Data Battle Tower (For all your Match-Seeking Needs!)

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A special arena!
2 Vs 2 Singles, FE
1 Sub
You don't have time to rest in a Kai (0/0 Recoveries/Chills)
No items
Switch=Burned by the Fire Sages
All Abilities
The Arena: Agni Kai- the duel of fire
While not neccessarily all about fire, this arena invokes the true power of a Pokemon. The arena is the fire nation palace courtyard. Grass covers it, and a lone tree grows next to a boulder by a small pond filled with turtledoves. As such, all moves are usable, however, the elements are at their strongest. It is 100 years since the fateful duel between Zuko and Azula, and Sozin's Comet once again roars over the planet, casting the arena in an eerie red light, doubling the base attack power of Fire and Lightning type attacks. However, this time is very different from the last, as Sozin's Comet arrive during a full moon, doubling the base attack power of all water and ice type moves. It seems as if all the elements are in a rage, and a terrible wind shoots across the arena, doubling the base attack power of all flying type and wind moves. (Heat Wave's boosts do not stack) As the trainers prepare to battle, the ground shifts and becomes loose from a mighty earthquake, and all Ground, Rock, and steel type attacks have their base attack power doubled. It seems a day of true chaos within the elements.
-All attacks usable
-The BAP of all Fire, Lightning, Water, Ice, Air, Rock, Ground, Steel type moves, along with wind based moves, is doubled.
-Heat Wave boosts do not stack
Who cares to accept my Kai?
I'll accept, though I haven't watched legend of korra (which I assume this is) and my pokemon are gonna get raped by this arena.
Yeah, I'll ref this. PM me teams, I'll get the thread up later tonight.


formerly Doran Dragon
im back.

2v2 little cup singles
2 day dq
2 heals/2 chills
Field Type: Steel/Poison
Complexity: Moderate
Format: All
No Weather
Artificial Field
Limited Ceiling
No Digging
No Water Source

A simple Autoshop, a place where people take their cars to be serviced. Today bussiness is booming. With the exhaust of all the cars stinking up the room when the doors close, things can get pretty dangerous. Most cars are on the ground and can be used to hide behind, and can be destroyed with too much damage, but a few cars are aloft. A large area for battle has been crafted in the middle of the shop.

10% chance each turn for the large shop doors to open or close.
For each turn the doors are closed exhaust levels rise by 5% every turn and Poison type attacks get a 5% attack boost, capping at 25%.
The exhaust levels return to 0% when the doors open.
When exhaust levels reach 25%, Toxic becomes more potent and is able to effect steel type pokemon without acid corrosion, and effects all other pokemon except poison types, steel types, and pokemon with immunity with regular poison that goes away when exhaust levels return to 0%.
About 6 cars that can be used to Take Cover behind, or throw even, 3 small (class 3 size, Class 6 weight, 40 hp) 2 Medium (class 4 size, class 6 weight, 65 hp), and 1 large (class 4 size, class 7 weight, 90 hp)
Doran I'll take that.
2 subs
All abilities
Training items
We need a ref for this. Also a second challenge of this is still open for who ever.
Accepting C$FP.


New challenge since I need to train my mons up.

5v5 Daycare Triples (1 FE, 4 NFEs)
2 Day DQ
2 Subs per mon
Arena: ASB Arena
Infinite recoveries/chills
Open Challenge

1vs1 Singles
1 Day DQ
Items On
Switch off
All Abilities
2 Subs
5/5 Chills, Recovers

Arena: Opponent Picks from Glacier_Knight's Arenas (Can be found in the compedium link below, page 1 and 2)
Sorry Doran, that was sposed to be a match between me and Glacier over IRC lol, im gonna have to claim that out from under ya,

anyway picking this arena:

Field Type- Neutral
Complexity- Simple
Format- Singles
Restrictions- No water source

Leroy's TM shop: Ever since he was a little kid, Leroy has been amazed by the moves of pokemon. From the dazzling Flamethrowers to even the simplest Tackle, Leroy was quite fond of their displays of talent. As he grew older he started to collect moves, in the form of TMs, hoarding hundreds of TMs and HMs, keeping them secure for a special occasion. When his Father died and left him a large sum of money, he was distraught. Leroy spent most of the inheritance on more TM's drowning his sorry in possessions. After wallowing in greif several months later, Leroy finally recovered, and realized his true potential! He had all these dazzling moves, why not give all the greatest trainers acess to them? Spending the remainig inheritence on an old pokemart, Leroy renovated the store and created the one and only Move Emporium!

Leroy's collection of TMs and HMs has reached over 2,000, and he is proud to day that he has collected every single TM and Hm known to man kind! and it gets even better hwn you learn the price of his wares are FREE! But theres more to it. Leroy loves seeing moves in action, so he allows you to grab some TMs and them first hand! He has a small arena behind his shop, and you and a buddy will duke it out! of course only the winner gets to keep the TM moves. Leroy is also a certified move deleter, and will take the wonderful moves away from the user.

The arena is 100 feet by 100 feet, square shaped. the ground is soft grass, and small rocks. There are a few trees, and the weather is cloudy but sunny. No water!

Each person sends the ref 4 TM/HMs or any generation with their battling pokemon (be sure to highlight them or add them seperatly). in the battle all pokemon can use the moves their trainer has selected. The winning team gets to keep their TM/HM moves, but they do not get the 2MC from a regular battle. The loser does not get to keep the 4 TM/HM per pokemon, but still gets the 2MC per pokemon.
Acutally, i do have a second slot. So yes, i will be having a similar match with Doran dragon.

i now have 2 matches that need refs
they are both:
1vs1 Singles
1 Day DQ
Items On
Switch off
All Abilities
2 Subs
5/5 Chills, Recovers

Arena: Opponent Picks from Glacier_Knight's Arenas (Can be found in the compedium link below, page 1 and 2)

Alex picked the Tm shop, Doran, pick an arena


formerly Doran Dragon
i choose toxic wasteland
Field Type- Poison/Flying
Complexity- Intense
Format- Singles
Restrictions- All weather except Rain banned, No water access, No digging, No seismic activity, No Fire pokemon, Pokemon with fire moves cannot use them

Toxic wasteland: This sludgy arena is only for pokemon quick on there feet and witty trainers. The floor is a nauseous combination of grime, chemicals, and waste, and if any pokemon that doesn’t have immunity to it (poison type or special ability) falls in they will be badly poisoned. There is good news however; this wasteland once used to be a thriving forest, and there are still some remaining trees. Some are decayed, but most adapted to the toxic sludge and grew to great proportions (all trees that aren’t decayed are thirty feet tall and eight feet thick, with large branches). Also, when the forest was still intact many hermits lived in the trees, creating walkways from tree to tree. Most of these still remain, though with a simple attack they will break and fall into the deadly goo below. Also, because of the chemicals and whatnot, this area cannot be a battling site for fire types (if their flames touched the waste below the whole area would combust, making all pokemon above crispy roadkill). The weather here is always dank and dreary, with the clouds hanging lowly over the desolate area. Sometimes it does rain, but it never hails. Water is of the past here and must be generated if used. Summary: obviously no dig/earthquake, no water anywhere (though it might rain, 10% chance). No sun, sandstorm, or hail. Fire types cannot battle in this field, and if a pokemon has a fire type move (E.g medicham with fire punch) they cannot use it. If a pokemon falls into the waste below it will be as if they were hit by the move toxic (starts off doing one (1) HP per action and increased by one each round until it reaches five (5) HP per action). Poison types will not be harmed by the sludge and can roam freely in it (the waste is about four feet deep though and is very thick).
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