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Banned deucer.

2 v 2 NFE Singles
2 Recovers/5 Chills
DQ: 48 Hours
Abilities: All
Switch: KO
Items: On
Substitutions: 1 per turn
Arena: Spring ASB Stadium
Description: The standard ASB field, with a few differences. At the beginning of each round, a random wether effect from the list of Rain, Hail, Sun, or Sandstorm will be chosen to effect the match. With each weather, there is a 25% chance that a Castform will appear, knowing only Weatherball. It will attack each trainer once per round, and whoever KOs it gets an additional KO counter. The Castform has a Hardy nature and no item.

Switch= KO
All abilities
Items Disabled

You goin' down

4v4 Doubles
I would prefer training items only.
2 recoveries/5 chills per mon.
DQ=2 days
ASB Arena, with a twist:

The base weather is PERMANENT HAIL.

Rain moves/abilities change Hail to Sleet rather than Rain, which behaves as follows:
-All Hail-based abilities trigger, and mons who lack Hail immunity take 2 DPT as usual.
-All Rain-based abilities trigger except for Swift Swim.
-Fire-type moves have reduced BP a la Rain, which Water types have increased BP a la Rain.
-Hurricane and Thunder have 85% accuracy.
-Blizzard has perfect accuracy.
-Weather Ball is Water-type.
-Castform is Water/Ice-type.

Sandstorm moves/abilities change Hail to Debris rather than Sandstorm, which behaves as follows:
-All Hail-based abilities trigger, and mons who lack Hail immunity take 2 DPT as usual.
-All Sand-based abilities trigger.
-Pokemon who lack immunity to Hail take 2 DPT, while Pokemon that lack immunity to Sand take 2 DPT. Pokemon that lack immunity to either take 4 DPT.
-Rock-types experience no special defense increase.
-Blizzard has perfect accuracy.
-Weather Ball is Rock-type.
-Castform is Rock/Ice-type.

Sun moves/abilities result in Diamond Dust, which behaves as follows:
-All Hail-based abilities trigger, and mons who lack Hail immunity take 2 DPT as usual.
-Flower Gift triggers, but no other Sun-based abilities do so. If the ref wishes they may change Cherrim's Sunny sprite to a poinsettia.
-Fire-type moves receive a 1 BP boost rather than a 3 BP boost. Water-type moves receive the full 3 BP drop.
-Synthesis heals the amount under weatherless conditions, as do Moonlight and Morning Sun.
-Solarbeam has no charge time and hits for 12 BP.
-Blizzard has perfect accuracy.
-Thunder/Hurricane have 60% accuracy.
-Weather Ball is Fire-type.
-Castform is Fire/Ice-type.
-Freeze rates on moves are halved.

Air Lock changes the weather to Hail and prevents Sleet, Debris, or Diamond Dust.
Cloud Nine is changed to the following:
-Pokemon with Cloud Nine will suffer no Hail damage but retain Blizzard's perfect accuracy against them.
-Diamond Dust and Sleet do not increase damage from Fire or Water against them.
-Diamond Dust and Sleet do not reduce the damage of their Fire or Water attacks.
-Debris deals no damage to them.
-Solarbeam has normal BP in all weathers. Diamond Dust means no charge time.
-Solarbeam always charges against them with 6 BP outside of Diamond Dust.
-Thunder and Hurricane have 70% accuracy when used against Cloud Nine mons under weathers besides Diamond Dust, and 60% under that.
-Thunder and Hurricane have 70% accuracy when used by Cloud Nine mons under weathers besides Sleet, which gives 85% accuracy.
-The active effect of Cloud Nine returns the weather to pure Hail.
Sounds like Weather-based fun. =]

Abilities = All
Old Substitution Rules
Ref, please?

4v4 FE Doubles (IAR will bring 8, choose 4)
2 Day DQ Time
2 Substitutions
2 Recoveries/5 Chills per mon
All Abilities
Arena: IAR's Ground Gym (Working Name)
Field Type: Ground
Complexity: Intense
Format: All

Restrictions: No Natural Grass, Only Sandstorm & Clear weather permitted, Sky Drop, Bounce & Fly do not gain enough altitude to evade, Poorly-lit Indoor arena

Description: Just a Tenative. In the works & is now being battle-tested to see if this arena would be good enough for ASB Gym Administration standards without being too good, ahead of my Job as Ground Type Gym Leader.


  • Mud patches around the arena have enough water to be considered usable as an external Water Source.
    • However, all the mud means that such attacks become Ground Type moves.
    • These attacks can still be nullified by Storm Drain.
    • Any Pokemon hiding in Mud Patches through the use of moves like Dive can also be affected by seismic moves at x2 Power.
  • Because of the humidity of the arena, any Water & Ice Type move used by any non-Ground Type Pokemon have their BAP reduced by 3 (Ground Types are used to such humidity).
    • This includes Water-Type moves converted into Ground Type moves due to needing a water source.
  • If two Pokemon on the same team use non-Single target move that has 0 Priority, AND a Pokemon with a speed stat in-between the fastest & the slowest users of the move in question uses a move with 0 priority, then that move in question will be treated as -1 priority attack for the action.
^Sure, why not? They're pretty fresh, but I got four mons to work with.
No Ref == No Ground Type Gym anytime soon... =/
Sure, I'll take it Rajaion Tagami.

Arena: The Weather Institute
At the beginning of each round, each weather (Sand, Rain, Sun, Hail) has a 25% chance of being used for that round. Weather inducing moves (Sandstorm, Rain Dance, Sunny Day, Hail) will not change the weather.


Banned deucer.
2v2 LC Singles
2 Day DQ
2 recovery / 5 chill
Arena: The Anomaly
The anomaly appears to be a completely blank, white space. There is no heads or tails, no sky or ground. If an attack or ability demands something, it appears. Then it disappears just as if it never existed. It seems to be an ideal arena. Unfortunately it's so fricking odd, every action each mon has a 5% chance of going mad. If this happens, for the rest of the round the Pokemon will use a random attack from its movepool for each action. The next round, their Pokemon will have returned to sanity. However, that doesn't mean they can't go crazy again.

any takers?
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