ref will rng d6. If a 6 is rolled, the pokemon is lifted from the ground briefly and will be penalized.
6: Thou shalt not walk - The pokemon may not walk, run or slither across the ground. The pokemon may, however, jump across the ground, fly or otherwise travel through the air, provided it doesn't need to walk or run to get momentum going.
7: Thou shalt not tamper with the weather - The pokemon may not use any weather-changing moves or abilities, like sunny day, sand stream or the weather-clearing command of cloud nine. Any current weather in play will not be affected.
8: Thou shalt not incapacitate - The pokemon may not use moves that induce status ailments. Any status inducing moves (e.g. toxic spikes) that were in play before this law came into effect are excluded.
9: Thou shalt not flee - Switching pokemon is prohibited in this round. If a pokemon does switch out, the deity will smite it before the switch takes effect, rather than at the end of the round like usual. If the ref rngs this law in a battle where switching out results in a KO, then s/he will treat it as if s/he rolled a 1 instead.
10: Thou shalt not invoke [type] - Moves of the type specified by the law are prohibited. The ref will rng d17 to determine the type:
1: Normal
2: Fire
3: Water
4: Electric
5: Grass
6: Ice
7: Fighting
8: Poison
9: Ground
10: Flying
11: Psychic
12: Bug
13: Rock
14: Ghost
15: Dragon
16: Dark
17: Steel
11: Thou shalt not be a coward - The pokemon may only use damaging moves. You may use non-damaging moves in a combo attack, provided the combined attack does damage (e.g. Weather Ball with Will-o-wisp). Moreover, the cooldown that follows a combo move will not result in a penalty.
12: Thou shalt not kill - The pokemon may not directly KO the opponent. KOing a pokemon through indirect damage (e.g. Toxic, Leech Seed) will not result in a penalty.
13: Thou shalt not heal - The pokemon may not use recovery or chills. If the ref rngs this law in a battle where recovery is prohibited to begin with, then s/he will treat it as if s/he rolled a 1 instead.
14: Thou shalt not harm - The pokemon may only use non-damaging moves. Indirect damaging moves like toxic or leech seed are allowed.
15: Thou shalt not protect thyself - The pokemon may not dodge or otherwise attempt to prevent damage done to itself (e.g. using barrier to deflect contact moves).
16: Thou shalt not employ thine talents - The pokemon may not use ablilties that can be activated or enabled. If an ability can be disabled, it must be disabled before the end of the round to avoid penalty. Traits and innate abilities will not be penalized.
17: Thou shalt not overpower thine foe - If the percentage of the pokemon's HP exceeds the percentage of its foe's HP by at least 40% by the end of the round (e.g. yours is at 90% HP while your foe's is at 12%), the pokemon will suffer a penalty.
18: Thou shalt not be a weakling - If the percentage of the pokemon's HP is less than the percentage of its foe's HP by at least 40% by the end of the round (e.g. yours is at 12% HP while your foe's is at 90%), the pokemon will suffer a penalty.
19: Thou shalt not speak - Sound-based moves are prohibited.
20: Thou shalt not inflict grievous damage - If a pokemon's attack lands a critical hit, it suffers a penalty.

There's also a law that always takes effect on the 20th round, and again every additional ten rounds:

Thou shalt not waste my time
- The deity is pissed at how long the fight's taking, and smites both pokemon at the end of the round. What an asshole!

So who's up to the task?
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