Data Battle Tower (For all your Match-Seeking Needs!)

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Open Challege
6v6 Singles/Doubles (acceptor's choice)
2 Day DQ
2 substitutions
2 recovers/5 chills
ASB Arena

I'll be using a team of fresh FE's.
need a subref to pick up this quick match here no rounds have been reffed yet and i dont foresee it lasting longer than 2 rounds so help would be appreciated

Also ill take that challange Deadfox!
^ Will Subref the match with glacier.

Also Will take the match with deadfox, but you need to specify whether singles or doubles alex.
Yay, 4k Post Get! Shoutouts to everyone, not going into specifics, but w/e.

Setting up an open challenge in similar vain to my 3k.

3+3v3+3 FE Tag Team Battle
3 Day DQ Time
2 Recoveries/5 Chills per mon
2 Substitutions per mon

Team A sends out in no particular order
Team B sends out in no particular order
Team B issues Actions in no particular order
Team A issues Actions in no particular order
Team A issues Actions in no particular order
Team B issues Actions in no particular order
You get the drill

I'll be on Team A
Field Type: Variable
Complexity: Variable
Format: Variable

Restrictions: Weather Effects, Room Effects & Gravity only last until the end of a round, unless the same arena is rolled twice in a row, otherwise, Variable

Description: Yes, you better believe it! At the end of every round (And at the beginning of the match), the referee will roll a number between 0* & however many arena's there are in the arena compendium thread (Each representing an arena in the Arena Compendium Thread in chronological order). Whichever number you roll, for the next round, the battle will take place on that arena. Its as simple as that.

*0 represents the ASB Tournament Arena.

Concept Arenas don't count, either...Neither does TELEPORTATION! itself.

Just need 3 users to accept, & the Referee will decide on who is teamed up with who.

Now, who wants to join this 4k battle which is pretty much the same as my 3k match?
Ooh, I'll join IAR's 4k match.
I'll join IAR 4K match too
I'll join IAR's 4K. Congrats.
We still need a ref for this!
Hey ya'll I'm back apparently. Same as Zeo. Looking for a battle to ease me back into the game, seeing as I never really started :P

Looking for a Beginner's
1v1 Singles LC
2 recovers/5chills
1 hour(Flash match, we share the same computer, it shouldn't be that hard lol)
1 Sub cause lolz

Dropping match with LS

Training items
All abilities
ASB arena
We still need a ref.
Dropping my match with C$FP to post an LC challenge

2v2 LC Doubles (Only send 2)
1 day DQ (be Faster)
IDC recovers/chills
Unown Soup or ASB arena (you pick)
2 subs

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