Data Battle Tower (For all your Match-Seeking Needs!)

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Open Challenge
1vs1 FE
1day DQ
all abilities
2/5 recoveries, chills
1 sub
Items on
no switch

Field Type: Ice
Complexity: Moderate
Format: All
Restrictions: see mechanics

*Ten Years Ago*

"Yes my dear child? What's the matter, why are you crying?"
"Mommy, truffles was battling a staryu and got hurt by a water attack!"
"Yes baby, He's part ground, that means-"
"But mommy! He's Ice too! doesn't ice resist water?"
"Sorry hun, but that's not how it works."
"WHA? but mommy it makes sens-"
"Perhaps dear. but it just doesn't work that way. Now go draw mommy a picture."
"Sniff. Okay...."

As he grew, that little boy also found that Ice did not resist anything besides itself. It was also weak to things that the boy couldn't even believe. It was his favorite type, and the boy thought to himself, "Why is this so? Ice should resist certain things. It makes sense!"

That boy was me. And i promised to find a way to allow Ice types the justice they deserved. i traveled the globe for proof and clues, and ingredients to enact my master plan. Finally, with enough supplies and money, i created an artificial habitat that would allow Ice types to experience what they deserve.

This is the Pure Chill Experiment.

The Pure Chill Experiment is taken place in a large square room, 500 feet long and 500 feet wide. The ceiling is 20 feet high. The walls are lined with steel, but most of the steel has ice formed on it. Even if a section does not have ice on it, it is extremely cold to touch. The Floor is coated in ice as well, though it is not very thick. The room acts as freezer, keeping the cool in and pulling the heat out. This Area is quite simple and plain-jane, but I have created the perfect conditions for ice types. The exact temperature (kept classified), alongside key substances and elements in the air (also kept classified), give Ice the ability to resist certain types they weren't able to before! This arena gives Ice pokemon the resists they deserve. its only natural, after all.

-The Ice Type now resists Grass, Water, and Ground. Also, Rock is not super-effective against Ice. Ice is super-effective against Rock. Rock attacks do neutral damage to Ice Types.
-The floor has ice, so every action non-ice pokemon have a 5% chance to slip and take 10 damage (Pokemon with Levitate/Suction Cups/Anchor Body are not effected)
-Because the room is lined with steel, Dig cannot be used
-Weather does not work here and cannot be summoned
-Scald is the only water attack that Ice Types do not resist
1v1 [Don't care on level I'm bringing NFE though] (Only Send one)
1 sub
Asb Arena
∞ Chills/Recovers
1 Ability
Items: On
Switch: = Glaciers mind (A place where all good things die)
1 Day DQ
1v1 [Don't care on level I'm bringing NFE though] (Only Send one)
1 sub
Asb Arena
∞ Chills/Recovers
1 Ability
Items: On
Switch: = Glaciers mind (A place where all good things die)
1 Day DQ

Challenging <NJigglypuff> to a match

3v3 Triples
Items = Training Items
1 Sub

This arena is an ancient and wonderous place. The central (and only feature) is an ENORMOUS crystal in the center of the arena 20ft above the ground that glows with a special aura. The crystal mimics a random pokemon type, radiaiting that type(which is completly random) the effect of this glow gives any pokemon of the same type a bonus of one rank (1) to all of it's stats while penalizing any pokemon of a opposite type (ie, fire aura weakens grass, bug, steel, ice) the second effect strengthens any attack of the same type by adding +3 to it's BAP(it weakens attacks of the opposite type ie fire aura weakens fire, bug, steel, ice type moves) the aura switches after every round. The arena consists of a fifty(50) foot prefect circle with no walls, the ground itself is marble meaning, No digging! Going outside this 50 foot arena means a 5 hp reduction. and you're teleported directly under the crystal. the lighting is simulated daylight with the execption of dark which completly darkens the field. hopefully i don't get to many questions about this arena(because I hopefully explained it well).
Need a ref

And Aweshucks and Rickheg, send me the mons for that babysitter!
Challenging Classy
2v2 Singles NFE
asb arena
One ability
Items = Classy is a whiny bitch so he gets to choose.
2 subs
2 chill/no recover
1 day DQ
3v3 FE triples
2 day DQ
2 substitutions per mon
Training Items
0 chills/recoveries
Unown Soup
All abilities

Whoever accepts this, know that I'll be using three Water types, so please don't bring more than one Electric or Grass type, but you probably shouldn't bring a couple of Fire types either (do that if you want, though)


heralds disaster.
Challenging GLACIER to a Swinub battle!

1v1 Freshmon Swinub battle
Coinflip turn order.
2 substitutions
All abilities
Items On
The Rift

Field Type: Grass, Flying
Complexity: Complex
Format: Singles
Traits: No Digging, No Seismic Attacks, No Water Source

An open arena, with a large central castle surrounded by several smaller turrets and towers floating in the air. The castle's structure will randomly shift around, drastically changing the environment: turrets will appear in mid-air upside down, towers will stack up on each other, and some buildings will vanish altogether. Only the central castle's base will remain unchanged, though the keep in the center of the base and the bridges around it will still shift.

Omega Shift - At the end of each round, the referee will roll for three properties from the list below. Those three properties will be in effect during the next round, and stack with themselves. Each round, the effects are wiped clean and replaced with three new properties.

Resplendence - Increases effect chances by 10% flat, after Serene Grace and Oaths.
Inversion - The type chart is inverted; weaknesses become resistances and vice-versa. On a second helping of Inversion, battlers trade En totals, and on a third helping of Inversion they trade HP totals.
Incitement - Each mon's Attack and Sp. Attack stages increases by 2.
Hippocratics - Damage is decreased by 10 after all other modifiers. If this makes the damage dealt negative, the attacker instead regains that much HP. E.g, instead of dealing 7 damage, the attacker recovers 3 HP. Only direct damage is affected.
Fire Sale - Attacks don't cost Energy, but combinations become disallowed for the duration. On a second helping of Fire Sale, indirect damage is halted, and on a third helping combinations become permitted.
Body Swap - The mons swap bodies, and use each others' attacks, stats, HP, and so on, and may not use combinations. They swap back at rounds' end, making attacking a risk vs. reward decision. They may use combinations on a second helping, and they are restored 20 En on a third helping.
SimonSays' 1k! The Throwback!

Nearly a year ago, I joined ASB. Although I frequently have my ass handed to me, I still find this to be a fun sport. A lot has changed since then. But I, for one, want to take it back to where we started, if not how.

And I do believe somebody promised me a rematch, when I was stronger.

I Challenge Deck_Knight! Again!
5v5 Singles
5 Day DQ
2 Recoveries / 5 Chills per 'Mon
2 Subs
After the harsh sporadic weather, ascending the Tower again seems unwise. However, the area around the base provides a safe place to battle. A 30-foot grassy field littered with Boulders and rocks, with the ocean crashing against the beach nearby. But why here? Because the weather cannot be tamed.

At the end of every round, the weather will change. (Sunny, Rainy, Clear Skies).
- 40% the Sunlight is Harsh...
- 40% Rain is Pouring...
- 20% The weather reverts back to normal.

If a Weather is called twice in a row, it will intensify (as per decision of the ref how this will be).

Glacier agreed to ref this, however if he is unable, I encourage the ref to be creative.
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